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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 7c/12

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    **** Disclaimer in Part One****** A/N: Thank you to everybody who s had a kind word, a suggestion, or any general thoughts on this story. It s a lot of fun
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      **** Disclaimer in Part One******

      A/N: Thank you to everybody who's had a kind word, a suggestion, or
      any general thoughts on this story. It's a lot of fun to write, and
      I'm glad people are enjoying it.

      Previous installments can be found on FF.Net under PearlyJammer


      Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

      Minerva McGonagall was a sly witch indeed. Her keen intellect and
      quick tongue made her a match for nearly any wizard or muggle alive.
      What was often overlooked was her well-hidden mischievous streak. In
      her hay day, Minerva had been the rebel rouser or Gryffindor. This
      particular characteristic had led her to follow a hunch she'd felt
      from short screenings of the comings and goings of the Hogwarts four
      while they were in America.

      Albus had shared clips of the trio as it pertained to Minerva's
      position of head of house. And because he had wanted to see how the
      old girl reacted to Severus' hauling the Head Girl out of bed in the
      middle of the night. Dumbledore enjoyed the look on her face, and the
      shock in her eyes as she viewed the men's machoistic display over who
      was doing what with the young women. Seeing Severus Snape with a
      tail was a rare treat indeed, and something she was sure to goad him
      for in the years to come.

      Despite speculation, the two got on quite well in their own way.
      Minerva had taken a young Severus under her wing during the man's
      early years at the magical school. His defection to the dark lord
      had been a hard blow to accept. Snape turning spy for Dumbledore
      against the death eaters had held their bond together by a thread,
      but now, over a decade later, Minerva found it hard to completely
      forgive Severus. It was a strained relationship but they made it
      work. And strained or not, Minerva still loved to rag on Severus
      about a multitude of things. The latest tape from Dumbledore gave
      her enough material to taunt Severus with for the next century.
      Naturally, Minerva couldn't resist the temptation to goad him at

      The head of Gryffindor took a dash of flu powder and sprinkled it in
      the fireplace of her private quarters. "Severus Snape in America"
      she said, as she stepped into the flames.

      A few moments later, she stepped out of the fire and into a dark
      room. Snape didn't appear to be in his quarters. Casting `lumos'
      Minerva examined the different muggle articles in the room. A
      strange clock that appeared to be plugged into the wall and cast a
      blue light, the modern looking bed without any curtains on it, and
      finally her interest settled on the tablet of paper and a pen on the
      nightstand. Minerva hadn't had much to do with the muggle world
      since her own entrance into Hogwarts. She'd taken muggle studies in
      her latter years, but hadn't seen a pen in ages. It interested her
      greatly. She sat on the bed and picked up the pen and paper.
      She clicked the cap off of the pen and brought it too her mouth as
      she would before writing with a quill. Unfortunately she didn't
      remember the whole concept of built in ink until a few drops dripped
      onto her tongue. She quickly threw down the pen and stomped into the
      bathroom where she conjured up a cleansing spell to rid herself of
      the black menace in her mouth. As she was checking her work, the
      door opened and a very weary Snape strolled into his chambers.

      "I was wondering where you'd gone off too. Perhaps to haul Miss
      Granger out of her bed again" the old witch said with a stone face.
      The glimmer in her eyes betraying her true feelings.

      "Bloody Dumbledore, I should have expected something like this."
      Snape groaned.

      "Well, if you weren't manhandling one of my students at such an
      inappropriate hour, then I wouldn't be here."

      "Minerva, it was hardly manhandling. And it was all her fault. She
      was being utterly impossible. Ruddy Gryffindor stubbornness."

      "Severus, you just didn't like it because someone stood up
      too you. You've never liked being told no or what to do. Even when
      you yourself were a student, you hated it when people didn't go along
      with your every word."

      "She defied my authority! She set a terrible example and is
      going to destroy my reputation here."

      "So the girl saw it, she and the girl are friends. Besides
      Severus, you're not as bad as you think you are. Now moving on to my
      real reason for being here, it pertains to Miss Granger as well- have
      you taken a likening to her Severus?" McGonagall asked point blank.

      "Good God woman, have you gone mad? The idea of me being
      fond of any student, especially a Gryffindor is preposterous." Snape
      finished hotly.

      "Deny it if you will Severus. I just want to make sure you
      are holding up alright here, and that my students are safe."

      "The Pryd girl is just about finished with the sheets, and I
      think we're close to having some sort of a spell we can use on that
      bloody thing. We could really use Albus' help though I'm afraid.
      Things would go quicker with him here."

      "Albus chose you because he knew you would get the job done
      Severus. And you will. Just carry on with your work, and let that
      brilliant mind of yours do its job. And let Hermione help you, Harry
      and Ron too. That's why they are here. Let them do their job, ease
      up a bit, even if it is just a smidge." Minerva told her young

      "Yes, well pardon me but I have got to get some rest. All
      those classes to teach, in a subject, which I'd rather not be
      speaking of. The history of American Wizardry is much more
      interesting than teaching about muggles going berserk and killing
      each other in a bloody war every few decades."

      Minerva laughed softly, "well, better me than you I must
      say. Take care Severus, and I hope to see you back home soon." she
      warmly said.

      "Yes, thank you Minerva, I dare say I would like to get this
      thing over with and get back to a place where people know how to
      serve a decent cup of tea."

      "Oh and Severus, Hermione's good for you."

      "Oh bugger off you old bat!" he shouted, but all in vain as
      Minerva McGonagall had already traveled back to Hogwarts.


      Elsewhere in the mansion, Rogue and Hermione who'd been
      unable to sleep since the event in the library had decided to take a
      walk on the grounds. Logan had gone down to the Danger room and took
      his frustration out on a holographic Snape. The three had been
      burdened with a lot that evening and were tired of caution and on
      Rogue's part, wanted to know the whole story. Hermione felt it her
      duty to inform the girl, the target of the entire plan.

      "They're after you Rogue. The people we're here to protect you
      against. They're evil and they need you, and we don't know why."
      Hermione finished up.

      "Me? What the hell? Why are people always after me! Damnit, I
      already went through this once. Level with me Mia, what is it this
      time. Is it because of my skin?"

      "It's because of who you are, and your mutation has something to do
      with it. You're half Dementor. Don't take this the wrong way, but
      dementors are evil creatures with no feeling who suck the souls out
      of people. The haglets, the people after you are a breed of
      Dementor, only worse. They want you because you share some
      similarity with them. You're half dementor Rogue. It doesn't make
      you a bad person, you are what you are."

      "You just said they're evil fiends who suck the life out of people.
      That sounds pretty damn bad to me Mia." Rogue said angrily.

      "Look, there's no use getting upset about this. It's just what is
      and they want you. You'll deal with this better if you're calm.
      That may sound cold, but we need to keep our wits about us" Hermione
      burst out, she caught a look at Rogue who was suddenly very still.

      "What is it?"

      "Run. Run now!" Without a backwards glance the two young women
      sprinted back towards the mansion.

      The hooded figures advanced slowly on the girls, their presence
      striking fear into the very air. Six figures closed in on their prey
      and two more emerged from the shadows blocking the door to the
      castle. Bindie, the strongest immobilized Hermione with a hard punch
      to the side of the head. Rogue ran to her side and was quickly
      dispatched of by Civ.
      A look into the terrible face of the haglet was enough to paralyze
      her with fear. This wasn't Sabertooth, or Magneto, or any foe she'd
      ever encountered. This was pure evil, and she was powerless to do
      anything. A shot in the arm, caused Rogue to pass out and the two
      girls were dragged away by the powerful haglets.


      An insistent series of knocks awoke Severus Snape hours
      before his alarm clock was set to go off. Without throwing a robe on
      he answered the door.

      "Sir, Hermione's not here. We found this outside in the
      yard." A white faced Harry said as he presented Hermione's wand.

      "Rogue is gone too, Logan has gone to look for the girls."
      Ron announced, as pale as his best friend.

      "Professor Xavier wants you right away, and he gave us
      instructions to get Dumbledore and McGonagall." Harry said in a
      hollow voice.

      Snape conjured clothing and practically ran to the
      headmaster's office.

      "Please get her sir. Don't let them get her." Ron pleaded
      to his least favorite teacher.

      "With Dumbledore and McGonagall we won't fail Weasly. I
      assure you," he told the boy with a deep sincerity. "Get the others,
      we haven't got much time."

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