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FIC: Lucky Lolly PG15 or R Gambit pov

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    Title: Lucky Lolly Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky Web-Page: blackqueenphoenix Rating: Hummm... PG-15 or R
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2002
      Title: Lucky Lolly
      Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky
      Web-Page: <A HREF="www.geocities.com/blackqueenphoenix">blackqueenphoenix</A>
      Rating: Hummm... PG-15 or R for heavy innuendo. :)
      Summary: I think it could fit in any of the X-Men verses. Short Gambit POV
      fic. If I give a summary it'll give the plot away. But the title does kinda
      give it away. Gambit/Rogue-ness. :)
      Notes: I'd been thinking about this for a while, so it only took me about a
      fifteen minutes to write up. Any errors will eventually be fixed... I just
      wanted to post it and my betas weren't online when I needed them.
      Disclaimer: Marvel owns all. I own very little. Please don't sue me, I'm not
      making anything off this.
      Archive: If you've archived my stuff before, then you can archive this.
      Otherwise, if you wanna archive it, just lemme know where its headed, 'kay?
      Reviews: Reviews makes nice Christmas presents. :D

      Bon Dieu, above. Does dis femme even know dat she's gonna be de death of me?
      Maybe it's a rightful punishment for all de femmes I've ever been wit'.

      Her pink tongue keeps dartin' out from between does beautiful lips of hers.
      Running ever so slowly over de slightly ridged surface... makes me wanna
      moan. I shut my eyes tightly as her head moves on my lap. Dieu, Dieu, Dieu.

      I grab a handful of her silky hair. I open my eyes t'see her continue
      lickin'... up an' down. Up an' down. Her lips glossy, covered with sweet
      juices. She stops what she's doin' for a second and licks her lips. "Mmmmm."
      She purrs. My Rogue, she purrs like a little kitty-cat sometimes. I'm almost
      'fraid to bring it up to her. She has so many adorable traits dat she hides
      if pointed out to her.

      After she finished lickin' her lips clean, she goes back to lickin'... only
      now she was alternatin' with licks and sucks. My eyes cross an' I stop my
      hips from buckin' after she sucks long an' hard.

      She stops to giggle. Her attention completely focused on de TV. Dat's
      probably de only reason she'd been usin' my lap for a pillow all dis time.

      I'm not sure if I should be glad or not dat she seemed to forget de lolly-pop
      she'd been eatin'. On de one hand... it's not fair dat anything gets to have
      her lips on it when I can't. On de other hand... dat was more arousin' den
      anything I've ever seen in my life. Considerin' de things I've seen... dat's
      really sayin' something.

      Though it's kinda sad I may be very seriously envious of a lolly-pop. I let
      out a long, gusty sigh.

      Rogue stiffens on my lap. She rolls from her side, away from de TV an' onto
      her back an' looks up at me. "Somethin' wrong, Sugah?"

      Oui. You shouldn't lay on my lap doin' dat. "No, Cherie, nothin's wrong."

      "What was the sigh for then?" She seems a little concerned. An' maybe just a
      little worried. Roguie... she's always worried dat she's doin' something
      wrong when it comes to "us". She always seems t'worry when dere's nothin' to
      worry 'bout. Sure I have a ragin' hard-on, mais, I'd suffer dat kind of
      physical pain to have her so close t'me without her pushin' me 'way.

      "Nothin' ma amour, honest."

      She gets up. My jeans hot where her head had been rested. After a second she
      curls up at my side... head resting on my shoulder. I turn my head and kiss
      de top of her hair. I love dis femme more den life itself...

      Now dat is jus' not fair.

      Damn girl's back at sucking and lickin' dat lolly-pop for all it's worth.
      Mais... I can' help but think dat may be a good thing pour moi come de day
      when she gets control of her powers, neh?


      Be kind... review. :)

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      haven't been torn off." "Glory" - Lessons - BTVS

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