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FIC: Reunion, part 8/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    Chapter 8 Rogue was looking for her books and other stuff she would need during her first class, which started in fifteen minutes, nine o clock. Quickly she
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2003
      Chapter 8

      Rogue was looking for her books and other stuff she would need during
      her first class, which started in fifteen minutes, nine o'clock.
      Quickly she thought what she would need, and looked around for her
      I hope Logan hasn't "borrowed" it again! she thought
      I've told him not to touch it. If he needs a calculator, he has
      use another one! Why can't he ever listen to what I say?
      Rogue could sense she was getting irritated and tried to calm down.
      Now, it wasn't *certain* that Logan had messed with the
      this time. It could be her as well. She was not exactly known to be a
      very thorough person.
      But before she got too excited about that, she was at least going
      to ask Logan, if only he would come back before she had to go to
      And just when she was thinking about him, Logan came. Rogue had
      planned to ask him about the calculator, but she changed her mind
      swiftly when she noticed his mental condition.
      Logan was upset. No, more than upset. Rather he was incensed. Or
      dismayed. Or something worse. Rogue lacked words to describe him
      He pulled the door open and tramped in, and then banged the door
      shut so hard that a painting hanging on the wall shook.
      He looked terrible, thought Rogue. His face was a grimace that
      exposed his teeth and his eyes were protuberant and glassy. He walked
      to the bed and sat on it, and started tearing his hair.
      - Logan! Rogue exclaimed and totally forgot the calculator and
      everything else. Logan, what happened?
      She sat beside him on the bed and waited for him to answer her.
      They kept no secrets from each other. She demanded to know what had
      made him this upset.
      - I don't know if I can tell you... he murmured when she asked
      Now Logan was feeling sick. He had been hungry only a short while
      ago, but now the thought of food made him sick. What he had just seen
      had truly taken his appetite away!
      - Logan, you can tell me *everything*! Rogue claimed. You look
      ruined. What happened to you?
      - I've seen something I shouldn't have seen.
      - What? Rogue asked.
      - I don't think I should tell. I have trouble understanding it
      myself. It almost feels like an awful nightmare.
      Rogue got anxious. What could possibly be so bad? Logan was not
      easily frightened. Something really had happened. She reached out her
      hand and took his hand in hers. His was cold as ice. She rubbed it to
      get it warm.
      When Logan felt Rogue's warm, small hand rub his own, icy hand,
      started feeling a bit better. But not much. Nothing in the world
      could take away the feeling inside of him. It was awful. He really
      felt as cold inwards as he was on the outside. He decided to tell
      Rogue. She loved him. He could trust her.
      - Okay, I'll tell, he sighed. I caught Charles with Magneto. In
      bed. They were sleeping with each other, he said tonelessly.
      Rogue didn't react at all as he had expected. He thought he
      something that resembled a stunned little laughter from her.
      - What?! she exclaimed, but she didn't sound dismayed or
      Is it true? Right now, or what? Where? How could you do that? What
      did they say?
      - They didn't say much, and I didn't stay to listen! It was
      *awful*! How *could* he? Fuck...
      - So professor Xavier is gay...? Rogue wondered and giggled. I
      didn't know that. Did you? He's never mentioned it.
      - It's not that he's gay! Logan interrupted. That
      doesn't bother
      me. But with *him*! With *Magneto*? How could he? Fucking traitor!
      Rogue had to fight back an uncontrollable giggle. For some reason
      she didn't dislike the idea like Logan. Rather she thought it was
      funny. Shocking, sure, but yet funny.
      The professor was sleeping with Magneto. And?
      - What were they doing? she asked, still giggling. When you caught
      them, what were they doing?
      Logan suddenly turned to her and stared at her sternly.
      - Do you think this is funny? he snapped. What the hell are you
      thinking? Our leader, our mentor, is sleeping with one of our worst
      enemies! Do you really think that is something to laugh at? I thought
      we could trust him! He's failed us and lied to us all! That
      I should have known why he brought that fucking...
      Logan slammed his fist in the bed so the springs creaked, and he
      didn't finish his sentence. He couldn't find a word terrible
      to call Magneto. Then he buried his face in his hands again.
      - Logan, calm down, said Rogue, who had ceased laughing.
      reaction frightened her more than the fact that professor Xavier and
      Magneto had sex.
      - Logan, I don't know what you're rampaging about, she said
      truthfully. In what way has he let us down? His love life concerns
      none of us, least of all you, Logan. Don't you think he can keep
      love life and professional life apart? Just because he sleeps with
      Magneto doesn't mean he will join him in his cause. We are
      to him, Logan. Us, the school. He wouldn't forget that. I
      don't think
      he's failed us.
      Logan quietly shook his head.
      - You don't know anything! he snapped angrily.
      - You seem to be the one who doesn't, Logan. I don't
      what you're shouting about. And how did you see them, by the way?
      Were you sneaking on them? I can hardly believe they were doing it on
      the floor of the hallway.
      - Jeannie asked me to bring a message... Logan muttered. I knocked,
      but no one answered, so I looked inside. The mistake of my life. They
      could at least have had the decency to lock the door!
      Rogue sighed. - Have you spoken with the professor yet? she asked.
      - No, when could I have done that?
      - Do it, she said. As soon as you can. And sort this out. You
      have it like this.
      - No, we really can't.
      - What will you do now?
      - Strangle Magneto.
      - I wouldn't recommend that.
      - Then what are you suggesting?
      - Take it easy. Do something relaxing. Go out for a run, or
      something. So you'll lose some stress hormones.
      - Good idea, Marie. Maybe I will.
      - I gotta go, Rogue said after looking at her watch. I'm having
      math in five minutes. She grimaced. - Great. I've lost my
      They stood up. Logan felt he still was upset. Should he do what
      Rogue suggested and go for a stroll?
      Rogue quickly gathered the things she needed.
      - I gotta go now, she said and caressed Logan's cheek. Bye. See
      later. Now sort this out. Talk to the professor.
      - Alright, I will, Logan said, but he wasn't sure he would do
      Rogue wound her arms around his neck and kissed him. Then she
      smiled encouragingly. Her smile usually always drew a smile from him,
      but now it didn't.
      - See you later, she said and went off.
      Logan stayed. After some time he remembered that the lesson she was
      headed for was cancelled. That was what Jean had asked him to tell
      But although Cyclops suffered from severe hangover, the class
      wasn't cancelled.
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