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FIC: Reunion, part 1/? NC-17, L/R, M/X

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  • henrika_amanda <henrika15_@hotmail.com>
    Story Title: Reunion Rating: NC-17 overall. Pairings: Charles/Erik, Logan/Rogue and mild Jean/Scott Fandom: X-men: The Movie, post movie. Summary: Logan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2003
      Story Title: Reunion

      Rating: NC-17 overall.

      Pairings: Charles/Erik, Logan/Rogue and mild Jean/Scott

      Fandom: X-men: The Movie, post movie.

      Summary: Logan becomes very protective of his girlfriend, Rogue, when
      Magneto arrives at the institute to renew his old relationship with
      Charles Xavier.

      A/N and warnings: This story features explicit m/m and m/f sexual
      acts. Besides that, I can't come up with anything that could possibly
      squick anyone. Alright, later on, there will be angst, though. This
      chapter is PG, at the most. And oh, if you're reading this on a slash
      list, it might be good to warn you about the het-content.

      Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, they belong to Marvel. I'm
      making no money from this.

      Archive: Any, just ask me first. My email-add is

      Feedback: Please? It will be greatly appreciated and answered.

      Chapter 1

      Magneto's arrival at the Xavier-institute was completely unknown to
      Logan, until he simply saw the man walk toward him through the lobby.
      Magneto was wearing a black, long overcoat, a hat and shining,
      black shoes. (Nothing that resembled the uniform Logan had seen him
      wear previously, nor did he have his helmet, so therefore it was
      first a little hard to really see it *was* Magneto.)
      The grey-haired, old man now looked almost like anyone, and Logan
      also noticed he was carrying a small suitcase. It couldn't mean
      anything else than that he was going to stay here for a while.
      Logan reacted without thinking. With two long steps he reached
      Magneto and stood in front of him, blocking his way.
      Magneto had not been aware of Logan's presence before the other
      mutant lunged at him, seemingly from nowhere. Magneto felt strong
      terror. He was very worked-up and had to resist the impulse to simply
      use his power and throw Wolverine right across the lobby.
      But then he realized Logan actually had not attacked him - only
      blocked his way. He took one step backwards and felt he was blushing
      violently. The sudden terror soon passed, but a swelling anger made
      his cheeks even redder. He felt humiliated by his reaction and was
      mad because Wolverine had caused it.
      They were alone in the lobby, but Logan seeing his reaction was bad
      - What hell are you doin' here? Logan hissed and a thick wrinkle
      formed between his eyebrows.
      Magneto raised his eyes to look into the larger man's face, still
      flushing with both anger and shame.
      - I am here because Charles invited me, of course, he replied,
      slowly and calmly. And correct me if I'm wrong, but this is his
      house, and that gives him the right to invite anyone he wants.
      - Oh, really? Logan said coldly. And why would he invite you? I
      haven't heard anything.
      Magneto could feel he was flushing even more.
      - That is nothing I have to tell you, he said hoarsely. You will
      have to discuss that with Charles. Let me pass now, Logan. I didn't
      come here to make a fight.
      Logan did not move away. He just continued to shoot cold looks at
      Magneto. But he realized that was all he could do, since he would not
      stand a chance against someone with Magneto's power.
      - Do I need to move you? Magneto asked in a louder voice.
      Logan didn't answer, but he stepped aside to let the other pass,
      since Magneto was, after all, worthy of respect.
      - Thank you, the elderly man replied and took one step forward to
      walk past Logan. But before he could do it, Logan took his arm in a
      firm grip.
      - I just want you to know one thing...he said sternly, emphasising
      his words. If you come near Rogue, you'll regret you ever dragged
      your ass over here. Got that?
      Magneto sighed, but he did not attempt to break loose.
      - Logan, he said slowly, why would I want to hurt Rogue? I promise
      you can be calm. Can you let me go now?
      Logan let go of his arm a few seconds after he answered, but
      Magneto thought he still could feel the other's hateful eyes in his
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