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FIC: Reunion, part 2/?

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    Look for story information and disclaimer in part 1 Chapter 2 Rogue noticed right away that something was wrong when Logan crashed inside their room, with a
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      Look for story information and disclaimer in part 1

      Chapter 2

      Rogue noticed right away that something was wrong when Logan crashed
      inside their room, with a crimson red face and a wrinkle between his
      brows, which was almost deeper than Grand Canyon.
      Logan walked straight to the window and stared out through it,
      snorting and hissing, without even looking at her.
      Logan was upset, that much was obvious, but Rogue had no idea what
      had made him this upset. She prayed that it had nothing to do with
      her, anyway.
      - Sweetheart? Rogue asked with her drawly southern accent, which
      Logan usually liked so much. Sweetheart, did something happen?
      To begin with, Logan didn't answer, since he had not even listened
      to the question she had asked. But when she repeated her question, he
      finally responded and answered, although he didn't turn around to
      face her.
      - He is here, he just said.
      - Who? Rogue asked confusedly.
      - Magneto.
      - What? Magneto is *here*? But how... How do you know?
      Her voice sounded empty, and it was hard for Logan to know what she
      felt; if she was frightened, angry, shocked, or if she truly was as
      unaffected as she sounded.
      - When? she asked him.
      - I saw him in the lobby, mostly fifteen minutes ago. He came here,
      carrying a valise, and said the professor had invited him to come. I
      assume it can be true, I dunno, but I hate the thought of having him
      in the house. That old man is crazy!
      - What did he say to you? Rogue asked carefully.
      - He said... He didn't say so much, actually. He said the professor
      had asked him to come, and that he didn't come here to fight. But I
      don't know how much that can be trusted. And then I told him that if
      he comes near you, he'll regret he was born in the first place.
      - And what did he say?
      - He said he wasn't goin' to hurt you, Logan confessed.
      - But you don't believe him? Rogue asked.
      Logan shrugged his shoulders and sighed. - I actually don't know.
      Of course I hope he was truthful, but after what happened in New York
      City two years ago... I really don't know. I don't trust him.
      - No, I know you don't. But what if he really meant what he said?
      What if he really doesn't want any trouble this time? Maybe he came
      here to make peace? Rogue said. That is possible? Don't you think?
      - It's hard for me to believe that, Logan replied sternly. And then
      I'm afraid for you. He tried to kill you, Marie!
      - Yeah, I haven't forgotten that, Rogue said. And I won't do it,
      either. But his motive was not personal. All he tried to do was to
      create a better world for his people, which means us. It was not the
      right way to achieve that goal, but he can change, can't he? Don't
      you believe even Magneto could change, Logan? He is not a bad person,
      deep inside.
      - I guess that could be... Logan muttered, but he didn't sound very
      - Do you know how long he is going to stay?
      - I have no idea. But not forever, I hope.
      - Have you talked to Jean, Cyclops and Storm? Rogue asked. What do
      they think?
      - I haven't talked to them, Logan said. Jean and Scott are not even
      here. They're eating out tonight. I believe they were celebrating
      some kind of anniversary, or something. They've been together so or
      so many years. And I haven't seen Storm around.
      - The professor?
      - I haven't talked to him either.
      - Don't think the worst now, Rogue tried, since she knew Logan
      easily made things more serious than they were. After being with him
      for almost a year and a half, Rogue knew his personality traits quite
      Logan was without doubt in the habit of magnifying things, but she
      loved him in spite of that.
      - Logan, she said and approached him and put her hand on his arm.
      She was not wearing any gloves now, and his forearm was bare, but
      nothing happened even if she touched him. That was thanks to a serum
      that Jean had manufactured about a year ago.
      She had to take an injection of the serum every morning and every
      night before she went to bed, but nothing in the world could have
      made her refrain from it, only if it meant she could have physical
      contact with other, living people. Especially Logan.
      - Logan, she repeated, and finally he turned his head to look her
      in the eyes. She could see that the wrinkle between his brows had
      shrunk, but not gone off entirely.
      - I'm just worried. About you, especially. I don't like the idea of
      living under the same roof as him. I don't like him at all. Who knows
      what he's up to?
      Rogue smiled. She was not comfortable with the thought either, but
      she chose not to expect the worst to happen.
      - Logan, calm down, she said with a little smile. He is actually
      only a man, not some hell fire prophet. Magneto has feelings too.
      Maybe he just came here to see his old friend again? You've heard how
      close they used to be, right?
      - Yeah... Logan murmured and tried to convince himself that Rogue
      was right. I hope that's true too, he added, and then pulled the
      young woman into his arms and held her tightly.
      Rogue wrapped her arms around his broad chest and hugged him back.
      She was so happy that she now could touch him without being afraid of
      killing him in the process.
      - I love you, Marie, he said seriously and kissed her forehead.
      - I love you too, tiger, she replied with a smile.
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