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      By Linda J.
      Sequel to God Bless the Child that Can Hold Her Own

      God Bless Ye Feral Gentlemen
      Let Fly Your Bloody Claws;
      Creating Pain and Mayhem
      Let Nothing Give You Pause;
      To Slash and Kill and Main and Rip
      All for Your Evil Cause;
      Bringing Tidings of Misery and Gore,
      Misery and Gore
      Bringing Tiding of Misery and Gore!

      The bed creaked with every thrust of Victor's powerful hips as the
      slim and curvaceous woman willingly lay underneath him. Their bodies
      moving in sync as he repeatedly plunged his eleven inches of meaty
      masculinity into her tight, wet, pink blossom again and again as she
      moaned with sheer ecstasy. Her long and lovely legs wrapped tight
      around his waist as she dug and scratched her beautifully manicured
      nails passionately into his broad muscular back only to have each
      wound heal as quickly as it was made.
      Then suddenly for no apparent reason, he stopped and slapped her
      thigh. He lifted himself off of her as rolled over onto his back,
      changing positions.
      "I wanna finish this with you on top." He sensuously growled as he
      grabbed for her and lifted her up and over his mid section allowing
      her straddle his groin.
      "That sounds good t' me too." The young buxom blonde brushed the long
      strands of hair away from his face and kissed his full and pouty
      lips. All the while she carefully avoided staring into his strange
      demonic black eyes.
      "You want me to go fast or slow?" she added as she fearlessly grabbed
      his manhood holding it upright as she covered it with her warm and
      moist femininity.
      "Mmmm…" Vic expressed his pleasure. "Go fast, baby. I wanna see them
      double D's bounce like basketballs."
      She willing complied with his instructions and a few minutes later he
      exploded inside her. Sabretooth roared in victorious delight, lightly
      scrapping his claws across her silky smooth thighs as his precious
      liquid came gushing out from his manhood, leaving a trail of blood to
      trickle down her legs.
      For a moment or two the girl's body stiffened from extreme intense
      pleasure; then as she began to relax she felt the warmth of her own
      blood making its way toward the sheets. She winced as her mood
      quickly changed. "Oh shit." She then looked at the marks on her legs
      and huffed. "You know these gashes will cost you extra!" She demanded
      as she quickly dismounted and reached for the box of tissues that the
      hotel had provided and began wiping the blood from her legs.
      "Just for those little love scratches?" He argued as he grabbed his
      bottle of Wild Turkey off the night stand and took a swig. "I got you
      to cum twice before I came even once. I think you oughta pay me
      instead ya lil' hooch!"
      "Look, mister, I need to pay my bills just like everybody else you
      know." She asserted herself. "Besides," She then added pitifully, "I
      still need to buy Christmas presents for my baby."
      Victor could tell she was lying but he didn't know which part of her
      story was the lie. He didn't care to know either. What difference did
      it make to him?
      As the whore got her self dressed, Sabretooth reached over the edge
      of the bed and found his pants. He sat up with his wallet in hand and
      pulled out three hundred dollars. He didn't notice the folded up
      piece of paper fall out of his wallet and land on the floor.
      She reached down and picked it up as Sabretooth counted the money in
      his hand. "Oh how sweet." She cooed. "God Loves You." She read the
      caption from the paper as she unfolded it.
      Sabretooth looked up at her to see what she was talking
      about. "What?"
      "Did one of your kids make this for you?" She sweetly asked as she
      handed him the paper.
      He looked at it for a moment before even remembering where it came
      "Oh that. Give it here." He coldly said as he handed her the money.
      Sabretooth then laid the paper down next to him on the bed, picture
      facing upward. He didn't give it another thought.
      She cheerfully accepted the three Benjamins he offered. "Nice tip hot
      stuff." She then colleted the rest of her things and put on her coat
      before heading out the door.
      "Be sure to look me up next time your in town OK?" Then, just before
      she closed the door behind her she said, "Oh…and merry Christmas!"
      He grunted her a casual goodbye but said nothing else. He was still
      sitting on the bed naked with the sheets wrinkled up covering his
      lower torso.
      He then reached for the remote and turned on the TV. He stopped at
      the classic movie channel to see what was playing. He recognized the
      movie instantly. It was "It's a Wonderful Life" with James Stewart
      wishing he had never been born.
      He was only half interested in watching it though; his mind kept
      drifting off to reflect his own not so wonderful life.
      Even though Magneto was still inside his plastic prison cell he was
      still giving the orders; and as long as "Senator Kelly" kept
      interrogating him on a regular basis, through Mystique, Magneto would
      never lose control of the brotherhood or its cause.
      The last order Magneto had for Sabretooth was simple and straight to
      the point:
      `Gee, Guess Mags figures even I can manage to follow that little
      piece of advice.' Victor thought to himself as he took another swig
      from his bottle and lit his cigar. He knew perfectly well what the
      great and powerful leader of the brotherhood thought of him. And no
      matter how hard he tried to prove otherwise, Sabretooth never could
      break free from being stereo typed "great big dumb blond guy" that
      has lots of muscle but very little gray matter.
      He glanced down at the picture that some mutant girl had made for him
      the day he went into some church last spring.
      He tried to think of the girl's name but was having trouble even
      remembering it. `It started with an M…I think. Mindy? No, that's not
      it; wait…her name began with an M but I called her something else
      that began with a T. Yeah…Tilly! That was it. That's what I called
      the kid.' He felt satisfied now that he recalled the girl's name.
      He picked up the picture Tilly had made for him and looked at it more
      closely. This was the first time he had looked at it sense the day
      she gave it to him. He recalled how uncomfortable it made him feel to
      receive her little note. It made him feel just as happy as it made
      him sad.
      Then for what ever reason Sabretooth wondered if Tilly had really
      made it for him in the first place; or did she just copy something
      down and hand it to him to show off her work. `Christ! I'm so screwed
      up in the head I can't even get a little note from a retarded child
      without suspicion.' He grimaced to himself.
      He took another long hard chug or two from the bottle and puffed on
      his cigar. He folded up the paper and returned it to his wallet.
      He then remembered all the events of that strange and bizarre day
      last May.
      `Wonder if they ever replaced those stained glass windows?' He
      recalled the one window that he especially liked and smiled as he was
      able to recall its every detail. He never had an image impress him so
      much before as the scene of that widow did. He still had no clue what
      the picture was about but it made him feel something every time he
      thought of it.
      Reluctantly, he started to realize it had been ages sense he had felt
      much of anything at all. With the exception of intense surges of
      anger and hate, he was "feeling" less and less, and becoming more and
      more empty every day.
      About that time Sabretooth heard someone from the movie say, "Every
      time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings." It was enough to make
      him laugh out loud.
      He then recalled the woman preacher going on about something
      like "everyone is an angel at some point in their lives"…or something
      like that.
      `Guess if I hadn't decided to step in that day, things would have
      gone pretty bad for them frails.' He proudly thought to
      himself. `Wonder what they would think if they knew who really saved
      their sorry asses.' He leaned back on the motel head-board and
      chuckled; he was feeling pretty good about himself for a change.
      He remembered thinking about visiting the preacher and her little one
      Tilly around Christmas but now that the time was here, he was having
      second thoughts. His mind had swung back to its more animalistic
      nature and he was no longer in a soul searching mood like he was
      earlier in the year. For the rest of the evening he puffed on his
      cigar and took gulps from his bottle watching TV in peace without
      giving the idea of going back to that town or the church another
      Later that night he tried to sleep, but mostly he just tossed and
      `Staying out of trouble ain't all that hard but damn it sure is
      boring!' He kept thinking to himself.
      The woman's scent was still all over the sheets, pillows and even on
      It made him yearn for her again but so much to fuck. He just thought
      of how nice it would be to reach out in the middle of the night and
      find another being sleeping beside him.
      He sat up and reached for the bottle of whiskey only to find it
      empty. `Damn healin' factor.' He cursed to himself. Even though his
      healing factor was the only reason for him being alive that night;
      it's what kept him from being able to dull the pain of living for so
      long. He got out of bed and on his way to the toilet, he looked into
      the vanity mirror. `I even scare myself some times!' he joked as he
      stared back into his own reflection.
      He recalled the time soon after joining the brotherhood, Magneto made
      him wear a pair of contact lenses so that he could pass more easily
      as normal and therefore be more useful to the brotherhood's cause.
      But his healing factor prevented his eyeballs from conforming and
      adjusting to having a foreign object sitting on them. The constant
      dull irritating itching and low grade pain was enough to put Vic into
      one of his more violent "moods". In the end the only thing that was
      accomplished by the event was it convinced Eric that it was pointless
      to change Sabretooth.
      Victor then noticed how close to the ceiling his head was. `Well
      somebody don't hafta be a mutant if they're 7ft tall do they?' Then
      he also took notice to how ALL his body was so out proportioned to
      everything around him.
      The vanity sink, the towels, even the plastic glasses the motel
      provided were entirely too tiny for a man his size. `And what's with
      these bars of soap?' He curiously wondered as he lightly pinched the
      tiny bar of soap between the tip his index finger and thumb like it
      was an after diner mint. `When Mags does take over this damn planet,
      I'm gonna make every single hotel in the world put extra-large bars
      of soap in their bathrooms.' He thought proudly to himself with a
      pleasant smile on his face.
      Then suddenly to his surprise he heard someone walking towards to the
      He didn't take long to detect the man's scent. Instantly he was as
      much relieved as infuriated once he recognized the man's peculiar
      odor. Sabretooth grabbed the sheet off the bed, and held it to his
      groin. Before there was even a knock at the door, Victor swung it
      open and glared at the muscular green man standing so smugly in front
      of him.
      "Waddya want Toad?" Victor growled.
      "Now, now mate; is that `ow you greet your young and `andsome
      brother?" Mortimer teased in his British accent. His posture may be
      slumped over just slightly, but even so, he was a very proud and
      confident man.
      "I ain't got a brother, Wart!" The felinoid flatly declared. He knew
      that Toad was only trying to get a rise out of him but damn if that
      little green man didn't know what buttons to push.
      "Tisk, tisk, tisk. An' I was about to give you a Christmas present."
      Toad put his hand in his pocket as if he was reaching for
      something. "Think I just might keep it for me self then."
      Sabretooth cocked his head. Toad was a lot of things but a lair
      wasn't one of them.
      "What kinda present you got fer me any way, Wart? It better not be
      any thing dumb!"
      "Well aren't you at least going to invite me in? Maybe offer me a
      splash of eggnog?" Toad not only enjoyed teasing the larger more
      aggressive mutant, he down right relished every chance.
      "No." Sabretooth huffed as he stepped back to allow his quasi-brother
      in. Toad then strolled in but not without taking another verbal shot
      at the felinoid. "You know a toga is supposed to cover more than just
      your package mate. You're supposed to `ang it o'er your shoulder."
      "Blow me Toad. I know how to wear a damn toga." Sabretooth growled
      and walked back over to the bed to sit.
      "I thought the sight a REAL man's cock would scare you." Victor may
      not always be the quickest with the come backs but occasionally he
      had one or two up his sleeve.
      "Please, Bloat…" Toad chortled with a sly grin. "I've seen that twig
      you've got dangling b'tween your `airy legs once or twice. Or did you
      forget that cute little pigeon we shared last Christmas?
      Victor grinned. "Gang rapes; gee I miss them good ol' days." He spoke
      dreamily and licked his lips.
      "Well, friend you can be as proud of that dick as you like, it's
      still no match for this tongue o' mine!"
      "That ain't what your mother said to me last night." Sabretooth
      "So what's this present ya got fer me?"
      Toad then handed him a small piece of paper. "A name."
      "Oh gee, what I've ALWAYS wanted!" Sabretooth's sarcasm made Toad
      chuckle to himself.
      "Yeah well, I'll let sis know you liked her gift."
      Sabretooth looked somewhat confused. "From Mystique huh? Sense when
      did she become Santa Claus?" He flipped the paper from one side to
      the other to see if there was anything else besides the name.
      "Alvin Payne; don't ring a bell." He looked at Toad not really
      understanding what he was supposed to do next.
      "Um…you know this is a lot like giving a kid a toy and forgetting to
      add the damn batteries Wart! Did Blue even bother to mention what I'm
      supposed to do with this?"
      "Well Mystique thought you might be getting a lazy just sitting on
      your `airy arse all this bloody time. So she's giving you this
      bastard for a scratching post."
      Victor slowly grinned as the amphibinoid continued to explain. "This
      Alvin Payne chap is the leader of an anti-mutant organization that
      makes the *FoH* look like a bunch o' grannies in a knitting club.
      This band o' bullies call themselves, *Pure Pride*. Mystique learned
      that `e's the wangker responsible for that church bombing you were
      accused of committing last spring."
      "No shit?" Victor was getting more and more intrigued in Mystique's
      gift every minute.
      "Say mate, you NEVER told us what you were doing at that church in
      the first place." Toad asked with a twisted grin on his greenish face.
      "Nunya Wart, so just drop it." He flatly warned. "Mystique wouldn't
      happen to have this dead meat's address would she?"
      "Her sources say that `e's plannin' to lead a demonstration on the
      weekend b'fore Christmas against that very church. So we've got to
      haul our arses that way ASAP if we're gonna make it in time."
      "Great." Sabretooth said under his breath. His mind was beginning to
      fill with strange and curious thoughts. Tilly's picture falling out
      of his wallet that night was just a coincidence wasn't it?
      Then suddenly…"What?" Sabretooth scrunched his face hoping he
      misunderstood what he was sure Toad had said. "You didn't just
      say "we" did you?"
      By the expression on Toad's face, it was as unpleasant to give the
      news as it was for Sabretooth to hear it. "Look mate, I would love to
      turn `round and spend the `olidays with this lil bird who's livin'
      with me now, but there's a bleedin' problem. This order comes
      directly from Erik. From the way Mystique was carrying on, `e's more
      than just pissed at us both right now and `e isn't going to tolerate
      any more fuck-ups. Mystique says the ol' man was ready to drop us for
      good, you especially." He couldn't resist stressing that fact. "You
      can thank sis for coming up with this lil job as a sort of test to
      see if we can do a job right and do it on our own. So, like it or
      not, you and I just `ave to bare each other's company until we put
      this bloody Alvin Payne on a cold `ard slab."
      Sabretooth sighed. `First Christmas present I ever get in my whole
      damn life…and I gotta share!'

      The two mutants tolerated each other's company for the day and a half
      it took them to get back to the little New England town he had met
      Joyce and Tilly in the bringing of the year. They arrived on the
      Saturday before Christmas; it was well after one o'clock.
      Sabretooth blankly stared at the empty lot where the church once sat.
      Now all that was there was a "Lot for Sale" sign and the old oak tree
      where he had perched himself last spring.
      A huge pile of dirty snow that the street crews had shoveled with
      their plows covered over what had once been the drive way to the
      church's parking lot. It was as if the town wanted to pretend the
      church was never there.
      The bleak and gray sky only enhanced the drab mood he was in. He sat
      quietly on the passenger's side of an old beat up red FORD pick up
      truck he and Toad had stolen from several states away. For a moment
      or so, Vic thought to ask Toad to pull over; but his pride choked the
      words before they could come out of his mouth. As soon as the traffic
      light turned green Toad continued down the street heading towards a
      mini-mart where they could buy a local newspaper. Perhaps it would
      tell them more about where and when the demonstration would be held.
      When they pulled into the mini-mart's parking lot and parked the
      truck, Victor eagerly jumped out and stretched to his full height. He
      yawned a lazy roar as he stretched his arms up over his head and bent
      backwards relieving his broad and strong muscles from the tension of
      being cramped up for so long. His usual leather attire and trench
      coat was almost appropriate for the day's chilly wintry weather.
      "I've done most of the bloody driving mate, so you can deal with the
      normies!" Toad flatly asserted himself.
      Sabretooth nodded his head. "Sure thing Wart; my people skills are
      better than yers any way."
      Just as he walked into the store he heard a young boy arguing with
      the store clerk. "But I really gotta pee mister!" To which the child
      was answered by a very rude and angry clerk. "Just go behind the
      dumpster; our bathroom's for payin' customers only. Now beat it!" the
      clerk yelled at the boy.
      Victor casually strolled over to the counter behaving as if he hadn't
      heard or cared in the least what had just happened. "Hey, bub…"
      Sabretooth asked in his deep manly voice. "Need a copy of today's
      paper and tell me where's the john."
      As the boy left in a hurry, the clerk took Victor's money for the
      paper, and told him the bathroom was outside around the side of the
      building. "You'll need the key if you want to use it."
      Sabretooth shook his head. "Don't need to use it, just want to know
      where it is." He then went outside and with the newspaper under his
      arm and then walked around where the metal bathroom door was and
      kicked it in, tearing it clean from its hinges as if it had been hit
      by a wrecking ball. "If you expect kids to stand outside and piss
      where everyone can watch- then you can too." Victor said under his
      breath as he walked back to the truck.
      Then suddenly from behind, he heard "Woah!" Immediately he recognized
      the boy's voice from last spring. He turned around and saw it was the
      same kid who had found his leaping from the top branches of the oak
      tree onto the ground so amazing.
      "You don't get out often do ya?" Sabretooth asked sarcastically but
      still the boy answered. "Um…I do, I just don't see many guys like you
      around." The boy's voice was still choked up with awestruck
      wonder. "Larry's gonna be pissed when he sees you kicked the bathroom
      door in."
      For a moment all Sabretooth wanted to do was say `So?' and walk away,
      but he had a better idea. "Hey kid, help me out here." Sabretooth
      squatted down to get closer to eye level with the boy leaving Toad to
      wait and watch in the truck as he began to ask the kid a few
      important questions. "You know anybody named Alvin Payne?"
      The child shook his head. "No."
      "You know anything about *Pure Pride*?"
      The boy thought hard for a moment. "Well kinda. A lot of kids at
      school have parents who belong to it and someone told me they were
      having a meeting in town today."
      "You know where it is?" Sabretooth allowed the boy to fidget and look
      around. No point in pulling out any of his intimidation tactics on
      this frail.
      The boy shrugged his shoulders. "Not really. But I've heard some guys
      saying that after tonight, Pastor Joyce won't be causing trouble any
      more." The boy sounded both nervous and concerned.
      Sabretooth unconsciously reached up and gently stroked his right
      eyebrow as his mind went to work.
      "I see the old church building is gone." He thought to ask. "Where's
      the new one?"
      For a moment the boy acted almost scared to continue talking to the
      "Um…I think Joyce preaches inside the Lawson elementary gymnasium
      Sabretooth seemed genuinely interested in learning what had
      "Well how come she didn't just repair the damages done to the old
      church building?"
      The boy shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. We don't go to church
      there any more. My parents got all freaked out and stopped going when
      some guy started calling our house all the time. I don't know what he
      would tell them, but it scared my mom real bad, mister. More than you
      scare me I think!"
      Sabretooth smiled at the boy's response a bit. "That's what sucks
      with this world, kid. Even when you're mindin' yer own damn business,
      there's always somebody itchin' to stop you in yer tracks." After
      giving out his pearls of worldly wisdom, Victor stood up and walked
      back to the truck.
      "What the `ell was that all about?" Toad asked as he fired up the
      truck and began to pull out of the driveway. "All you were supposed
      to do was walk into the store and buy a bloody newspaper! Instead you
      kick in door to the lavatory and then you start talking to some pint
      sized punk!"
      Victor completely ignored Toad as he opened the newspaper with a
      brisk shake. He only glanced at it for a few moments when he abruptly
      looked up from the paper as if a light had just come on over his
      "We need ta find Lawson Elementary School, Wart. That's where Payne's
      gonna be."

      The two mutants found the school quickly enough it was just off of
      one of the town's busier streets. But to their surprise the
      demonstration was apparently well under way. It was loud and unruly
      as the normal people paraded up and down the street across from the
      elementary school. Some carried signs while others yelled their hate
      cries meant to intimidate the mutants in the area.
      "I thought you said this bleedin' demonstration was at 7:30!" Toad
      nervously eyed the crowd as he turned the truck into a parking lot
      that was a block away.
      "That's when Joyce starts the church service." Sabretooth coolly said
      expecting Toad to automatically understand his logic. Toad simply
      rolled his eyes in degust. "I don't believe you. A Church service?
      Here? And what's the demonstration be for mate? The infringements on
      the separation of church and state?"
      Sabretooth softly growled at Toad for a moment as he parked the truck
      in the lot. "Look, Wart I know my fuckin' job! You said this Payne
      guy was demonstrating against that church he bombed last spring
      right?" Sabretooth paused for a moment to see if Toad was at least
      listening to him. Toad turned off the ignition and slowly
      acknowledged Victor by nodding his head. "Well Joyce is having her
      church services here in the school's gym now; she's even puttin' on a
      Christmas play here- at seven fuckin' thirty! It said so here in the
      paper!" He then slapped the news paper with his hand for
      effect. "Now…" Sabretooth trailed off as he sat back and started to
      concentrate. "Payne started this lil war-party nice and early to get
      everybody charged up. What time is it anyway?" He asked out loud
      looking at his watch. It was just about 3 o'clock. "If she and her
      followers dare to show up here later this evening, I bet Payne's got
      somethin' unpleasant planned for `em. We even know what this asshole
      looks like?" He finally thought to ask.
      Toad smirked. "Joyce? Who's Joyce? And no, we don't know what `e
      looks like. But sense you've gone and turned yourself into Sherlock
      Holmes that shouldn't present any problem."
      Sabretooth softly growled once more at Toad's sarcasm. "Look Wart,
      I've been trackin' and rackin', slicing and dicing low life sons of
      bitches like Alvin long before you were a tadpole. I know what I'm
      doing." He then sat back and started looking out into the parking
      lot. Finally Sabretooth spotted what he had been looking for. A young
      man had come into the parking lot and parked his car on the other
      side of the same lot and was opening his trunk. Victor opened his
      door and got out of the truck. "Com'on Wart."
      Toad didn't much like Sabretooth playing the General but if it would
      just get this job done and over with maybe he wouldn't have to worry
      about going out on any more missions with this good for nothing alley
      cat ever again. Reluctantly however he admitted there were a few
      talents `Tooth had that he would love to adopt, one hell of a great
      stalking technique was one of them, and when it came to sheer brutal
      violence Sabretooth was simply the best. Still all and all Toad
      preferred to do things in his own style and manner. He was a solo act
      and a pretty damn good one or so he thought he had proven to
      everyone. `Guess I can stand this asshole bossing me around for a
      little longer' he thought to himself before joining the felinoid
      outside in the parking lot.
      Toad still felt very uneasy about all this wide open space, but
      decided to deal with it as best as he could. It wasn't like he didn't
      know how to take care of himself in such situations, its just he
      didn't see the point in being so obvious.
      They walked together side by side; not as friends but as soldiers on
      a mission. Both mutants walked arrogantly up to the young man who was
      leaning over his trunk, just as he pulled out his picket sign which
      read, *Mutant scum pollutes the gene pool.*
      He was closing his trunk when he turned and saw them coming his
      way. Before he could run however, they encircled him. Immediately
      Sabretooth began to growl menacingly while Toad asked the
      questions. "Tell us where we can find Alvin Payne?"
      The man sneered at them. "Eat me mutie!"
      Toad shook his head mocking sympathy. "Poor choice of words me
      friend." Sabretooth grabbed the man up by the neck and threw him onto
      the asphalt. Victor then knelt down next to the man never releasing
      his throat from his merciless grip.
      "Now normie, care to give us the answer or does me mate `ere bite off
      one of your fingers?"
      The man winced in pain as Sabretooth squeezed his throat even
      tighter. "Alright, alright." He gasped for air. "I don't think
      Payne's coming here this afternoon. But he's officiating over a
      special meeting here at the school tonight."
      "Let me guess…" Sabretooth gave Toad a smirk. "This meeting's at 7:30
      The man shook his head as best as he could with Sabretooth's large
      thick and heavy fingers wrapped tightly around his neck. "Ugh-huh."
      "Now bloat…tell us what `e looks like."
      "He's in his thirties…about 5'10" and around 230lbs. He's got redish-
      blond hair and its cut to the collar. Now please let me go. I won't
      tell any one about this I promise." The man pleaded for his life.
      Sabretooth coldly looked up at Toad. "You care to do the honors
      Wart?" Mortimer said nothing but he spat out a thick and gooey glob
      of his toxic mucus covering the man's mouth and nostrils completely.
      Uncontrollably he screamed silent screams and thrashed wildly as he
      quickly began to suffocate. Sabretooth still held the man's head in
      place with is one hand, while pinning the man's one shoulder with his
      knee and grabbed his other with his free hand. Toad's tongue shot out
      from his mouth and wrapped itself tightly around the dieing man's
      legs forcing him to lie almost sill.
      The two mutants casually watched his face turn red, then blue and
      finally black as he died from lack of oxygen.
      They went through his pockets and stole what money they found before
      Toad opened the trunk and Sabretooth stuffed his body inside, making
      sure no one was watching.
      "I guess we'll just come back later. Say are you hungry Wart?" He
      asked as they closed the trunk on their most recent victim.
      "Oh don't forget this." Sabretooth handed the sign the man had
      intended to carry
      to Toad.
      "Yeah I could go for some food." Toad put the sign in the man's back
      seat. He then quickly searched through the car taking the CDs and
      cleaning out the change box.
      He then found a carton of cigarettes under the driver's seat. "What
      sounds good? I'm sick of hamburgers." He handed Vic the carton as
      they started walking back to the truck. "You smoke right?"
      "Mmmm…I was thinking of a slab of ribs with a side of potato salad
      and a couple of beers." Sabretooth tried to say without drooling over
      himself. "Newports…cool."
      Toad thought about the idea for a moment and agreed. "Ribs it is
      then. But I think I want cold-slaw for my side dish."
      They drove away from the site without giving the murder another

      It was almost 6 o'clock before the two mutants returned to the
      school. The demonstrators were gone and it appeared that no one was
      in the building.
      Toad parked the truck much closer to the school this time, but still
      out of plain view.
      They had come back early enough to get a good idea of where
      everything was and most important where the quickest exits would be.
      The school's security system was located by the main entrance doorway
      to the school. It was a very plain and unimpressive model that even a
      new-be burglar could disarm. Toad kept watch while Sabretooth popped
      the alarm's control panel casing with one snap of his clawed index
      " `ow's it lookin' mate?" Toad whispered while keeping his eye open
      for any suspicious persons looking at them suspiciously. "Easier than
      your sister after she's had a couple of beers."
      Toad smiled. "I'll be sure to tell Mystique that when I see her
      Sabretooth studied the wiring for a second with a wild gleam in his
      eyes. "Watch this!" He strangely grinned at Toad before he bent his
      face down close to the wires and grabbed the red one with his teeth.
      Suddenly there was a slight *zzzsht* sound followed by the distinct
      odor of electricity burning. Sabretooth stood up. His nostrils flared
      and he beamed with perverted glee. "The door should open now."
      Toad glared at him for a moment and shuddered. "Ever sense that awful
      night, I can't stand that retched smell much less think of willing
      electrifying me self, you bloody fool!"
      Victor licked his lips. "I like it now! Sometimes I even stick a
      knife into outlets just for a little zing!"
      Toad's eye widened even more than their already unusually large
      size. "You really creep me out you know that right?"
      Sabretooth shrugged his shoulders and returned the casing. For all
      outward appearances, it looked as if the alarm was still active.
      He quietly went inside as Toad followed behind.
      "What time is it?" Sabretooth spoke in a low quiet voice as they
      continued down the hall.
      "Just a touch after six; so we `ave more than enough time for a quick
      look-see." Toad's voice was equally low and quiet.
      Both mutants had night vision that was far superior to that of any
      ordinary human's so they were able to walk around the school in the
      darkness with great ease.
      First they went to the main office and rummaged through desks looking
      for something that may tell them where this `special meeting' was
      being held. They looked especially for anything that had *Pure Pride*
      written on it. Unfortunately however they found nothing that would
      help their search.
      They then strolled through the corridors one at a time, glancing into
      the classrooms that all closed up for Winter break without saying a
      word to each other. Again looking for signs of where this evening's
      meeting would take place.
      Then, just as they turned the corner, they heard voices coming from
      the far end of the hall. Immediately the two mutants went dashing for
      a place to hide.
      The boy's bathroom was the only door close by that was not locked and
      so they practically leaped inside hopping they were not seen.
      Sabretooth and Toad stood on the other side of the closed door
      listening carefully to the voices down the hall.
      Within moments Sabretooth recognized one of the voices and he sighed
      in relief. "It's just the church lady; she's harmless." He calmly
      told Toad as he opened the door to see what he could see.
      Toad suddenly had a good idea. "Say, Victor do you think this lady
      friend of yours could `elp us out `ere? Per'aps she can tell us where
      this bloody meetin's supposed to be."
      Sabretooth winced at the thought of dragging Joyce into the middle of
      this; but a good idea is a good idea. "Alright; But let me do the
      "Oh of course I'll let you do the talking Victor! It's your reunion,
      not mine."
      The two mutants boldly made their way toward the gym and stood in its
      doorway watching those inside feverishly working to set the stage up
      for the Christmas play.
      For a minute or two they stood there quietly watching before an old
      lady carrying a box of Christmas tree ornaments saw them. The instant
      she saw them, the box dropped from her hands with a crash as the
      ornaments inside broke into pieces. An angry scowl covered the
      woman's face. "He's back!" she yelled. "Joyce, come out here right
      Up until that time, Sabretooth had been looking forward to seeing the
      middle-aged plump woman again, but now he wasn't so sure.
      "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all." Toad whispered under
      his breath just as Sabretooth felt a low fearsome growl rise up from
      his belly and escape from his lips. Both men considered turning
      around and avoiding the situation all together, but that would be the
      coward's way out.
      Suddenly from behind the stage curtain Joyce came out to see what was
      the old woman carrying on about. The angry older woman pointed her
      finger at Sabretooth and Toad as if she was tattling on them.
      "Didn't I tell you there would be trouble tonight? I heard there was
      going to be trouble tonight; I told you there would be trouble. And
      look there he is…trouble! " She ranted on and on though Joyce
      apparently ignored her and started walking toward Sabretooth with a
      warm and welcoming look on her face.
      When Joyce was close enough, she reached out her hand to
      him. "Welcome back, Sabretooth. I'm really glad you made it back this
      At that moment Sabretooth let himself relax but only slightly. In
      spite their spiritual leader's willingness to welcome him back,
      obviously not everyone here was glad to see him again. Sabretooth
      paused for a moment before holding his hand out to take hers. His
      marveled at how she didn't even flinch when he took her regular sized
      hand into his own enormous clawed hand and gave it a gentle
      shake. "Hey." He softly, even some what humbly spoke to the woman he
      was subconsciously beginning to recognize as a mother figure.
      "So, um…where's the kid?" Sabretooth seemed to forget the Toad was
      standing right next to him.
      "Tilly? Oh she's in back getting her costume on. They're just about
      to start rehearsal. You and your friend are both welcome to sit and
      watch if you like."
      Sabretooth looked at his watch. 6:30. "You might welcome us here but
      what about them frails? Seems like some of yer flock here don't
      remember it was me who through the damn bomb out the window." Victor
      said seeming to be a bit offended.
      "Let me explain." Joyce tried to sound a compassionate as she
      could. "When the police and firefighters arrived, they asked us what
      had happened; some mentioned that a visitor by the name of Sabretooth
      had been in the service and next thing I knew the police were telling
      everyone that you are some kind of terrorist or something and you
      were there- then you must have had something to do with it. I'm
      Sabretooth tilted his head suspiciously. "So why are you apologizing
      for them?"
      "Because I know you're being wrongfully accused and that you deserve
      to be treated with honor and respect. You tried to save us…not harm
      Sabretooth felt himself beginning to blush. "Well, um…say Joyce maybe
      can you help us out here." Victor eagerly tried to change the
      subject. "You know anything about a *Pure Pride* meeting here at the
      church tonight?"
      Joyce's looked at him confused. "No that can't be right. We're the
      only ones here tonight."
      "You sure about that?" Sabretooth was beginning to feel like a police
      detective on a case.
      "Absolutely." Joyce affirmed herself.
      "Well preacher, one thing you can count on is that son of a bitch is
      gonna to be here t'night." Sabretooth growled. "One more question. Do
      you think any of these idiots would call the cops on us?"
      "No. I won't allow it." Joyce grimaced a bit at him for calling her
      flock `idiots' but realized this was not the man to argue politeness
      with. She also knew she was sticking her neck out for him, something
      to the effect of aiding and abiding a known felon, but in her heart
      she knew she was right in doing so.
      Sabretooth nodded his head. "Good; `Cause if someone makes any
      trouble for us," His voice was low and threatening. "Then we'll make
      trouble for them."
      He then nudged Toad on the arm. "Com'on, let's watch the rehearsal."
      The mutants walked over to the bleachers and both leaped upward
      landing safely on the top row. From there they watched the group of
      people trying to put together a manger scene and decorate a Christmas
      tree all on the same stage.
      "Just tell me somethin' mate." Toad spoke quietly even though
      Sabretooth was the only other one around to hear him talking. "Why in
      hell are we sitting on these hard word benches watching some stupid
      Christmas play?"
      Sabretooth chuckled a bit to himself. "Well it's just as easy to hang
      out here as anywhere else. Besides, I ain't been to one of these
      before. It might be fun to watch." He mused as he kept a watchful eye
      on those who appeared to be keeping a watchful eye on them.
      "I don't get you Victor." Mortimer found old gum wrapper and picked
      it up. He began tearing it into tiny pieces and rolled the pieces in
      between his fingers, making them small balls to throw aimlessly into
      the air. "What `ave you in common with any of these wangkers? Are you
      and the vicker aren't lovers are you?" He teased to see Sabretooth's
      "No! Hell, no!" Sabretooth protested. "She's just as delusional as
      Xavier. Besides, Wart, you know she ain't my type." He then cupped
      his hands to his chest to emphasis large bouncing breasts.
      "Delusional…is that today's big word?"
      Sabretooth glared at Toad and growled loud enough for some on the
      floor to hear.
      "Don't push me, Wart. Rippin you up while we're on this mission may
      not be a smart idea, but I got a real long memory."
      "Calm down, calm down." Toad tried to appease the felinoid. "I'm
      just `avin some fun mate. Didn't mean to piss you off."
      For the next few moments the two just sat quietly on the bleachers,
      watching at the activity on the floor.
      Sabretooth finally broke the ice once more. "Waddya think Wart?
      Should we take the direct approach with this asshole or keep it low
      "It's up to you mate, I just want to get the job done and be on my
      way `ome before the end of the night." Toad seemed to be somewhat
      worried. "I didn't much like being dragged away from Melissa and miss
      our first Christmas together."
      Sabretooth glanced at him for a moment, gently nodding his head and
      offered him an approving smile. "You got yerself a lil' house-mouse
      huh? Good to see you finding a life outside of that damn cave!" He
      tried not to sound jealous.
      "That ain't all, Vic…" Toad blushed shyly. "She's got a bun in `er
      Sabretooth's jaw nearly hit the floor. "You got a kid on the way too?
      Good for you!" It was a lot harder to hide the jealousy this
      time. "You gonna marry her ain't ya?"
      Toad picked at one of his leather straps that dangled from his black
      leather jacket. "Mmmm…I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of
      commitment `Tooth. That's a seriously big step, I just don't know if
      we're ready for that kind of…"
      "Ya don't want yer kid growin' up a bastard do ya?" Sabretooth felt
      the volume of his voice increase and tried hard to lower it to a
      Toad then began to remind himself this is why he didn't like
      discussing personal matters with anyone. "Look bloat, it's been very
      interesting to learn that even a black heated mother fucker such as
      yourself has a soul too, but I don't think your qualified to tell me
      how to run my life!"
      Feeling dejected, Sabretooth grunted and turned away. "I didn't mean
      to piss ya off Toad. Hell, do what ever you like. See if I care."
      "I plan to do just that!" Toad then gave him a cheeky grin.
      The play was about to begin. The old lady who first spotted `Tooth
      and Toad, started pecking away at the keys of an out of tune upright
      piano. The lights dimmed just slightly and the first to come out was
      a young girl who looked to be ten maybe eleven. She wore an angelic
      robe and held a scroll in her hands. She went over to the far side of
      the stage and from there she narrated the story.
      The first scene was Mary and Joseph making their way to Bethlehem of
      coarse. And even though the kids remembered their lines, the director
      had to remind them over and over to speak up so that the people in
      back could hear.
      Next came the scene at the inn and so on. All the while both `Tooth
      and Toad glanced around the room looking for anything suspicious.
      Then for the finale all the little angels came out to sing "Hark the
      Herald Angels Sing". Tilly was dressed up as angel and was being led
      on stage by the hand, to sing with the other angels. However when it
      came time to sing she only wanted to run around the stage instead.
      One of the older girls dressed up as an angel tried to put her back
      in her assigned spot. Immediately Tilly screamed angrily and bit the
      girl on the hand. The older angel then screamed in pain and yanked
      her hand away- hitting the cardboard camel with her elbow, knocking
      it down. As the camel tumbled downward a little boy dressed up as a
      wise man jumped out of its way. But as the wise man scurried away
      from the falling camel, he accidentally stomped on Mary's foot making
      her howl in pain and throw the baby Jesus doll up in the air.
      Sabretooth and Toad both bust out laughing and even began
      applauding. "Bravo! Don't change a thing!" Toad yelled and Sabretooth
      Tilly was immediately escorted off the stage and was made to sit next
      to her mother. But just as the commotion was over, and all the props
      were back in place, several men came barging into the gymnasium. They
      were each carrying scores of anti-mutant propaganda leaflets. It was
      clear that no one in the room was glad to see them. An outraged Joyce
      stood up and raced over to the doorway just as Alvin Payne made his
      "What do you think you're doing Al?" Joyce didn't waste any time
      beating around the bush.
      "Why Joyce, what on earth are you doing here?" His surprised act
      didn't fool her for a minute. "Oh my, my, my, the school secretary
      really should look at her calendar more closely. Well its Christmas
      time and we want to show everyone that we mean you no ill will. We'll
      gladly wait back here by the exit doors until you are through."
      "Oh I'm sure you will." Joyce's olive complexion face was turning a
      dark shade of red as she confronted Payne. "And you and your goons
      will be taking names down as soon as you see who comes to the play
      won't you."
      "Joyce, you paranoid, hypocritical, mutant loving, cow." Payne saw
      there was no real point in pretending to be nice any longer. "That's
      assuming anyone would bother to show up to this freak show in the
      first place."
      Sabretooth and Toad watched the two arguing as they began discussing
      there next move.
      "Well, there `e is, mate. `e's all yours." Toad whispered quietly and
      Sabretooth began growled softly at his prey.
      Sabretooth stood up slowly and for the first few moments it was as if
      he was in some kind of time wrap machine that slowed his body
      movements to a crawl. He went from almost standing to getting on all
      fours; resembling a cat stalking its prey. As he inched his way
      towards Payne, his movements were silent and went completely
      unnoticed. With the lights already dimmed down Sabretooth was able to
      close in on Payne and wait for the perfect moment to strike.
      Sabretooth patiently waited for Joyce to move out of the way before
      Then just as Joyce stepped back for a moment, he leaped off the
      bleachers and soared in the air heading straight for Payne. In his
      mind he had already decided to plunge his claws deep into the middle
      of Payne's chest, when suddenly from the corner of his eye,
      Sabretooth saw Tilly standing close by her mother who was less than a
      foot away. Instantly his momentum changed. He wiggled his body in mid
      air so that his legs came around and kicked Payne in the chest rather
      than his claws. Sabretooth landed on his hands and hand-sprung him
      self upright as Payne's body went sailing out the doorway and flew
      several feet into the hallway landing with a loud thud.
      Toad too was soon leaping onto the floor and he went out the door
      after Payne. Payne's goons had no idea what to do; follow after Toad,
      try to take on this 7ft maniac or run out another exit. Most of the
      men were nothing more than cowards who ran for the exit. Only one was
      foolish enough to take on Sabretooth who merely roared harshly at him
      causing him to soil his pants on the spot. Immediately the man ran
      out the exit as well. Oddly, none of Pure Pride members felt that
      Payne's life was worth risking their own and so he was left to fate.
      Toad came upon Payne who had managed to sit up who was nearly halfway
      down the hall and gasping for his breath; he had the wind completely
      knocked out of him. "For the life of me I don't understand why that
      dim-witted dumb animal didn't finish you off back there, but…oh
      well." Toad spoke irritably as the weakened and dazed man looked
      innocently up at him just before Toad slung his powerful leg across
      Payne's jaw, causing the man's neck to twist hard enough for it to
      snap in two. Instantly the man's upper-body fell back to the floor
      making another thud.
      Then from behind, Sabretooth stormed passed Toad and the body without
      giving either of them a glance and headed out the door in a huff.
      It didn't take Toad much effort to catch up with him and both mutants
      chose not to speak until they reached the truck.
      Mortimer wasn't really sure how to react to what had just happened.
      They were sent out to prove they could complete a job successfully
      and yet Sabretooth failed. On purpose for all he could tell. It was
      "Vic, it's not like I'm a fan of yours but com'on brother…what in the
      fucking `ell was that all about?"
      Sabretooth never stopped staring at the road ahead of him. "I ain't
      gotta a brother." Was all he said in a quiet low tone.
      Sabretooth's unusual silence was strange and eerie. For a moment or
      two Toad would have liked to hear at least one of `Tooth's
      spontaneous grunts. This was not the Sabretooth he had learned to
      tease and torment. `Perhaps it's for the best.' Toad sadly thought to
      They were almost twenty miles out of town on a dark county road, when
      Sabretooth demanded that Toad pull over. He turned to speak to
      Mortimer before getting out of the truck. "Take care of that kid
      Toad. She's gonna need you around so take care of yourself too." He
      grabbed the cartoon of cigarettes they stole from the dead man's car
      and closed the door. The lights from the head beams only partially
      lit his face as he stood along side the truck.
      Toad was almost afraid to ask. "Are you leaving the
      brotherhood, `Tooth?"
      Sabretooth wouldn't look him in the face, but shook his head
      firmly. "No it's not like that. Tell `em I'll be back. I just need to
      clear my head first."
      "Alright then." Toad was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable saying
      good-bye to someone he didn't particularly like, nor particularly
      hate. "Where are you headed if you don't mind me asking?"
      "Back there." Was all Victor said before he began walking back toward
      the town they had just left.
      Toad watched him in the rear-view mirror for a few minutes to see if
      he may change his mind and turn around. But soon after, it seemed
      obvious that Victor was determined to walk away from the brotherhood
      for a while at least. As Toad put the truck in gear and resumed
      driving, he thought about all that had happened to him and Victor
      that day. `Poor bloody fool; he knows Mags will cook `is goose once
      the ol' man finds out about t'night.'

      Victor made it to one of the main roads that led back into town and
      caught a ride with someone on their way to work.
      With a lot of skillful tracking and a little luck, he was able to
      find Joyce and Tilly's home by sunrise. It was especially
      advantageous that they lived about five miles out of town in an old
      farm house on a dirt road off the main highway.
      `Peace and quiet; No neighbors to meddle in yer business. They sure
      know how to live.' He mused to himself as he bravely walked through
      the snow onto the back porch.
      It was the morning of Christmas eve.
      He looked in the window to see if anyone was awake. `Everyone's
      sleepin, good.'
      Sabretooth he opened the screen door trying hard to keep it from
      creaking then tried the old wooden door to see if they even
      bothered locking it. `Well things wouldn't go that easy for me now
      would they.' He grossed upon finding out the door was locked up.
      He then went looking for a conveniently located window crawl through.
      Over on the left side there was a single pained window. `Bingo!'
      He wiggled the window frame a bit and to his surprise he found it un-
      locked. Carefully he inched the window upward until he was able to
      climb through.
      He quietly began roaming through the old fashion country styled home
      looking curiously at everything he saw. The furniture was old but
      cozy and the house was full of Christian themed pictures, paintings,
      and nik-naks. There were also scores of pictures of family and
      friends every where.
      The Christmas tree in the living room was short and full. It only
      stood maybe 4-41/2ft tall but its diameter was twice that size.
      It was covered in a variety of colored ornaments and lights. It was a
      hodge-podge of Christmas tree ornaments and collectibles spread out
      over the branches with no specific theme in its color or design. He
      walked over to the tree to get a closer look; occasionally reaching
      out with his index claw and touching some of the ornaments hearing
      them clink and tink from hitting his hard black claw.
      Then from behind he heard small foot steps coming down the stairs. He
      turned around to see Tilly sleepily making her way toward him. She
      was wearing a pair of pink pajamas. Her slippers were pink fuzzy
      furry looking things that even Sabretooth had to think was cute.
      Her white hair still a mess. He felt his heart jump into his throat
      as he began asking himself why the hell did he think of this dumb
      idea in the first place.
      "Hey, sleepy head." He gently called out to her.
      Much to his surprise, she behaved as if she was expecting to see him
      there. She rubbed her eyes as she walked up next to him and leaned on
      him for a moment as if she was hugging him. She then picked up a
      children's bible from the coffee table and sat on the couch. She
      began flipping through the pages as if she was reading. Not once did
      she say a single word.
      `Weird.' He couldn't help but think.
      He then sat next to her and began reading along with her, trying to
      keep his voice as low as possible. It was about twenty minutes later
      when Joyce made her was down the stairs. She came down wearing maroon
      colored sweat pants and shirt. By the reaction on her face she was
      NOT expecting to see Sabretooth in her living room.
      Victor saw her fear and tried to reassure her he meant her and Tilly
      no harm.
      "I didn't come here to hurt nobody." Victor spoke in a low deep voice.
      For a moment Joyce just calmly stared at him not sure what to do or
      say in response.
      "I know you didn't." She softly said in a firm but polite manner. "Um…
      Sabretooth I was about to make breakfast would you like some?"
      At first he shook his head. "No. I'm fine."
      "Would you please come with me into the kitchen anyways? I would like
      a word with you." Joyce's tone definitely reminded him of Magneto. He
      stood up and followed her into the kitchen, watching to see if she
      was planning on pulling out a weapon of some kind on him.
      Instead she went to the frig and took out a cartoon of eggs and a lbs
      of beacon. "Are you sure you don't want anything?"
      He was beginning to recall how long it had been since he last had a
      home cooked meal.
      "Um…" He pretended to not care much one way of the other. "Yeah,
      alright; I'll take mine scrambled."
      Joyce smiled. "Good. Say would you mind making the coffee?" She then
      began telling him where to find everything. Within a few minutes,
      Sabretooth was feeling pretty much like one of the family and he
      began believing that they too saw him s part of the family.
      The beacon was sizzling when Joyce finally asked him, "Why are you
      here?" again there was very little difference between her voice and
      For a moment he really didn't know what to say. He'd been asking that
      very questioned to himself all night.
      "I want you to know that Payne's the son of a bitch who bombed yer
      "I know." She calmly said as she started cracking the eggs into a
      large bowl and scrambling them with a fork. "But even still, I can't
      condone killing him. That puts us on the very same low level he is;
      not to mention it's a sin. A very serious sin." She chastised `Tooth
      but in a gentle even motherly manner.
      Victor chortled aloud. "Oh yeah, I forgot what yer job was; church
      He then went to change the subject. "Say, how come the old church
      ain't there no more."
      Joyce's face seemed very sad all of a sudden. She sighed a bit before
      explaining. "Well an awful lot happened after you left…and to make
      the story short…after the bombing, the church building was wrongfully
      labeled an "un-safe" building, and it was condemned. For one reason
      after another, people were either too frightened or fed up with the
      harassment of belonging to our congregation. We ended up in the
      school's gym as a last resort."
      "So why do you bother with this anyway?" Victor wondered.
      "Because it's the right thing to do." Joyce insisted as she removed
      the cooked beacon from the frying pan and poured out the grease.
      "Would you get the butter out of the frig and put it on the table?"
      She asked as she started preparing everyone's plate.
      As everyone took their seats, Sabretooth dove into his scrambled eggs
      and beacon while Joyce and Tilly took time to say grace.
      Tilly put her hands quietly together while Joyce prayed aloud. "God
      is great, God is good; lets us thank him for our food. Amen."
      Sabretooth ignored them entirely and just continued to chew his food
      and gulp his coffee.
      "I don't wanna be rude, preacher but…what's up with your daughter?"
      Sabretooth tried as hard as he could to be tactful and failed.
      Joyce looked up at him and smiled politely. "Tilly's autistic."
      "Well I know she can draw but what artistic got to do with her not
      Joyce chuckled a bit. "No AU-tistic; not artistic. It's a disorder in
      the brain and there is no cure for it."
      Sabretooth shook his head. "But she ain't retarded is she?"
      "No. It's something completely different from retardation."
      "Will she ever talk?" He bluntly asked.
      "I'm praying she will." Joyce smiled as she took a bite of her toast.
      "Prayer;" Sabretooth chuckled. "Does that ever work?"
      "Yes." She proudly said. "I prayed you would come back and here you
      Sabretooth suddenly felt extremely awkward. "Why would you pray for
      "Because…" Joyce openly admitted. "Tilly likes you, and if Tilly
      likes someone, than that means God has a plan for them."
      "Oh." He said and blushed a bit. "That's good ta know." He half-
      hearted said.
      He finished his breakfast with nothing else to say and then awkwardly
      tried to excuse himself out the door. "Well thanks for the grub,
      preacher, I need to be on my way, just wanted to see if you and the
      kid were OK after everything that happened last night."
      Joyce nodded her head. "We'll be heading back into town in a little
      while. This IS Sunday morning and we still have a church service this
      morning...I hope." She added. "Can we give you a ride?"
      "Nah." Was all he said before opening the front door. He then stooped
      down to give Tilly a warm hug as she wrapped her frail arms around
      his broad neck. "Take care Munchkin."
      "Well Sabretooth, you're always welcome here. Just remember that."
      Joyce reminded him as he stepped out onto the front porch.
      He looked back at her "Victor…My name is Victor Creed."
      "Merry Christmas Victor." She kindly said as she closed the door
      behind him.
      `Yeah, I think I might have one at that.' He grinned as he headed
      toward the highway. –THE END
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