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FIC: Hazard to Myself 5/5

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  • Autumn <autumnleaves@autumnpenguins.com>
    ( Disclaimer in part one ) The sequel to this: The Dark Heart can be found at www.autumnpenguins.com and Fanfiction.net under `PearlyJammer The third
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      ( Disclaimer in part one )
      The sequel to this: The Dark Heart can be found at
      www.autumnpenguins.com and Fanfiction.net under `PearlyJammer'
      The third instalment of this series will be written when I return
      from Merry England ,: )
      * * * * * *

      Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
      You don't know how lovely you are
      I had to find you
      Tell you I need you
      Tell you I set you apart

      Tell me your secrets
      And ask me your questions
      Oh let's go back to the start
      Rogue ran as fast as she possibly could. A mile away she
      finally stopped to think about all that had happened. She had left
      him there, to die. Logan would never have done that too her, it
      was wrong. It was something Erik would do, or Victor. It was
      wrong, she had disappointed him. It didn't matter that she was
      scared. It didn't matter that she had just killed a man. What
      mattered was Logan. He had got her through everything. He kept her
      alive, he saved her life, he was everything. And she had paid him
      back by running like a fucking coward.
      Pissed at herself, she set her determination to set off
      after him. She still had the blood claw clutched tightly in her
      hand. It wasn't much, but it was a chance. She could kill again if
      she had too, she knew that. Logan, she had to think of Logan.
      Surely there was somebody else at the compound. As that thought
      crossed her mind, she heard the distinct roar of an engine. From
      behind came a grey SUV, speeding madly towards the complex. She
      dove out of site and watched it speed by. Rogue waited for another
      few minutes before she was certain that there was nothing else
      Her blood pounded in her ears and her skin felt on fire.
      She was thinking clearly. It was cold and calculated, she'd learned
      a great deal from Logan and Erik on how to deal with tough
      situations. Detachment, she could be detached. It was the right
      thing to do that she was going back there. Logan told her not too,
      but he would die if she stayed where she was. It was a tough call
      either way. One that she had to think through carefully. Erik
      would walk away. Logan would defy orders. It took her a split
      second before she put her foot down and ran back towards the
      100 meters away she slowed to a walk. Her body was shaking,
      muscles protesting at more exercise than they'd had in many, many
      months. But the adrenaline was stronger. It gave her fuel, it
      pushed her to the edge. Exactly where she needed to be. She
      stopped dead 20 feet from the perimeter. There was something wrong,
      she'd made a mistake.

      It was a trap.

      Running in circles
      Coming up tails
      Heads on a silence apart

      Nobody said it was easy
      It's such a shame for us to part
      Nobody said it was easy
      No one ever said it would be this hard

      Oh take me back to the start

      Mystique smiled cruely. All the players were in place.
      Logan was strapped down to the table, her assistants were on their
      way, and best of all, the little girl was running right where she
      wanted her. The little bitch had killed Erik. She didn't love him
      by any stretch of the word. She didn't love anybody, but that
      didn't mean she wasn't flat out pissed about it. The girl would pay
      and it would be wonderful. Mystique watched with a purely malicious
      smile on her face as the girl realized she was in trouble. But it
      was too late for her, before she knew what was happening two men
      were on top of her, dragging her back into the complex.

      On Mystique's orders, the girl was brought into the studio
      and tied into a chair. Mystique watched her face as she saw Logan
      being rolled into the room, 10 feet from where she was. The gurney
      rolled in after him made her pale. An assortment of knives, saws
      and other surgical equipment was on the gurney. She got no reaction
      out of the Wolverine. He knew what was coming. The girl's face was
      enough for both of them. She screwed her eyes closed, openly
      sobbing, whispering prayers for forgiveness.
      "Logan, I'm sorry. Oh God let him go." She pleaded through
      body wrenching sobs.
      "You shouldn't have come back Marie" his voice hard and
      Marie could only imagine the horror of what lay in front of
      him. He knew he was about to die, and it would be an excrutiatingly
      painful death. "I don't want her to see this." Logan said firmly.
      "I didn't want the little bitch to kill Erik. I didn't even
      want Vic to die, useless as he was" Mystique spoke as she glided
      "You're little girlie is going to watch you die, and there's
      nothing you can do about it." the scaly mutant said coldly.
      "Open your eyes," she told Rogue.
      "No." Rogue remained defiant.
      "Open them, or I will see to it that he takes hours to die."
      Mystique said impatiently.
      Rogue's eyes immediately opened. "This is why you never
      become attached to anybody. It leaves you weak, and vulnerable.
      Nobody else looks after you. It's your job." She said softly as she
      pulled on a double pair of surgical gloves. She forced Rogue's
      eyelids up and taped them open. She repeated the process with the
      lower lids until it was impossible to close her eyes.
      "You'll remember this forever." Mystique said cruely before
      nodding to the men to begin.

      I was just guessing
      At numbers and figures
      Pulling your puzzles apart
      Questions of science
      Science and progress
      Do not speak as loud as my heart

      Tell me you love me
      Come back and haunt me
      Oh and I rush to the start
      Running in circles
      Chasing our tails
      Coming back as we are

      The screams that resonated in the room that day were all
      things. Pain, fear, horror, hatred, terror, and the unimaginable.
      Mystique had trained two video cameras onto the two earlier. One
      was above Logan, to give her an exact picture of what was
      happening. Every cut, every incision, every puncture was recorded
      for her viewing pleasure. The second camera was trained on Rogue,
      and in a way this was in Mystique's opinion even better. She
      watched the emotions play across the girl's face. Hate chasing
      terror, fear replaced by anguish. Tears spilled from her open eyes
      and her horse screams filled the error until she tore her voice into
      Logan's death was long and drawn out. The pain of the
      knife, the saw, and every other tool used on him was magnified by
      the fact that Marie was witnessing this. He was in the most intesnt
      pain a human being can experience, and a 17 year old girl was forced
      to watch all of it. He was helpless, and unable to keep his mind
      straight for the burning of his muscles, tendons, and flesh. The
      healing factor was over taxed. There was no way it could cope with
      the torture being inflicted upon him. Wounds weren't healing, blood
      was spilling from his body, and there seemed to be no end. A knife
      jabbed at him until it's jagged cutting had no effect, muscles and
      bones were sewn through, and he could see a sea of red dribbling
      Marie's pleas for them to stop filled his ears until the
      only thing he heard was the rise and fall of her shrill notes. As
      it grew more distant, the pain lessened. He felt it ending, his
      body was giving up. There was too much damage, too little blood,
      and he felt increasingly drowsy. His head rolled to the right, and
      he took in her face. Eyes open in terror, blotches from tears, and
      terror etched into every line. He wanted to speak, tell her it was
      going to be okay, but he couldn't. It was getting easier to just
      drift away from her face. It faded to a dull blur until there was
      Marie saw the light drain out of his eyes. He was gone.
      The pain was finally over for him. The sadists threw down their
      instruments. She saw one take out what looked like a hand held
      voice recorder, and give dictation. One began collecting the
      instruments, and the third walked over towards her. She sat there,
      not knowing what to do. Her claw was gone, she had no defence,
      nowhere to go, nowhere to run, and now nobody to turn too. It was
      her, versus him. She would be next. They were going to take the
      tools away and clean them, and use them on her.
      Instead, he just cut her loose, and ripped off the tape.
      Logan's blood was on his hands, and now it was on her face. Logan's
      blood. He was dead. They had killer him. Logan's blood was on
      their hands, but they never saw it coming.

      She saw red.

      Nobody said it was easy
      Oh it's such a shame for us to part
      Nobody said it was easy
      No one ever said it would be so hard

      I'm going back to the start

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