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FIC: How to be Insensitive NC-17 (Logan/Rogue) 1/1

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  • cschoolgirl
    Title: How to be Insensitive Author: cschoolgirl Email: cschoolgirl70@yahoo.com Rating: NC-17 (Logan/Rogue) Summary: The expression on your face, told me
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2002
      Title: How to be Insensitive
      Author: cschoolgirl
      Email: cschoolgirl70@...
      Rating: NC-17 (Logan/Rogue)
      Summary: The expression on your face, told me
      Maybe, you might have some advice to give
      How to be insensitive.
      Disclaimer: Fox and Marvel have all the real power.
      Archive: Lists. Ask, I'll say yes.
      Feedback: That would be nice, I will even read
      Author's Notes: Thanks to Rach, Victoria, DD and Jamie
      for the beta. All mistakes made after they did their
      magic are the fault of my computer, it is old enough
      and should know better.

      Rogue knew by the time they reached the mansion. He
      was different; something had changed. There was a
      remoteness in his eyes when he looked at her. The
      casual way he walked off the Blackbird didn't help.
      He was too calm.

      He should be yelling at her. Telling her what a
      stupid kid she was. How she didn't know her ass from
      a hole in the ground. Asking her what the hell she
      thought she was doing. But he didn't. His coolness
      toward her made her uncomfortable.

      She thought that their friendship was solid. He was
      always there for her. Lately, she found that she
      wanted more than his friendship. After last week, she
      was sure that he was finally seeing her as more than a
      kid. She tried hard to make her interest in him
      apparent, but he ignored all of her attempts at


      Logan stood under the hard spray of the showerhead,
      letting it run in rivers down his back. He would have
      finished before the others, but he stayed, trying to
      let the water wash away the need. The need to stay
      calm, to be focused. The need to show her it didn't

      That wasn't right. If he let that run down the
      drain, he would still be left with a different need.
      The need to touch her, to be with her. The need to
      show her how much it did matter.

      He had watched for two years as she pushed hard to
      gain control of her mutation. They were friends, and
      he'd coached her through setbacks, disappointments and
      failures, while she learned. The past month she had
      an amazing string of breakthroughs, resulting in last
      week's final success.

      She'd come running into the garage and flung herself
      at him, all smiles and happy tears. He'd scarcely
      understood a word she said as the explanation came out
      in a rush. He found that he enjoyed the feel of her
      supple body pressed against him. Caught up in the
      moment, he kissed her, a slight brushing of lips.

      It was his undoing. The desire in her eyes and his
      own body's rising demands forced him to pull back and
      call her "kid." He congratulated her and took her out
      for dinner, kicking himself the entire time for
      wanting to take advantage of her happiness.

      He worked hard all week to quash the lust that the
      sight of her brought boiling to the surface. Every
      small gesture, every touch, no matter how
      insignificant, made him want her. She was his friend,
      and he wouldn't ruin that because he couldn't control
      his raging libido.

      He thought he had it under control. Until earlier
      this evening, when she followed him into that
      building. His need for her mutated and twisted into
      something new.

      She'd done it before, followed him into dangerous
      situations. She was trained to do it, but didn't yet
      have enough experience to carry it out. Each time,
      the seasoned warrior berated the green recruit for
      foolish actions.

      This time, however, there was a difference. It
      wasn't a simple matter of the veteran looking after
      the inexperienced. He let it become something more.
      He wasn't stupid, not by a long shot, he knew what it
      was. He had allowed himself to fall hard and fast for

      He made a decision by the time he shoved her into the
      jet. He would not allow his feelings to get her hurt
      or worse. In his mind the best way to do that was to
      cut any attachments for her.

      If he could make it the next couple of days.... If
      not he might need to leave....


      Damn it, didn't the hot water in this place ever run
      out, Rogue wondered. She'd spent the last half an
      hour pretending to clean her locker while waiting for
      Logan. He had to walk past the door on his way to the
      elevator. She only knew of one other way to get

      Sticking her head out to check, she saw him take the
      first step onto the waiting elevator. She made a run
      for it, barely dodging the doors. The second they
      closed she began her apology.

      "I'm so sorry. I should know better by now. I've
      been on enough missions. You can take care of
      yourself. You don't need me to go rushin' in after
      you. I swear I will do better next time."

      She expected at least a grunt in response to her
      admission, but instead received a chilly gaze and a
      growl. It didn't alarm her that he growled--he
      growled at everybody. It was the tone that bothered
      her. This wasn't the tolerant sound she always got,
      but the warning shot he gave strangers. That worried
      her. What if she was wrong about his change of
      feelings for her?

      She trailed after him, through the kitchen as he
      retrieved a beer on his way to the patio. He ignored
      her as he sat down, propping his feet on another chair
      and taking a swig of beer.

      "So is our friendship over? Did I fuck up one too
      many times?"

      "Look, Rogue, I don't care what you do. You've been
      trained. You're an X-Man."

      That was not a good sign. He never called her Rogue,
      not when they were alone. At this rate he would be
      challenging Bobby for the title of Iceman. It took
      her a minute to form a response.

      "Tell me how you do that. Maybe you can teach me?"

      "I don't know what the hell you're talking about."

      "Maybe you can give me lessons on how to be

      She saw it then, just a flicker in his mask. That
      passion-filled glance gave her the opening. He wanted
      her. She studied him a moment longer before stepping


      Logan was startled when she swung a leg over his,
      straddling his hips. Her suddenness made him spill a
      little of his second drink of beer on his chin.
      Setting the bottle down, he grabbed her hips to lift
      her off of him.

      Her hand was already threaded through his hair,
      pulling his head back until he was staring up at the
      heavens. He felt her warm, moist breath on his neck.
      In a painfully slow move, she traced the trickle of
      beer up his neck to his chin with her tongue. His
      hands tightened around her hips when she began to
      carefully suck any residue of the amber liquid from
      his lower lip.

      "Mmmm....Logan and Molson, always an intoxicating
      mixture. Good enough to make a girl come."

      His facade of indifference slipped away, and he let
      his body respond as she purred into his ear. He
      ground her down onto his erection, listening to her
      whisperings of want, need, and love. Her soft voice
      turned to hot breathy moans and pants captured against
      the tender skin under his ear.

      The hand on his shoulder and the one on the back of
      his head tightened demandingly. He was immersed in
      her scent when she leaned in to let her breasts rub
      against his chest. He needed her, needed inside her
      more than he had needed anything in the last eighteen

      She was rocking into his hips, making his cock throb
      and ache. He couldn't tell any longer if that was the
      sound of her blood pounding in his ears or his own.
      Unfortunately for him, she chose that moment to slide
      her teeth along the jugular vein in his neck, sending
      him over the edge.

      He watched in a daze as the stars plunged across the
      sky. Gritting his teeth, he pushed his hips up to
      meet her body. His hoarse grunt was met with her loud
      moan. He held her tight as her body trembled and then

      Resting his cheek on her head, he marveled at the
      young woman that made him act like a novice. A two
      minute novice at that. He laughed softly into her

      "What's so funny, sugar?"

      "Not acting so insensitive now, huh darlin'?" He
      could feel her smile against his shoulder.

      "Nope, not at all." She pulled back to look at him.
      "Now, what are we going to do about us?"

      He was struck by how beautiful she was, still flushed
      from her exertion. Not to mention how coyly she hid
      behind her hair after her domineering performance.

      "I think we might be able to work out a compromise
      upstairs." He moved to cradle her, then stood up and
      headed back inside. "And Marie, no more following me
      into fights."

      "Well, sugar, you are going to have to do a lot of
      persuading. I hope you're prepared for that."


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