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Fic: Obsessions NC-17 (L/M) 1/1

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  • Patricia Hood
    Title: Obsessions Author: cschoolgirl Email: hood@imt.net Rating: NC-17 (L/M) Summary: Everyone has an obsessions or is that fetish. Disclaimer: Fox and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
      Title: Obsessions
      Author: cschoolgirl
      Email: hood@...
      Rating: NC-17 (L/M)
      Summary: Everyone has an obsessions or is that fetish.

      Disclaimer: Fox and Marvel have all the real power.
      Archive: Lists. Ask, I'll say yes.
      Feedback: That would be nice, I will even read
      Author's Notes: Thanks to Rach, Victoria, Nancy and DD
      for the beta. All mistakes made after they did their
      magic are the fault of my computer, it is old enough
      and should know better.
      I have been brainwashed. Visit www.haremuniverse.com
      and let Harem Mistress Devil Doll show you the light.
      Special Thanks: To Victoria and Devil Doll for letting
      me play in their world and borrowing a few ideas, Han
      and Logan were a great inspiration.

      The first thing that Rogue noticed about him was that
      buckle. Not that she missed the well-muscled chest as
      he fought in the cage, but the buckle had been like a
      damn beacon. Over the years, during his absence, it
      had become an obsession. The image of that buckle and
      what was behind it fueled her fantasies. Just the
      thought of touching it with her bare skin had driven
      her until she could control her mutation. She was
      only too glad to see, when he returned three years
      later, that the buckle was still in its rightful

      In the following weeks she found herself continually
      drifting off during her college classes. Images of
      Logan filled her waking thoughts and dominated her
      dreams. She even wrote poetry about the buckle during
      mission debriefings.

      After one less than exciting mission, Rogue sat
      toward the far end of the conference table. Paying
      little attention to Scott's lecture on team work, she
      busily scribbled down her latest poem.

      Jubilee leaned over giggling, "Oh, man, chica. You
      got it bad. What's the deal with the buckle?"

      "Jubes, the buckle is ... hypnotic," whispered Kitty,
      smiling broadly at the poetry scribbled on the paper.
      Rogue could only nod in agreement.

      "Next thing I know, you two will be lusting after his
      watch." Jubilee stated, shaking her head.

      "Don't think I didn't notice it, but the buckle... "
      Rogue was interrupted by Scott.

      "Is there something the three of you would like to
      add?" he asked, giving his best teacher stare.

      All three girls sank down as if they were back in his
      classroom, drawing curious stares from the rest of the
      team. "No, Mr. Summers!" they replied, in unison.

      As Scott settled back into his monologue; Rogue
      noticed that Logan's attention, unlike the rest of the
      team, had yet to return to the debriefing. He was
      still looking her way and had shifted positions to get
      a better look at the scrap of paper in front of her.
      She quickly folded the paper and stuffed it in her
      jacket pocket, hiding it from his inquisitive eyes.

      After everyone was dismissed, Logan followed her out
      of the conference room. "Hey, darlin'. Wanna grab
      something to eat?"

      "Yeah." Rogue's eyes dragged up his body, trying to
      ignore the buckle. "That would be great."

      "Meet me in the garage in ten minutes," he said,
      walking off.

      They settled on eating at the local Denny's. It was
      their usual late night destination, being one of the
      few places still open at midnight that would serve
      Logan a steak and the pancakes Rogue wanted.

      Rogue's better judgment told her that continually
      dropping items from the table during their meal was
      too obvious. There were other ways to catch glimpses
      of the buckle. Leaning over the table in attempts to
      reach items on the other side was more reasonable.
      Almost standing to reach the syrup gave her several
      side long glances and Logan didn't complain over the
      eyeful of cleavage presented by the maneuver.

      The ride back to the mansion was pleasant. Instead
      of teasing him about wearing his seat belt, as she had
      en route to the restaurant, this time she merely
      reached across and pulled it into place. Safety was
      all that was on her mind as she drew the seat belt
      tight, accidentally touching the buckle in the
      process. It would be a shame if Logan or the buckle
      were hurt in a collision.

      Once back at the mansion they walked silently through
      the halls to their rooms. Rogue turned after opening
      her door to say goodnight and noticed a white folded
      paper tucked in Logan's waistband, behind the buckle.
      She flushed in embarrassment; she recognized the paper
      as the one that held her earlier poetry.

      "Where did you get that?"

      "It fell out of your pocket at the restaurant."

      She continued to stare at the buckle. It seemed to
      glow in the dim light of the hall. She just knew it
      would be warm from his body heat.

      "Wanna touch it?" he asked, with a raised eyebrow and
      a smirk.

      Her eyes went wide at his double meaning. Her gaze
      darted nervously from the buckle, to his face then
      back to the buckle and the evident bulge beneath it.
      She stretched a shaky hand toward him. Stopping in
      mid-air, she quickly scanned the hall.

      "Not out here, someone might see us," she whispered.
      He smiled as she stepped aside to allow him into her

      In the few seconds it took her to shut the door, he
      was already seated on her bed. She walked over;
      sinking to the floor, she settled between his parted
      knees. Her hands carefully inched up his inner thighs
      to his groin and the buckle. He sucked in a ragged
      breath when her hand skated over his fabric covered

      She had been right. The buckle was warm to the
      touch. Its sleek metallic surface slid easily against
      her palm. She fought back the strange fascination to
      lick the buckle, to see what it looked like wet.

      She looked up to see an intense pair of hazel eyes
      staring back. Logan's hand cupped the back of her
      head, gently tilting her face as their lips met. Her
      eyes fluttered closed as their kiss deepened and his
      other hand crept under the hem of her shirt to lightly
      massage the small of her back. He drew back, leaving
      her breathless, tugging on her bottom lip before
      breaking contact.

      His eyes darkened with desire, igniting her need for
      him. They both stood and she quickly divested him of
      his shirt. "Babe, you have to let go," he mumbled,
      as he started to pull off her shirt.


      "The buckle, Marie. I can't get your shirt off, if
      you don't let go of the buckle." She felt the blush
      spread down across her chest, as he watched her with a
      look of amusement.

      Momentarily forgetting about the shirt and bra still
      dangling from her elbow, he bent to suck a nipple.
      She gave a low moan at the new sensation, leaning back
      for support on the hand already cradling her bottom.
      His other hand descended across her abdomen to touch
      the tangle of curls showing from her unzipped jeans.

      Rogue's free hand roamed from exploring the hair on
      his chest, to playing with the hairs at the nape of
      his neck. When he stepped back to look at her, she
      followed him. A smile creased his features when he
      looked down to see that she still had a firm hold on
      his buckle. A low growl emanated from him as she
      looked up in his eyes from the buckle.

      "Darlin', I thought the idea was to see how the
      buckle looked on the floor of your room. I might feel
      a little offended if I end up sitting in a chair while
      you stare at my buckle."

      She smiled up at him seductively as she pulled at the
      buckle, undoing the belt, then unfastened his jeans.
      He hissed when her hands skimmed over his hips,
      pushing his jeans down around his thighs. With a
      solid shove she pushed him onto the bed, grabbing his
      boots and pants, tugging them from his legs.
      Effortlessly, she wiggled from her own jeans, looking
      forlornly at the buckle on the floor before joining
      him on the bed.

      Leaning over him, she sought out his lips. Her
      tongue surged into his mouth when he openly groaned
      from her hand tightening on his hardened flesh. He
      pulled her closer as she began to stroke him firmly.
      His hands started to softly knead her breasts,
      sweeping lower to caress the sensitive area beneath
      them. His tongue continued to explore her mouth while
      one hand began rubbing ever widening circles over her

      She drew back as his fingers found the moist heat
      between her thighs. He let out what sounded like a
      whimper at the loss of her touch. He watched her
      intently as she straddled him and carefully lifted his
      erection to her warm entrance. She tried to keep an
      expression of discomfort off her face as she quickly
      dropped down, taking him in all at once.

      He stayed motionless while her eyes remained tightly
      shut. Gently resting his hands on her hips, he
      whispered to her, "Marie, I love you."

      She tilted her head, giving him a secretive smile.
      She glanced down at him in awe. "I love you, too."

      His breath caught as she began to slowly rock back
      and forth. She bent over him, letting her full
      breasts sway with the motion. He sucked gently on one
      nipple, rolling the other between his fingers. She
      pulled his head from her breast, latching onto his
      lips with her own. Her rocking was quickly becoming
      urgent as their kiss deepened. He gripped her hips
      tightly, urging her to grind down as his hips met

      She broke the kiss; balancing herself with one hand
      on his chest, digging the other into his hair. "Look
      at me, Logan. Watch me."

      He bared his teeth in a snarl while she frantically
      slid against him. He hammered up into her and she
      began spasming around him. She pulled at his hair
      until he growled at her, causing her to crying out in
      release. Her cries drove him over the edge; grunting,
      he thrust upward a final time.

      She slumped forward onto his chest, leaving a trail
      of small kisses along his body. He continued to rock
      his hips into hers, content. He stilled when she sat
      up gazing over the side of the bed.

      "Darlin', don't worry. That buckle will be on your
      floor as often as you want."

      She looked at him with a small frown. "No one

      "No one's. Not even if it has a cult following."

      Smiling broadly, she lay down next to him, tracing
      the muscles of his chest. "You want on top this time,

      "Is that the only option?" he asked, watching her
      get up and rummage through the nightstand.

      "No." Standing up, she held a pair of gloves in each
      hand. "What's *your* obsession? Do you have a fetish
      for leather or silk?"

      He grinned wickedly; reaching for her and one set of
      gloves, letting the other pair drop to the floor
      beside the buckle.


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