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FIC: Reunion, part 7/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    Chapter 7 Charles woke up first, quarter past eight, and then woke Erik. Erik who had never been as alert as his telepathic friend, objected by yawning. - I ve
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      Chapter 7

      Charles woke up first, quarter past eight, and then woke Erik.
      Erik who had never been as alert as his telepathic friend, objected
      by yawning.
      - I've barely slept at all, Erik muttered and curled into his
      pillows again, and the quilt he shared with Charles. Charles slapped
      his bottom to get some life into him. He thought he did it lightly,
      but the smack left a handprint, which was white at first, and then
      bright red on Erik's buttock.
      - Aoo! Erik cried loudly. That hurt!
      - I am sorry, Charles said apologetically. I didn't mean it to
      hurt. I just wanted to wake you.
      - Well, you succeeded in that... Erik muttered and rolled onto his
      stomach. Charles knew he only pretended to be mad. He smiled wryly
      and said:
      - Let me touch it, and it will soon be gone.
      He started to stroke Erik's back with a light hand and
      down the other's S-shaped spine, until he reached the curve of
      buttocks. The print was still there on one of them, but the bright
      colour had begun to fade. Charles caressed the skin tenderly and felt
      that the skin was warm on the place of the handprint.
      - Ah, Erik said finally and sat up abruptly. It's enough.
      the time?
      - Soon twenty past eight, Xavier replied. Why do you ask?
      - Are you going somewhere?
      - No, not yet. I don't have to get up before nine o'clock.
      Erik didn't answer now, but instead he wrapped his arms around
      Charles and caught his lips in a fervent kiss and almost pushed him
      down in the bed and placed himself on top of him. He grabbed
      wrists and pressed his hands into the mattress to stop him from
      sitting up.
      Their legs were entwined and they could feel the heat of each
      other's bodies against their own. Charles was aroused at once and
      felt his erection raise against Erik's inner thigh. Erik sat
      him and rubbed his rear against Charles' throbbing, hard
      Xavier moaned and tried to sit up, but Magneto pressed him down
      onto the bed again. He smiled wryly at Charles, who was captive in
      his grip.
      - You will stay where you are, he grinned.
      - It's not fair! Xavier laughed. I am paralysed! If I
      weren't a
      cripple, I would take you down easily!
      Magneto's grin broadened and his hold of Charles' wrists
      - You believe so, my friend?
      - I don't believe, I *know*.
      - Let's not fight. Let's do something else instead. What
      about this?
      Erik slowly let go of Charles's wrists and bent down over him
      kissed him tenderly. It was a long and deep kiss. Different from the
      previous one they shared. This was much more gentle and romantic.
      - Erik, I have to...-
      - Quiet.
      - ...get up soon and...-
      - Why hurry?
      - ...have breakfast and then I have to...-
      - You are fine where you are.
      - ...attend a class with my students.
      Erik laughed in the middle of the kissing. - I can give you lessons
      if you want!
      - Erik, I'm serious, Charles replied, although he had trouble
      staying serious. Preferably he had only wanted to stay in the bed
      with his old and newly found love, and never get up again.
      But that would never happen, of course. He had certain duties, and
      he had to pay regard to them, no matter how good Erik's kisses
      tasted, or how good it felt when he stroked his engorged erection
      with his hand.
      But they had a little time left, and Charles didn't want to
      that time anywhere else than in bed with Erik. They kept kissing and
      stroking each other and sometimes made small noises and peeps when
      the other one happened to find a "sweet-spot".
      Neither of them noticed, not even Charles, the telepath, that
      someone knocked on the door, more than once. They only had eyes for
      each other.
      But suddenly the door was opened and the person in question took
      several steps into the room before the two lovers noticed his
      presence in the first place. But when they did, and the person
      already stood right in front of their bed, a few feet away, they
      immediately froze.
      It was Logan.
      When Erik and Charles turned their heads to look at him they saw
      that he too had frozen and stood like riveted to the floor. His face
      was pulled into a grimace that expressed surprise, dismay, perplexity
      and disgust. His eyes were glassy and blank.
      He looked horrible. His eyes were protuberant and his nostrils
      flared. The two older men in the bed had sat up and clung to each
      other, staring in terror at the third, dark-haired man, who stood by
      their bed watching them with something that looked like murder in his
      Magneto clearly saw that Wolverine was fixing his eyes on him.
      The event could well have been a scene in one of the many hundreds
      of cheap horror movies, where a masked killer stalks a loving couple
      and then catches them and kills them in bed.
      But Logan would certainly not do anything like that (both Charles
      and Erik knew him well enough to be sure of that) but the glassy,
      staring look in his eyes still scared the hell out of them.
      After a long while (or at least it felt like a long while) the
      first word was uttered. Logan spoke.
      - Scott's sick, was what he said. Hangover. Jean asked me to
      you if you could take his math classes.
      His voice was raucous and hollow, not anything it usually was.
      Logan's eyes, that now mostly expressed hatred, wandered down
      naked, entangled bodies.
      - But you might screw that, Charles? he asked. You seem to be
      otherwise occupied, right? Fuck you...
      After saying "fuck you" that sounded more like a growl than
      he turned around quickly and dashed out of the room and forgot to
      close the door.
      For a while Charles and Erik just sat completely nonplussed,
      staring after him. They were quiet for a long time. They couldn't
      any words. At last they started looking at each other instead, and
      all the delight, lust and joy they had experienced only a couple of
      minutes ago was completely gone. Now there was only naked dismay.
      - Erik, please, close the door, so no one comes in, Charles finally
      said in a thin, faint voice. Erik did what he was asked. He
      get up to do it, but did it with his mind, since the doorknob was
      metallic and responded to magnetism.
      - Oh, God, what happens now? Charles exclaimed shrilly and buried
      his face in his hands. He hates me!
      Erik placed a clumsy arm around his shoulders and tried to comfort
      him, although he wasn't feeling too good either. He had a feeling
      that Wolverine had wanted to kill him.
      - He hates *me*, he stated resolutely. I don't think it's
      serious. Let's hope he doesn't turn it into a big thing.
      - I don't know. What shall we do? I'm almost considering
      his memory! Charles murmured.
      - No, no, Erik said in reply and rubbed Charles' back. Calm
      now. We will see what happens. Don't expect the worst.
      - It is easy for you to say. You don't *live* here. With them.
      - I'm not going anywhere, Erik said gently and stroked
      bald head with his hand.
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