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FIC: Reunion, part 10/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    Chapter 10 Rogue was queuing in the mansion s dining room, when half the schoolday was over, waiting to get something to eat. She could not keep her mind off
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      Chapter 10

      Rogue was queuing in the mansion's dining room, when half the
      schoolday was over, waiting to get something to eat. She could not
      keep her mind off the math lesson, and what had happened during the
      day. It had been horrible. She still had the image of Magneto on her
      retina - Magneto, crawling on all fours like a wounded animal, while
      the mocking, contemptuous laughter rebounded in the classroom. And
      then how someone even had the audacity to throw things at him.
      The entire detestable and painful scene made her feel sick. She
      could not understand how they could do something like that.
      The other kids were her friends. Bobby was her friend. She had
      believed she knew him, but that appeared to be wrong.
      She could not get rid of the hateful glare he had given her, and
      how he grabbed her and called her a bitch and swore she would have to
      pay for what she did.
      He frightened her. He was not the Bobby she had come to know.
      Kitty stood in front of her in the line. She had not spoken with
      Kitty about the incident, but she could tell that Kitty felt bad for
      laughing. And she should do.
      The food being served today, was paste with meat sauce and hot
      dogs. Kitty, who was walking ahead of her, was complaining about the
      macaronis sticking together, and tried to separate them with her
      When Rogue had helped herself to the food, and poured out a glass
      of water, she headed for the same table as Kitty and Jubilee, who
      were already sitting down and eating.
      She carried her tray with both hands and started walking. Kitty and
      Jubilee waved at her from a table by the window.
      But Rogue never made it there. Suddenly she got hit hard in her
      back and fell headlong with her tray, unable to stop it. She landed
      flat on the floor and her food tray tipped over and the food spread
      all over the floor. Rogue hit her chin hard against the floor, and
      her teeth clashed together so violently she surely would have bitten
      her tongue off, if it had been in the way.
      During the first seconds Rogue didn't understand what was going
      Her first, spontaneous thought was that she had fallen over
      something, but soon that was proven wrong.
      With difficulty she struggled into a sitting position, and was then
      met by Bobby's cold, hard, scornful voice.
      - Hey, bitch! You fell, or what?
      Bobby "Iceman" Drake stood in front of her, looking down at
      where she sat on the floor, with her blouse plastered with macaronis
      and meat sauce.
      Of course Bobby had pushed her. A ring of curious students had
      formed around her and Bobby. Rogue's face grew red with shame,
      she felt terrible.
      - Nice somersault, Rogue! Bobby grinned and started to laugh.
      Almost like in the classroom before. You and that nasty old man seem
      to have a lot in common. Maybe you should join his
      "brotherhood"? You
      stand up for him rather than me!
      A few giggles sounded in the dining room. Some were sitting with
      their heads together, snickering and whispering. Others pretended not
      to see her, but chewed on as if nothing happened. And some were
      laughing. Bobby, of course, was laughing the most.
      Rogue tried to stand up. All she wanted was to get out of there,
      out of reach for them all, and just hide. But she slipped in the food
      that had spread over the floor and fell to her knees again.
      Bobby sneered, leaned over her and grabbed her shoulder. He put his
      mouth to her ear and hissed,
      - You got what you deserved, you traitor, nothing more, nothing
      less. You seem to have forgotten which team you belong to. And
      you dare making a scene out of this now, and send big, bad old
      Wolverine on me, for then you're gonna get something much worse!
      After saying that he let her go and sauntered off, as if nothing
      happened. Rogue stayed down for some time after he had gone,
      completely perplexed and shocked, not knowing what to do.
      The ring that had formed around her had scattered, but some stayed,
      curious to see what she would do.
      Rogue tried to get up again. Her right knee and hip hurt, since she
      had hit them when she fell. Suddenly she noticed that someone showed
      up behind her and helped her getting to her feet. It was Kitty.
      - Oh, Rogue, what happened? God, are you alright? What did he do
      that for? Are you okay? Can you walk?
      Rogue didn't answer her. She pulled out of Kitty's grip and
      rushed to the exit and left the dining room.
      She was looking for a toilet where she could throw up. She had to
      throw up. She was feeling sick and the shame and anger worsened it.
      She hated Bobby, and she hated herself. How could she have been so
      *stupid*? Why? Why? Why had she brought this upon herself? Why in the
      name of God?
      The answer was simple. She thought she did the right thing.
      Just in time Rogue got into a toilet and pulled up the toilet lid
      and emptied her stomach.
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