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FIC: Hazard to Myself 4/5

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    * Disclaimer in Part One* A/N: This takes part about 6 months after part three. Again this is probably NC-17 for violence. Previous parts can be found at:
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      * Disclaimer in Part One*

      A/N: This takes part about 6 months after part three. Again this is probably NC-17 for violence.

      Previous parts can be found at:



      One thing / I don't know why
      It doesn't even matter how hard you try
      Keep that in mind / I designed this rhyme
      To remind myself how
      I tried so hard
      In spite of the way you were mocking me
      Acting like I was part of your property
      Remembering all the times you fought with me
      I'm surprised it got so (far)

      The sound of shoes dragging on the cold concrete floor was all that rang through the unending silence. Erik unrolled the cell doors with his a wave of his hand before he entered the cell door with the girl draped over his shoulder. He dropped her lightly on the bed and relocked the door. The thud coming from the cell to the left of him annoyed him. "Victor, don't just throw him on the floor. I know not much can damage the man, but don't be such a child." Erik called over his shoulder as he clicked the lock back into place.

      Victor simply growled in response. Erik's insistence that he leave the Wolverine unharmed irritated him. He knew the man had to be kept alive and healthy for his participation in the experiments, but it still irked him that he couldn't just beat the guy up every once in awhile. Still, he had to admit that he was glad Logan was here. He knew that had they captured the girl by herself, he himself would have been the one in Logan's place right now.

      From what he'd seen of the girl's powers, he had to admit that he was happy about that. Victor had signed on to work with Magneto with full understanding of what would be required of him, it wasn't that he was unwilling to further Magneto's scientific glory, he was jus t glad that he was conscious and now where Logan was at the moment. The pain had to be intense. His growls of anguish mixed with her screams as the webs across their faces grew were something nobody who witnessed it would forget. The only one who seemed to enjoy it was Mystique.

      He scowled at the mere name. The bitch was the most sadistic person he'd ever encountered. She lived on pain, it excited her. She'd watch with relish every time Erik brought and he brought in their test subjects. He'd seen her tape record them more than once, eyes locked hungrily on the pair. He didn't understand what Erik kept her around for. Good fuck or not, she was both stupid and dangerous. He doubted she'd hesitate for a second to inflict pain on him if given a chance. She'd suggested several times that they rotate Logan with himself to test against the girl.

      Erik had told her once that he saw no reason to incapacitate Victor when they had a perfectly good subject at hand. It was his usefulness that kept him around and he knew it. Erik was attached to nobody.

      Things aren't the way they were before
      You wouldn't even recognize me anymore
      Not that you knew me back then
      But it all comes back to me
      In the end
      You kept everything inside and even though I tried / it all fell apart
      What it meant to me / will eventually / be a memory / of a time when I

      Logan awoke in his cell three days later. He was tired and drained of nearly all his strength. The weakness he felt the first few hours after waking up was indescribably. Moving was incredibly different as his muscles reacquainted themselves with animation. His skeleton seemed extra heavy, and healing factor or not, he felt like shit. He could only imagine how Marie felt. He supposed that after she absorbed him, she was forced to absorb Magneto and then attempt to power his machine. The screams were terrible the first time. He's been forced to watch her take Magneto in the first time, and then the machine, and then revive her with himself. He was willing to do that bit, would have done it anywhere if it meant that she would live, but he hated himself for doing it, and furthering the project.

      Erik had decided better results were garnered from her absorbing himself first, then Logan, and then powering the machine. He guessed that she had better stamina and would pass out, but not die. He guessed correctly as they were attempting to now get the correct mixture of Logan's power, and Magneto's power in a concoction that would allow Marie to power the machine but stay alive. Logan wasn't stupid enough to think that he kept Marie alive for sheer humanitarian reasons; he suspected it was for one thing alone, juice for the machine.

      His mutation inside of Marie carried over into her very personality; her resolve to escape was back and was more fevered than ever. Every night that they were both uninjured, and conscious they would stay up late into the night working on a plan to get out. Progress was slow, it was true that they were not guarded at night, but the only time they were out of the cells was to and from experiments. They were brought to and from the experimentation room by Magneto and Sabertooth. If they were going to escape, it had to be in that time frame.

      As Magneto pulled Logan with his power, it had to be Marie that caused the distraction they surely needed to escape. Logan thought quietly about the situation, analysing all the players and all the possibilities in his mind. There were the cells themselves, his was magnetized, hers he assumed was not. She had his power, but he'd heard her leaning against the bars before and she didn't seem affected. There was the fact that to his knowledge there were only two other people in the place. Sabertooth, who he suspected wanted to fight him for whatever reason, and Magneto. Magneto was clearly physically weaker than Magneto, but he was so calculated and collected in every way. He was also arrogant. No guards could be detected near them, and only his cell had extra protection. He needed to study his opponent, use the arrogance against him. It was their best hope. It was a slim shot at best, but it was an opening.

      I tried so hard
      And got so far
      But in the end
      It doesn't even matter
      I had to fall
      To lose it all
      But in the end
      It doesn't even matter

      Rogue was nervous, there were so many things that could go wrong with this plan. The Logan in her head, and in the cell next to hers told her that everything would be alright, and not to worry, but despite his reassurances, she couldn't help but worry about what could happen. In the end she agreed that it was best. Even if they died, it was better than this hell they were living. She wanted them to get out of here, or in the worst-case scenario she wanted Logan to get out of here. It was slowly killing him to heal her each time. It took him longer to recover, and it was quicker for him to fall. She didn't know if he noticed, but lately she'd been waking before him after a test. She could feel his presence grow stronger in him, and pieces of himself and his mutation were taking up a more permanent place in her mind. She couldn't tell him, it would be cruel.

      But she was sure he knew that he was fading. It would take awhile longer to kill him, but one day, he would never recover, and never wake up. She didn't want to live to see that day. They'd been thrown together in this without asking for it. He'd done her a favour; he'd saver her life and kept her strong. In return all he got back was pain, sorrow, and a loss of his mutation. It was a bitter pill to swallow, to realize that she was killing the only person she'd come to care about. It was the fault of another to be sure, but all in all it was her skin, her existence and her life that was draining him away. She hated that, and the hate built to a rage and a passion that she wasn't aware existed.

      I've put my trust in you
      Pushed as far as I can go
      And for all this
      There's only one thing you should know
      I've put my trust in you
      Pushed as far as I can go
      And for all this
      There's only one thing you should know

      A week ago, the plan had become finalized. They waited tensed and nervous. Marie holding onto the single weapon in her hand. Logan tensed and ready. Each thought back to how this evolved as the footsteps came down the hallway.


      "Marie, stick your arm outside of the cell. We've only got one chance at this. I'll be thrown back against the wall after I slide this too you."

      "I'm ready" she said a few seconds after he heard the rustling of fabric brushing bars and floor.

      Logan extended his claws, the middle one on his left hand much looser than the other two to the trained eye. The thought had occurred to Marie about three weeks ago. It was a shrewd thought that had never occurred to him before, it was genius. The metal in his body was not a part of him, and therefore his mutation did not affect it. Over the past few weeks he'd been able to slice through the ademantium implanted in his arm, and all it looked like to the outsider was Logan sharpening his claws. He's been careful to keep up the pretext of the action by pointedly baiting Sabertooth.

      The shavings from the deteriorating claw base were folded carefully into a hold he'd poked into the thin mattress on his bed. There was virtually no way to detect it. He was now working on the final few cuts that would remove the claw completely from his arm. It was off, a deadly weapon that their plan was so dependent upon. He quickly retracted the remaining claws and gathered the few shavings.

      Seconds later he was on the ground and ready to send it over. "Be careful, it's sharp," he said as he shoved the claw sideways and hit the metal of the bars. He was thrown backwards, hit the wall and passed out before he could be sure Marie had the claw.

      Marie grabbed the metal, and winced at the loud thud as Logan hit the wall of his cell. It was the final push; she was ready to do this. By any means necessary, she would get out. She was finally thinking like Erik.


      I tried so hard
      And got so far
      But in the end
      It doesn't even matter
      I had to fall
      To lose it all
      But in the end
      It doesn't even matter

      The cell doors rolled back, Logan and Rogue were both facing the walls of their cells. Counting to five. They had timed it, they had calculated everything. Three, two, one, Rogue struck. Before Erik's first footfall towards her had ended she whirled and struck. The aim was true; Erik's throat was sliced precisely as it needed to be. The shock in the blue eyes registered briefly before he fell face fist into the cell, gasping for air and losing blood.

      Logan knew Rogue had hit her mark; the magnetic hold on him dropped and he launched himself at Sabertooth. His five claws sunk into the flesh of the mutant, and he drove them upwards. Victor knew he was in trouble; he'd underestimated this guy. He knew he was facing his final moments. The metal claws raked up his inside, burning with deadly force. But Victor wouldn't go down in a fight without causing some damage of his own. His hands rose and he planted them on the top of Logan's chest. Tearing, ripping the toughened flesh instantly. The claws on his right hand pierced through all the flesh, until he came to the heart.

      Marie turned the now dead Erik over and pulled the claw from his throat, getting showered in blood once again. She turned towards Logan's cell, intending to help.

      Logan was too fast; he twisted the two claws inside the mutant while his right hand swept Sabertooth's head off in a clean cut. The damage was done though. Logan was loosing so much blood, from ten separate wounds to his chest. He fell to his knees, and a blood covered Marie stepped towards him.

      "Get out!" He wheezed.

      "But Logan, you've got to come with me!" she cried tears filling her eyes.

      "Marie get out, there's no time." He panted hoping she would take off. Then this wouldn't be in vain.

      With a final look at him, she took off with the claw in hand. Logan collapsed on the concrete floor, breathing shallowly. She would get out, she would survive, he was certain of that. It made this all worthwhile. He felt a strong pair of hands grab him and turn him over. His eyes widened in shock as he stared at him in shock. The ugly face of the man he had just killed snarled at him before morphing into a blue face with malevolent eyes. "You'll wish you died here before I get through with you." she spoke with utter hatred.

      Logan had no doubt about that as she morphed into the fallen mutant once again and drug him off towards the direction of the testing lab.


      A/N The idea for Logan to cut his claw off came to me the last time I watched X-Men. When Mystique takes on an appearance of another character, I got the impression that she gets their powers as well as she was able to sprout Wolverine's claws without injury. Logan also cut off the claws Mystique had unleashed, with no injury to either of them.

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