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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 8/12

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  • Autumn
    * * * * Disclaimer in Part one * * * * * Previous parts can be found at FanFiction.Net under `PearlyJammer Thanks for sticking with me through this story.
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      * * * * Disclaimer in Part one * * * * *

      Previous parts can be found at FanFiction.Net under `PearlyJammer'

      Thanks for sticking with me through this story. I'll try to finish
      up the final four chapters this month.

      A 'Firebolt' is a top of the line racin broom

      In Hagletonia……

      Rogue and Hermione have been kidnapped by the evil haglets and placed
      in a holding cell in the bottom of an abandoned prison. Each girl is
      lying on a bunk without a mattress with a leg apiece chained too the
      wall. The room is dark, and slivers of moonlight from the tiny
      window on the other side of the room near the area that a guard's
      desk used to stand. A door creaks open and two figures glide into
      the room.

      "Aw look Civ, what lovely little jailbirds we've got ourselves."

      "For being so clever they sure were easy to catch."

      "You do realize we can hear you don't you?" A grumpy Hermione said
      from her uncomfortable position.

      "She speaks! Be still my beating heart, thingy" Bindie
      exclaimed with mock surprise.

      "God, at least last time I was kidnapped it was by someone
      who had a brain," Rogue said.

      "Well little girlie, you and your friend here were rather
      stupid, so now you've gotta pay the price, and thank your own
      childish behavior." Civ said, cheerfully.

      "You know, for a bad guy you're really cheerful" Hermione
      said, "it's disconcerting, you should be evil or twisted or

      "Well, hey you gave us a reason to be smiling, or almost
      smiling. We have the two missing pieces to our puzzle. So yeah,
      we're happy, and there's nothing you can do about it!" Bindie went

      "Now we're gonna leave some food here for you, in case you
      get hungry." Civ said, as she set down a bowl of what appeared to be
      cold oatmeal outside of the locked cell.

      "There you go, you'll have to work for it" Bindie laughed as
      she and Civ left the basement.

      "I knew there had to be a catch somewhere," Rogue groaned.

      "It's probably poisoned or has some sort of sleeping potion
      in it" Hermoine voiced.

      "We've gotta get out of this stupid place. I don't like the
      sound of their little plan at all." Rogue said as she kicked her
      chained leg wildly.

      Hermione joined in and for several minutes all that could be
      heard was metal clanging on stone, to no avail though. They were
      trapped, firmly and without hope of escape. "It's no use. This
      bloody thing is stuck!" she muttered frustrated. "The damn thing is
      so loose around my foot, but it's impossible to get it off. We need
      some lubricant of some sort."

      The two girls looked slowly at the oatmeal.

      Meanwhile in Westchester…

      Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall came through the chimney in
      Severus Snape's quarters and the two wizards joined Harry Potter and
      Ron Weasley in a march to Charles Xavier's office. They walked in
      just at the start of a blazing row between Snape and Logan.

      "It's your goddamn fault that they're gone." Logan growled at the
      English Wizard.

      "Hardly. You're the stupid git that slacked off on his security
      duties" Snape sneered at the burly man.

      "You were brought here to fuckin' protect her, and you didn't. I
      should kill you just for that." Loan lunged at the man. Snape
      pulled his wand out.

      "You're pathetic, you can't even fight like a man." Loan spat.

      "Alright fine, you want a fight, then come here!" Snape dropped his
      wand and yelled, breaking his cool façade.

      Wizard and Mutant rushed at each other before being frozen in mid
      motion by Xavier.

      ** I suggest you two calm down. We have two women to find, we don't
      need you at each other's throats.**

      Charles released the men and they glared at each other but did not
      attempt to rush forward again. "We need to move quickly. Scott,
      Jean, Logan, Storm and Severus will go by Blackbird to a location
      Kitty found. It's about 30 miles north of here, an abandoned prison
      I believe. Kitty will have contact with Ororo and give here the
      coordinates." he said to Scott and Jean.
      Production of the cereal has begun already. We don't yet know how
      many people were affected. We suspect most of the haglets are at the
      General Mills post, and the most powerful are probably with the
      girls." Charles finished.

      "Gentlemen" Dumbledore began, addressing Snape and
      Logan, "cooperation is of the utmost importance. Your combined
      skills are needed in this quest. There is no time for bickering."

      The X-men and Snape left the room and sped towards the hanger. Scott
      and Logan went into the men's changing room. Scott tossed Snape a
      uniform. "I am most certainly NOT wearing that. I'm not an X-Men,
      I'm not wearing a dead cow."

      "Then get something on that's not going to be billowing around all
      over the damn place."

      Snape sighed and conjured himself a tight black top and black
      pleathery looking pants. "Happy now?" he growled before stalking out
      of the room without getting an answer.

      "I hate that guy. He's such a goddamn dick" Logan spat.

      "I thought that was my title" Scott grinned.

      "Very funny Scooter." Logan called after him. "I liked that guy
      better without a sense of humor." he mumbled to himself before
      joining the others.

      The four X-Men and one wizard boarded the Blackbird and took off on
      their mission. Kitty's coordinates told them they'd be flying for
      only a couple of minutes before landing in a field. According to her
      they would be about 300 yards away from the prison and nobody would
      hear them landing. Almost as soon as the instructions were given,
      the crew found themselves preparing for landing. "Logan and Snape,
      you're together. You can rip each other's heads off later, just find
      the girls first. Storm, try to find a weak point in the building we
      can enter. Jean and I will go inside on your signal." Scott
      commanded his team as the plane touched down.

      "Here goes nothing" Logan muttered as exited the aircraft. "England,
      let's go, ya jackass."

      "Grow up you imbecile" was the reply as the two fell into silence and
      took off towards the building.


      Back inside the prison cell…….

      Rogue and Hermoine worked franticly to free themselves from
      the manacles chaining them to the wall. Rogue's eventually cracked.

      "Hermione, lean down here and pull. I think we can get mine
      free if we both pull on it."

      Hermoine obeyed and turned herself onto her stomach to help
      Rogue pull on the manacle. 15 minutes of pulling and it finally

      "About bloody time!" Hermoine cried in relief.

      The newly freed Rogue strode quickly across the cell to get
      to the oatmeal. She scooped up a handful of it and brought it too
      Hermione who removed her shoe and sock and rubbed it on her foot.

      The oatmeal certainly made it slippery, but not quite slippery enough
      to slide through the manacle. "Rogue, you're going to have to pull
      as hard as you possibly can."

      "It might break your foot though." she said judging from the angle
      that the girl's foot had to slip through.

      "Well a broken foot's better than being dead!" Hermione snapped.

      Rogue took hold of the chain and pulled as hard as she could. Slowly
      but surely Hermione's foot moved through the hole. "Pull harder!"
      Hermione cried as she tried to pry her foot free. There was so much
      pressure on her foot that the top layer of skin was scraped off, but
      the foot was eventually freed. She quickly stuffed her foot back into
      the sock and shoe and got off the bed. To Rogue's surprise, she
      started hitting the bars of the cell, seemingly testing them.

      "What the hell are you doing?"

      "I did a study on this once. Comparing the security measures in
      Azkaban to muggle prisons in North America. One of the legends is
      that there is a weaker bar in every prison, we just need to find
      it." Hermione explained.

      "If you say so" Rogue said and too began tapping bars. "This one
      sounds hollow" she said after about 10 minutes of tapping.

      The bar Rogue was pointing too was right in the back of the cell,
      nearest too the wall. "Let's wrap the chain around it and pull."
      she said.

      The bar creaked and moaned and seemed to give a little bit. "Let's
      try kicking it. Something's got to get the damn thing to move."
      Kick after kick after kick seemed to bend the bar slightly.
      Eventually it gave and the girls were able to bend it as far away
      from the wall as possible.

      "Brilliant Rogue!" Hermione gasped.

      "Let's get out of here." Rogue said as she tried to slide
      through the small hole.

      "Oatmeal" the girls said together. Hermione ran to get the
      bowl. "We can't spill any of it. We can't leave any trace. We
      don't want them to know how we got out of here!" she said. "We
      need to take out clothes off and put the oatmeal on our skin, then we
      can slide through the bars." Hermione said as she started unbuttoning
      her top.

      Five minutes later the girls were free from the cell and onto
      their next challenge, the window.


      Back at the mansion……..

      Harry, Ron, Dumbledore, McGonagall and Charles are in the conference

      "Excuse me, but how long are we just going to sit here?" Ron asked

      "Ron's right, we've got to go after them. We can't leave Hermione
      and Rogue out there by themselves. We know what the damn haglets
      want!" Harry shouted angrily.

      "Calm down boys. We want to get those young ladies back as much as
      you do, but rashness won't help them." Dumbledore broke in.

      "Please sir, we've faced stuff like this before, you can't ask us to
      stand by while those evil things have Hermione." Ron pleaded.

      "Albus, perhaps we should just let them go. We did send them out
      here on a dangerous mission, and we know they've been through
      worse." Minerva spoke up in an unexpected move for her. "Besides,
      you know they're just going to break the rules and go over there
      anyway." she continued, hiding her grin.

      "Perhaps Minerva is right Albus. These two do seem unable to save
      themselves from an adventure." Charles continued.

      "Outvoted two to one, I suppose you know what that means. Be safe
      boys." he said as the two took rushed from the room.

      "Now all we need are some brooms." Harry said.

      "The kitchen." Ron said taking off for the room.

      Ron tossed Harry a mop while he grabbed a broom. Taking their wands
      out, they transfigured the cleaning supplies into two brand new
      Firebolts. They walked out the front door, mounted their brooms and
      took off into the night sky.

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