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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 12/12

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  • Autumn <autumnleaves@autumnpenguins.com>
    * * * * * * Disclaimer in part One * * * * ** * Previous parts can be found at: www.autumnpenguins.com A/N: Thank you to everyone who has been following this
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      * * * * * * Disclaimer in part One * * * * ** *

      Previous parts can be found at: www.autumnpenguins.com

      A/N: Thank you to everyone who has been following this story since
      it's inception. I hope you've all gotten a kick out of it. I am
      currently planning a sequel to it that takes this combined universe
      and adds the Lord of the Rings Universe as well……

      So there will be plenty more of where this came from ; )

      Lists: Please reply to me at my EMAIL address. I am now on no
      mail. If you don't get a response back, it is because I will be
      gone for a month, but I will return every comment.

      Thanks a lot!

      ( ((((((((((((((((((

      Minerva McGonagall had rarely taken a task so arduous, yet
      satisfying as escorting 15 haglets to Azkaban prison. Her charges
      were utterly displeased at the turn of events. Binde was intent on
      blaming every other of her minions on the failure at carrying out a
      plan that would have undoubtedly brought the haglets the success and
      power that they deserved.

      "This is all your fault Tehby! It was your idea to give them
      oatmeal!" Binde screamed into the air.

      " Oh shut up!" the accused shot back viciously.

      "Silencio" Minerva cast at the collective lot.

      Instantly there was silence. "Much better" the witch muttered to
      herself as the group approached the doors of the bark prison.

      Minerva had a feeling that the haglets would have quieted down by
      themselves naturally when they got closer to the prison. They were
      half dementor themselves, but even so Azkaban had an effect of great
      power and incorporated fear into the hearts of all who entered.
      Tightening the hold on the rope, which no longer worked as a port
      key as security settings forbade it, Professor McGonagall rapped her
      fist on the wooden doors of the prison. A rush of cold washed over
      them as three dementors glided forward. Minerva made her case, and
      informed them the haglets were too be held in the prison until it
      was time for the trial to proceed.

      The hooded figure nearest the haglets eagerly took the rope and led
      them into the prison. Minerva, cast the counter curse to the spell
      she had placed on them, and immediately regretted it. High pitched
      screams could be heard from every single haglet as they were taken
      into the prison. Her duty done, McGonagall walked briskly to the
      edge of the prison grounds. Once outside, she immediately apparated
      and appeared within the walls of Xavier's institution. As the
      mostly cheerful people spilled out of the office, Minerva noticed
      Snape stalking back off to his quarters.

      "I don't suppose you're going to give up until, I turn around and
      speak with you." Snape said, in a tone that spoke of annoyance.

      "Indeed Severus, nobody can accuse you of being slow. Well done."

      "Minerva, do come in for a spot of tea." He said, voice dripping
      with sarcasam getting the distinct feeling Minerva wanted a mother-
      to-son chat, which he didn't particularly feel up too.

      The two wizards entered the room and Snape conjured up two steaming
      mugs of tea. "It's okay to be happy Severus." Minerva began.

      "Minerva, do we really need to talk about this?"

      "Yes. Albus and I have long felt that certain elements of your own
      personality, and Miss Granger's are very compatable."

      "She's my student, and 20 years my junior." he protested.

      "Hermione will be graduating in a few short months. And you know
      that 20 years difference to wizards is nothing. Albus is 70 years
      older than myself."

      Snape sighed, but remained quiet.

      "Just keep it in mind Severus." Minerva said before they fell into
      a companionable silence. The only sound was the occasional sipping
      of tea.

      Severus neglected to ask her how the trip to Azkaban had been. He
      knew she hated that place and the dementors just slightly less than
      Dumbledore. Snape himself had been there and had no intention to
      ever go back. He admitted deep down that he deserved to be there
      for his time as a death eater. All the same he was glad his
      experience there amounted to nothing more than a few days in a
      holding cell during a questioning involving his days in Lord
      Voldemort's service. Dumbledore had cleared his name, and for that
      he had eternal gratitude for the man. It was one of the reasons
      that he would at least consider doing anything Albus asked of him.
      He wanted to get back on Minerva's good side as well, so in
      addition, he took into consideration how Minerva would feel about
      something. Between the two of them, he had finally felt parental
      love as he'd never known with his own parents. So, as with
      everything else, he decided to take their advice and consider
      Hermione more closely.

      Meanwhile in the room next door, Hermione, unaware that she was
      being considered in a new light by a certain dark haired man was
      carefully packing her things. It had been agreed upon that tomorrow
      morning, following breakfast the young wizards would return to
      England and resume their usual studies without the aid of a time
      turner. Despite all the danger and late night study sessions for a
      concoction that hadn't even been needed due to the haglets
      staggering stupidity, Hermione had felt free here. Free to joke
      around, without being looked at oddly, free to stand up defiantly to
      Snape as she had never attempted before, and free to talk about the
      trivial and meaningless things in life with another girl.

      Back at Hogwarts she had Ginny Weasley, and Lavender Brown, but none
      of them were like Rogue. She'd enjoyed an adventure independently
      from Harry and Ron with Rogue, shared a prison cell and more than
      one session of 'girl talk.' It was safe to say she would miss her
      new American friend. It helped to know that Rogue would be in
      England for a few days in the next month of so to give testimony at
      the trial of the haglets. McGonagall and Dumbledore had already
      invited those who would be testifying accommodations at Hogwarts if
      they didn't want to settle with the dull and stuffy Ministry
      arrangements. A light knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.
      Before she could answer, Harry and Ron came stumbling into the
      room. "Come in" she answered sardonicly.

      "Bit strange to be going home isn't it?" Harry asked, voicing the
      thought that had just been running through Hermione's head.

      "So, you and Rogue took your shirts off, covered yourselves in
      oatmeal, and broke out of prison. Why didn't you let us know you
      were going to do that?" Ron asked in indignation.

      "Right Ron, the next time I plan to break out of a prison, I'll be
      sure to let you know beforehand." Hermione said, rolling her eyes.

      "Just kidding you. But seriously, what was it like having to save

      "How did you get away with making him and Logan come back together
      on the same broom and live to talk about it?" Harry asked, clearly

      Her mind on other matters, Hermione eagerly told the boys the full
      story of how she and Rogue had escaped from the prison, rescued
      Logan and Snape and force some bonding time on them. The three were
      rolling in laughter by the time she was done speaking.


      The X-Men, wizards and students were gathered together for the last
      time. When breakfast was coming to an end, Charles Xavier stood
      up. "If I may have your attention please everyone" he began waiting
      the few seconds till the hall died down to continue speaking. "I'm
      afraid that we are loosing four fine people that have been with us
      for the past few weeks. Certainly you have all heard what went on
      last night, and are aware that our four guests are not who they
      appeared to be. Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter and
      Severus Snape, are wizards from England and will be leaving us this
      morning. They helped us in unimaginable ways last night, and we owe
      them a debt of gratitude. Please give them a solid round of

      The cafeteria broke into loud whistles and cheers from the mutants,
      and the three young wizards were beaming. Snape of course, always
      aloof, merely nodded his head in reciprocation to the attention.
      His eyes scanned the room, and caught Logan glaring heavily at him
      from his place at Rogue's side, who was also flanked by Hermione.
      He scowled at the trio, and was greeted by two tongues sticking out
      at him. "Ten points from Gryffindor" he mouthed to Hermione, who
      simply rolled her eyes. Clearly he had lost his intimidating status
      while abroad, which he intended to rectify as soon as they returned
      to England. He wouldn't take cheek from students, even if they were

      Rogue and Hermione grinned at one another from the look they
      received from the English wizard. "He likes you. Give him hell"
      Logan said directly at Hermione. "Practically cried when he found
      out you were missing."

      "I heard you were pretty calm yourself Logan" Rogue teased.

      "That's different. Eat your breakfast, see you later." He said
      before rising, and squeezing her shoulders as he walked away.

      "Men are such babies" Hermione laughed.

      "I know, it's terrible. Just think what it would be like if they
      ran the world." Rogue snickered.

      "Well we know that periods would be reason enough for sick leave."
      Hermione continued.

      "Disturbing as that thought is, Miss Granger we must be going."
      Snape said silkily.

      Hermione's cheeks went pink and Rogue began laughing

      "Come out to the yard when you're finished. I've taken the liberty
      of moving your trunk out there already." he said gruffly before
      slinking off.

      "It's been…" Hermione trailed off, looking at Rogue.

      "It really has. It was great to meet you Hermione."

      "Same yourself. I really wish you could come back with us. I think
      you'll like it." Hermione told her.

      "I'll be there for the testimony." She said brightly.

      "Yeah. Let's keep in touch shall we?"

      "Sure, write me when you get back. Or do you have an e-mail?"

      "No. We don't use electricity, you'll have to see it too believe
      it." Hermione said, grinning at Rogue's astonished look.

      "I'll write you though, I think you'll find it, interesting" she
      said, thinking of Rogue's reaction to an owl delivering her letter
      at breakfast."

      Hermione reached over and hugged Rogue, with no hesitation. Logan
      smiled to himself by the look of surprise and joy that crossed her
      face at such a simple act. He kinda wished the girl could stay
      here, she was good for Marie. But on the upside, he was getting rid
      of the black bat. He'd dubbed him that since their little flying
      adventure. He had to admit that Snape did seem to know what he was
      doing on a broomstick, but his likeness to the night creature was

      Logan walked away from the hall, and finally towards his classroom.
      The cafeteria cleared, the bell rang and life went on as usual as it
      ever did in a school full of mutants. Outside the four, wizards
      gathered together and prepared to leave. "Finally, free of
      muggles." Snape said in what was a cheerful voice from him.

      "We'll be seeing them soon" Hermione reminded him.

      "What a treat that will be." Snape said as he put the following
      touches on the port key. The four wizards grabbed ahold of the
      trunk and vanished into thin air.

      - Fin
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