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FIC: Practically shows up on Radar (S/J, PG-13)

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    Title: Practically Shows Up On Radar Author: Lisea (Kuutar@1witch.com) Author s website: http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO Rating: Even though most of this
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      Title: Practically Shows Up On Radar
      Author: Lisea (Kuutar@...)
      Author's website: http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO
      Rating: Even though most of this story takes place between Scott's
      legs, I'm still calling this a PG-13.
      Paring: S/J
      Summary: To quote the Empire magazine's article: "...Jimmy Marsden,
      who plays Cyclops, comes on set stuffing socks down his front. We
      wanted to go through the film with a little subplot where our
      crotches just get bigger and bigger!"
      Thanks to: Henrietta, my beta!


      "It's swollen."

      Scott looked up at the red-headed doctor. He was sitting on an exam
      bed in the medlab, wearing a hospital robe open at the front.

      "I know it's swollen, Jeannie. Why is it swollen and what do we do
      about it?"

      Jean pulled a chair over, sat and took a closer look. "It looks like
      a infection. Does it hurt?"

      Scott looked down and watched Jean handle the bodypart in
      question. "No, it doesn't hurt really. Kind of feels like... bruised."

      Jean looked up from between his legs. "Bruised?"

      "Bruised. So what do you think?"

      "Well, since it doesn't hurt, and it's three times the normal size, I
      don't think you should be complaining. What are you doing this
      afternoon?" Jean said, with a mischievous look in her eyes.


      "Scott, we just got back from a mission. How long were you in your

      "Around 13 hours, I think. But no-one else has this problem" Scott

      "Logan has a healing factor, the Professor wasn't there, and me
      and 'Ro don't exactly have what it takes. Scott, I've warned you
      about going commando with your uniform. This is what leather does."

      "It pays off when we get back from the missions. You've never been
      able to take your hands off me when I'm in uniform" Scott sighed "So
      how long will it stay this way?" he continued, looking down.

      Jean stood up and kissed his forehead. "The swelling will go down by
      tomorrow. Until then, try not to wear anything too tight."

      Just then, the big x-marked doors slid aside, and Logan stalked in.
      In a fraction of a second, Scott pulled Jean against his chest to
      prevent Logan from getting an eyeful of his family jewels.

      *My my, aren't we getting fresh?* Jean sent to her lover.

      *You stay right there, and don't you dare move!* Scott's voice came
      over the link. If she didn't know him to be so controlled, Jean
      could've sworn the voice sounded panicked.

      Jean snickered. *What are you so worried about? At least you're the
      one with the bigger...*

      "Earth to Jean!" Logan called from where he'd leaned against the
      table behind Scott.

      "Sorry, Logan, I'm kind of... distracted" Jean said and winked at

      "Yeah, I'm sure. Marie's cut her finger in the kitchen."

      "You couldn't just let her take a suck of you?" Scott asked while
      Jean handed him a plaster.

      "She cut her finger, she didn't lose it. Besides, you let your
      uniform take a suck of you and see how well that worked out."

      Jean burst out laughing as Scott swore to himself he'd definately
      wear underwear the next time.
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