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  • mike_p_smith2002
    For those of you who don t know me, I m Mike Smith, representing the staff of the 2003 CBFFA s (Comic-Book Fan Fiction Awards). Since 1998, the awards have
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      For those of you who don't know me, I'm Mike Smith, representing the
      staff of the 2003 CBFFA's (Comic-Book Fan Fiction Awards). Since
      1998, the awards have been presented every year to fanfic authors who
      have earned the praise of their peers by way of nomination and
      popular vote. This year will be no different.

      Well... a little different.

      This year, there's been a few changes to the way the CBFFA's are
      being put together, and that's why I'm here to invite you to the
      CBFFA Discussion Message Board at

      If this is the first you've heard of the board, well, you haven't
      missed out on much. Basically we got together and agreed to go ahead
      and continue the CBFFA's for this year, and people have stepped
      forward to take charge of the staff.

      From there, we're using the board to make all the important decisions
      about how the CBFFA's are going to be run. What cetegories to keep,
      what categories to throw away, who's going to write the awards show,
      etc. Want to be involved? Go to the message board and make
      yourself heard. Interested in participating in the CBFFA's? Keep an
      eye on the board, because that'll be the first place to go for
      announcements on where and when and what we'll be doing.

      Now, this is something of a new development for the orgaization of
      the CBFFA's (In past years, the staff made decisions without
      consulting the public), so I'm not entirely sure how this is going to
      work out. I want to welcome everyone who has an opinion about the
      CBFFA's to voice it on the board, but I also want to see the voting
      and presentation ceremony completed on schedule, too. So at some
      point, we have to make a decision and stick to it. So far, we've
      gotten along pretty well by announcing a proposed idea, and if no one
      has any serious objections, we go with it. In other words, your
      silence is interpreted as approval, so this it your chance to speak
      now or forever hold your peace. The CBFFA's usually end up stirring
      up controversey every year, and I doubt this'll be any exception, but
      with your input we'll do our best to please as many people as we

      And just to give you a sample of what we're currently discussing at
      the moment (and to give fanfic authors an incentive to campaign to
      have their work nominated), the following is our preliminary list of
      categories for the 2003 awards:


      These categories would be open to *all* fanfic based on comics or
      adaptations of comics (movies, cartoons, TV, etc.):

      Writer of the Year
      Best Humorous Fan Fiction
      Best Serious Fan Fiction
      Best Fan Fiction Series
      Best New Writer
      Best New Character
      Best Romance Fan Fiction
      Best Horror Fan Fiction
      Best Adventure Fan Fiction
      Best Humorous Crossover
      Best Serious Crossover
      Fanfic Hall of Fame
      Writer Hall of Fame

      These would be the specialty categories:

      Best X-Men Fan Fiction (For the best story based on characters
      appearing in the X-Men comics and their satellite titles.)

      Best X-Men Movie/TV Fan Fiction (For the best story based on
      characters appearing in the X-Men movies, cartoons, TV shows, etc.)

      Best Marvel Fan Fiction (Best story based on characters who do *not*
      appear in the X-Men comics or X-Men adaptations. Comics and comics
      adaptations are elgible.)

      Best Gotham Fan Fiction (Fan fiction based on characters appearing in
      either the Batman family of comics or adaptations, e.g. the Batman
      movies or "Birds of Prey".)

      Best DC/Vertigo Fan Fiction (Fan fiction based on characters from all
      DC comics or DC comics adaptations, excepting the Batman family.)

      Best Independent Fan Fiction (Stories based on characters from all
      comics or comics adaptations outside of DC, Vertigo, and Marvel.)


      Like it? Don't like it? Come to the Discussion Board and tell us
      all about it. We've already discussed a few alterations to this
      list, so what you see here is by no means set in stone. See you

      --Mike Smith
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