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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 9/12

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    **** Disclaimer in Part One **** A/N Azkaban is a wizard prison. Roughly the equivalent of Alcatraz. Or Van Demnon s Land. Only three chapters left! *****
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      **** Disclaimer in Part One ****

      A/N Azkaban is a wizard prison. Roughly the equivalent of
      Alcatraz. Or Van Demnon's Land.

      Only three chapters left!


      Hermione and Rogue reached the window in a state of excitement and
      nervousness. Freedom was close, they were covered in oatmeal and
      they really wanted to get home and put this misery behind them.

      "At least we know where the hell we are." Rogue commented at
      Hermione who was looking out the window.

      "It's at least a 20 foot drop from the window Rogue. Take your
      clothes off."


      "We'll have to make a rope out of them, the drop to the floor will
      break our legs. So we need to take the clothes off, and your

      Rogue just shrugged and the girls striped to their skivvies. Within
      a few minutes they had their rope and were looking for a place to tie
      it off at. "Let's move that desk, we can turn it on it's end and
      tie off the rope on a leg."

      The two worked quickly and soon were preparing to climb out the
      window. "I'll go first. If something happens, you can jump and I
      swear I'll catch you," Rogue told her.

      "Sure." Hermione said, pleased for once Rogue wasn't worried about
      her skin.

      Rogue grabbed the robe and quickly climbed down. Her high impact
      physical education class was clearly paying off. Hermione quickly
      wiggled out of the window and scurried down the makeshift rope. She
      wasn't as nimble as Rogue, but she managed herself pretty well. Soon
      enough the scantily clad girls were on the ground, free from the
      prison. "I wish I had my bloody wand" Hermione moaned.

      "So do I." Rogue muttered. Standing in front of them were
      Scott, Jean and Storm.

      "What happened to your clothes?" Jean asked in an amused

      "Long story. So, can we have some clothes please?" Hermione
      asked, a tad impatiently.

      "Well, there are some blankets back in the Blackbird. We've
      got to go after the others and get the haglets rounded up." Scott
      broke in.

      "Lovely to see you again girls. Knew you had it in you to
      get yourselves out. You'll have to give me a full account later"
      Storm smiled calmly.

      "Where are Logan and the English guy?" Rogue asked.

      "Looking for you." Scott answered.

      "You let them off together? God we'll be bringing them back
      with us in a matchbox I expect." Hermione said.

      "Come on, let's get back to the plane." Rogue waved at
      Hermione and the two girls dashed off in the direction that Scott had

      "Should we go back after them?" Rogue asked worriedly.

      "I don't know" Hermione said, a frown of concern creasing her
      face "it didn't seem like the best idea to send them out together.
      Wouldn't surprise me if they got themselves caught by acting like

      "Too true. Where are your friends?" Rogue asked.

      "Knowing them, they'll be here pretty soon."

      The two had no sooner wrapped themselves in blankets when the
      distinct sound of two racing brooms making a quick land could be

      "It's the naked avengers Ron, take a look." Harry grinned at
      the two girls.

      "If only we'd gotten here a few seconds ago!"

      "Shut up Ron." Hermione rolled her eyes.

      "Ouch. And after we came all this way to rescue the two of
      you. You're breaking my heart here" Ron quipped.

      "Hermione catch" Harry said as a small wooden object flew
      through the air.

      "Thanks Harry!" The young witch said as she caught her
      wand. She quickly transfigured the blankets she and Rogue were
      wearing into clothing.

      "Where's everybody else?" Rogue asked.

      "Dumbledore and McGonaggall came out here and they're back at
      the mansion. They're the top people at out school." Harry

      "And all the X-Men are out here?" Hermoine asked slowly.

      "Yes." Ron answered.

      "It could be a trap. We only saw four of the haglets when we
      were there. And we know for a fact there are many more." Hermione

      "Harry and Ron, why don't you two fly to the factory and
      Rogue and I will return to the mansion."

      "How are we going to keep in contact?" Harry asked.

      "There are probably headsets in the Blackbird" Rogue cut in
      and raced off to get them. She returned a few moments later. They're
      not too hard to use. Have either of you used one?"

      Ron looked fascinated at the devices. "I know how they work
      I think" Harry said.

      Rogue explained how they worked and coached the three wizards
      on how to use them before giving a pair to Ron. "The factory can't
      be that far from here, the Haglets would want to be close between the
      three places." She said.

      "Alright, so fly low, the night will give you cover. And let
      us know immediately what you find!" Hermione said urgently.

      She broke a thick branch off of a tree and conjured an extra
      long broomstick for herself and Rogue. "What's that for?" Ron asked
      staring at a pair of handlebars that were midway back on the broom.

      "They're for Rogue, she's never flown before Ron." Hermione
      started. "Now let's go, we haven't got much time!"

      "Rogue this broom is perfectly safe, all you have to do is
      hold onto the handlebars." Hermoine told her friend.

      Rogue looked doubtful. "Look on the bright side, at least
      you can tell the others at school that you flew on a broomstick."
      Harry tried to cheer her.

      Rogue grinned at that and mounted the broom behind Hermione.
      She and Ron tested the headsets before the girls flew off for the
      mansion and the boys headed for the factory.

      Elsewhere in the Perilous Night……..

      Severus Snape was absolutely fuming. He'd been informed that
      he had a crush on one of his own students by a witch who was like his
      mother, he'd been yelled at, lost Hermione, and been ordered around
      by a Boy Scout. To top it off, he was stuck with the big burly
      blunderer at his side trying to locate the girls. "Would you hurry
      up there English, you're slowing us down."

      "I hardly think that matters. You blundering about like a
      great dirty git is going to get us caught."

      "I am not blundering." Logan shot back, much louder than he
      should have.

      "Oh stuff it. You're so bloody immature. You can't admit
      when you're wrong."

      "That's cause I ain't fucking wrong bub. I wasn't the one
      who was dragging girls out of their bed later than necessary in the
      fist place. You pissed what's her name off, then Marie went with her
      and it's your damn fault!" Logan shouted.

      "I wasn't in charge of blood security!" Snape hissed at the
      burly mutant.

      The men continued arguing and didn't realize when they'd
      walked right up to the south wall of the prison. Their arguing had
      brought a curious haglet to the source of noise. Fortunatly for Logan
      and Snape, it was the dumbest of the lot.

      "Boo!" Civ shouted at the two men. Snape whirled around
      quick as lightning and shouted `Expelaramous!" at the haglet, sending
      her flying through the air. She hit the ground with a thud and
      started crying.

      Logan walked up to the foul creature and pulled her up by the
      front color of her cloak. "If you don't tell me where Rogue is, I'm
      going to gut you." he said as the claws on his left hand shot out.

      "Oh, you're being rude and an asshole. I like that in a man"
      Civ said in a taunting voice.

      "Logan don't kill her, she may be useful locating Hermione."
      Snape reasoned.

      "And Rogue." Logan growled.

      "Fine, and Rogue. Happy now?" Snape snapped.

      Snape muttered an incantation and thin cords shot out of his
      wand and bound the haglets' hands together. The two men advanced on
      her and she looked delighted about it.

      "Where are they?" Snape asked coldly.

      "If you show me your goods, I'll take you too them."

      "What? Are you mad?"

      "No, it's just been, such a long time" the haglet admitted
      with a frustrated sigh.

      "Which one?" Snape enquired.

      "Either." Civ said with a lascivious grin on her face.

      "I'll do it you big baby." Logan said to Snape. "I know you'd
      probably die of embarrassment over a chic, even a fuckin' bitchy one
      seeing that you have no dick."

      "I will not indulge in this idiotic scheme. And for your
      information, I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of." Severus
      said venomously.

      "You probably magically enhance it" Logan grinned wickedly.

      Before anyone knew it, Logan was dropping his drawers, at the
      same time Snape did. The haglet Civ, whistled lewdly to both men,
      who for some reason started finding the ground very interesting.

      "Take us to the girls." Snape commanded, recovering

      Cackling to herself, Civ began to move forward, still bound
      to Snape's wand. The trio entered the dungeon to find a strange
      sight. A locked cell, an upturned desk and clothes hanging out the

      "What the fuck?" Logan launched himself at the haglet, but
      was suddenly immobilized by a strong pair of arms.

      "Don't kill her."

      "Why the fuck not?"

      "Because I'm going to"Snape spat as he himself dived at the
      haglet, who found this all very funny and was laughing hysterically,
      well she was until Severus began choking her.

      A cold force filled the room and Logan and Snape looked up in
      time to see three powerful haglets dive at them and drag them towards
      the cell. Bindie unlocked it, and snatching Snape's wand, she
      stepped aside as the other haglets threw the men into the cell.

      "Well, well. Two escape, and we have two new arrivals. What
      an interesting turn of events." The haglet queen spoke.

      "As for you," she said glaring at Civ who was still sprawled
      on the ground "I'm shipping you to Azkaban immediately. You are an
      idiot and a disgrace to the name of haglets everywhere."

      Civ looked stunned before she turned her attention back to
      Logan and Snape. "It was worth it," she said as she was hauled out
      of the room.

      Bindie walked up to her new prisoners. "Now boys, try to
      behave. You're going to be in there for a very, very long time."
      The only answer was Logan and Snape glaring daggers at each other.

      "It was nice of you to come and take the place of the little
      monsters. But I assure you we will get them back, and you can watch
      them die together." She grinned evilly before leaving the building.
      Soon the other two haglets reentered the room to guard the new

      "This is all your fucking fault" Logan began at the same time
      Snape said "You bloody bastard, you got us into this mess." The men
      glared at each other before heading to opposite ends of the cell.
      Each had the feeling that they were in for a long night. And neither
      knew how they were going to get out of the mess that the other
      bastard had got them into. The other thought they shared was
      thinking about the two girls who had escaped. They could at least
      take solace in the fact that they were not here and hope that they
      got back to the mansion quickly. Otherwise, things would get ugly.

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