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Fic: The Harem, PG15 Wolverine get's very confused!

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  • Alana Helbling
    Title: The Harem Author: Alana Disclaimer: not mine, but I’ve got them on an extended loan, ok? Summary: Wolverine is very confused…poor boy! Feedback:
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      Title: The Harem

      Author: Alana

      Disclaimer: not mine, but I’ve got them on an extended loan, ok?

      Summary: Wolverine is very confused…poor boy!

      Feedback: Better than chocolate, sex everything!! To Alana_helbling@...

      Rating: Uh…Maybe 15 for language?

      Archive: Sure, just tell me where.

      Author’s Notes: Ok, it’s very late, and I’ve just finished, so if the ending is sucky compared to the beginning or there are spelling mistakes in there that shouldn’t be, I’m really sorry and beg your forgiveness! G Also I haven’t been able to feedback much recently – RL catching up with me, including a family holiday at a poor time, so hopefully I shall be able to grovel at the marvellous fic soon!

      This was inspired in part by a Simpson’s episode, and in part by Teri’s Glimpses of the Wolverine trilogy – yes, I am aware one is mile ahead of the other in terms of quality (Waves her ‘Teri for president’ banner and hollers) but there it is. It also threw me out of bed at 2 am to get it started so I am not sure if I am terribly fond of this fic but we shall see…

      Dedicated to the boy at my youngest sister’s school who had to go through Christmas with a black eye after she decked him, because he tried to convince her that Santa wasn’t real! Sorry if this mean’s I have overly violent tendencies, but I think that’s kinda cute…

      Logan sat back in his chair, took a long swig from his beer bottle and watched the rest of the population of the mansion enjoying the bright summer’s day. Of course, the population of the mansion was severely depleted - they’d just returned back from a mass field trip, but Hank and Storm’s party had experienced severe difficulties while travelling and so would not be back for another couple of days. As their group contained all the boys, this meant Logan was not looking forward to having to supervise two days of female bonding with only Scott and Jean to help him. He sighed, and watched Marie giggling over something with her two friends on the far side of the lawn.

      He didn’t like her friends. ‘Well,’ he supposed afterward, ‘maybe the quiet mousy one isn’t so bad,’ but the obnoxious yellow one kept insulting him, and wore such a strong scent that every time he came anywhere near her, he was sure his nose hairs would fall out. Marie claimed that (oh what was her name? J something, but it wasn’t Jean) hadn’t started it, he had, but how was he supposed to keep his temper when he couldn’t breathe without choking? In his book, that meant she started it, but of course he couldn’t manage to explain that to Marie at the time – she’d been wearing a low cut top, and pacing energetically while she ranted at him, which meant that certain, ah, parts had been moving with more energy than normal, and so he hadn’t been thinking with his brain at the time. When she’d seen she’d lost his attention, and realised what he was staring at, she’d given him a strange look, asked him not to be nasty to what’s-her-face any more, and left the room.

      He sighed again. His plan to let her grow up and live a little before he told her how he felt didn’t look like it was going to be successful. He remembered the look on her face when she had come screaming into his bedroom week before last, and announced rather proudly that she could control her skin. Logan couldn’t even remember what he’d thought about in order to stop his hug of congratulations turning into something less friendly. He did know that the second she’d been dragged out of the room by the squealing obnoxious one to go to the mall, he’d thrown himself into the shower, spun the controls to freezing and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon. He half-feared and half-loved going to sleep now, his nightmares of men with scalpels had been replaced by erotic fantasies triggered by the one experience he had of her warm soft body moulding itself to his within his arms, her arms around his waist, her breath on his neck…

      He shook himself out of it, and noticed Marie and her friends heading towards the pool. Uh-uh, he wasn’t following, nope. He’d seen the bit of fabric she now used for a swimsuit and he was better off not going anywhere near it. The fact that it gave him a better view of his tags stuck between her cleavage made it all the harder (no pun intended) to keep his hands off her, so the further away the better. As a matter of fact…

      "Hey Scooter, I’m going for a stroll, see ya later…" He yelled at Scott, who had emerged from the front door to help the Professor, who’d just returned from a meeting, out of the car. Then before Scott had a chance that maybe he ought to take some of the kids with him, he disappeared into the woods.


      He forgot about me. He used to be very aware of the fact I was a part of him, and would push me down and back, away from control. But he been focusing on controlling something other than me lately. Now I am in control, although he is fighting me. I will remain in control for some time; I have saved enough strength to do so. I do not understand why he hates and fears me. I am the stronger of our partnership, the one that made us survive the pain that the dead ones brought. I know he is aware of that – he still dreams of them and the pain they brought, as well as their stench of the dead – or he did until recently.

      But he tries to lock me away; he will not even let me see his memories and knowledge of where we are. I suppose that I must discover what this place is for myself. This is a good hunting ground though, I can tell. There are fresh tracks from deer and rabbit. I can hear running water and there is a cave that will do for shelter. Yes, at least he has the sense to pick somewhere we can live easily. But I can smell others. I know he has not found us a mate yet. There is no scent of a female on us. Well, I shall find us one.

      That is a big shelter, and that is a lot of females. But I cannot see – ah, now I do. Two males, one older and injured, and a younger stronger one. The father and son. This must be their pack. But why do they have so many mates, yet such a small territory? He does not have the woods, I found no scent marks. That shelter must surround his feeding ground. Yet the father must still be their leader, for his injuries mean he cannot mate effectively and none of the females are expecting cubs. I cannot get closer to their group; there is no more cover for me to hide under. I shall have to wait until dark.


      "Mr. Summers, have you seen Logan?"

      "No, sorry Rogue, I last saw him when he told me he was going to take a walk in the woods, but that was hours ago."

      "OK, thanks."

      "No problem."

      Dammit Logan! I need your opinion on this – it’s a first date! And what’s more, it’s with someone from outside the school, I could be doing some ground breaking inter-mutant-human relationship work here! The right outfit is vital! OK, there’s the fact that I’m secretly hoping he’ll see me in the least clothing I’ve ever worn in public and still said I’m dressed, wake up to the fact that I’ve grown up and NO! Girl, when are you gonna learn he doesn’t see you as anything more than a little sister? Thinking about that sort of stuff is just going to lead to more nights crying into your pillow. Besides, you’re about to go on a date with Martin! MARTIN! Think about how lovely he is. Ok, there’s the fact that he smells like cigar smoke and beer, and has brown eyes and dark hair, but I like him for reasons other than that. I do! I like those jokes he tells…uh, really! The fact that he’s a roaring sexist chauvinistic pig doesn’t bother me. Honest! I’ll break him of it! I’m a southern gal, I just have to put that heritage to use and make him do what ever I want.

      Which in the long run would be to have him turn into Logan.

      Crap. No Marie, no bad thoughts now. You’re supposed to already be ready, and…Oh I’ve got to get outside before someone sees me crying. I get enough pitying looks anyway thank-you-very-much.

      There outside, look, nobody around. Just me. That’s all there needs to be. Just me and the stars and the trees and…

      There’s someone in there. I can see their outline through the trees, but that big branch is in the way. Maybe if I bend down and pretend to be doing up my shoe I can see better…Hey! I know that belt buckle!



      Darkness. I can even see into their shelter now. It is no hunting ground, or at least not one I have experienced. There is no game to hunt, or food to gather, but they all appear content. That could be a problem, if they are content with their current mate, it could mean that they would not wish to come with me. Maybe I should observe more, it might – one of them is coming out. I must hide.

      She smells sad. And lonely. And so good and sweet and…pure? If she is pure it would mean she is unmated. That would be good – I think I have found us our mate. She is walking towards the trees. I must be quiet and quick about this – just because the father has not claimed her yet does not mean he would allow her to be taken by another male. She is bending down, she has seen something on…her foot? Maybe the covering is bothering her. I know the ones the man put on us bother me. I shall have to take them off once I am far enough away from here with her.

      She is looking up, has she seen-


      I do not know what these sounds mean, but I must go quickly before she raises the alarm.


      No, no more sounds. No, don’t struggle. I – those are ours! The dead ones gave them to us; I can remember the scratches on them, although I do not know what they mean. Maybe you will understand then, if the man gave you the tags. You must know us.

      I can smell someone else coming. They are noisy and smell too strong. We have to go.


      Ok, this is definitely not normal, no siree. I mean, we finally get mi mejor amiga to look at someone other than MR tall smelly and hairy, and then she isn’t around when her date turns up. And she’s not in her room, his room or her favourite haunts, which means she must be in his favourite haunts. The girl is just so predictable, she's never gonna let that one go. I mean, I could understand if it was someone else but HIM? I mean, sure he’s got a bod to die for, and a butt that doesn’t quit, but so have most of the guys around here. I mean, would it kill him to shave once in a while? And his hygiene is severely lacking unless he uses cigar-and-beer scented shower gel. And then there’s his manners and lack of vocabulary, I mean growls do not- Ah ha! The resident telepath, she has to know where everyone is right?

      "Yo, big red, ya seen Rogue-ie?"

      "Jubilee, please address me as Dr. Grey, Ms. Grey or even Jean, but not big red. And no, I haven’t seen Rogue."

      "Ya couldn’t do the scanning thing right now could ya? I mean, her date is waiting, and the guy majorly wigged just seeing Kitty phase through a wall cause he was blocking the doorway, so if he sticks around to see Clarice pull her vanishing act, or Suze do her I-can-make-you-go-different-colours-without-touching-you party piece, we might have a problem. Plus, I can’t find her in the mansion, so searching the grounds? At night? Needle in a haystack ring a bell?"

      "I would Jubilee, but I was practising a new technique today, and it’s left me rather weak. I’d suggest you ask the Professor. "


      Whoa. Just, whoa, I think Logan may have lost it. Not that this little scenario hasn’t occurred in some of my fantasies, but they were always the slightly more unrealistic kind…and none of them ever featured a part where he clamped a hand over my mouth, and carried me off into the darkness without even a word of explanation. And now we’re in a cave. A cave I didn’t know about, and with the amount of time I spent roaming these grounds trying to sort my head out, if I didn’t know about it, no one did. Well, apart from Logan, but that much is obvious.

      I can understand why I didn’t see it though. I mean the entrance is tiny, too small for us to go through at the same time – Logan had to stuff me through first and then follow. And I do mean stuff – I tried to turn around to ask him what was going on, and he just did this whole growl and glare thing, then pushed me through. I can’t tell how big it is in here – it’s pitch black. No light what so ever. But I can stand up and stretch my arms without touching the ceiling, and the floor feels level, but kinda like a dirt. I can hear Logan moving around. He put the claws out a few moments ago, and since then I’ve heard the sound of fabric ripping and a couple of growls, but no words or attempts to communicate, and he hasn’t put the claws away yet. Maybe I should try talking to him again –

      "Logan? Are you all right?"

      "…" Ok, there you have it, no answer. It would be so much easier if I cold see a little, maybe if a just move towards the entrance a bit –

      "Growl" Well, that answers that. No moving in that direction, and I’m not gonna try and feel my way around with him in his current mental state and the claws out. I’m kinda outta ideas but –Hey! My watch! It has a light up feature! Maybe it’ll be enough for me to see by – Whoa. Whoa. That’s a very naked Logan…


      Ah, Friday night. My favourite time of the week if I do say so myself. The time when everyone but me is occupied and out, making it the perfect time to relax and spend some time with my darlings. Now which one of you shall I enjoy tonight? I am in the mood for something young and full bodied if I do say so myself, but I –


      So much for peace and quiet.

      "Yes Jubilee?"

      "Rogue’s gone missing, and her date is waiting, but I can’t find Wolvie either, but Jean says she’s too tired to do the scanning thingy so could you do it? And…what are you doing down here?"

      "Trying to choose between a Chardonnay and a Merlot, Jubilee, now if you will allow me to concentrate for a moment…"

      Hmmm. That’s strange…why would Rogue…Oh!

      "Jubilee, please inform Rogue’s date that she is not in a position to accompany him tonight, and see him to the door. I will need to see you upstairs in my office when you’re done."

      "Um, Ok Prof.…"

      Though I do not normally give in to such language, but damn! I should have anticipated this.


      Wow, that guy really did not wanna go. I know I really shouldn’t use my powers on non-mutants, but I didn’t really hurt him, and he’s not going to tell any one. Definitely not the sort of person to admit to being beaten by yo – una chica. Well, time to see what sort of a twist the Prof. has got his panties in. I wonder wh- whoa. He looks really serious.

      "What’s wrong Professor?"

      "Jubilee, I know that beneath the exterior you project is in actual fact a very astute and empathetic young woman." Well, he’s not pulling any punches, must be something big going down." I am about to reveal something to you in the strictest confidence, and I need you to promise me that you will never tell any one else what you know, allow the involved parties to know you are aware of this information or to use this information to your own ends."

      "Of course, but what-"

      "Now allow me to explain – You know Logan’s nom du guerre is Wolverine. Tonight the reason for that has become known."

      Hey, there’s a big sigh. The Prof. seems really down about this.

      "It seems when Logan underwent the changes to his skeleton, the stress he was under actually caused his personality to split. The heightened survival instinct that is another part of his healing factor became separate from the man – mainly because Logan was in such pain that he – the man - wanted to give up and die. Wolverine did not."

      "You mean that there are two people living inside Logan’s head?"

      "Yes. And what’s more, they were both competing for control of the same body. Until now we have only seen Logan in control, but over the years the control of Wolverine has become more and more unconscious, until the point that he was unaware that he was doing it. This was a weak point that the Wolverine used to break out and gain control."

      "So, how do we kill this Wolverine guy without hurting Logan?"

      "We don’t want to kill him – he is still Logan – just a different part of him. We do want Logan in the forefront however, because he is the one we can communicate with. We need to provide a stable atmosphere for the Wolverine to be in, to ensure he does not harm anyone. In time, if the two can become comfortable enough with one another, they may even reintegrate, become one person – the same person Logan was before the experiments."

      "Ok…so how are we going to do this?"


      Oh, my head. Why did I have to try this today of all days? Yes half the pupils gone, but also half the staff, and it’s the staff that makes the difference. Once you have over twenty kids, you tend not to notice when they’ve increased in number. And now this. Oh, now is the sort of time I just wish I could drown myself in Nyquil. Oh good, Scott’s already here.

      "Yes Professor? What’s going on?"

      "I’m afraid I cannot give as much of an answer as you would like Jean. Needless to say, what I will ask you to do tonight will require a lot of blind faith on your parts, but I tell you no more."

      "What’s going on Professor?" Poor Scott, he obviously doesn’t know anymore about this then I do. He hates that. Once when we got drunk, he confessed that one of the things he loves about being the leader so much is that he gets access to information before anybody else. He doesn’t remember that evening, but I do, of course…

      "All I am able to say on the subject is that a rather old and somewhat confused friend is on the grounds. Scott I am going to have to ask you to remain inside – and out of sight. Jean, you are going to have to work with Jubilee, she is waiting for you in the garage with instructions and the necessary equipment."

      Oh, that’s it! I don’t care if we have to save the world tonight; I’m damn well taking some aspirin before we do so.


      She seems wary of me. I do not blame her for it of course. I took her from her nest, and would-be mate, and have not yet made my intentions clear. I cannot confirm my claim on her until she is certain I will be a good mate, which means I must show I can provide shelter, food and bedding. But I will have no opportunity to hunt for her until first light, so for now we shall rest.

      She still has not taken off her coverings. I have tried to show her I do not mind, that I will not force them on her as her last mate did. I removed my covering, I even tugged at hers, but she did not understand me. She does not understand many things I do, but then I do not understand many things that she does. We shall just have to try to understand each other. Like now, she does not understand that we have to rest. I have lain down, and I am looking at her, but she still stands and looks down at me. I suppose I shall have to show her what I mean.

      There, she got the right idea when I pulled her down with me. We will keep each other warm this night.


      Ok, he’s asleep. I still can’t work out what’s going on. Right after I switched on the light, he just stood there and let me look. After a couple of minutes, he kinda stalked over to me and started tugging at my top. I just held still and eventually he stopped. He seemed frustrated, as though I didn’t get something he was trying to tell me, but if was about keeping my clothing on for a while, there’s no way I’m going to allow myself to loose that argument. Now we’re both just lying on the floor, he’s sort of spooned behind me, but our body heat is keeping us warm enough. I’m almost tired enough to sleep, but in truth, I’m still too confused to allow myself to.



      <Are you alright?>

      <I’m fine, just a bit confused. What’s going on?>

      <You are with Wolverine.>

      <I know, but Logan’s acting really strangely->

      <No, that is not Logan, that is Wolverine.>

      <Oh…how-what-wh- just, what’s going on?>

      <It is a bit long to explain, suffice to say that the only way Logan can get back is with time. Jean and Jubilee are going to leave supplies outside the cave, but until then, I feel it is prudent to hold back from disturbing or upsetting Wolverine. If you feel threatened at any time, I will know, and the X-Men will intervene, but unless you do, it may be best to allow things to work them selves out.>

      <Ok, but isn’t there any thing you can do->

      <No. It may be counter productive. It should take no more than a couple of days for Logan to regain control, and until then, I shall prevent the rest of the school from interfering.>

      <Alright. Thank you professor.>

      Well, there you have it. I suppose I’d better get some sleep.

      Whoa. Never woke up like that before. You know, with Log- no, Wolverine’s nose touching the end of mine. His eyes kind of crinkled when he saw me looking at him though, just like Logan’s do when he’s trying to pretend he doesn’t find something funny that could ruin his reputation. That’s too cute. Ok I’m getting up now, I can do it on my own-ooof! Aw, he tried to help me, and just ended up having to catch me when he pulled too hard. That’s just adding to the cuteness factor here. Yes, yes sugar, I’m coming with you, no need to tug on my hand like that. You know, he reminds me of a cross between a puppy and an eager child – all clumsy paws and innocent enthusiasm. He’s practically bouncing out of the cave now.

      Wow. When the Professor said he was going to have Jubilee and Jean leave supplies, I thought he meant like a blanket and a couple of cans of food, not all this. Is that a- yes, it is. It’s a camp bed. How on earth am I going to be able to get that inside? Maybe if I turn it sideways-

      <Just take what you need, and we will take back what you cannot fit.>

      Ok, that clears up the question of how closely the Professor is watching us. And what is Wolverine doing? Oh, uh, I guess that would be called marking your territory. Yes sugar I saw you do it.

      Definitely like a little boy.

      Ok then, you just nuzzle my neck and disappear into the trees. I’m not focusing on the nuzzle, or that backside of yours. Or the chest. Nope, I’m trying to work out how to get this stuff inside. That’s all.



      That was a good hunt. This shall feed us well for the next few days, so I will prove myself to her.

      I am not sure what all the things that appeared outside our shelter this morning were though, although she did not seem surprised or confused. Hopefully she will know what to do with them. Maybe we are understanding each other better today. She understood me when I asked her to come out side, and when I asked her to stay inside the territory I have marked. I will expand it of course, but not now, before we have even mated.

      Hmm. This prey is too large to go inside the cave. Perhaps we shall eat out here tonight, and then I will take what is left inside. I shall let her know I am back.

      Is this the cave? It does not look like it. There are lights, and bedding, and even raised platforms – wait. Why are there two? I shall share one with her, so who is the other one for-oh. I understand. She is telling me she is ready for a cub, for a young one. That is who the other sleeping platform is for. She got all this ready before I could even prove I would be a good mate to her? She had such faith in me? She is truly our mate. The man cannot fail to thank me for this – for her.

      Here she is. She is holding something – what- ah, water. So attentive! I must show her what I got for her.


      Oh, he’s back. Looks kinda stunned at the transformation of the cave – must admit so am I . I never realised it was this big either until I brought in the lights. Ok, he must have got something, he’s just dropped the cup of water and is hauling me outside, yes sugar, I’m coming.

      Um, it’s dead. I mean it’s a dead deer. You know, last time I did Logan’s laundry for him he gave me a box of chocolates. The time before that it was a bunch of flowers. Now I've given his cave a make-over, he’s obviously decided something more substantial is in order, and so I’ve got a dead deer. Hmmm. I-oh, and we’re back to neck nuzzling. Not complaining there, it feels really ni-Whoa! Keep your hands away from those!

      Ok, now he just looks really hurt, like I really, really insulted him by pulling away. Uh…

      <Rogue? Are you alright?>

      Oh good Lord almighty, now is not the time for you to go knocking around my brain, Sir.

      <Yes, Professor, I’m fine, just a little surprised. Wolverine just turned back up with a dead deer.>

      No need to mention the groping. Not something he needs to know.

      <Ah. Rogue, I was aware something like this might happen. You may need to know. For many animals, the male presenting the female with a gift of food is classically a prelude to mating.>

      No shit, Sherlock.

      <Uh, thanks Professor. You wouldn’t know what to do to discourage that, would you?>

      Of course, there’s no way it’s happened already, this is just out of interest, purely hypothetical.

      <Remain unresponsive and submissive is all I can suggest Rogue. If it gets too much to handle, just yell – mentally I mean – and we’ll pull you out of there.>

      So snuggling into that nuzzle probably wasn’t the smartest thing in the world then…

      <Thanks Professor.>

      Oh god, how am I going to explain this to him? He looks really hurt, and lost. Now he’s edging his way forward, as though he’s trying to make sure I won’t run. You know, I know the Professor said remain unresponsive, but if there was ever someone in need of a hug, it’s him. He’s just a picture of hugneedy-ness. Maybe if I just open my arms – oh! He’s holding me. Just sort of cradling…it’s nice. Maybe, maybe I can explain this. Come on sugar, let’s go back inside.

      Hmmm. This’ll be my second morning waking up like this, and you know what? I could get very used to this. He’s very nice as a pillow, I discovered last night. I did manage to get the point across finally. He settled for lots of cuddles and touching, but no full on sex. Which was nice. It’s going to be weird when Logan comes back though. He’s all big-brother-y with me, but Wolverine sees me as a mate, so this is going to cause quite a few headaches in future, methinks. Ah, he’s waking up, I just felt him go all stiff.


      Ah. Here comes the awkwardness. Logan’s back. Ok, let’s just play this cool…

      "Hey Logan, how ya doing?"

      "What the fuck is going on kid? Where are we? Why are we in bed together?"

      Umm…just going to let that last one go unanswered for a while, as I sit up and turn to face him –



      "Fuck! Marie? You Ok?"

      "Yes, I was as a matter of fact. Why did you feel the need to grab all the covers – especially the ones I was lying on – and dump me off the bed?"

      "Fuck it kid! I’m naked here! What the fuck is going on?"

      Oh, this is in no way going to be easy, maybe I ought to leave the hard part for someone else to explain…


      Poor Logan. I can now hear rather loud snores coming from the staff kitchen. He locked himself in there approximately three and a half hours ago, along with the entire contents of the liqueur cabinet. To say was a bit distressed over what happened is like saying that the pacific ocean is a bit wet. I predict he may even have a bit of a hangover tomorrow – Jean was complaining he took a bottle of methanol from the lab with him. I can really do nothing more, other than provide understanding, and making Scott keep his comments to himself. We must hope he can come to terms with this himself. I really would not wish what this man has had to go through and cope with on my worst enemy, and I pray he will be strong enough to triumph over his own demons once again.


      It’s been two months since The Incident, as we’re now calling it. And we’re finally doing it! We’re moving in together!! After all that’s happened I can’t believe it.

      He definitely didn’t have the most positive reaction to what had happened. After he recovered from his drinking binge, he tracked me down and made me tell him what the Wolverine had done. When I told him that not only had he not hurt me, he’d also made me feel safe, protected and loved, he started yelling at me to stop lying to protect his feelings – that this was more important than some stupid teenage crush. I walked out on him then. Didn’t speak to him for a week, wouldn’t even stay in the same room. It was the most painful, heart-wrenching and terrifying thing I’ve ever been through. Forget Magneto, permanently loosing Logan, even as a friend, is the thing that brings me out in a cold sweat. Eventually, he came to me and told me everything. That he was terrified that he’d hurt me. He was terrified I would think him some sort of animal, and refuse to spend anymore time with him, or worse I would pity him. He was terrified I might even prefer the Wolverine to him. Overall, it came down to the fact that he was terrified of loosing me. Than he cried.

      I couldn’t believe it. I cried with him. Then I told him to stop being stupid, that I loved him and there was nothing on earth that could change that, and I’d never leave him.

      He cried again, but this didn’t count, because they were tears of joy. I shed more then a few of those myself. We agreed to do this almost immediately, but then the professor had a brain wave. So we’re now moving back into the cave. Only it’s not a cave anymore – it’s a regular house built into the hill, with the stone for two of the walls and part of the roof. The whole idea came after we eventually got Logan to agree he needed to let the Wolverine out now and again, and were discussing what sort of environment he needed, and how to keep the rest of the mansion’s residents away from it. Then the Professor got this funny little twinkle in his eye, and refused to say any more on the subject until he came to us with the blueprints. I think Logan would’ve hugged the life out of him too, had I not got there first.

      So this is the last box of our combined stuff I’m carrying over, and I’m exhausted, but I can see him staring at me from the front door with that look in his eye, so all is good in the world, and I’m going to explore our new house with an intimacy I didn’t think I’d be doing, but you aren’t going to hear a single complaint out of me!

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