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Copernicus Revisited, or the Motion of Bodies (2/5) teen (Scott/Logan)

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  • Tarchannon
    X-Men AU – 2020 Universe Copernicus Revisited, or the Motion of Bodies (February May 2021) RATING: adult (mild sexuality, swearing, adult
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2003
      X-Men AU � 2020 Universe

      Copernicus Revisited, or the Motion of Bodies (February May 2021)

      RATING: adult (mild sexuality, swearing, adult themes)

      PAIRING: Scott/Logan

      ARCHIVING: ghost in the genes, yes; others let me know where it�s going.

      FEEDBACK: Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please, please! Tarchannon@...

      DISCLAIMER: All recognizable X-Men belong to the people at Marvel and 20th Century Fox. The other supplementary characters that you don�t recognize are my original characters. This is just for fun and academic exercise, absolutely no money will be generated. I�ll only use and abuse them a bit � probably less than my muses did!

      SERIES/SEQUEL: Yes, the 2020 Universe. It occurs after Glances and Resolution, and before Binary and

      Moonlight. Part of the Scott/Logan arc.

      SUMMARY: Scott is lost after his breakup with Jean, and must find a new order among the chaos of his life.

      NOTES: 1) This is an AU. Aurora is Ororo�s chosen English name.

      2) This story refers to events that occur in previous stories in the arc, and they can be found at http://www.fandomnet.com/ghost/

      ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Meret and x-tricks for their fabulous beta work, and x-tricks for being my

      own personal cheerleader on this one, and Amy Lou for the comments because she just couldn�t wait.

      COMPLETED: 01/08/03

      Part 2 - Header replicated due to edit


      He needed to talk to Scott.

      Logan stepped out into the hallway and sniffed. The scent trail led him to the right, down toward the offices. The hallway was empty as he prowled down to the office suite. Most of the kids had gone to Biology with Jeannie, and the others would be studying for Hank�s chemistry class in the dorm lounge. In the days since he�d been back, he�d learned a lot about the patterns of his strange new pack.

      The scent grew stronger, and he smiled baring sharp incisors. He loved hunting.

      Scott was in his office. He could see the man standing behind the chair, leaning his weight on outstretched arms, hands splayed on the blotter. He was staring straight down, and smelled of hot anger touched with the tang of need and the sour scent of fear.

      �That's strange�� Logan thought as he pushed the door open and leaned cockily against the door frame and waited.

      �What?� Scott finally snapped at him, shoulders bunching. The younger man slowly looked up at him, in a slightly distracted manner that lead Logan to believe his eyes were tracing his body from the ground up.

      �Now that's more like it!� Logan thought, catching the spike of desire. He rumbled, �I want to talk��

      With surprising speed, Scott was out from around the desk and was advancing on him. �Finally!� he thought. A tiny smile started to spread across his lips. Scott Summers came right into his personal space, unseen eyes clearly fixed on his. Cyke came so close, and then brushed past him into the hallway.

      �I don�t particularly care what you want,� Scott snapped, walking quickly down the hall. He didn�t bother to look back.

      Recovering from his surprise, Logan spun to follow him. Almost running to catch up with those long strides, Logan caught up with him. �Look, I didn�t mean to surprise��

      Scott wasn�t listening, wouldn�t even look at him. He just kept going, staring straight ahead, jaw set. Logan felt the anger blossom, his anima launching a successful breach. He accelerated, strides doubling, moving just ahead of the other man. To catch him, he threw an arm across Scott�s path, effectively pinning him against the wall.

      Surprised, Scott caught himself before he slammed into his outstretched arm. Logan could literally feel his anger build. Scott turned toward him, mouth working. Catching the wild edge in Logan�s eyes, he bit off whatever he was going to say. Logan watched as the younger man struggled to regain control, instead settling for standing ramrod straight and staring menacingly down at him.

      Logan, struggling to keep from either hitting or kissing Scott, took a step toward him. The other man retreated, pressing back against the paneled wall. Breathing heavy, he watched a drop of sweat run down Scott�s temple.

      It was almost his undoing; his anima screamed for him to take, to claim. Logan leaned forward, close, so close he could smell the toothpaste he used after lunch. �No!� he yelled in his mind, cowing his raging need.

      Logan forced his breathing to slow. �I� I just wanted to explain�,� he started.

      �I want�,� he started again, but he was interrupted by the strong scent of fear from his prospective mate. The sour smell brought sudden clarity, and he realized what he had done. An inch from the other man, he had trapped Scott between his arms, his body, and the wall. Scott didn�t look like a fearless leader, but more like a scared kid.

      The cold shock of dismay washed over him, cooling the fire. He quickly stepped back. To the man�s credit, he watched Scott quickly recover his composure, but his color didn�t return. Deep in his chest, he rumbled, �Scott, I didn�t mean to��

      An instant later Scott was in his face, a centimeter away, scarlet with fury. �You didn�t mean what, Logan? Fuck you!� Scott shoved him hard, driving him back another step.

      Logan just stood open mouthed, staring in shock and amazement as Scott turned and stalked off back down the hall. Logan couldn�t believe that Scott did that. The Canadian knew it took a lot to move his 275 pounds of adamantium, muscle, and bone, and with the force he used, Scott would have hurt anyone else. Of course, it�s wasn�t like he didn�t deserve that.

      �Damn, what have I done,� he whispered to himself.

      * * *

      Scott Summers stormed back into his office and slammed the thick oak door behind him, and clicked over the lock. He was sure that half the floor heard it, but he didn�t give a damn. Of course, it was after midnight, so it was unlikely that anyone was in this part of the building to hear it, which is precisely why he came back. That, and his room reminded him of Jean, or rather the absence of Jean, and he didn't want to think about her either.

      He stomped over to the small couch he had along one wall for those times that his head just wouldn�t stop pounding and forced him to take a break. It was old and beat up, real wood, solid, with a heavy brocade fabric that was earthy and warm. It smelled of age and just a bit of dust as he threw himself down on it.

      He was so tired he could hardly keep his eyes open, but when he tried, his mind just raced. He closed his eyes, removing his everyday rose tinted glasses to rub his eyes. He sighed, the tension cording his neck and shoulders. He rolled his shoulders, trying to release the cramping muscles, and leaned back into the comforting softness.

      Everything was just so screwed up anymore. He didn�t feel like he even knew himself. He thought he had known what he was, who he loved, that the past had been settled in his head, and that his future had been all planned out. Now, he didn�t know anything for sure.

      Jean was gone, out of his bed and mostly out of his life. She left this gaping hole that seemed to suck at the edges of everything else. He could barely talk to her without feeling inadequate, couldn�t look at her without feeling pain in his heart. It just reminded him of too much.

      Though he knew in some ways he�d never been freer, it didn�t feel like it. It was so awkward with Jean, he unconsciously avoided her. He just couldn�t stand to be close to her and remember. And then there was Logan.

      He didn�t know what to do about the man. Scott barely knew anything about him, but he did know that the Canadian was gruff, blunt, stubborn, and just a bit too wild. Of course, he was also an incredible asset � tough, ferocious, loyal, and trained in combat far beyond any of them. He could be kind and gentle, and generous as he had been with Rogue. To tell the truth, he was absolutely maddening, and he was always there. Watching. Whether Logan was watching his back or just plain watching him, he wasn�t quite sure. Always those burning, gold-flecked eyes.

      Scott didn�t know what to do. Most of the time, it made him want to rip Logan�s head off, and the rest of the time, he wanted to� rip that damned flannel shirt off, feel the hair on the older man's pecs against his lips, to sink his teeth into those amazing traps�

      He was getting hard.

      Scott swallowed unconsciously. There is was again, one of those elusive truths he kept coming back to. He wanted Logan.

      The thought stopped his whirring brain for about five seconds, then that thought dredged up something he didn�t want to feel, dark emotions from the past he just couldn�t deal with along with everything else. But Pandora�s box had been opened, and the contents couldn�t be stopped.

      �Stop, please. I can�t do this, not now,� he whispered to his brain, his heart, as he clutched his head in his hands. Carefully locked away soon after he came to the Mansion, the thoughts and emotions from his youth came leaking out, black and cold from their long hibernation. He'd convinced himself that he was over it � it was so easy to forget it with Charles and his new life, and Jean to anchor his world. He could ignore it, forget it, secure in her love. But deep down, he knew it was still there, festering, and now Jean was gone and Logan was there, and everything was coming unhinged. He struggled and struggled, but still it seeped out and soaked into his bones. He sobbed and he ached.

      He'd lost Jean, and now he was losing himself. His head spun and his mind was slowly tearing, and he crumpled into himself. Rocking in pain and anguish, he relived it all in fast, nightmarish flashbacks � the fear, the beatings, the men who used him, the mixture of loathing and lust he felt that accompanied those acts, the accidents with his beams, the red, red blood, and the wrenching icy cold of being utterly alone.

      What was he to do without Jean? The hole that remained was just so big - a sudden absence of a center that threatened his sanity and spun him out of control. And Logan loomed, large and powerful, in his head. The Canadian made him feel things he didn�t want to remember � the fire in those glances echoed in his past and his present, tugging at him sure as gravity. He'd wanted other men before, had a casual fling or two, but after� it�s wasn't the same. His face flushed with fire and shame. Jean knew, and she didn't want him, and how would Logan after he found out. He felt weak and tainted, and lost, the world crazily tilting, and all he could do was close his eyes and hang on, spinning uncontrollably through the darkness and the loneliness for what seemed like forever.

      But after a while, in the back of his mind, he heard a sound � music - a tune he remembered his mother singing as a child. He hadn�t thought of it for a long time, and he focused on it to block out everything else. Slowly, it grew louder; still gentle, still soothing, and it filled his mind, pushing the other thoughts away.


      Scott had been asleep for about five minutes when his office door quietly opened. The faint squeak of rubber against wooden floorboards was the only sound in the room.

      Goggles were placed, pillows arranged, and a blanket was gently tucked around the sleeping man. The man in the wheelchair, bald and pleasantly wrinkled with age, sat for a time watching his son in all but blood. He leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.

      �This too shall pass,� he whispered.

      The door closed softly behind him as he quietly departed.

      �Sweet dreams.�

      * * *

      �So Logan, you will help me bring in the potted wisteria after lunch?� Aurora cajoled, batting her eyes dramatically at the Canadian.

      �Yeah, sure. Not like I have much else to do,� he grumbled then took another bite of his sandwich.

      �Well, I can think of some things for you to do down in the lab,� Jean teased, green eyes sparkling.

      Logan grinned at her around a mouthful of ham and cheese. Swallowing, he raised an eyebrow. �I could think of a few things, too,� he joked wickedly. �But the lab just doesn�t have the right mood lighting.�

      The usually gruff man wiggled his eyebrows and the ladies giggled. Hank looked slightly uncomfortable. He still hadn�t gotten used to Wolverine�s blatant flirtation.

      �Logan, I was wondering --� the scientist started to ask, and then he stopped mid sentence as he glanced over Logan�s shoulder and saw Scott�s expression.

      Balancing a tray in one hand and a short stack of books in the other, their field leader had abruptly stopped about ten feet from their rather full table and was staring at them grimly.

      The women also noticed his expression and their laughter died. Logan, sensing the change, turned to glance at the younger man. The small smile that was on the Canadian�s face died and he immediately turned back around, coloring slightly and looking down at his plate.

      There was a long moment of uncomfortable silence before Logan pushed back from the table. He grabbed the tray containing his half eaten lunch and nodded once to the others at the table before heading toward the exit.

      �Ya can have a seat. I gotta go,� he rumbled softly as he passed by Scott, avoiding his gaze. He threw the remains of his lunch in the trash and left.

      Scott stood unmoving until he heard the tray clatter. Almost reluctantly he glanced back, catching just a fleeting glimpse of the short man as he moved out into the hallway. Without a change in his stony expression, Scott crossed to the table, sat down, and started to eat.


      Jean had watched the subtle emotions run across Scott�s face as he stood watching them at the table, tiny changes that probably no one else could read. Jealousy, hurt, anger, and then embarrassment showed, each in turn like the acts in an old-fashioned melodrama. The glance was the most telling, complete control until the very last second, then that glance he couldn�t resist.

      He used to do that for her. She still loved him and her heart ached a little, but less than before. She sighed, both happy in the knowledge that she could survive without him and upset that they had to part to become whole people on their own. She loved him too much to destroy him, so she had to let him go.

      �This is the right thing to do,� she repeated in her mind for the hundredth time over the last few months. �There is so much he needs to resolve, and he won�t do them if I am involved in his life.�

      It still stung, but she knew that she was right. She dwelled for a few minutes on her pain before shaking herself out of it. It was not like her to dwell on the past.

      �Maybe it�s time for me to move on as well,� she pondered.

      Hank and Aurora squirmed a little, but Jean retained her composure.

      Lunch was finished in almost complete silence.

      * * *

      The staff meeting had been unremarkable. The accreditation was almost complete, most of the students were settling in nicely, and they were having few troubles with the older kids aside from a rash of practical jokes. Mr. Martinez was a little annoyed about the repairs, but it was better to have minor damage in jest than the serious damage that could result if there was a real conflict between mutant children.

      But the conflict that concerned him had nothing to do with the children.

      �Scott, could you stay a minute,� Charles made his request as the meeting adjourned.

      Charles saw Aurora glance at Scott, who could barely muster a tight, tiny smile for her.

      �The conflict was definitely serious,� Xavier thought.

      It certainly hadn�t taken a telepath to see the attraction between Scott and Logan, even if they hadn�t seen it at the time. As a person with a vast amount of experience with difficult romantic relationships, he knew how trying they could be. And in Scott�s case, his past made his acceptance of his feelings that much more difficult.

      �Yes, sir?� Scott asked when the heavy oak door closed and they were alone.

      Charles motioned to the seat closest to him. �Scott, I understand that you�ve been having some trouble with Logan,� he began cautiously.

      Scott�s expression darkened a curious mixture of anger and embarrassment. When he didn�t reply, Charles continued. �Is there anything I should know about? Anything that would affect the team?�

      Scott fidgeted, slightly flustered. He obviously didn�t want to place any blame on Logan and he didn�t know how to avoid bringing up things he didn�t want to say. He struggled for a few moments before deciding that simplicity was best.


      Charles sighed inwardly. He wished Scott would open up to him, but he all too well understood that self-acceptance couldn�t be forced.

      �Very well. Then I assume you will resolve this matter soon?� he said firmly, leaving off the �before it affects everyone else�.

      Scott didn�t look at him, and Charles frowned.

      �Yes, sir,� he finally agreed. �Is that all?�

      �For now.�

      Scott quickly got up and crossed to the door, clearly eager to escape the scrutiny.

      Just as he reached for the door knob, Charles called out to him gently, �Remember, Scott, my door is always open for you.�

      Scott paused for a second, and then continued out the door.

      Charles sighed and then moved forward to lean on elbows, fingers steepled, brow furrowed in concern.

      * * *

      Logan was sitting outside in the garden. The stone bench was still cold and it matched the feeling in his chest.

      He�d been back more than six weeks, and he still hadn�t made any progress in making Scott his. He�d wanted the handsome brown-haired man in his life and in his bed from the first time he laid eyes on the man, even if he hadn�t recognized it immediately. He invoked a fire in his belly that he couldn�t deny, a fire he still couldn�t satisfy.

      All the signs were there that Scott wanted him as well. The glances, the heat in his scent, the fact that they always seemed to cross paths all the time. �Too often,� he thought, even if he had engineered some of them. He knew Scott felt something for him, but he worried that he might have completely blown it after his loss of control in the hall.

      Jean had told him that Scott had spent some time on the streets, leaving out any real details, but he was all too aware of what that likely meant. Scott was kind of fucked up. Scott was scared of him. He couldn�t stand that. Logan chuckled something closer to a sob as he realized that his Fearless Leader came close to being as fucked up as he was.

      Logan leaned back, feeling the cold shift with his contact with the bench. The cold had seeped down to his bones. He was tired.

      A gentle scent drifted over to him on the wind. He called out,� Come on over, �Ro. I know ya there.� Soft laughter came from behind him. She always smelled of rain. He hands appeared on his shoulders and they began to knead the muscles there. For a few short moments, he was in heaven. Then she leaned in a kissed him chastely on the cheek.

      He opened one eye, leaning back to catch her expression of distaste as she rubbed her whisker-burned cheek. He hadn�t shaved. Logan couldn�t help but smile as she stepped around the bench to sit beside him. �What was that for?� Logan asked softly.

      �I had a few extra that I thought I�d give away,� she told him solemnly, then smiled.

      �I don�t seem to recall you having trouble finding someone to kiss the other night,� he teased her. They had gone together for the first time to Harry�s, and as one would expect, the men flocked to the beautiful ebony goddess. He�d sat all night and watched them circle her.

      He watched as her eyes darkened with a hint of sadness.

      �Ah, but unlike you, none of them are worthy of my kisses,� she replied, only half-jokingly.

      A little embarrassed at her comment, he just nodded with an attempt of a smile, then looked out on the garden. They sat quietly for a while, watching the blades of grass and the leaves, half-frozen in the ground, flutter in the very early spring wind.

      �Scott�s a good man,� she told him. He grimaced at the understatement, and then grunted his agreement.

      �So are you,� she continued, a little more forcefully, as she placed her hand on his forearm comfortingly. �Don�t forget that.�

      She waited another minute, then having said what she had intended to say, she got up to leave. Almost as an afterthought, she turned back to him and said, �I think you could make each other happy. Goddess knows we could all use more happiness. But you are going to have to convince him of that, because I don�t think he believes that he deserves it.�

      She stood, thoughtful for a moment, perhaps feeling she said too much. With a shake of her head, she shook whatever it was away and graced him with a smile.

      �Time to fly,� she said and she was gone. Logan watched her go, climbing the winds. He envied her ability, but as he watched, he suddenly realized that she was always flying alone.

      * * *

      He thought about his conversation with Aurora all afternoon, and when dinnertime came, he had taken his usual seat � not far from Marie, who was busily flirting with Bobby, and with a good view of where Scott usually sat. Cyke was there, mechanically eating since Chuck wasn�t there to for him to talk to, and Jean was sitting on his other side, studiously ignoring him. Logan knew that he almost never looked up these days because he knew that he was being watched, and not just by him. The dark circles that had appeared under his glasses had more than him worried.

      Logan knew it was time � time to win Scott. He�d do his damnedest to win the man because losing meant leaving. He couldn�t imagine staying any other way � it was just too intense between them. He�d promised himself that he�d never run, but he wouldn�t be running if he had to leave to spare Scott. He wouldn�t destroy his pack leader � he just wanted Scott.

      Logan popped the bad tasting vitamins that Hank had given him for the adamantium poisoning and downed his giant glass of milk while keeping one eye on his new personal mission. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, wishing it was something other than milk. Once more he felt the flicker of that gaze, warm and vital.

      He had to come up with a plan.

      * * *

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