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FIC: Reunion, part 5/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    *See part 1 for story information. This part contains sexual contact (m/m) and is rated NC-17.* Chapter 5 - Charles, do you want to make love? was the question
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2003
      *See part 1 for story information. This part contains sexual contact
      (m/m) and is rated NC-17.*

      Chapter 5

      - Charles, do you want to make love? was the question Erik asked.
      He had not planned it, and didn't know exactly what made him
      it. Maybe it was nostalgia. But anyway, the question had been asked
      and he could not take it back. But that didn't mean he wanted to.
      Charles first wondered if he had heard correctly, but at the same
      time he knew he had.
      Erik had just asked him if they could have sex. Charles had not
      slept with anyone (Erik was probably the last one, was it so,
      Charles?) in a very long time. He wasn't even sure he remembered
      to do it anymore.
      - Yes...he heard himself say, and he acted on impulse as much as
      Erik had done when he asked.
      - I want to. Very much, he finished.
      Erik's eyes widened. - Do you?
      - Yes... Charles repeated and he could hear how faint and squeaky
      his voice sounded. His own response frightened him a little, but he
      was not at all unsure of what he wanted. He wanted to make love to
      Magneto needed no further encouragement. He reached out across the
      large bed and caught Charles' lips into a kiss that immediately
      them both started.
      Charles wrapped his arms around Erik's slender, lithe body and
      returned the kiss fervently. His hands fumbled for the edge of
      pyjama shirt and started to pull it up. While he did it, he could
      feel a stirring and throbbing starting in his groin.
      Yes, Charles thought, I think I remember this!
      Erik kissed and caressed his former lover, who now soon would
      become his current lover. When his hand slid down to Charles'
      he noticed the other's obvious interest.
      He broke the kiss and pulled away from the embrace.
      - Sure? he asked seriously and sat up in the bed.
      - Yes, absolutely, was the answer. More than sure.
      - Shall I undress you?
      - Yes...
      Erik did what he was asked and started to unbutton Charles'
      shirt. He was very careful, and took his time, in spite that he
      started to get very aroused. He clearly felt he too had an erection.
      When he managed to get Charles' shirt off, he passed on to his
      pants. They were quite difficult to get off, considering Charles'
      legs were paralysed, and he couldn't help himself by lifting his
      hips. Erik had to be careful not to crack the seams in Charles'
      in his ardour to get him naked.
      But he finally managed to get all clothes off of him, including his
      underwear, and when he had done that, he threw the garments onto the
      floor. There was nothing that mattered less now than a pair of old
      pyjama trousers.
      Charles lay next to him, completely naked, and with an erection
      that was red and warm and throbbing. Charles' cheeks were also
      He looked up at Erik as if he wasn't really sure what he
      The grey-haired man with the pale blue eyes smiled and closed his
      hand around his friend's throbbing erection and enjoyed the
      of the warm member against his palm.
      Charles gasped and started squirming in the bed and moaning. The
      feeling of Erik's hand around his sensitive, engorged penis was
      wonderful and he had to stop himself from coming at once.
      - Oh...Erik...please...
      It has been too long... Xavier thought while Erik stroked his
      penis. All too long... I am acting like a teenager!
      Charles came in his lover's hand only a short while later. Hot
      semen tricked down Erik's hand and he felt Charles' penis
      flag when
      his orgasm had passed.
      Charles whined silently when he realized what had happened. He had
      screwed this up. Now he was finished. Erik had not even undressed
      yet, and he was already finished.
      Well, then it was just thank you and goodnight, then, and to lie
      down and sleep and forget all about this.
      Charles snuffled and put his hands over his face. He was ashamed
      and felt miserable and like a failure, and he didn't want to look
      Erik quietly reached for a paper napkin from Charles' bedside
      and wiped his hand that was sticky with semen.
      He noticed Charles' reaction and realized he was embarrassed
      disappointed, but *he* was not disappointed at all. He had much left
      to do with his lover.
      Erik undressed. The process didn't take more than ten seconds
      after that he was completely naked. He threw his own clothes onto the
      floor just like he had done with Charles' pyjama trousers. Then
      leaned over Charles and started to kiss him again.
      Charles had not seen Erik undress, nor that he leaned forward, so
      therefore he was surprised when he suddenly felt the other's
      warm body settle atop his own and Erik's mouth that found his.
      Now Erik was impatient. He spread Charles' paralysed legs and
      pushed his knees up and leaned in between them. The throbbing in his
      erection was almost painful now, and he rested it against
      right inner thigh. He knew Charles couldn't feel it, but he
      do anything about that. But that wasn't the place where it would
      He wanted to get inside Charles, and he wanted it now. And he knew
      Charles understood too. Hopefully he wanted the same thing.
      Erik temporarily pulled his mouth away from Charles' and looked
      into his eyes for a moment. It was difficult to interpret the look in
      his eyes. The eyes of the telepath expressed so many feelings at one
      time - a whole storm of them. There was desire, love, fear, arousal
      and much more. And maybe some uncertainty.
      Erik knew he had to prepare his lover for anal sex. He definitely
      must not hurt Charles.
      - Hurry, Charles whispered in his ear. I know what you want. I want
      the same thing. Hurry, Erik. Please. I want to feel you.
      Charles' hand slid in between them and gripped Erik's
      nearly rock-
      hard member squeezed in between them. He slowly caressed the velvety
      skin around the head and felt a small drop of clear liquid trickle
      from the tiny slit in the tip. It meant Erik was more than ready. It
      was time to get started.
      - Lubricant? Erik mumbled in Charles' ear.
      - Use my skin lotion. It is in the top drawer of my bedside table,
      Xavier replied.
      Magneto stood up on his knees and started to fumble for the lotion
      tube with one hand. He soon found it and pulled it up from the
      The tube itself was blue, but the cream it contained was white.
      Still standing on his knees between Charles' drawn-up, splayed
      legs, he opened the tube and squeezed some cream onto his palm. The
      lotion that came out reminded him of a small, white worm.
      He watched it for a while before he started using the little worm
      to lubricate his throbbing, hot erection, that had almost begun to
      ache with need.
      He looked down at Charles' lying, sprawled body as he did it.
      Charles looked unusually good for a man his age - a *paralysed* man
      his age, could be added. He had managed to keep himself slim, and
      Erik also had to grant Charles looked fit. His arms, shoulders and
      torso were slender, but he still had well-defined muscles.
      It was clear that he at least wanted to keep his upper body in
      shape. He could not do much about his legs, paralysed as they were.
      But one couldn't deny that Charles had aged since last time
      saw him naked. He simply looked older. In every way.
      - You look older too, my friend, Charles suddenly said and showed
      he had been following Erik's thoughts. Erik wasn't very
      Charles did it sometimes when he felt like doing it. Why? Because he
      Certainly Erik too looked older. Charles couldn't help noticing
      that. He was still lean and slender, like he had always been,
      (perhaps even *too* lean; the outlines of his ribs were clearly
      visible under his milk-white skin) but his muscles and skin had
      slackened throughout the years, and one thing that Charles also
      noticed, was that Erik's pubic hair, like the hair on his head,
      become grey. The last time they made love it had still been dark-
      - You look older too, my friend, Charles continued, but not one bit
      less attractive. Please, can you hurry?
      Erik smiled in answer, placed his hand on Charles' left knee,
      spread his legs even more. Then he brought his other hand to
      anus and gently entered him with a sleek finger.
      Now Erik's finger felt cold. Charles gasped for breath when he
      the cold, and the muscle around his opening clenched reflexively.
      - Schh... Erik said soothingly. Relax.
      He let another finger slide in and this time he thrust them deep
      inside, until he felt they reached a hidden little nub inside his
      lover's body, and carefully he rubbed his fingertips against that
      Charles cried out his pleasure when Erik's fingers massaged his
      prostate and the sphincter around his anus gradually relaxed. He felt
      and saw he was getting another erection, despite that he had believed
      himself to be finished only a short while ago.
      Erik stroked it lightly with the hand whose fingers were not inside
      Charles, and the penis responded by twitching. Charles moaned.
      Suddenly Erik pulled his fingers out and placed himself in a
      position to enter Charles. The position was the usual one;
      legs were on either side of Erik's hips, and Erik leaned over his
      lover, with the most of his weight taken onto his own arms. He was
      not heavy, but he didn't want to cause Charles discomfort by
      all his weight on top of him.
      Erik weighed a good 135 lbs, and although he didn't consider
      to be much, it was still 135 lbs more than Charles usually had on him.
      Carefully he began to thrust in. He met slight resistance at first,
      but Charles was already prepared, and the muscle around his opening
      was stretched, but he was still wonderfully tight.
      - Oh, God... Erik murmured as he thrust. You are tight...
      Was I the last one in here? he thought then, but did not say it out
      loud. He still received an answer though.
      - Yes, you are, Charles said. I haven't been with anyone else
      our last time.
      - That is a long time ago...
      - I know...I know... Keep going... It feels...
      Charles experienced slight pain in the beginning - this act could
      not be done without a certain amount of pain - but it faded quite
      soon and a burning pleasure began.
      Erik started thrusting quite hard after some time. When there was no
      longer any reason to be gentle, he wasn't, but he was certainly
      too harsh either, since he definitely didn't want to hurt
      They kissed while they made love and enjoyed being so close to each
      other. Erik enjoyed the feeling of Charles' warm, tight channel
      around his penis, and the delicious friction that this act produced.
      And Charles enjoyed feeling Erik's member going in and out of his
      body, and sometimes it even hit his prostate.
      He had wrapped both arms around Magneto's ribcage and as his
      pleasure grew, he hugged Erik tighter. Finally so hard that Erik
      squeaked in protest.
      Charles was strong in spite he maybe didn't look to be.
      Erik's pleasure grew too. He thrust in and out in rhythm with
      breathing, and this made Charles' breaths come out in small
      Making love to Charles was definitely not anything new, but it was
      so long since last time, it made this feel almost like a first time.
      Otherwise everything was the same.
      He was topping, Charles was bottoming. It was almost always like
      that. Erik had never denied Charles the opportunity to be on top, but
      Charles had very rarely jumped at the offer.
      They had both developed a role in bed - Charles' role was to be
      submissive, and he seemed to be comfortable with that.
      Erik, on the other hand, could be either, depending on his partner
      (Mystique, for instance, was a real dominatrix in bed) but he was
      always the dominant one when he was with Charles. He was comfortable
      with that, but he wouldn't mind switching parts sometimes.
      Erik finally came, and he came violently, gushing his hot seed into
      Charles' tight channel. Charles knew he had gotten his orgasm
      not only by feeling the wet substance in his bottom, but also by the
      mental connection he had kept between them.
      Erik fell, now limp, on top of Charles, still sheathed inside him,
      and just gasped. He placed some wet kisses on the other's cheek
      mouth, but was too spent to do anything else.
      They were both soaked with sweat and just had to lie down for a
      while, with their bodies entangled, waiting to overcome the
      But they were happy. That was all that mattered.

      Logan lay in his bed, and it was soon two o'clock in the night,
      he couldn't sleep. He was too worried and restless and his
      gave him no rest.
      He thought of Magneto's arrival at the mansion earlier the same
      night, and what consequences it would bring him, Rogue and all the
      others. But mostly he worried about Rogue. He thought he had the
      right to do that. That psycho old man had actually tried to kill her!
      His loved one! And now he was living here as a guest, almost like
      anyone! How could Charles? Didn't he have any judgement?
      The according to Logan injudicious decision allowing Magneto to
      come here, angered him. They could not trust Magneto. It was just as
      simple as that. And besides he didn't think Charles had the right
      make decisions that concerned all the mansion's inhabitants - for
      instance bringing Magneto here - by himself without first consulting
      Logan rested his head against the pillow and closed his eyes, even
      though he had already given up his attempts to sleep long ago.
      Some time ago he had heard Scott and Jean returning. Judging from
      the sounds they had made, Scott had been quite drunk and Jean quite
      mad and annoyed at him because of it.
      Logan smiled spitefully in the bed. Scott had sung! Could you
      imagine that! Logan could almost not wait to tell him that when he
      sobered up. Probably Scott wouldn't even believe him. But one
      was certain - he would get a hellish day tomorrow if he really were
      as drunk as he sounded.
      Logan tilted his head and looked at Rogue who lay next to him in
      the bed. She was a formless lump under the quilt and she was sleeping
      heavily. He wondered if she had really taken Magneto's arrival as
      lightly as she had pretended.
      He had hard to believe that. But she said he magnified things. Did
      he? He didn't think so.
      Magneto was nothing to look upon lightly. He was loony. And
      dangerous. And untrustworthy. And very dear to professor Xavier,
      Logan thought.
      But he didn't know how "dear" - yet.

      Afterwards, when their pulse and breathing slowly had gone back to
      normal, Erik and Charles lay in the bed with the lengths of their
      bodies pressed together, and arms around each other. They were still
      warm and very tired.
      The sounds of their heavy and wheezing breaths seemed to
      reverberate in the quiet room.
      Erik had put his arm around his lover's back and held him
      against his chest. Charles had buried his smooth head in the hollow
      between Erik's shoulder and head. He could hear his friend's
      beat slowly and steadily in his chest. He liked the sound. It soothed
      him. He had heard another person's heartbeats too rarely during
      the years he had slept here alone. It was a great feeling not to have
      to be alone now.
      Erik stroked Charles' back with one hand and took his hand in
      own with the other one. They entwined their fingers.
      They had not spoken with each other after the lovemaking. It
      somehow seemed like words weren't needed. Motions and caresses
      mediate feelings a lot better than words could. But Charles finally
      broke the silence.
      - Erik, he said slowly, did this mean anything?
      - Of course, Erik murmured with his lips against Charles'
      It means we are still fond of each other...
      - But besides physical attraction, said Charles. Was it anything
      beyond that?
      Charles didn't know what Erik would reply, and he didn't
      even know
      what he *wanted* Erik to reply - and he wasn't sure of his own
      feelings either.
      - I don't know... Erik muttered. I guess I should say it was a
      mistake, an act of impulse. But it feels completely right, and I
      regret nothing.
      - Me neither, Charles said faintly. I...I believe I... still love
      you, Erik, he added and nervously waited for Erik's response to
      he'd just said.
      There were two possibilities, Xavier thought. Either Erik takes me
      seriously, or he doesn't. I don't know what would be worse.
      Maybe I
      never should have said that?
      Some time passed before Magneto answered. Charles had become
      nervous during the time, but when Erik finally answered, his reply
      surprised Charles very much.
      - I have never stopped loving you, Charles... Erik said with
      emphasis. Not even after we broke up and you got your X-men and I got
      my "Brotherhood". I realized it was impossible for us to stay
      together, but I never stopped loving you in spite of that. I have had
      other lovers after you, both male and female, but when I was with
      them, I always saw your face. My first and greatest love.
      - Erik, said the stunned professor. You can't mean that...
      - Why not? It is true, Erik said indignantly. Why can I not mean it?
      - You...
      - It is such a shame that our opinions keep us apart. For I love
      you, Charles. You have always been dear to me. You are my friend and
      my beloved and you have always been there for me, even though I have
      disappointed you.
      - I love you too, my friend, Charles sighed and his hold of Magneto
      hardened absently. It was true. He loved Erik, and he would not stop
      doing that, ever, but he also realized it could never be like before.
      They had both chosen a side and the cleft between them was too big.
      And then there are the students, Charles thought. My students, and
      the school, and my responsibility for them. How would they react, if
      I, their principal and mentor, someone they can always trust,
      suddenly came and told them that he and someone they look upon as
      their worst enemy are a loving couple?
      No, Charles thought, that is impossible. I am responsible for them.
      I can't do that to them. They are supposed to look up on me and
      respect me. Would they do that if they knew...?
      - I know you do, Erik said suddenly and pulled back Charles to the
      reality. I know you love me. But what does that mean? Does it mean
      you are ready to take the step and...
      He let the sentence trail off.
      - You know.
      - Go out in public? About us? At the school?
      - So they don't know? Erik sighed. No, I could have guessed
      Charles shook his head. - Yes, Jean, Scott and Storm know. They know
      you and I used to be more than friends when we were younger. But the
      younger ones don't know. And... I don't know if it would be
      good if
      they got to know at all... he said carefully.
      The first reply he got was an angry sigh from Magneto. It was
      evident that Charles' answer had not pleased him.
      - No, I suppose it isn't! he snapped and pulled away from
      so abruptly that Charles got frightened and winced. Then he turned
      around and lay down with his back against Charles, angry and
      disappointed in his lover's cowardice.
      Fine! Magneto thought. If that is the way he wants it, then fine!
      Charles has never understood that you have to take risks to get what
      you want. He is a spineless coward! As always!
      Words like "coward", "spineless" and
      "always" were impression that
      flooded into Charles' mind when he for a short moment brushed
      Erik's reaction saddened and grieved him, of course, but a part
      him also knew Erik was right. Maybe he was a coward.
      - Erik, please... Charles tried to appease his disappointed lover
      with soft and loving words, and gently placed his hand on his
      - Erik, I beg you, don't be angry. Let's not fight now.
      Come here
      and look at me and let me hold you, he pleaded.
      - Would you hold me in front of your students? Erik asked
      - Erik, what has that to do with...-
      - You see.
      - Please, love, we had such a nice time, do you have to ruin...-
      Erik bounced up into a sitting position in the bed with the speed
      of lightning.
      - I don't ruin anything! he suddenly screamed. His voice was
      shrill and... LOUD. Charles imagined the whole mansion surely heard
      him. But Erik was not finished.
      - *I* don't ruin anything! he screamed again, his face red with
      fury. *You* do! You are the coward one, who doesn't stand for
      you *are*! *You*!
      - Erik, *please*!
      Charles had also sat up and he grabbed Erik's shoulders and
      him. He even considered slapping him if he wouldn't calm down.
      that was not needed. Erik stopped screaming and became quiet.
      - Erik, Charles said again, and sadly looked into his friend's
      eyes. He put his hand on Erik's cheek. Erik was warm. His
      was still ragged, but he was no longer screaming, and he wasn't
      to either.
      Charles pulled Erik into his arms and Erik let him do it. Slowly he
      wound his own arms around Charles' ribcage and his taut body
      - I am sorry, he whispered. I overreacted. I didn't mean
      I said, and... thought about you, Charles.
      - I know. It's alright.
      They lay down in the bed again, face to face.
      - Maybe we should sleep, Xavier suggested. I have to get up early
      in the morning.
      - Sure, Magneto agreed. Let's do that.
      - You are so beautiful, Charles whispered after looking at his
      lover's body one last time. Erik lay outstretched beside him in
      bed, still naked.
      He passed his hand over Erik's smooth chest, his small, rosy
      nipples that stiffened from the touch. His hand proceeded along
      Erik's flat stomach, and down to his groin. Over his soft, grey
      hair, that still had streaks of dark left in it, and finally, he
      closed his fingers around Erik's penis, circumcised and now
      When Charles touched him, Magneto felt his member tried to stand
      once more, but he was too tired, and it flagged again.
      - We were supposed to sleep, he said and slowly moved Charles'
      from his crotch to his waist.
      - Yes, we are, Charles agreed. Goodnight, Erik. I love you.
      - I know, the grey-haired man said seriously. He pulled Charles
      into his arms and spread the quilt over them both, and then they
      slept belly to belly throughout the whole night, or what was left of
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