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FIC: Reunion, part 4/?

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  • Henrika <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    *Story information and disclaimer can be found in part 1.* Chapter 4 It was almost one o clock when Scott and Jean returned to the mansion. Scott was, mildly
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      *Story information and disclaimer can be found in part 1.*

      Chapter 4

      It was almost one o'clock when Scott and Jean returned to the
      Scott was, mildly expressed, drunk as a skunk, and Jean seriously
      wondered if she would get him up to the room on her own.
      Only to get him from the car to the front door had been a grim
      Scott's condition was simply deplorable. Jean found no other
      to describe it. He could scarcely stand up without help, and howled
      and laughed and sang stupid songs with a voice at least three times
      as loud as his usual one.
      After a few steps inside the lobby, he fell down flat onto his
      stomach. The laughter and the songs he had been singing stuck in his
      throat, and instead he gave a long, drawn-out cry with pain.
      - Aoah! he cried when he fell and his glasses painfully pressed
      into the bridge of his nose. It throbbed and pounded inside his head
      and to get up now seemed impossible. If he tried to stand now he
      would probably faint or vomit. Or die, it felt.
      Jean's voice that reached his ears sounded distant and
      and unreal.
      - Scott! she said swiftly, get up! You can't lie down here and
      sleep, you have to get up to our room! You hear me? You have to get
      Jean was not exactly sober either, and she could feel that, but
      then she thought Scott had drunk at least five times as much as she
      had. She bent down and grabbed his arm and pulled.
      - Leave me alone, Jeannie... Scott slurred. I wanna sleep... lemme
      - You can sleep when I've gotten you up! Jean replied angrily.
      Now Scott didn't even answer anymore. Jean used her telekinetic
      power to pull him up into a sitting position on the floor. Scott
      objected by whimpering and moaning.
      - Do I have to get Logan, so he can carry you upstairs? she asked
      imploringly, and thought maybe the thought of being carried by Logan
      would get him going.
      And Jean was right, at least partially.
      - No, not him... Scott slurred. Not...Logan...please...Jeannie...
      - But get up and come on then! Jean said harshly and pulled his
      elbow again, and this time she actually managed to get him to his
      feet, although he was far from steady. She placed her arm around his
      waist and managed to get his arms around her shoulders.
      Then she slowly started to lead him toward the elevator. Taking the
      stairs was no alternative. Maybe Scott would fall and break his neck.
      I wonder if Magneto is here yet, Jean asked herself while she stood
      in the elevator, on her way up, holding a ramshackle Scott, trying to
      keep him from collapsing.
      I recall Charles said he would come today. But has he? Very well,
      never mind. It's not the time to think of that.
      Scott didn't think of Magneto at all. He didn't even
      remember there
      was someone by that name. All he could think of was to lie down and
      go to sleep.
      A steady, continuous pain throbbed in his head. He wanted to vomit,
      and Jean could sense that. She realized there wasn't much time.
      She managed to get Scott out, and half-carried, half-dragged him
      into their bedroom, located on the second floor, among all the other
      Logan and Rogue lived only a few doors away, and Storm did the
      Jean gently placed the almost unconscious Cyclops on the bed, and
      then hurried to the medicine cupboard to fix him an aspirin.
      She was away two minutes at the most, but when Jean returned with a
      tablet hissing and bubbling in a glass of water, Scott had dropped
      off entirely.
      He lay on his stomach in the bed, with his face in the pillow,
      pulling long, deep snoring breaths. He was completely out. Probably
      it wasn't even possible to wake him up. Jean didn't even try.
      She drank her medicine herself to ease her own hangover and looked
      at her dashed boyfriend with pity.
      - Well, you know, Scott, you will have a hellish day tomorrow, she
      stated calmly.
      Then she lay down to sleep as well.
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