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FAN FIC: Cry For Mercy NC-17 ch14

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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMERS AND SUCH ARE IN CHAPTER 1 The shcools been accused of terrorism, the FoH is on the rampage, and Sabretooth s playing nice, or is he?
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
      The shcools been accused of terrorism, the FoH is on the rampage, and
      Sabretooth's playing nice, or is he?

      *************CONTAINS RAPE/MURDER SCENE**********

      CHAPTER 14

      Sherry awoke to Mystique softly moaning; she was not aware however,
      that Mystique was doing it deliberately.
      She quickly pulled off the blanket she had over herself and reviled a
      loaded pistol.
      "Don't move!" She ordered as she cocked and pointed the gun at the
      mutant, though Mystique could easily read Sherry's inner turmoil from
      watching her facial expressions.
      "Just…lie still." She seemed to be just as concerned for blue mutant
      stranger as she was afraid of it.
      "Don't shoot…I'm unarmed." Mystique joked in a raspy voice.
      Sherry didn't laugh.
      "Look Sen…um er, what ever you are!" Sherry spat angrily as she tried
      asserting herself only to have Mystique abruptly interrupt her.
      "WHO…" Mystique harshly corrected the woman though her voice was
      still weak and shallow. "…Whoever you are. I'm STILL a person Ms.
      Brown. Or is that reputation you have as a mutant sympathizer a load
      of bull shit."
      Sherry's face turned red with anger.
      "There's a difference between mutant sympathizer and accomplice to a
      federal crime." Sherry snapped at Mystique as she kept her aim on
      It was Mystique's turn to show an angry face; she tried to slowly
      raise herself up and prop her self on the head board.
      "Well if that mutant registration law passes Ms. Brown, being a
      mutant would BE a federal crime!"
      For a moment the two women just quietly stared at each other; waiting
      to see what the other would do next.
      Sherry knew the ball was in her court she considered her options
      She knew she could just reach for the phone right there and then and
      give this problem to another agent. She could call the authorities
      and have this imposter sent away to prison for life or possibly to an
      even worse fate.
      But deep inside Sherry did in fact care and respect the rights of
      mutants. As a teenager, she witnessed first hand what a school full
      of `normal' kids could do to someone who mutated into what they
      dubbed as a freak.
      "Where is Senator Kelly?" Sherry wasn't going to beat around the bush
      any longer.
      "Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean for all I know," Mystique could
      mingle truth with lies better than a used car salesmen.
      "Just like his daughter he couldn't live as a mutant either. He came
      to us for help, but at the last minute Kelly chose to jump off a
      100ft cliff rather than live as a mutant under an alias in a foreign
      Of course Mystique had no intention of telling Ms. Brown about her
      involvement with the Senator's abduction or that Kelly's mutation was
      artificially created by her great and fearless leader Magneto.
      "How do I know Senator Kelly wasn't pushed of the cliff?" Sherry
      wondered suspiciously.
      "You'll just have to take my word for it, Ms. Brown." Actually
      Mystique wondered that herself.
      Sabretooth was famous for killing everyone he had contempt for.
      Mystique knew Magneto was unusually angry at the big dumb jerk after
      the Senator's demise and had gone as far as to lock him in Kelly's
      cell temporarily.
      Sure Sabretooth may have bragged to her and Toad about the Kelly
      having the tightest ass he ever fucked but once Magneto told him he
      could not keep Kelly around as his bitch, Sabretooth had no real
      reason to want to see the Senator live. For all she knew Sabretooth
      had lied to her as well. Maybe he had shoved him off the cliff maybe
      he didn't.
      But none of that mattered now. What mattered was convincing
      this "normie" that she was a friendly mutant, a trust worthy mutant,
      a "you can leave you babies with me" mutant.
      "My name is Raven by the way." She knew her code name "Mystique" was
      much too cloak and dagger to make her sound wholesome and pure.
      Sherry continued the quasi interrogation.
      "So, what happens when the Senator's body is washed ashore? Wouldn't
      that blow your cover?"
      "I'm only supposed to stick around long enough to kill this bill.
      After that is accomplished…Kelly disappears, end of story." Mystique
      was no one's fool; she knew how to say just enough to make it sound
      interesting without saying much at all.
      Mystique then bravely spoke up. Her voice was still raspy, but it was
      getting stronger as she continued to speak.
      "Look, Sherry, shoot me or don't shoot me; call the damn CIA, or
      SHIELD or whoever you have in mind but one way or another this stand
      off has got to end." She spoke plainly and freely.
      "I only want to see the world as a safer place to live in and to see
      other mutant mothers raise their children with out fear of having
      them taken away from her or worse. By letting me continue on as
      Senator Kelly, just maybe we can bring peace to the world before the
      war even gets fully started. That's all I'm asking from you."
      Sherry quietly sat thinking about the whole matter once more, before
      deciding her next move.
      Slowly she lowered the gun and asked the blue mutant one more
      question. "Can you turn yourself into anything?"

      The two men quietly walked toward the kitchen.
      "So, Sabretooth what do you like to do in your spare time?" Scott
      wasn't expecting the giant's answer to be so drab and blasé.
      "I like to listen to music." Sabretooth spoke in a deep subtle
      voice. "Watch TV a lot. And I go to the movies when I can."
      Sabretooth nodded his head a bit as they walked along, remembering
      the things that he found interesting. "Been to a couple of Broadway
      plays;" Then for some odd reason he then got off subject.
      "For a while Mags kept trying to improve me, make me into something
      he could show off to his friends I guess. I think he saw himself as
      some sort of lion tamer or something." He chuckled a bit, mostly to
      himself. "It didn't take him long to see that I ain't nobody's pet!"
      He then returned to the conversation's original topic.
      "I never could deal with ballet or opera, especially opera!"
      Sabretooth shook his head emphatically. "Every now and then Mags
      would drag me into a museum…" Sabretooth paused for a moment as he
      suddenly seemed to recall something special to him. "Now that I think
      of it museums are pretty sweet, I guess I like going to those too."
      Scott quickly glanced up at the felinoid's face and noticed that
      there was a soft glow in Sabre's eyes that he was sure he had never
      seen before.
      "Strange; I would have thought you were more into the bar scene."
      Scott half way suggested as they walked on.
      "I only go to bars when I'm on a pussy hunt. Normally they're too
      noisy and they never have enough exits. Shit, and there ain't nothing
      that stinks worse than a damn drunken human." Sabretooth made an ugly
      face as he scrunched his nose as he recalled the smell.
      "Besides I'm too tall to play pool or even pinball right and usually
      I just end up breaking the fucking dartboard. And it's not like
      anyone ever just wants to sit down and *talk* to me."
      They walked into the kitchen low and behold Jean was sitting at the
      table facing the door. Her eyes were closed as she gently rubbed her
      temples. She obviously was fighting to keep a headache from coming on.
      She opened her eyes the moment she heard Sabretooth's voice, and
      instantly gave him a disgusted look.
      "Your `friend' is awake!" Jean grossed at Sabretooth as she stopped
      rubbing her temples and began pressing the bridge of her nose with
      her fingers instead.
      "Toad made it, huh?" Sabretooth seemed almost pleased with the
      news. "Good for him."
      "Mmmm" Jean responded though no one was too sure what she meant by it.
      Sabretooth went looking for a mug and poured himself a cup of coffee
      while Scott went over to his fiancé and started to rub her
      shoulders. "Was he any trouble?" he softly asked her.
      Jean shook her head. "He's trying to be slick and make us think he's
      still out, but he doesn't know that I did a quick mind probe on him
      just a while ago."
      Sabre took a seat across from her and grunted roughly, "It ain't
      right that you TPs can just jump in and out of people's heads without
      them even knowing about it."
      Jean looked sternly at him. "TPs?" she asked seemingly offended by
      the term.
      "Yeah, telepaths." Sabretooth informed her right before he finally
      took a sip of his coffee. "Oh yeah!" He cleared his throat after
      gulping the first sip down. "Now this is some ruthless coffee!" He
      grinned and took another sip.
      "Well Sabretooth," She angrily snapped at him. "Is it any worse than
      you tearing your claws into people's throats?"
      Sabretooth didn't seem bothered by her remark in the
      slightest. "Least my victims know I'm there." He pointed out to her
      as he happily took another sip from the coffee mug, never taking his
      eyes off of her. He then changed the subject.
      "So tell me doc, when can I see the Wart?"
      Jean glanced up at Scott and gave him an uncomfortable look, he
      didn't need to read HER mind to know what she was thinking.
      "Maybe later;" Scott answered for her. "But first you need to talk to
      Mercy and there's one more thing Sabretooth, we need to give you some
      jobs to do around the mansion."
      Sabretooth seemed to be happy about being given chores. He looked up
      at Scott who was still standing behind Jean and spoke up in a cheery
      voice. "Jobs huh? Alright, who do you want me to off first?"
      Scott couldn't believe he and the felinoid were having this
      He nervously cleared his throat and tried to use as calm a voice as
      he could muster. "There's no one we need or WANT you to `off'
      Sabretooth! I said jobs, meaning chores; you know like laundry detail
      and KP, those sorts of jobs. Not killing or mangling or even stalking
      Sabretooth was still willing to offer his expert services to
      them. "Ya sure?"
      "Yes, I'm sure." Scott insisted.
      "It's no trouble, Red-eye, really." Sabretooth continued.
      "No!" Scott's voice tensed.
      "Are you sure?" He still argued.
      "Positive." Scott said flatly.
      "I don't mind…" He happily mentioned.
      "NO!" Scott was getting angry with the feral's persistence.
      "Just letting you know I'm ready when ever you need my expertise."
      Jean felt a shiver go down her back while the villain sat so casually
      talking of his `expertise.'
      "I could even take care of Mystique if you like. Please?"
      It was then that Scott noticed the slight devilish grin riding on the
      corner on the felinoid's mouth.
      Scott began grinning himself.
      "I thought you and Mystique were lovers."
      Sabretooth shook his head as he finished swallowing the last of his
      coffee. "We have what you might call a love/hate relationship. The
      only time we can stand each other is when we wanna fuck each other."
      Scott's grin quickly disappeared. "Watch you language! There are
      ladies or children around here, got that?"
      Sabretooth just shook his head and groaned. He then even did
      something completely unexpected.
      "Sorry ma'am." He looked dead into Jean's eyes but she looked
      away. "I'll be more careful from now on."
      Jean's mouth dropped open. `Oh he's trying too hard!' She
      suspiciously thought to herself. But much to her surprise, Scott
      seemed to believe the villain's apology whole heartedly.
      For the first time she understood what Scott must have felt when
      Logan was around. `I don't like this.' She thought as she then
      realized the headache she had been trying to avoid had found its way
      in after all.

      The two mutants walked up to the history classroom door and peered
      through the window just as Mercy was handing out the history test
      Storm had prepared for her morning class.
      Both men were standing outside of the classroom when they over heard
      John, aka Pyro try to pull a fast one over on Ms. Jones so he could
      get out of taking the test.
      "Ms. Jones, May I be excused this morning? I'm not feeling well."
      John whined.
      Little did John know that Storm had left a note on her daily
      itinerary warning any substitute about John's habit of looking for
      ways to get out of tests.
      "Ooooh, is that so John." Mercy stopped just short of his desk,
      holding his exam sheet in her hand. She put her other hand on her hip
      and looked sternly at the hypochondriac.
      "So, exactly what's wrong with you John?"
      A smirk crossed over John's devilish face. "Extreme sexual
      The class broke out in a round of chuckles and snickers but Ms. Jones
      just grinned devilishly back at John and handed him his exam sheet
      any way.
      "Well, in that case John, you'll just have to write with your other
      Both Scott and Sabretooth chuckled at her little come back.
      Once the situation was over, Scott then politely knocked on the door
      and opened it just far enough to pop his head in the room.
      "Ms. Jones…would you come here for a moment please?"
      Kurt, Kitty, Bobby and Rouge all made an `Ooooohh' sound together.
      Kurt even went so far as to ominously say, "Ms. Jones is in tro-ub-
      le!" The four teens watched Ms. Jones heading out the door to speak
      with Scott with evil grins on their angelic faces; that is until
      Rogue caught a glimpse of Sabretooth standing outside.
      Suddenly Rogue faced forward with a blank stare on her face as if she
      had seen a ghost.
      Bobby looked at her curiously. "What's wrong, Rogue?" he gently asked
      Marie turned around and hatefully whispered through her teeth, "It's
      "Oh." Bobby responded understanding what she must be feeling every
      time she saw that monster's face.
      Even though Sabretooth had not even tried so much as to molest or
      rape her, she still felt very much violated by him.
      But what even Bobby didn't realize was Rouge's loathing for
      Sabretooth came from how she had seen him nearly kill Logan when they
      riding through the Canadian Rockies. So regardless of the Statue of
      Liberty incident, Rogue would forever wish Sabretooth was dead. It
      was that simple.

      Mercy closed the door behind her. She was apparently happy to see
      Sabretooth. "So, Tiger I see you made parole."
      Sabretooth just gave her a rough abrupt grunt and gently nudged her
      with his fore-arm, carefully avoiding eye contact with her all the
      Mercy instantly recognized Sabretooth's gestures were very similar to
      something a pet cat of hers once did. She believed this was just the
      felinoid's way of returning a friendly hello.
      She saw his fore-hand and noticed just how much hair covered it. `I
      bet he's like this ALL over.' She hoped he was not telepathic or that
      he even had noticed her blushing.
      "This won't take long Mercy, but Sabretooth has a few things he'd
      like to say to you this morning." Scott then basically stepped back
      and waited for Sabre to meet his obligation.
      A moment or more passed with Sabretooth just standing inches in front
      of her gathering his thoughts, planning his words.
      He was hoping his apology to Mercy would go as smoothly and sound as
      believable as the one he just gave to Jean for practice.
      When he finally made up his mind to go through with the apology
      Sabretooth called upon his human traits to help him with this all too
      human ritual.
      His eyes finally focused on hers and as his dry lips parted, Mercy's
      heart jumped into her mouth. She had completely forgot he owed her an
      apology and wondered what sort of deep and thoughtful words this dark
      and mysterious man could possibly have for her.
      He licked his lips quickly before giving her his best and most
      sincerely sounding apology. "Sorry." He grinned for a second but
      quickly let it drop believing it only made him uglier.
      Then he thought to add, "Oh, and thanks for the threads."
      Mercy politely smiled and thanked him for his kind apology. "Well I
      do want you to know foo-foo is a goner; but thank you for the apology
      and…" she paused for a second to look at what he was wearing. She had
      to admit he even looked good in his plain tan colored pull over shirt
      and a pair of dockers black slacks.
      "I hope you liked the clothes I picked out."
      "Hey, for jailhouse duds, you did OK, Fluff." He joked.
      Suddenly she had an idea. "Jailhouse duds huh?" Mercy smiled
      mischievously. She reached out and swiped the upper most part of his
      shirt with her hand and instantly the shirt turned black every where
      her hand touched; she then swiped the shirt again just under where it
      had turned black, turning it white, then she went under the white
      stripe turning it black and so on.
      It only took a matter of seconds to give the front of his shirt three
      black stripes and four white stripes.
      Sabretooth looked down at his top and angrily growled. "Nice trick
      mutant. Now turn it back!"
      Mercy's secret plan had worked. "I will, if you promise not to
      destroy anymore of my things."
      Sabretooth's eyes narrowed and his teeth clenched. "You're lucky I
      apologized; you ain't getting a promise too!"
      Mercy huffed as if she was giving up. "Well, in that case turn around
      so I can get the back too."
      Sabre then twisted his upper body and pulled his shirt around as far
      as he could in order to see its back. Sure enough, the back was still
      solid tan. In his mind's eye he could just imagine how silly he must
      look. He dropped the shirt and gave her a cold menacingly glare. His
      growling began to worry Scott who had so far stayed out of the way.
      "I promise to change it back just as soon as you make your promise to
      me." Mercy confidently asserted herself.
      He swallowed his pride one more time. He put his hands on his hips
      and started shifting his weight from foot to foot looking around to
      see no one else might hear. "I…promise." He murmured through clinched
      and bared fangs.
      Immediately she changed his shirt back to its former solid
      color. "Thanks Tiger." Mercy gently smiled and patted his chest.
      Sabretooth just grunted and looked away from her, hoping the whole
      humiliating event was finally over.
      Mercy then excused herself back to her classroom and left them
      standing in the hall.
      "That was painless." Scott mused as he motioned Sabretooth to walk
      down the hall.
      Sabretooth gave no verbal reply instead he quietly thought to himself.
      `Painless for now.'
      They turned the corner and Scott stopped at the first door they came
      to. As Scott turned the door-knob to his own classroom, he asked the
      felinoid. "Do you think you can behave yourself around a classroom
      full of kids?"
      Sabretooth did a double take and he gave Scott a bewildered look.
      He suddenly recalled the so-called rumor he heard the day before
      about making him a teacher here.
      "I…I ain't no teacher." He whispered in shock.
      The truth was Sabretooth was proud to think someone saw him
      intelligent enough to actually teach, and he wanted nothing more than
      to prove to the world he was an intelligent man. He was also happy to
      think that all it took to win this frail over was say a lousy apology
      or two. Plus just maybe getting promoted to teacher would mean he
      could start having his ass kissed once and a while for a change.
      This was enough to make him forget all about plotting his revenge on
      Scott and Mercy.
      Then again becoming a teacher at mutant high meant he would have to
      do a lot more than be some one's slice n' dice machine, a lot more.
      He found himself torn inside.
      Scott smiled and patted the giant's left bicep. "All of us who teach
      here asked for the job. Forcing someone to teach a room full of homo-
      superiors would be cruel and unusual punishment; even for your
      crimes." Scott joked with a smile.
      "Just have a seat inside for now. We'll decide from there what do to
      with you, alright?"
      Sabretooth was relieved but then again a little disappointed.
      Quietly, he went into the algebra class as Scott followed behind.
      The kids froze the moment they saw him enter the room. Now more than
      ever Sabretooth wished he was teaching the class though no one would
      have guessed it by the way he grimaced and scowled at everyone
      looking at him.
      "Go ahead and take a seat in the back." Scott whispered as he passed
      by the felinoid and made his way to the front of the class wasting no
      time getting to work.
      "OK class, you should already have your homework out; turn to page 95
      in your books and start with equation #3."
      Though the students were a little startled by their visitor's
      presence they went along with their teacher's wishes and focused
      their attention on their studies. Sabretooth looked on with casual
      interest as he watched Scott teach his class.

      Call it coincidence, call it divine intervention, but as Logan came
      back from paying for his gas, he overheard the conversation a man was
      having on the pay phone that was by the station's entrance/exit
      "Yeah Rev. we put the package in a safe place. That Professor X won't
      know what hit him. hehe"
      `Well that's all I needed to hear.' Logan thought to himself.
      Just as the man hung up the phone, he felt his body being whirled
      around and his head slammed up against the phone. Logan pinned him up
      by his arms.
      "Alright, bub. You look like the plain and simple type, so I'll keep
      this plain and simple. What's in the package and where is it?"
      The man spit in Logan's face. "Fuck you, mutant!"
      "No, fuck you!" By this time however, there were two other members
      the FoH coming toward Logan; one had a baseball bat the other a
      switch blade.
      Logan detected their presence well before they were close enough to
      harm him.
      He head butt the guy he was holding knocking him out cold.
      Then just as the one with the base ball came close enough, *snkt* out
      came the blades.
      As the bat came toward his mid-frame he turned and sliced through it
      as if he was cutting through a stick of butter. He then he slashed
      its carrier's belly; not enough to kill but certainly enough to make
      the man wish he had stayed home.
      Suddenly Logan felt the irritating sensation of a measly 4" blade
      pierce his side. He looked down to see the wound had already healed.
      He may have laughed at this ridiculous scene had he not been so
      utterly pissed at these men.
      When the man saw how useless the knife was, he dropped it and tried
      to run backwards, only to trip and fall over his unconscious
      associate while the other FoH member who as bloody from the waist
      down, screamed and howled in pain as he rolled on the ground holding
      his intestines in.
      "Don't kill me! Don't kill me!" the man whimpered as Logan picked him
      up by his shirt collar and shook him around. "OK, your turn! Tell me
      what's in `the package' and where the fuck is it!?!" Logan had well
      run out of what little patience he possessed. "It's…it's…" the man
      hesitated as he looked around to see no one was coming to his
      rescue. "Look bub. Here's three very good reasons to tell me and tell
      me NOW!" And with that Logan stuck three of his adamantium blades
      under the man's chin.
      "Alright!" The man wailed. "Alright; there's an abandoned van parked
      along side the road not far from Xavier mansion's main gate. We
      loaded it up with explosives and its set to explode by remote. When
      the Professor drives passed it, we hit the button and boom!
      "Say g'dnight Gracie." And wham! Logan knocked him out cold as well.
      Logan then began reaching for the phone.
      `Need to call the school, they would know how get a hold of Charles.'
      But just then, Logan heard the distant sound of sirens and he saw the
      clerk at the counter talking franticly on the phone.
      `So much for callin' the school.' He thought to himself as he jumped
      on Scott's bike and took off in the direction of Xavier
      mansion. `Guess I'll be doin' this the hard way.'
      Just before leaving the gas station however, he rode over to the
      men's vehicle and punctured each of the car's tires. `That should
      slow em' down a bit.'
      He then began to think of a way he may contact the Professor.
      Suddenly he had the wildest thought.
      He recalled how the Professor was able to `read' people's thoughts.
      `It's a crazy idea but I got nothin' to loose.'
      *Hey Professor, if you c'n hear me, take a different route home.
      `…oh hell this is nuts! What am I thinking?' Logan's skepticism
      prevented him from finishing his mental call to Charles.
      Charles kept calm sitting alone in the back of the Rolls; Storm was
      an experienced driver.
      "Ororo," he spoke up in his gentleman like voice. "I think we should
      take back roads home this time, we'll use west entrance for a change."
      Storm glanced up into the rear-view mirror and gave the Professor a
      strange look. She knew the back roads would add at least ten minutes
      or more to their journey and they were already late enough as it was.
      But if there was one thing Ororo knew she could trust it was Charles'
      So without a word of protest, she graciously smiled and nodded her
      head. "The back roads it is."

      Logan had two choices, call the school and let them know what was
      going on or take care of the matter himself.
      Well actually he felt as if there was but only one choice. He drove
      the route Chuck would have mostly taken and hoped to find this
      abandoned van before Charles drove passed it.
      True he had hopefully stopped the gang of bigots sent to kill
      Professor X, but Logan didn't want to leave it to chance. There was
      always a possibility that another car load full of ass holes were
      already waiting on top of some hillside ready to punch the button.
      He was almost to the mansion's front gate when he spotted it.
      He slowed down the bike and quickly scanned the area and saw nothing
      suspicious. Healing factor or not, Logan knew his body wasn't meant
      to stand up to explosions.
      Carefully he walked over to the vehicle and took a look inside.
      Sure enough there were thirteen gasoline canisters in the back and by
      the odor they must have been full. `OK, so where's the bomb?' Logan
      asked himself. He carefully opened the driver's door to lift the
      hatch which would open hood. He found the hatch and popped it hoping
      there wasn't a backup trigger in the bomb to set it off the moment it
      was disturbed.
      He thought himself lucky to find the bomb sitting peacefully inside
      next to the carburetor.
      `Alright Sherlock; now what.' He turned his own sarcasm against
      He studied the bomb closely. It consisted of three sticks of dynamite
      wrapped up in duck tape and a couple of wires connected to a small
      LCD egg timer.
      `Oh, piece o' cake.' And without hesitation, *snkt* one blade sliced
      through the skin covering one of his knuckles.
      He cut the wire that went between the timer and the `cap' and that
      was the end of that.
      `Now just who the hell is behind this.' Logan began snooping around
      for answers. Now that he had the driver's door wide open the odor of
      the gasoline was beginning to clear. The more delicate and subtle
      scents of those who had recently been in the van were becoming more
      easy to detect. Logan quickly picked up the scents of two of the men
      he had just encountered at the gas station but then he was beginning
      to smell another scent; no two.
      They were older and had nearly faded away. One scent was completely
      baffling to him. For some odd reason the scent reminded him of the
      time he tried an order of fried frog legs. Obviously this had to be
      the scent of another mutant, someone he had never encountered before.
      The other scent however he recognized immediately.
      `Sabretooth! That son-of-a-bitch is still alive and working for
      humans now?' Logan seethed with anger. `He's no better than some two
      dollar whore.'
      He looked around for some clue as to who these people were and where
      they hell they came from but had no luck.
      Logan was so used to solving problems on his own, he never considered
      going to the x-men to help. As far as he was concerned he was taking
      care of Marie by looking out for the Professor.
      It was more his problem now then theirs.
      `OK, sense those fuckers I left back at the gas station haven't show
      up here, they're probably still there.' He thought to himself.
      He got back on his bike and headed back to the station. Sure he would
      have to stay out of sight, but even though he could not remember
      where he learned his skills, Wolverine was no match for a bunch of
      human radicals. He would find them, follow them, discover their nest
      and wipe them out. One at a time if need be until he reached the top
      It seemed to Logan that was the least he could do for the Professor.

      "Have we heard from DC yet Miss Perry?" Stryker politely called over
      the intercom.
      "No, Sir."
      "Hmmm; well has the team we sent to New York checked in recently?"
      Stryker seemed a little concerned that none of his contacts were
      reporting in on time.
      "No one has called in sir." She kept her voice at monotone level.
      "Well in that case, Miss Perry if they have not made contact with us
      in about an hour, let's give them a call ourselves."
      "Yes, Sir, I'll take care of that."
      "Very good Miss Perry." *click*
      Stryker went back to preparing his next speech. Disappointed in the
      Professor's interview he had left the television on to watch the
      day's news.
      At that moment XNN was talking about Senator Kelly's abrupt switch on
      the mutant issue and as they aired one of Kelly's more recent public
      statements, Stryker glanced up and saw Kelly's face.
      For just a second there seemed something odd about it, something that
      Stryker was certain he had never seen before. Something in the eyes,
      maybe, but he wasn't sure.
      At first he dismissed the feeling, but sub-consciously his mind would
      not let it rest.

      The Professor and Strom arrived home with out trouble.
      As they turned the corner of the back entry, they noticed Sabretooth
      was raking leaves off of the grounds while a group of boys were
      playing an energetic game of basketball.
      Forge was standing somewhere between the felinoid and the kids acting
      as both prison guard and referee. Just as the Rolls drove up coming
      into clear view, one of the boys accidentally threw the ball much too
      hard and it went sailing toward Victor, landing solidly on the pile
      of leaves he had just formed. Charles looked on with great interest
      to see what Sabretooth would do seeing his work disrupted.
      For a quick second or two the giant just stared at it and sighed. He
      picked up the ball just as Forge walked over to retrieve it.
      Sabretooth looked at Forge who was just out of grabbing reach and
      "Com'on give us the ball!" Victor heard on of the boys on the
      basketball court cry.
      Then *WHOOSH* he threw the ball toward the court. It didn't seemed
      that there had been time for him to take aim, but none the less,
      *SWOOSH* in the basket the ball went.
      "Woooooha" the boy then exclaimed while some of the boys even
      applauded the felinoid's feat.
      "Nice throw." Forge nodded his head approvingly then jogged back to
      the court. Sabretooth said nothing and went back to raking. `See
      Chuck, I can play nice when I want to.' He thought to himself not
      knowing that the professor had already begun developing a psi-link
      with his mind.
      Suddenly from within Victor's head came the Professor's voice. *Yes
      Victor, I see how hard you are trying to fit in.*
      Sabretooth dropped the rake from shock. `It's gotta be trick.' He
      *Its no trick Sabretooth, its my gift. Oh, one more thing,* Charles
      thought to remind the felinoid. *Don't forget you have an appointment
      with me this afternoon.*
      He put his hands on his hips. `Don't forget you have an appointment
      with me this afternoon.' He quietly mocked to himself in a childish
      Sure enough he heard Charles voice again. *I heard that.*
      The giant half-way grinned. He never had his alpha treat him so
      kindly before and yet still command so much respect from him as well.
      "I'll be there Chuck." He said aloud and picked up the rake to finish
      the job he had begun.

      Even though Sherry wasn't in the habit of setting aside years of
      agency training or plain old fashioned common sense, she decided to
      keep Mystique's secret after all.
      She took all of the Senator's calls and postponed all of his
      appointments so that the mutant could rest and have time to heal.
      Even though the bullet went right through Mystique's chest, it had
      missed the heart and arteries. She may not heal as quickly as her
      associate but she healed faster than any "normie" would.
      By dinner time she had recovered enough to walk on her own.
      Sherry walked into the bedroom with both her and Mystique's dinner on
      a silver serving tray she had found in the kitchen.
      Mystique was sitting at a desk Kelly worked at in his bedroom. She
      sat there quietly reading the book she found in the Senator's
      She was in her true form and apparently quite comfortable with her
      nudity. Mystique looked up from the page and smiled almost cheerfully
      at Sherry when she saw her come in the room. She held up the book to
      show her new partner in crime what she was reading.
      "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" Mystique mused. "I suppose
      this was his idea of a good bed time story."
      Sherry smiled back and placed the tray on the desk. On the tray there
      were two small Caesar's salads, two spinach soufflés and two glasses
      of red wine.
      Sherry then pulled the chair she had slept in the night before close
      enough to reach the food and sat down next to Mystique.
      Mystique lifted her glass to make a toast.
      "To world peace." The mutant proudly spoke.
      "Here, here." Sherry agreed and tipped her glass to Mystique's.
      They sipped their wine and quietly began to eat their dinner.
      Mystique was mildly surprised that she couldn't detect any poisons.
      She hoped Sherry had not slipped her something she wasn't familiar
      Mystique was beginning to feel comfortable with the "normie" once
      more. But before she was going to start planning on a trip to the
      Bahamas with Ms. Brown she felt that just maybe she should get to
      know her a little better. She kept on eating as if she was merely
      engaging in every day dinner time conversation.
      "Sherry there is something I would really like to know."
      Sherry swallowed her food and patted her mouth with her napkin. "What
      is it?"
      Mystique looked up from her plate and continued.
      "I'm curious to know what makes you different from other normies. I
      mean, what made you choose to be on our side in the first place."
      Sherry's continence dropped just a bit, as a sad and remorseful
      spirit came upon her.
      She went on to explain.
      "My friend's name was Kayla; she was fifteen when she discovered her
      voice could become a powerful weapon if she chose. Where some singers
      could shatter glass with their perfect pitch, Kayla could shatter
      brick and mortar.
      It took only one bad incident in choir one day to have Kayla marked
      for life as "one of them mutants"."
      Mystique noticed the atmosphere around the two women grew quiet and
      eerie as she listened to Sherry's story.
      "Everyone turned their back on her and those of us who sympathized
      for her were chastised and cast out ourselves. Kayla saw everyone she
      thought of as a friend abandon and alienate her completely; including
      those of us who she had known all her life."
      Sherry paused and bit her lip. She reached for her glass of wine but
      did not drink. She held it in front of her deciding to go on with her
      explanation first.
      ***rape scene***
      "But that was not where it ended for Kayla.
      The school's varsity quarterback himself invited her to the
      dance. Reluctantly she accepted and much to her surprise he showed up
      dressed in a tux and riding in a limo. He was the example of the
      perfect gentleman as she introduced him to her parents, but the image
      quickly wore off.
      There at the dance, he slipped a drug into her drink and within
      minutes she was out cold.
      When Kayla awoke, she felt someone's dirty underwear in her mouth and
      a thick leather strap wrapped several time around her head holding
      the gag in place.
      She was completely naked and lying on her belly across one of the
      metal benches in the boy's locker room, each of her limps were tide
      to a bench post.
      She felt the sharp stabbing pains of someone's cock being thrust into
      her virgin body.
      She struggled to break free, she desperately tried to scream but it
      was useless. The drug had made her dizzy and nauseas.
      She must have heard the laughs and taunts from those circling her.
      Each member of the football team took turns raping and sodomizing
      Kayla throughout the evening; even well after she had choked to death
      on her own vomit.
      Her nude body was found the next morning on the football field. She
      was sprawled out spread-eagle style on center the fifty yard line
      with the dirty pair of underwear still in her mouth.
      On the score board was posted: HOME TEAM 16 MUTANTS 0.
      Even though her attackers openly bragged about everything that
      happened to her no one was ever brought to justice."
      Sherry finally took a sip from the glass.
      "Only Kayla's immediate family attended her funeral. My parents were
      afraid if I went then the same might happen to me.
      I swore that I would never again stand idly by and watch that sort of
      injustice happen again."
      Mystique raised her eyebrow and calmly said, "So by aiding me you
      think that will clear your guilty conscience?"
      Sherry's chin stiffened. "No, actually I don't think anything will
      ever clear my guilty conscience."
      Mystique seemed to relate to that answer.
      It was about that time that both women realized they had lost their

      After dinner while most of the kids got to work on their homework
      assignments, Sabretooth was given permission to go to the gym and
      workout if he liked.
      "It's not like I need to do this ya know. I'll never get flabby." He
      bragged about himself. "I just like to challenge myself, that's all."
      "I understand your genetic composition would enable you to enjoy a
      variety of feline attributes Sabretooth, but you're forgetting that
      you're not the only mutant here with extraordinary physical
      qualities." Hank retorted in a friendly like manner as he sat on a
      work bench across from Sabretooth.
      At Jean's request, Beast had agreed to give Scott a break and guard
      Sabretooth for the evening.
      Both Hank and Victor wore the same gray colored sweat pants and both
      men were shirtless. And for what ever reasons they now found
      themselves in a kind of unofficial arm-curl contest.
      They both would lift and lower their eighty lbs dumb-bells watching
      and waiting to see who would start to break a sweat first. Who would
      groan or even worse give up first.
      Victor didn't take offense to Hanks words; rather he smiled with
      pompous content looking to see if the Beast may be beginning to

      Just then Storm, Mercy and Xia quietly walked into the gym. For a
      moment they watched the two men sitting across from one another.
      Beast and Sabretooth were the only ones in the gym. It seemed that
      the men were so focused on their curling duel that they were hardly
      aware of the women.
      "Oh darn; it's too crowded. I'll just come back later; see ya." Mercy
      hurriedly said and tried to escape but the other two women wouldn't
      let her leave.
      "Oh no, Mercy! You lost the bet, now it's time to pay up!"
      Xia grabbed her arm and wouldn't let go. Mercy began to fake a
      childish whimper. "Let's make it two outta three, please? Please,
      pretty please?"
      Neither Storm nor Xia listened to a word Mercy said.
      They nearly had to drag her over to one of the tread mills and set
      her on it. They set the machine on a low setting and reluctantly she
      began to walk in place.
      "Oh this isn't too bad." Mercy was relieved that her friends were
      willing to give her a little slack.
      "Oh this is just to warm you up, Mercy." Storm respectfully informed
      her with a sadistic smile on her face. "In five minutes, we're going
      to speed up the pace."
      Mercy stopped dead in her tracks and immediately her body began to
      move away from Storm. "Whoa." Mercy yelped and definitely jumped off
      the tread mill. "Can we at least wait until the guys are out of
      here?" Storm glanced at Xia who softly shook her head to say yes.
      "We'll wait here until they leave."
      So the three women just stood around watching Hank and Sabretooth
      continue their curling match.
      It didn't take long for the two men to feel three pairs of eyes
      staring at them. "Good evening ladies." Hank finally looked at the
      women and called out to them in his gentlemen's voice though
      continued to calmly curl his weight up to his chest and slowly lower
      it in front of him.
      Sabretooth was not going to be out done. If Beast could carry on a
      conversation while curling, then so could he. Sabretooth also looked
      to the women. "What are you ladies doing here?" The mutant's voice
      deep and sultry.
      Mercy instantly blurted out, "Enjoying the view!"
      Suddenly she felt Storm stomp on her foot to shut her up. "Ouch! Hey
      that hurt!" Mercy turned to give Storm an angry look only to see
      Storm was already giving her that same look.
      "Well, I was." She added half way under his breath as she rubbed her
      foot on the back of her other leg's calf.
      Hank decided to help Mercy off the hook with Storm.
      "It's good to see you here in the gym, Mercy. You know that regular
      exercise is very beneficial for the body, mind and soul."
      Mercy shook her head and raised her hands to express her emotion.
      "Hank, my philosophy is this: `No pain…no pain'!"
      Sabretooth joined in. "What's wrong Fluff? Don't you want to be in
      "What do you mean, Tiger?" Mercy then began motioning her hands up
      and down her own body's outline.
      "I AM in shape! Round's a shape!" She proudly replied.
      Sabretooth grinned then suddenly had an idea. "Hey Fluffy; let me be
      your trainer."
      Hank may have been a bit surprised by this request coming from such a
      notorious feral, but not enough to disturb his pace.
      "Why do you want to become Fluffy's, I mean Mercy's trainer?" the
      blue furred doctor was curious to ask.
      Victor thought about his answer for a moment.
      "I dunno. I guess `cause it's kind of like teaching." His answered
      seemed sincere enough.
      "Mercy, it may be an idea worth considering." Beast then turned his
      attention back to Sabretooth. "Would you want to give it a try right
      Victor grinned. "If you're ready to put down that weight I am."
      "Alright then, for Mercy's sake I will." But Hank didn't stop curling
      until he was sure Victor would stop too.
      "Um…fellows," Mercy interrupted. "Don't I get any say in this?"
      To which everyone in the gym immediately responded, "No."
      The two men used eye and body language to cue when they were ready to
      stop curling, and both men stopped preciously at the same time.
      Sabretooth then stood up and went and motioned Mercy to come over to
      She followed his instructions while the rest watched on to see what
      Sabretooth had in mind.
      He had her stand in front of him as he eyed her very carefully.
      "Tell me something. What would a marshmallow like you do if I was to
      come after you?" Sabretooth's words were cold and chilling.
      Mercy stared up into his felinoid face. "What would I do?" She
      repeated him. "I would stick my head between my knees and kiss my ass
      goodbye! That's what I would do!"
      Sabretooth didn't want to hear any jokes. He wanted to prove he could
      be a teacher too. He furiously roared at Mercy, making her jump back
      four or more inches.
      But she didn't cower. "Wow Tiger! Now that's impressive!"
      Then she added "Look nothing personal, but I won't fight. Let's just
      say I'm a conscientious objector. And the way I see it, if a
      situation comes up and I'm forced to make the decision to kill, if I
      haven't been trained to kill, even if my life is in danger, than I
      won't make the wrong choice out of conditioning. It's that simple.
      Plainly put, I would rather BE killed then kill. End of story."
      Sabretooth never heard such nonsense before. He finally cocked his
      head, bewildered that someone in these times would even think such a
      "Apparently you've lived one hell of a sheltered life, Fluff." He
      finally remarked in amazement. "But that ain't gonna get you out of
      running on the tread mill. Now hop on and I'll let you know when you
      can get off."
      Mercy's eyes became the size of saucers. "But…but…I just ate an hour
      ago. Isn't that unhealthy or something?"
      Sabretooth picked her up and carried her back over to the tread mill.
      He turned it on at a jogging pace from the start, while the rest just
      stood by trying hard not to laugh or even applaud the felinoid's
      Sabretooth kept Mercy on the mill for fifteen minutes, only to order
      her over to the stair master and after ten minutes there he started
      to show her how to lift weights.
      When her first workout with Sabretooth was over, could barely move.
      "Tell Charles I won't make it to this evening's meetings guys; I'm
      beat!" she moaned as she dragged her tired body to her bedroom.
      She filled her bath tub with hot water for a luxurious bubble bath.
      She lit the dozen or so candles she had around the bathroom and
      slowly sank her body beneath the inviting bubbles.
      She spent the rest of the night thinking about the felinoid and
      recalling how strong and powerful he was.
      `What I'm I thinking; guys like him don't go for gals like me.' She
      hopelessly thought. `Guys like him either go for cheerleaders or
      amazons.' Then she recalled what he had called her earlier. `Not
      marshmallows!' She mocked hurtfully.
      She allowed her head to slip beneath the water as she sulked.

      Everyone took their normal places around the table for that evening's
      meeting and discussed many things including Sabretooth's progress.
      Most everyone agreed how amazed they were to see the feral behaving
      so well.
      "He's a complicated man;" Charles advised those around the table.
      "When he first arrived he only wanted to live long enough in the
      hopes of returning to his old life style, and he was willing to jump
      through whatever hoops we set out in front of him to accomplish this.
      But I sense there has been a subtle change in him. It's not much and
      it could very well be a fleeting whim, but it's a beginning." Charles
      then thought to add. "He does however have the same basic wants and
      needs that we all have. The need to be loved and accepted not feared.
      He especially needs to feel as if he belongs somewhere. He is quite
      frankly no different than any of the students who come here looking
      for help and I believe if we continue to meet those needs through
      normal and appropriate methods we just may start to see Victor turn a
      new leaf. In fact," Charles hesitated for a moment to make sure he
      was making the right choice. "I want Victor to start attending every
      meeting that pertains to the schools functions starting tomorrow."
      "What about Toad?" Jean thought to ask. "Will he be given the same
      option to stay?"
      Charles shook his head. "Victor's case is unique. Toad has no reason
      to want to change or even to want to stay. We'll be turning him over
      to the proper authorities as soon as Hank as finished developing a
      serum he's working on to prevent Toad's body from producing any more
      toxic and solidifying flem."
      By the time the meeting was over all had made up their minds one way
      or another about Sabretooth becoming a part of their little family.
      That is all except for Mercy who once again missed the chance to pass
      judgment on the felinoid.

      Rev. Stryker had gone home that night angry and disappointed.
      To begin with, the New York team had completely fallen on their asses
      and let some wild mutant with ten inch steel claws stop them from
      doing their duty.
      What was even more aggravating was his men had tried to lie about it.
      At first they said it was a truck load of mutants who attacked them,
      but they couldn't get their stories straight.
      It was especially infuriating to know that it only took one lousy
      stinking scum bag mutant to screw up a well thought out plan.
      And the team from DC was doing no better.
      Senator Kelly had stayed at home away from public view all day. His
      assistant Ms. Brown was telling everyone he was ill.
      Stryker's man claimed that he saw no one go into his home, or left.
      `Perhaps then Kelly was hit after all.' Stryker suspected just maybe
      he hired an assassin with poor aim.
      "Keep watching; notify me the moment anything changes." He ordered
      his men.
      Then in the middle of the night as he lay in bed, he had an idea. He
      called his secretary at home awaking her from a sound sleep. "Miss.
      Perry, I want the most recent medical records on Senator Kelly
      delivered to my office ASAP. Tomorrow morning if possible."
      Miss Perry didn't seem disturbed in the least by her leader's rude
      and inconsiderate intrusion of her sleep.
      "I'll get on it right away, sir. Will there be any thing else?" her
      voice never fluctuated.
      "Yes, don't forget we need to find out more about the mutant who
      intercepted our plans for Professor X. I don't want some mutie
      thinking he go the best of us yesterday."
      "Yes, sir; anything else?"
      "No Miss Perry that will be all, thank you."
      William once again turned out the light to go to sleep, but his sleep
      never came.

      The next few days went by with nothing extraordinary happening with
      the exception of Hank who had grown tired of this game Mortimer was
      Following the meeting, Dr. McCoy went down stairs and used a most
      unorthodox technique to awaken Toad from his fake coma. He pinched
      Toad's nose so that he couldn't breathe.
      All of a sudden, the amphibinoid's eyes popped open and he jolted and
      bolted against his restraints proving he was no longer unconscious.
      "My stars and garters!" He said quite sarcastically. "Some people
      call me a miracle worker. But in this case we'll just say it was good
      ol' fashion know how."

      Sabretooth continued training Mercy but she never accepted the idea
      of exercise was a good thing. And she kept her infatuation with him a
      However, soon it seemed that everyone in the mansion, with the
      exception of Sabretooth could see she was love stricken with the
      Slowly many of the boys in school became more and more curious and
      awestricken by the giant's abilities as well as his horrific legend.
      The x-men on the other hand were spilt on their opinions of their old
      Scott was beginning to see the human sides to Victor and Charles was
      encouraged by his gradual progress he was making in psychotherapy.
      Jean and Storm on the other hand disliked the bastard and hated to
      hear Mercy sigh every time she saw him enter the room.
      They both sub-consciously kept a suspicious eye on him as did Rogue.

      Logan was anxious to put an end to these radical creeps who obviously
      had no respect for mutants. He wondered if they even had respect for
      ANY one's rights. He meticulously tracked them down and started
      watching them; waiting for them to make their next move in hopes of
      discovering who their leader was. These low life's had migrated to
      New York City as they faithfully waited for their next assignment.

      Senator Kelly was back to work, but where he had once been loud and
      out spoken showman for the media, he seemed camera shy and almost
      aloof and his assistant Ms. Brown protected and watched over him like
      a mother hen.

      William Stryker was growing more and more frustrated with the lack of
      progress his people were making.
      Senator Kelly's medical records had proved nothing. Only that he had
      been in the best of health just three months prior to this sudden
      change of heart he had. "We need to get something one this man;
      we've got to get him out of the way by one means or another Miss
      Perry." Stryker kept repeating over and over.
      And then there was this other problem, this mutant called Wolverine.
      Some made it sound as if this mutant was an army all by himself.
      `Yes Satan will empower his children in many ways, but he cannot give
      them victory.' The Rev. spoke these words of false prophecy to
      himself to help him sleep at night.
      Then there was a human boy, a foster child who was being taught to
      think of even his own parents as bed sores on the ass of humanity.
      Each day that Graydon spent with the humans he learned to hate
      mutants a little more.
      Graydon had never even met his father, or mother.
      Though in the back of his mind he remembered a beautiful woman with
      such lovely long black hair and unbelievable eyes watched him afar
      while he played in the yard of one of his many foster homes. But she
      wouldn't come close to him. She was afraid.
      `But this time it's gonna be different.' Graydon tried to assure
      himself. `Floyd and Connie are good people. They'll adopt me and then
      I can really call myself normal.'

      As much as Charles wanted to brag about Victor's progress to Magneto,
      for the sake of doctor/patient confidentiality he kept quiet. That is
      until the day we visited Eric who during their regular chess game
      bluntly came out and asked. "So tell me, how is Sabretooth enjoying
      his vacation?"
      Charles didn't seem surprised by his question in the least; it was as
      if he had anticipated it. "I see you haven't been completely cut off
      you're your spies." He spoke plainly to friend. They had known each
      other much too long for anything less. Charles then continued on.
      "Victor is getting re-acquainted with his human nature and beginning
      to learn to socialize with others. Before long, Eric he may very well
      be of little use to you."
      "He's proven to be of little use to me now!" Eric hissed resentfully.
      Charles seemed quite pleased to hear this.

      Toad was sent to solitary confinement pretty much as soon as he was
      able to be taken off the monitors.
      Sabretooth had come down to visit or more preciously gloat in front
      of Toad only once.
      He made sure Toad knew that he was still alive and well.
      Also he wanted Toad to know that he was coming back to the
      brotherhood when he was good and ready not a moment sooner.
      "Ya mean if the ol' man doesn't cause all the iron in your blood to
      explode first, right mate?" Toad was quick to mention.
      Sabretooth smiled. "Well maybe I'll have a little present for the ol'
      man when I see him again." And he winked as he put his claw up to his
      mouth to make the "shhh" sign.
      The serum Dr. McCoy had created was working, but they were waiting to
      make certain that Toad's body wouldn't develop an immunity to the
      drug after a while making him just as dangerous as Sabretooth if not
      more so.
      And finally the school for the gifted began to obtain permits and
      post adds in the local papers about their up-coming charity variety

      Only two weeks had passed since the x-men defeated Magneto and his
      Two weeks since most everyone involved in that fateful event had
      there lives so dramatically changed.
      Two long hard, and yet so fleeting weeks had passed with Halloween
      right around the corner.
      Most of the kids by now were getting used to seeing Sabretooth
      strolling down the halls or sitting in their classrooms from time to
      He ruled supreme as hall monitor and eventually was given the dubious
      tasks and title as *personal security monitor* other wise known as
      security police within the school.
      He still had no outward desire to become a member of the x-men nor
      was Charles even considering him to join.
      Deep down Sabretooth still had a wild feral streak that could too
      easily surface under the right circumstances like facing a life
      threatening situation.
      But at the mansion, his personality was changing for the better. He
      was much calmer and even becoming fun to be around. Deep down he was
      just another one of the kids. He was a playful and somewhat
      competitive individual who made everything around him a contest.

      One evening when it seemed that everyone was in the rec-room, Scott
      approached Mercy with an idea.
      "Mercy, the professor has offered Sabretooth the chance to join us
      for the Halloween party as a chaperone. Do you have somewhere special
      in mind that may need some adult's attention?"
      Mercy, who was in charge of the party's arrangements, eagerly nodded
      her head. "Yeah!" She happily chirped.
      "So Tiger," Mercy desperately tried not to let her feelings for him
      "I still need someone to guard over the candy bowl and considering
      how you're not all that keen on sweets you'd be perfect for the job."
      Victor was playing checkers with Morph at the time, and was about to
      win. He looked over to her from where he was sitting and quietly
      nodded his head. "As long as I don't have to dance."
      "Oh one more thing you have to wear a costume. Do you already know
      what you're gonna be?" Mercy thought to ask just as she was about to
      walk out the door.
      "Be?" He curiously asked.
      "Yeah, you know your costume. What is it?"
      Victor didn't give any reaction at first. He just stared at her and
      thought about his answer. "Isn't this scary enough?" He finally asked
      pointing his index claw at his face.
      Afraid she may have stepped on his toes, she tried to find another
      way to bring up the costume idea.
      "Halloween is all about showing a part of yourself that people
      normally don't get to see. Either something that you wish you were or
      something that you are but normally hide."
      "Yeah like this." Morph offered as an explanation by changing his
      form into a knight in shining armor.
      Victor ignored the shape shifter all together and shook his head. "I
      don't know about wearing some stupid costume; sounds really cheesy to
      "Oh, like this?" Just then Morph changed himself into a large slice
      of Swiss cheese. Sabretooth growled at Morph for a moment but not
      enough to cause alarm.
      Scott then joined in. "We're all going in costume it's like being a
      kid again. I'm going as The Lone Ranger and Jean's a Saloon dancer."
      "Do you want to know what I'm going as?" Morph energetically asked.
      "No." Sabretooth flatly said.
      "Well you have a couple of days to think of something." Mercy
      informed him.
      "Great." He said under his breath. Then he thought to ask, "Hey
      Fluff; what are you gonna be?"
      She shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know either. But I'm great at
      last minute ideas."
      "In that case, just come up with something for me too, will ya?"
      Mercy felt her heart soar.
      "You want me to think up your costume, Tiger?"
      Victor just nodded his head with a blank expression on his face. Then
      suddenly he stopped. "Wait! No tiger, no lion! No damn cats!" He
      asserted his self. "In fact, no animal period."
      Mercy seemed happy to comply. Then all at once she had a thought. Her
      eyes lit up and she gasped with delight. "I've got it! A wizard!"
      Sabretooth looked confused. "What made you think of a Wizard?"
      "I guess it was you're eyes. They're so deep and mesmerizing." She
      said dreamily.
      He then looked over at Clarice who was sitting in front of the TV
      combing her doll's hair.
      "Hey Clare." He called to her. "Think I'll make a good wizard,
      Clare looked up at him and smiled nodding her head.
      "What are you gonna be for Halloween?" Sabretooth thought to ask,
      wondering if she would finally be brave enough to speak to him in
      She put down her doll and brush and walked over to him. She made him
      bend down and whispered in his ear. "It's a secret."

      By the next afternoon Mercy found Sabretooth during her lunch break
      she had him in the art room to take down his measurements.
      "Wow, I almost need a ladder." She joked. "Hope I have enough
      material for this." She then thought to add.
      He stood there quietly allowing her to move his arms and legs around
      as if he were a doll.
      "One more thing." Mercy mentioned as she walked to her drawing easel.
      I could use a drawing of you so I can think of what the costume will
      look like before I actually start sewing it together." She sat
      herself down and took her pencil in hand.
      "Just stand there Tiger. It won't take long." And she began
      sketching. After a moment however she had a thought.
      `This might be your only chance, girl. It wouldn't hurt to ask, the
      worst he could do is say no.' She desperately tried to talk herself
      into asking him.
      Finally she found the courage to ask.
      "Umm…Tiger would you mind taking off your shirt?" She tried to keep
      herself from blushing.
      He put his hands on his hips and thought about it for a minute.
      "Why stop there?" Was his only reply.
      Sabretooth then walked to a stool and began to take off his boots.
      "Huh?" Mercy's mouth dropped. At first she wasn't sure what he was
      driving at.
      Then he stood up, and without the least bit of hesitation unfastened
      and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down.
      Mercy's eyes popped out of her head. Not from lust but from shock.
      `Oh god I hope none of the kids see us.' She thought. But she quickly
      rationalized this whole ordeal. She had drawn many nudes before, and
      there was nothing indecent about the human or in this case felinoid
      Mercy was actually quite relieved that he was not excited.
      He finished undressing and stood in front her. By this time the shock
      had worn off and she was able to resume sketching.
      Neither said a word until she was through.
      "Wanna take a look?" she proudly asked him as she was signing her
      Sabretooth put his clothes back on and walked over to see his drawing.
      "Hmmm." He remarked approvingly.
      "Well I guess if I don't get your costume done in time you could
      always go as a streaker." Mercy joked.
      "My friend Blue is a nudist." He changed the subject. "Don't think I
      would like it much."
      "Oh, why not?"
      "I won't have pockets." Sabretooth answered as if he thought she
      should have figured that on her own.

      Halloween was finally here. The day was gray and blustery. The wind
      swirled and tossed the fallen leaves around the grounds as everyone
      helped put up the scary decorations.

      Dr. McCoy had made the call to the police letting them know that
      there was a certain amphibinoid ready and waiting to be sent away to
      await trial.
      His serum had proven to be effective but it must be administered
      Toad watched from the paddy wagon as Sabretooth played a game of
      football with the older boys.
      `You'll be getting' yours real soon. Trust me, mate you will. Just
      wait `n see.' Mortimer seethed with anger as he looked on to see
      Victor laughing while five or more boys tried to tackle him down
      before he threw the ball.

      Scott and Storm also watched from the front porch all the events
      taking place on the grounds.
      "Well that's one headache I'm glad to be rid of." Scott mentioned as
      they saw the wagon driving away.
      Storm nodded her head. She then glanced over to see Victor helping
      one of the smaller fellows up to his feet.
      "It's a miracle isn't it?" she wondered allowed.
      "Well almost." Scott answered thinking she was speaking to him. "He
      has come a hell of a long way. But I think those two were never on
      the same page to begin with. Toad is going where he can be dealt with
      properly and Sabretooth is here where we can deal with him."
      Just then Sabretooth came close to the porch to retrieve an over
      thrown ball.
      He glanced up at the two x-men on the porch and politely said hello,
      but kept his eye on Storm a little longer than she would have liked.
      She no longer feared that he wanted to sadistically rape her, but she
      could feel his attraction to her all the same.
      It was an unusually uncomfortable predicament Storm found herself in.
      Sabretooth threw the ball back and stopped to chat for only a
      moment. "So, Storm what you gonna be?"
      "Jasmine." She plainly said. "And Forge is Aladin."
      "Oh." Sabretooth had a confused look on his face. He heard of the
      flower Jasmine, but not the cartoon character.
      "You're going as a flower?"
      "No, Jasmine is Aladin's girlfriend." She still used her polite and
      gentle voice.
      Then he brightly perked up. "I'm going as a wizard!"
      Storm knew he was trying to win her over and even though he was
      proving himself to be a decent person, she just could not see herself
      with him. He simply was not her type.
      "Well, that's a very interesting costume." She said hoping he would
      not want to carry on the conversation any farther.
      He nodded his head after reading her expression. "I'll see you
      there." And he politely walked away.
      When he left, Storm leaned over to Scott. "Scott, I know you and
      Sabretooth are close. Please explain to him that I'm not interested."
      Scott nodded and the two went back inside.

      That evening, Sabretooth went looking for Mercy. The party was about
      to begin and he had not yet seen his costume.
      He finally caught her scent and followed it back to the art class.
      There she was along with Clare who was behind a divider changing into
      her costume.
      He strolled in and softly grunted his hello.
      "Oh, hey tiger, you're just in time!" Mercy smiled brightly.
      She reached over and grabbed a baby-blue fleece robe and handed it to
      him. "Here you go, just put it on over your own clothes if you want
      or not, it's up to you."
      Sabretooth took the robe from her. "Wanna see me strip again?" He
      whispered knowing there was a young child in the room.
      Mercy gave him a sly grin but said nothing. She then went looking for
      the coat she had made for him. It was made from taffeta. It was navy
      blue with gold astrological signs printed randomly over the material.
      His eyes lit up when he saw it. He had already put the robe on over
      his normal clothing and was eager to try on the coat. He looked for
      a mirror and gazed at his image approvingly.
      He then began to look for Clarice who was still hiding behind the
      divider. "Come on out here, runt. Let me get a look at ya."
      Just then Clare bolted out from behind the divider and ran toward
      him. He watched her little black painted face beam with joy as she
      came to him with open arms.
      Her arms, the two that were hers and the four that were sown to her
      black round fuzzy fake fur costume were black as well and she wore
      white gloves on the end of each of them.
      Her legs were in black sweat pants and she wore white tenn<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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