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FIC:Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 10/12

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    * * * * * * * Disclaimer in part One * * * * * ** * Thanks everyone for enjoying this story, I hope you enjoy the final two chapters! It s been a fun write!
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      * * * * * * * Disclaimer in part One * * * * * ** *

      Thanks everyone for enjoying this story, I hope you enjoy the final two chapters! It's been a fun write!


      Somewhere over Westchester..

      Rogue was perched nervously on the end of Hermione's broom. She peered nervously over the edge, which wasn't all that difficult before screwing her eyes up again. It wasn't that she was afraid of heights, she just liked them a lot better when there was more than just a thin piece of wood between her and the ground, some 500 feet below. "It's quite safe Rogue, just close your eyes. The first time I flew, I was quite nervous as well."

      "And you do this on a regular basis?" Rogue asked in a shaky voice.

      "It's not so bad. I kind of like it now." Hermione said.

      Rogue glanced a peek over the side, which entailed only moving her head a few centimeters. "I'll take your word for it" she said before gripping the handlebars Hermione had provided.


      Over the night skies elsewhere...

      Harry and Ron were flying as fast as their broomsticks would carry them. Both were supreme fliers, on top quality brooms at that. It wasn't long until they were hovering over their destination. The boys pulled their brooms down until they were hovering perhaps 20 feet above the ground.

      "I don't see any lights Harry" Ron said.

      "I don't either. Let's go down there."

      The boys landed, and lay their brooms against a tree trunk. Creeping silently forward, as years of mischief making had had taught them, the two boys slid up to the nearest window.

      "Winardium Leviosa!" Ron called softly, levitating Harry high enough that he could see through the window.

      What he saw sent the old shivers of coldness through his body. He came face to face with one of the hideously haglets. Momentarily loosing his composure Ron moved his wand and , Harry fell to the ground.

      "Thanks Ron, really." Harry said sarcastically.

      "No problem Harry."

      "No, we do have a problem." Harry said as he eyed the front door of the building opening and a hooded figure gliding towards him.

      "Accio Firebolt!" Ron and Harry called together, and in the nick of time. The Haglet that had snuck outside was now standing exactly where the young wizards had been a moment ago.

      "Let's get out of here."

      "Let's see what they're up too. I'll go around the back, you fly by the front."

      "Right. If something happens, send up sparks." Ron said.

      "Right" Harry nodded before flying off.

      As Ron flew around to the front, he noticed more and more Haglets spilling from the building and walking towards a van that was camouflaged with the night.

      "Have you got anything?" He suddenly heard Rogue's voice crackle through the headset. Startled for a second, he attempted to find the button that Rogue had showed him allowed him to reply to her.

      "We had a narrow escape with one of them, Harry's flying around the back, but I can see quite a few of them getting into a car. I think they're going somewhere."

      "What direction are they going Ron?" Rogue asked.

      "Wait a tick." Ron said as he quickly performed the direction spell that would always point him north. His wand turned him completely opposite of where he was. "South. It looks like they're heading south."

      "That's the direction of the mansion." Rogue muttered in a tight voice.

      "Hang on a second." she said quietly.

      "Hermione, Ron just said he swathe haglets heading towards the mansion."

      "We've got to get back to the team." Hermione said. "They can fly faster than we can, it's important to warn the people at your place that they're about to be invaded."

      "Ron, you and Harry can fly faster, we think it's a good idea to get you two back to the mansion immediately, we're going to get the team."

      "Sounds right, we'll head back immediately. Be careful." Ron said as he cut out.

      "Change of plans Harry, we're heading back to Xavier's." Ron informed his friend as he flew up behind him.

      "Let's hope we get there before they do" Harry said grimly as the two shot off at top speed towards the X-mansion.

      Back in the old cell....

      Logan was getting bored with the silence, and since Scott wasn't around, he'd use the even better thing. "So, how long have you two been dating?"

      "Be your pardon" Snape said in a very put upon voice.

      "You and that curly haired girl. Hermes or whatever."

      "Hermi- never mind."

      "No, I want to know the name of your love interest."

      "What are you two? Hermione is my student. And you have no room to talk. Snogging with a student, who is clearly underage." Snape seethed.

      "She's 18, Chuck doesn't object so shut the fuck up." Logan was frustrated this wasn't going his way.

      "Touchy about our underage student snoging I see. No need to be so defensive." Snape said, thrilled he was getting to Logan.

      "Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about" Logan said in a dangerous voice.

      "Besides, I see how you look at the little witch. Don't bother denying it. I can smell when you're lying."

      "And I can smell that you haven't had a bath yet today." Snape shot back.

      "I don't think you've had a bath in the last 10 years. Your hair is disgusting. I ain't a pretty boy like Scooter, but damn, even I wash my hair."

      "This is getting us nowhere." Snape sighed.

      Outside the prison....

      Hermione and Rogue circled into the battleground and quickly dismounted. "I kind of like flying now Rogue told the young witch."

      "Yeah, it is kind of fun" Hermione grinned. "So where to go?" she said searching for roving X-Men.

      Soon enough, the two found Jean, who appeared to be searching for something.

      "Jean!" Rogue called to the telepathic red head.

      "The shit's going down at the mansion. Ron got a hold of us, he said all the haglets were headed towards the mansion."

      "Thanks girls. We think Snape and Logan got themselves into some sort of trouble. They haven't answered us, since we sent them out too look for you."

      "They probably got themselves caught." Rogue said ruefully.

      "Yeah, most likely. Should teach them a lesson" Jean smirked.

      "Well, Hermione got her wand back, so if you want to head back for the mansion, we can find the two nitwits."

      "Are you sure Rogue?" Jean asked with concern.

      "Yeah. I think we can take them."

      "You did get caught once." She pointed out.

      "And we got away from them" Hermione interjected.

      "Point taken. I'll let Scott know it's time to head out."

      Rogue just nodded as she and Hermione took off to the side again as Jean telepathically called Scott, and Ororo.

      An idea struck Hermione. "Rogue, if I enchant another broom, do you think you can fly it?"

      "Hell yes" Rogue grinned, completely over her fear of flying now that she'd had a little experience.




      "Coffee hater."




      "Egg head."



      "If you two are done now, perhaps you'd like to get out of there?" Hermione's voice rang out as she was hovering near the open window.

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