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FIC: Hazard to Myself 3/5

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    * Disclaimer in Part One * The song In the End belongs to Linkin Park. I think it fits Magneto quite well. I also think it fits Rogue s way of thinking
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      * Disclaimer in Part One *

      The song 'In the End' belongs to Linkin Park. I think it fits Magneto quite well. I also think it fits Rogue's way of thinking and experience in this story line.

      Previous parts can be found at: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1023844

      Warning, this part is very, very dark. Probably NC-17

      ** is internal thoughts

      * * **************

      (It starts with)
      One thing / I don't know why
      It doesn't even matter how hard you try
      Keep that in mind / I designed this rhyme
      To explain in due time

      ** I don't remember being here. I don't know where I am. Logan, where's Logan? Right no sudden moves, bad headache. Blood. That makes sense; I must have been knocked out at some time. God, where the hell am I? Okay, Rogue open your eyes, look for a weakness, we have to get out of here. And I need to stop talking in the third person, even in my head. It's creepy. Okay, let's open on eye here. That's it, not much light in here and I think I'm in some sort of cell.

      God, how the fuck did I get here? Why can't I remember? Why is it so cold? Logan, I need to find Logan! Rogue thought as she passed out again. **

      All I know
      time is a valuable thing
      Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
      Watch it count down to the end of the day
      The clock ticks life away

      "She'll be up and aware soon I believe. We already know that thing she came in here with is fine." Erik Lensher told his associate, Sabertooth. "We'll begin testing as soon as she is awake. No sedatives, we need to keep her mind as pure as possible."

      "What about her-" Victor began.

      "You are not to touch her. It's quite enough what we're doing in the first place. She doesn't need your filthy claws all over her. If I find that you have harmed her in any way, you will replace our heavy friend over there" he said coolly, gesturing to Logan's cell.

      "You're not going to fucking touch her" Logan growled.

      "There's not much you can do about it now is there, Wolverine? You may not be in a lab and I assure you that you won't be returning there. I won't deny that I have plans for you, which I'm certain, will be rather painful for you. But, the few must suffer for the many. If it's any consolation to you, young Rogue, I believe that is her name will be just fine. She will be safe, warm, and relatively comfortable."

      "When I get out of here. I'll-"

      "You will do absolutely nothing. The bars are magnetized and should you attempt to escape, all you will get is a nasty shock and be repelled to the back of your cell." Erik said.

      Logan just glared at the man and slid his claws out of his arms. Sabertooth stayed behind and the two hairy mutants sized one another up. "I'll rip her up real good" Victor said, a demonic glint in his eye.

      "Then you'll wish you were never born. Nobody hurts her."

      Victor just flashed his yellow teeth and slid from view. Logan heard him slink down the corridor. He waited until he could no longer hear footsteps before trying to contact Rogue. He tested the bars, and as Erik had said felt a searing pain shoot through his entire body as he was propelled into the wall. His head smashed into the wall hard enough to make him dizzy. He felt blood trickle down his head and fought to stay conscious. It was in vain, within seconds he passed out.

      It's so unreal
      Didn't look out below
      Watch the time go right out the window
      Trying to hold on / but didn't even know
      Wasted it all just to
      Watch you go
      I kept everything inside and even though I tried / it all fell apart
      What it meant to me / will eventually / be a memory / of a time when

      Erik Lensher tossed and turned in his bed. He'd been haunted by memories that were now 60 years old. The brand on his arm burned into his skin, poisoning his blood with a hate he had never known before. Before he knew he was different. Before his parents were taken away in front of his eyes, before the tests. Not to further science. Tests meant to cause as much pain and suffering as humanly possible.

      Tests he was forced to perform on his fellow mutants. Flinging people across rooms, forcing heavy objects to fall on a person, severing limbs, breaking bones, the list was endless. Eventually that graduated to murder. He remembered her face so clearly. Amelia couldn't have been more than 14. She was like him, different. The memory of her face appeared in his mind. Her sweet brown eyes, the emaciated, haunted face of a person who has been victimized so often all she knew was pain. She was the first one he killed. Perhaps that's why he recalled her more clearly than any other. It was her screams that filled his nightmares.

      The metal braces tightening around her arms and legs and stomach, crushing her slowly. The blood running out of her mouth as her eyes expelled tears. The collar around her neck tightening painfully, but not enough to kill her. It would have been kinder to crush her windpipe. Instead she bled internally for hours, while iron rings were clamped to her kneecaps, her feet, her hands, all of them crushed one by one as she screamed until she lost her voice.

      Before she died, she opened her eyes with her remaining strength and stared him in the eyes, unflinchingly. The sadness he'd seen in her eyes, that wild yet resigned look tore at his eyes and haunted him to this day. It was the first thing he saw in the morning, the last thing he saw every night. He'd lost his soul, and all faith in humanity in that instant. They would never be accepted, they would be used against one another until the race of mutants died out.

      Nobody deserved to die like Amelia. Not even the bastards that forced him to kill his own kind. He was forced by the guards to kill ten others after Amelia. Three mothers, two fathers , four children, and a baby. His last victim was two years old. Old enough to understand pain, young enough not to realize why he was suffering. Erik couldn't do it anymore. He didn't care if he died, he was 12 years old and already held more guilt, hate and pain inside of him that life was something he could do without. As the months rolled on, he found a new purpose, he wanted equality. He would force it any way he could. No person should be forced to live in fear because they were born different. It didn't matter how many deaths needed to occur, he was steeled to a cause.

      He honed his gift, until he mastered absolute control over the slightest object. He planed the liberation of the camp late one April night. He was confident in his abilities, and fuelled by a rage so deep there was nothing that could stop him. When the last toddler was brought to him, and declared dead, he struck. The metal walls of the testing chamber moved further and further together. Four officers were crushed into the ball, bones crunching, instant death. A metal gurney flew across the room, impaling one man when the metal splintered apart. Half of the ceiling in the tiny chamber collapsed on the remaining guards, if they weren't dead already, they would suffocate in a few minute's time.

      Drained, yet determined he forced the doors of the chamber open and escaped. Men at the watch points were disabled by a sweep of his hand. The shots rang out until there was silence. Reigning in all the remaining control he had, he pushed with his will and heard the gates at each end of the camp opening. Barrack doors burst open, prisoners raced from the paddock and sprinted through the open gates. Some would survive, he didn't stay to watch. Erik slipped from the camp, and collapsed in the surrounding woods.

      I tried so hard
      And got so far
      But in the end
      It doesn't even matter
      I had to fall
      To lose it all
      But in the end
      It doesn't even matter

      "It's why we need you. "Erik told the girl as he finished his tale. "There must always be a sacrifice for the greater cause. Your power is the key Rogue. It will save millions of lives from persecution. They can't hate what they themselves are. It's the only way. To free ourselves, humans have to become us. We must become the majority. Keep it in mind Rogue." Erik said as he left the stricken girl in her cell.

      "You know what he's saying is bullshit." Logan said quietly. His voice carrying through the bars, and into her own cell.

      "No it's not Logan. Erik's right. They will never accept us, until they are us."

      "Rogue, he's manipulating you. He's so fucking full of shit."

      "It's just my life Logan. Think of everybody that could be saved. He might be right."

      "I don't give a shit about other people's lives. You are not going to become the next person in his goddamn body count. We are going to get out of here. Don't give up hope by going along with him. Don't you ever fucking do that. He's trying to make himself sound noble. He's a killer."

      "I know what he is. But we are never going to get out of here. Nobody knows where we are, and nobody cares what happens to us." her voice carried the same bitterness he himself understood.

      "He's going to do it, no matter if I agree or not Logan. I want a goddamn choice in what happens in this fucked up life."

      "It's not a choice Rogue. It's freaking propaganda. What happened to him was bad and it was fucked up and wrong. But sympathy for him is a weakness. He's a goddamn terrorist. They all have what sounds like a noble cause, and it's not."

      "What the hell do you know about nobility?" she spat angrily.

      "Enough to know that it's wrong to agree to be a fucking tool." the sound of a fist connecting with a solid wall signalled the end of their conversation.

      Logan lay alone in his cell, more frightened than he remembered being. And it was for Rogue. Fear that she had given up all hope of survival. Fear that she was surrendering to this plan as a means of coping. He needed to get her out, even if it would hill him.

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