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Fic: "Fellowship Of Heroes" PG-13 (12/12) [Logan/Rogue, Ororo/Legolas, Scott ]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, This is still a LOTR/X-men crossover. Earlier parts can be read here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=526128 LOTR fans should keep an open
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      Hi all,
      This is still a LOTR/X-men crossover.
      Earlier parts can be read here:
      LOTR fans should keep an open mind here.


      Part 12:

      Frodo's heart was heavy as he ran across the forest and towards the sea. Out of breath he turned and saw that the Orcs he had had on his tail were now gone. On his wild escape towards the sea and the boats waiting there he had spotted Merry and Pippin who had covered for him, drawing the Orcs after them so he could escape and now as he had reached the sea he knew their plan had worked but at what price? His friends could be dead. Tears fell from his eyes and angrily he held the Ring in his hand, set to throw it into the sea. It had brought him nothing but sorrow and heartache. Had brought the Fellowship nothing but death. As he was to do it he suddenly remembered his old friend, Gandalf. He had had faith in him and his abilities. He had trusted him. He closed his hand around the Ring and hung it back around his neck in its chain. He couldn't...he wouldn't let Gandalf down. He would see this through even if he had to do it alone like the Elven Queen Galadriel had said. With new determination Frodo wiped his tears away and went to the boats. He got a boat out into the water and was paddling away from the shore when suddenly Sam showed up and called after him.

      "You cannot come with me," Frodo yelled to him, trying to ignore the pain his words brought him. He could use the love and warmth Sam's companionship would bring him right about now. Sam's face fell in determined folds and without a word he began to walk out into the water, heading straight for Frodo's boat.

      "Sam? What are you doing?" Frodo yelled alarmed, panic beginning to elope him. "You can't swim!"

      Sam didn't seem to hear, he just kept walking on the ocean bottom towards his friend until the water began to rise and he disappeared from Frodo's line of vision.

      "Sam!" Frodo yelled terrified. No more of his friends would die on this trip, Frodo would not allow that to happen. Frodo jumped from the boat and into the water, searching for Sam. He found him and got him up to breathe air. Coughing and spitting out water they both managed to crawl back into the boat, dripping wet. Frodo couldn't help but smile at his larger, blond-haired friend and gave him a big hug before he released him.

      "Sam...why did you do that?" there was such relief and joy in his words that for the moment why Sam had done it drowned in the sheer joy at being together again.

      "Gandalf told me 'don't you lose him, Samwise Gamgee’. And I don't intend to," his eyes were so filled with love it almost broke Frodo's heart. "I don't intend to."

      "Oh, Sam," Frodo ran out of words to describe what he felt so instead he just gave his friend a long hug before he drew back and looked his beloved friend deep in the eyes. "I'm glad you're with me, Sam," he said softly and smiled. Together with Sam he could do it, he knew he could. Together....not alone anymore.

      * * *

      "So...what now?" Scott broke the strange silence after Boromir's funeral. Gimli and Legolas looked to Aragorn while Logan, Rogue and Ororo automatically looked to Scott who to show he had accepted the King as leader refused to look at them and instead turned to Aragorn. For a long while the young King was silent, still locked in sorrow. Say something, Scott urged him. He knew that though Legolas would always follow his friend and Gimli too because he didn't trust the others Aragorn would have an even harder time with Logan than he already did if he didn't soon succeed in giving the man some reason to follow him. Scott knew from personal experience that Logan's trust and loyalty was hard to win but when given it was unquestionable.

      "The Fellowship has failed," Legolas said softly, sadly. Ororo put her arms around his waist from behind, trying to comfort him. Logan looked set to say some icy remark but a soft hand on his chest from Rogue who stood within his embrace made him forget it and instead he bent to kiss his wife on the hair.

      "This Fellowship has not failed," Aragorn finally spoke and as he lifted his eyes to look at them, they were strong and determined. "Gandalf and Boromir have not died in vain. We will go after Merry and Pippin as Boromir asked of me and we will save them. As we will see Gondor safe."

      Scott could have cheered. That was the spirit he had hoped for.

      "Seems good to me," Scott agreed and looked at the others.

      "Whatever," Logan bummed, still mad at Aragorn. Rogue nodded her accept at Scott as did Gimli.

      "You will always have my allegiance," Legolas said to his friend and Aragorn smiled warmly.

      "And mine," Ororo spoke and Aragorn nodded, looking around at the remainder of the Fellowship. He would see that Boromir's wishes got fulfilled. That he swore to.

      "Let's go hunt some Orc," Aragorn said and led the way through the forest. Soon Legolas walked in front, having such keen eyesight that he was better to track the Orc. Ororo flew above him, ready to warn the group should they encounter any Orc.

      Ororo had told the X-men how Legolas had healed her. If any of them had had any doubts about the Elven prince they were gone now. After Legolas walked Aragorn and behind him the others.

      "I feel.....death," Legolas suddenly said and stopped, his stare terrified and empty. Ororo landed beside him, her eyes concerned.

      "Are you alright?" she asked worried.

      "Look around. Stay alert," Scott ordered and Logan popped his claws and eased Rogue behind him, looking for any attackers. Gimli held his ax ready but when Scott looked at Aragorn his face had gone completely white, his eyes open yet unseeing...raw fear in them.

      "Arwen," that one word held such love and agony it broke Scott's heart. Legolas tipped his head as if listening, his features pained as if he was in agony. Ororo stood beside him and hesitantly took his right hand between hers, unsure of what to do but wanting to ease his agony.

      "No...not her," his voice seemed to come from afar as if listening to something far away.

      "The battle for Rivendell has begun," Scott suddenly realized.

      "He feels the other Elves.... he can feel if one of his kind is hurt or….dies," Ororo finished Scott's trail of thought, her voice filled with shared pain and compassion.

      *Do not fear, beloved. I am unhurt,* a gentle female voice spoke on the wind, caressing Aragorn, flying around him, laying around him like a blanket of comfort. Aragorn closed his eyes for a moment, imagining she was with him, before the wind died. When he opened his eyes again they were determined and held an urgency and desperation they hadn't held before.

      "We must hurry. Time is of the essence."

      * * *

      They have lost another member, Phoenix thought and smiled. Unlike the other one who had been too powerful this one might be easier. Sauron would want his strength, his knowledge....his obedience. His thoughts of love and regret at his death troubled her but she knew well how to break a spirit....she should because Sauron had done it to her; broken her only to rebuilt her in his image. He had showed her what she really wanted; what she really could be. Power beyond belief, abilities greater than anything. She was fire and life incarnate; she was Phoenix and she would resurrect Boromir from the dead and he would join their cause.....join them or die for good.

      She flew over the land with an ease unmatched by anyone. In this entire land she had yet to encounter another who possessed the ability of flight. She was the only one…expect one; Ororo, the Weather Goddess who she had once loved as a sister. No, that wasn’t true. Jean had loved her, Phoenix didn’t love anything save power and that she had now. Beautiful, graceful, red-haired, green-eyed and just as deadly as she was stunning; Phoenix was the right name for her. She knew she had the advantage. Through Jean’s memories and weakness...her love, she knew of all the X-men’s powers and weaknesses and through Sauron she knew of all the other members of the Fellowship. As soon as she had gotten that Ring for Sauron, as he wanted she could get what she wanted; absolute power and full control over her world, the world she came from.

      The future looked bright and it looked like it would belong to Sauron...and her; Phoenix!

      The End of "Fellowship Of Heroes"

      Author’s Notes:

      LOTR fans: Yes, I changed a lot here but this story would be pretty boring if nothing was different, wouldn’t it? Well, at least it would then had bored me to write it *LOL*

      I hope you enjoyed it anyway; especially you Jean/Phoenix fans who wanted to see the X-men’s famous redhead make her appearance.

      Thanks so much to Estelle for Beta and Jonas for advice on the LOTR world.

      If anyone is interested this story will continue in "Fellowship Of heroes 2: Towers Of Darkness" which will then be a crossover between the "Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers" movie and the X-men movie and will continue this storyline. So, let me know if I’ll have an audience for such a tale.

      In any case, I hope you enjoyed this story and your thoughts are always appreciated.


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