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FIC: Lost (1/?)

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  • chasey666
    Title: Lost Rating: R (for later chapters) Summary: Lyric Parker discovers her mutant abilities while surfing with her friend. She ends up at Xavier s
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2002
      Title: Lost

      Rating: R (for later chapters)

      Summary: Lyric Parker discovers her mutant abilities while surfing
      with her friend. She ends up at Xavier's Institute where she makes
      friends with the students and meets the love of her life. But things
      aren't always that simple are they? Things get in the way.

      Disclaimer: Characters not mine with exception of Lyric, her mother
      and Sierra.

      Feedback: I live for it!

      Chapter One

      Lyric Parker sat on her surfboard watching the sky. It was
      once a sunny day but now clouds were forming in the distance and
      blocked out the sun. A great wind caught her off guard almost
      knocking her off the board. Her black hair blew across her face.

      "Lyric!" Lyric turned to her friend Sierra who was a little
      further than she was. "'C Mon! We can still catch a few!"

      "I don't think so Sierra," Lyric looked back at the darkening
      clouds. "I think we should head back in."

      "Fine," Sierra huffed. "But I'm gonna ride one in."

      "Whatever," Lyric started to paddle to shore as Sierra waited
      for a wave. Lyric felt a sudden uprising forced coming from behind

      "Lyric!" the wave Sierra chose to ride in was out of control.
      It swallowed her whole.

      "Sierra!" Lyric jumped off her board and dove into the water.
      She undid the cord that connected her to the surf board.

      She felt around for Sierra. Hair, skin, wet suit anything.
      Nothing. She came up for air and dove back under.

      Suddenly a large pain began to grow in Lyric's head. It felt
      like a migraine. The pain was overwhelming and blocked her vision.
      All she saw was white. The presser had began in the back of her head
      but was moving towards her forehead. The pain was resting behind her

      The white disappeared and the pain seemed to pour out of her
      head. As it left her body it made a high-pitched tone. Within seconds
      an image popped into her head. It was Sierra still attached to the
      board was still underneath the water.

      Lyric swam forward to where the image had come from. She
      grabbed Sierra's arm but couldn't lift her dying friend. She wished
      that Sierra could be lifted from the water. Somehow that's what
      happened. Sierra was lifted out of the water and landed on the board.
      A wave washed Sierra to shore.

      Lyric couldn't fine the surface. She hadn't been for air in
      over three minutes. She was too far under the water. Thoughts of
      death passed through her mind.

      Another feeling came over her. A feeling of coldness. She
      looked down at her hands and was amazed. It looked like her hands
      were transforming into water. Darkness slowly came over her and the
      last thing she saw was her arms transforming into water.

      * * *

      Scott Summers tightly clenched his eyes shut as he switched
      from his night goggles to his sunglasses. He need these ruby quartz
      eye wear to hold his power in.

      He sat up from bed and slipped on a pair of sweatpants that
      were sitting on the floor. "Why are up so early?" a female voice
      asked from the bed.

      Scott turned to his fiance, Jean Grey, who was starting to
      wake. She ran her hand through his fiery red hair. "It's seven a.m."

      "I know. I couldn't sleep. thought I'd go for a jog since I
      don't have a class today,"

      "Want some company?"

      "Naw...go back to sleep," he kissed her forehead. He changed
      his shirt and headed for the door. "I'll see you at lunch." Jean
      nodded and fell back into the covers.

      Scott had jogged to the beach that was just off the school
      property. The school he lived and worked at was Xavier's School for
      Gifted Youngsters. To the general public it was a private school but
      it reality it was a school for mutants.

      Young mutants were taught how to control their powers and how
      to live in the human world. Scott's personal power came from his
      eyes. Large beams of energy from his eyes could blast a hole through
      a mountain. The glasses allowed him to see without harming anything.

      He jogged down the beach when something caught his eyes at the
      edge of the water. He thought it may be a washed up dolphin or trash.
      When approached it he discovered it to be the body of a girl. "Oh
      God." She lay in the cold water, naked with sand and water clinging
      to her body.

      Scott went to her side. He took her wrist feeling for a pulse.
      Her lips were blue and her skin had a purple tint to it from the
      cold. He took his sweat shirt off a wrapped it around her body. He
      scooped the girl into his arms and rushed back to the school.
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