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  • Linda J
    Title: Brotherhood? Ha Author: Linda J. Email: adnilnosnhoj@yahoo.com Feed back: is all ways nice. Permission to Archive: Just let me know so I can tell my
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2002
      Title: Brotherhood? Ha
      Author: Linda J. Email: adnilnosnhoj@...
      Feed back: is all ways nice.
      Permission to Archive: Just let me know so I can tell my friends.
      Category: General Humor Rating PG for language
      Disclaimer: All these characters belong to Marvel comics and Fox. I
      only get to take them out once in a while and play with them if I
      promise I won't break them.
      Summery: Sabretooth and Toad never could stand each other.

      "There you are" Toad exclaimed once he reached the cliff where
      Sabretooth had perched himself. Of course the cat-like mutant had
      picked the hardest place to reach on the island. He had been there
      sense morning laying on his back with his arms folded under his head
      looking dreamily up into the sky.
      It really pissed off the amphibinoid off that once again he had been
      sent out to find the shaggy beast very much the same way a boy is
      sent out to fetch the family pet that had once again strayed from the
      "Why did you turn your pager off again? You know that pisses off the
      ol' man." Toad huffed as he made his way toward Victor Creed.
      Creed said nothing. Instead, he continued to gaze at the clouds
      which floated by.
      Toad rolled his eyes in disgust. Where in hell did Magneto find this
      rocket scientist, Toad could only imagine.
      "He sent me to get you." Toad continued, "He has another job for
      you." Still, Sabretooth pretended to hear nothing. Toad then got
      closer to Sabretooth and leaned over his head, blocking his view.
      "Magneto..." he spoke slowly. He hoped that if he spoke more clearly
      that maybe even this big dumb jack ass would understand. "Wants you
      to report to him...so he can explain what you are to do next." `There
      now surely even a child would understand THAT.' Mortimer thought to
      Once more however the felinoid gave no reply.
      "Victor...Victor Creed..." The amphibinoid started singing
      Sabretooth's name just to annoy him.
      "I know you can hear me...I know you understand everything you are
      saying..." Toad took great joy in treating Victor as if he were
      stupid and he knew he could get away with it too.
      Magneto had made it clear that under no circumstance was one member
      of the brotherhood allowed to kill another. And this rule everyone
      in the brotherhood stretched to its limit.
      Keeping that in mind, Sabretooth did however figure out his own way
      of getting even. He knew just how to piss this little green bastard
      off, just like he knew how to piss off Mags. That way he could still
      remind these people that they didn't really control him.
      True, he was willing to cooperate, but only if and when it suited
      So the game continued. He waited a good minute or so before he
      seemed to come out of his trance. He looked up into Toad's
      eyes. "Hay Wart...Do ya believe in destiny? I mean...do ya think
      there is a purpose to all this?" Toad was shocked. He straightened
      his posture while Sabretooth went back to cloud watching.
      "I don't know." Mortimer finally spoke in a timid voice.
      Creed took a deep breath and spoke thoughtfully "I believe that there
      is somethin' to this *destiny*. I don't see how we just happen to
      come up this way and it all be fer nothin'."
      "You mean our mutation." Toad offered.
      Victor shook his head and continued. "Yeah, but also how we ended up
      on this island together and everything." His words trailed off as the
      felinoid once more looked up in the sky with a deep and solemn look
      on his face.
      Toad found himself pondering as well. Not so much on what Victor had
      said, but on the fact that is was Victor who had said it!
      "Is this what you do, Victor?" Toad's British accent gave his
      conversation a touch of class. "Spend the time pondering the
      mysteries of life?"
      Sabretooth nodded his head as if to say, 'Yeah...Why wouldn't I'
      "All the time. Don't you?" He confused to his smaller and younger
      partner in crime.
      Toad was now beginning to feel somewhat shallow. "Not...really." he
      quietly muttered.
      The two men were silent for a few awkward moments. Taking turns
      looking at each other and their surroundings. Then Sabretooth added
      one last thing.
      "Oh, by the way Wart..." and with astonishing speed Sabretooth
      grabbed Toad's leg and flung him over the edge of the cliff. "That's
      fer disturbing me!"
      Creed could hear the little green man yelling and cussing all the
      down. When Vic finally got up to stretch, he looked over the edge
      and saw that Toad was dangling from the branch of a tree by his
      `Guess I'll go see what the ol' man wants.' He stretched once more
      and yawned a lazy roar. `No point in biting the hand that feeds me.'
      He noticed that Toad had made it to the bottom without harm. `Damn.
      Well maybe I'll have better luck next time.'
      -THE END
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