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FIC: Be my Friend (1/3)

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  • Redd
    First of all I would like to say that after reading some of the fiction that gets posted on here, its a little bit intimidating to be the new kid on the block.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2002
      First of all I would like to say that after reading some of the
      fiction that gets posted on here, its a little bit intimidating to be
      the new kid on the block. That being said, this is my first fic, and

      TITLE: Be My Friend (1/3)
      AUTHOR: Redd
      RATING: "R" for adult language
      DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, except for the computer this was written
      FEEDBACK: Is highly valued, and appreciated. (You can even tell me
      how much you hated it and why... as long as you don't curse at me, I
      am happy.)
      SUMMERY: Can Rogue forgive enough to do the ultimate favor for the
      person who betrayed her?
      NOTES: Please note that this is a WIP. Thanks to Victoria P. for her
      advice. Just bear in mind, that this is only the first part of a
      trilogy, and that all things are revealed in time, so don't get too
      upset if some of the character actions bother you. They will be

      ** xxxx ** is telepathic communication

      The phone was ringing somewhere in the room. "Where in the
      hell did that stupid cordless phone go?" Marie muttered. She could
      never find anything around here anymore. Why couldn't those damn
      teenagers pick up after themselves? It looked like someone
      celebrated Mardi Gras in the common room; paper littered the floor;
      soda cans and glasses spilled over; discarded coats, hats and gloves
      looked almost like confetti.
      Finally, she found it between the cushions of the couch.
      Since it had already rung three times, she hurriedly answered it
      before the machine picked up. "Hello, you've reached Xavier's
      Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Marie speaking."
      There was a long pause before anyone answered, but
      then, "Rogue, this is Kitty. Can you talk?"
      Marie's felt her smile slip to be replaced with a scowl, as
      she said coolly, "Well, Katherine, I can talk, but tell me a good
      reason I should want to."
      Kitty replied, " Rogue we used to be best friends. Would you
      at least hear me out?"
      "The operative words there are used to be. As in we are no
      longer best friends, due to the fact that you slept with my fiancé
      the day before my wedding, and then proceeded to run off with him. I
      don't know, but that sure burns your bridges as far as I'm concerned."
      "Look, that was a mistake. A stupid, selfish mistake. Rèmy
      is sorry, and I am sure as hell sorry. I really need your help
      Rogue. You know I wouldn't ask if it weren't life or death."
      Rogue sighed and said wearily, "What do you want from me?
      Haven't you taken enough? Whatever you're gonna say had better be
      the truth because I can't stomach any more lies."
      " I know and I'm not lying to you," Kitty sounded relieved.
      Her voice was thick with emotion when she said, "Oh God, this is so
      hard… Rogue, I've got cancer and… and… I'm… dying." There were
      several minutes of silence, in which Marie didn't know what to say.
      A small part of her thought it was deserved, but most of her was just
      really scared and sad.
      Kitty finally broke the silence, sounding determined to
      finish what she had to say, "Look, I know I wronged you in the worst
      way. I never meant for things to turn out this way, and I've
      regretted every single second of pain that I've caused you. I'm not
      asking for forgiveness, because I don't deserve it, but I am going to
      ask you a favor."
      "What do ya need? A place to stay while you… while you… Oh
      God, isn't there any kind of treatment for you?"
      "I've had the cancer for a long time, they said. It is a
      very hard to detect strain. I kind of need a place to stay, but that
      isn't what I'm asking of you. Look, the thing between Rèmy and me
      fizzled out, but the thing is, is that I'm pregnant. I want this
      baby to live so much. That is the main reason why my cancer isn't
      treatable, because it would kill my baby. I don't care if I die, as
      long as this baby doesn't. It deserves a chance. I don't want an
      answer to my question right away; you deserve time to think about
      it. Please, you used to be my very best friend, and there is no one
      else I trust enough. Will you take this baby and raise it when I
      "Jesus. What a fucking question. Don't you have anyone else? What
      about your parents, or Rèmy? He is the father, right?"
      "Rèmy is gone. He knows about the baby and the cancer. He left, and
      said that he never wanted this kind of responsibility. And my
      parents… well, my parents wouldn't raise me after they found out I
      was a mutant, so why would they want a mutant grandchild to raise.
      No, there is no one else I trust. You are the only one."
      "Who says I want this kind of responsibility? Of any people's child
      that I would choose to raise, why would I pick the child of the two
      people who betrayed me?"
      "Marie, this baby needs you. You are the only person I could think
      to turn to. Don't hate this baby for its parents' stupid mistakes.
      I really loved him, the way you couldn't. You never loved him the
      way he deserved, and you both knew it. He knew that you really loved
      someone else, but you were tired of waiting, so you settled for him.
      The trouble is he didn't really love me, he loved you. Since he
      could only have a part of you, he settled for all of me, and only
      gave me a small part of himself."
      In her heart Marie, knew that Kitty was right, but she wasn't ready
      to admit it to herself, let alone anyone else. She needed the anger
      to get past the loneliness. She knew what it was like to love
      someone with no hope of that love ever being returned. She
      sighed, "Why don't you come stay here? I'll move out of your old
      room, so you can have that. I'm not ready to decide about the baby
      yet. I need some time to think things through, but I really will
      think about it. How far away are you? When can you get here?"
      "I'm about two hours away. I will pack my stuff and be there soon.
      "Yes, Kitty?"
      "Thanks for not hanging up on me."
      Marie's voice softened. "I'll see ya in a couple of hours. Drive
      "Okay, I will. Bye."
      Marie just sat and listened to the dial tone for a long time. For
      the second time in five months Kitty had turned her world upside down.
      Scott walked in the common room, to find Marie pale and shaking.
      Instantly alarmed he said, "Hey, Rogue, are you okay?" She hadn't
      alarmed him this much when she lost her fiancé the day before her
      "No, Scott. Ah am definitely not okay. I may never be okay again."
      "What is wrong, and why are you speaking in monotone?"
      "Gee, Scott… Lets see my fiancé slept with and ran off with my best
      friend five months ago. Today that same `friend' calls me up, and
      tells me she has cancer, and she's dying."
      "What? Kitty has cancer?"
      "Oh, wait, you haven't even heard the most shocking part. She is
      pregnant with my ex-fiancé's child, and…"
      "Wait… She's pregnant, AND she has cancer?"
      "Lord, Scott, you're quick. Now would ya fuckin let me finish,
      dammit!" Rogue said, on the verge of hysteria.
      "Umm… sorry, go ahead."
      "Okay not only is Miss Pryde pregnant and dying, she wants me… wants
      me to…"
      "Wants you to what? Forgive her?"
      "Oh, if only it were so simple. She wants me to raise the baby."
      "Whoa! That is a pretty insane request. After hearing all that, I
      hate to tell you but I came to deliver some other news."
      Marie was still lost in her own train of thought, so she didn't
      really register what Scott was saying. Instead she went on, "No
      shit, it's insane, but the thing is, I'm considering it. Yeah, she
      hurt me, but she really loved Rèmy, loser that he is, and that baby
      didn't do anything wrong. I invited Kitty to stay at the Mansion. I
      need to move my stuff out of her old room."
      "It's your decision, and you have to make the right one for you.
      Where does the infamous Gambit fit into this picture?"
      "He doesn't. He left her when he found out she was pregnant and had
      cancer. I have no idea why before you ask. Kitty said something
      about him no wanting the responsibility. Oh, didn't you say you had
      some news of your own, Scott? Is the world as we know it coming to
      an end, or is someone else dying?"
      "Umm… not exactly," Scott hesitated
      "What do you mean not exactly?" Marie demanded.
      "Well, more like someone coming back from the dead. Logan arrived a
      little while ago."
      "Great! Boy, he sure knows how to time it. Six years, and he picks
      now to come back."
      "I know, but things really will get better Rogue."
      "They're gonna get a whole lot worse before they get better," Marie
      said slumping onto the couch.
      Scott stood up and said, "Well, I gotta get going. If you need to
      talk, I'm going to be in my office. The door is always open, so to
      "Thanks, Scott. Can you leave a note on my classroom, and office
      doors that says I'm canceling classes today? I need to pull myself
      together, and find a place to move into before Kitty gets here."
      "Sure, Rogue. Take it easy. You don't have to make any major
      decisions today."
      Marie stood up and followed Scott to the doorway. As she turned to
      go down the opposite side of the corridor she said, "Thanks Scott,
      I'll se you later."
      Halfway to her room Marie received a telepathic message from
      Professor Xavier asking her to meet him in his office.
      **Can I take a shower first, Professor? After that well discuss
      **Sure Rogue, but please meet me sooner rather than later. I have a
      matter upon which I need your input.**
      **Okay, say 15 minutes tops.**
      **I'll see you then, my dear.**
      Marie hurried to her room to take a shower, only to find Logan
      sitting on the edge of her bed. How many times did she dream of him
      coming back, before she gave up hope? How many times had she told
      herself to forget him, before she agreed to become Rèmy's wife? Had
      she been partly to blame for her own betrayal? God, he still looked
      exactly the same. He was absolutely gorgeous.
      "Hey Marie. You grew up real nice." Logan said in his gravelly
      voice, as he looked her over.
      "Thanks, Logan. Did you need somethin? I hate to be rude, but I've
      gotta meet the Professor in his office in 15 minutes, and I really
      need a shower." `Not to mention that my life is falling apart, and I
      need to get myself together,' she thought. "So, If it isn't a dire
      emergency, can I just catch you later?" Marie responded shortly.
      Could this day get any better?
      "Um… Sure, Marie, I didn't want to bother you. Could we meet for
      dinner or something?"
      "Can you ask me later? If this day goes anymore downhill, I think I'm
      just gonna crawl in bed and hide. Wherever my bed might be, because
      I have to move out of this room today."
      "Sure I'll talk to you later about dinner. Did you need any help
      moving your stuff? Do you know where it needs to go?"
      "I would love help, and I have no clue where I'm moving to, all I
      know is that I promised this room to someone else and I really don't
      want to share with that person."
      "Well, Chuck put me in one of the two room suites. You know with the
      sitting room, private bathroom, and bed room. You can take the
      bedroom part, and I'll take the sitting room part, and we can share."
      "Really? That would be great if you don't mind, because with the
      recent influx of new students, I think we're just about filled to
      capacity. Pretty soon we are going to have to build dormitories.
      Ah'll make sure it's only temporary, `cause Ah don't want to take
      over yer room"
      "I don't mind sharing, and I'll get started moving your stuff, as
      soon as you're outta my way. "
      "Great, I'll be outta here in about ten minutes. Thanks again,
      "No problem. It sure is good to see you, Marie."
      As Logan was walking out the door, Marie suddenly called out, "Logan!"
      "I missed ya a lot."
      "I missed you too, Marie, see you later."
      Looking at the time Marie realized that instead of a shower, she
      would have to settle for a change of clothes.
      When she arrived at Charles' office, she was unpleased to find that
      someone else was waiting with the professor. "Please, come in,
      Rogue, and have a seat. Rèmy and I were just discussing the
      feasibility of him coming back to the school and the team. I very
      much would like your input upon this topic."
      For just a moment she sat there in shock. Could her day really get
      any worse? "I'm sorry Professor but the feasibility, isn't looking
      too good, at this time." Marie said evenly.
      "Care to elaborate for de Cajun, Marie?"
      "Sure, Why not? For one thing you cheated on me, the day before we
      were gonna get married, and I really don't want to see you anywhere
      in the near future."
      "It's a big place, we can avoid each other, non?"
      Marie looked at Rèmy and raged, "Ya aren't even sorry, are ya? Wait;
      don't answer that, because ya are sorry. A sorry piece of swamp
      "Can't you just forgive and forget, it's been five months already."
      "Forgive is a mighty big word for such a small man. Besides you know
      what they say, forgive, and forget, relive, and regret. Thanks but I
      have enough regrets already, sugar. Not the least of which is
      meeting up with you in the first place."
      "Of course, that isn't even the biggest reason why I don't think ya
      should return. It was just the first one in the chronological order
      of events. Kitty called me this morning."
      At that comment Gambit looked down, and was strangely silent.
      "What no comment? Yeah, didn't think there would be. How could ya
      leave her alone? Not only did ya leave her alone, ya left her alone,
      and pregnant, and dying of cancer. Why in the hell did ya do that,
      huh? Answer me that one, Cajun. She loved you. She loved you
      enough to betray me, and you don't want the fucking responsibility?
      Not good enough." By this time Marie was no longer sitting, and she
      was screaming at the top of her lungs.
      "Rogue, could you please lower your voice? I can understand why
      you're upset, but there is no sense in airing the laundry for all to
      "Everyone will know soon enough, Charles. She'll be getting here
      anytime, now. At my invitation, I might add. I've decided at her
      request that I'm gonna raise this baby after Kitty is no longer with
      us." Marie hadn't realized she'd made the decision until the words
      came out of her mouth. When they did, she felt the rightness of them.
      "Rogue, my dear, are you sure that this is wise?"
      "She would do it for me if the situation were reversed. This child
      didn't do anything wrong, it deserves to have a place where it will
      be loved, and know that its mother loved it enough to die so he or
      she would have a chance at life. Since, Gambit, here, has decided
      that he can't, or won't assume the responsibility, its up to me.
      Kitty is almost like a sister to me, and no matter how badly she hurt
      me, I love her enough to look past her mistakes, and give her child a
      After finishing her impassioned monologue, Marie heard sniffling
      coming from the doorway. Fully intending to blast whoever was
      interrupting, she turned to find Kitty standing there looking
      overwhelmed with tears coursing down her cheeks.
      "Katherine, you arrived at an opportune time, and you are lucky to
      have such a friend. Friends that are willing to forgive anything are
      quite rare. Rèmy, at this time, I can't in good conscience grant
      your request to come back to stay, but you are more than welcome to
      visit on a regular basis. I am truly sorry, but I cannot endanger
      the health of other residents. Physical or mental health. It sounds
      as though the three of you need to come to some kind of agreement
      upon custody, and have those papers drawn up accordingly. Gambit, if
      you do not want to participate in this child's life, it would be a
      kindness for you to terminate all parental rights, so that Katherine,
      and Rogue can make the necessary arrangements for the child's future."
      Marie rushed to Kitty's side and took her arm to support
      her. "Kitty, I'm sorry, you had to witness my little scene."
      "I'm not, Marie. You've erased all of the doubts that I had. I am
      grateful, and relieved."
      Marie then turned to Charles. "Professor, I've already cancelled my
      classes for the day, in order to get Kitty settled. I've also found
      other accommodations for myself, so that Kitty can have her old room
      to herself."
      "I've no problem with that arrangement. Take it easy and I'll talk
      to both of you later."
      Rèmy looked at Kitty, and said softly, "I'm so sorry, that I can't be
      what you need me to be."
      Kitty replied sadly, "The thing is that I never wanted you to be
      anything you weren't. I thought that my love for you could be enough
      for both of us. I'm sorry I forced you into something that you
      weren't ready for."
      Marie hurriedly jumped to Kitty's defense, "Don't apologize to him.
      He has no excuse good enough. He doesn't deserve to breathe the same
      air as the rest of us"
      Without looking to Gambit for a reaction and seeing that Kitty was at
      the end of her strength, Marie led her down the corridor to her
      bedroom. Luckily Logan already had all her things moved over to his
      room, so Kitty could have some privacy to rest.
      "Thank you, Marie. I didn't mean to displace you, but it sure is
      nice to be back in this room."
      "It's not a problem, I'll be right down the hall in Logan's suite."
      "Logan's back, and you two are sharing a room? Wow. When did this
      "He just got back, today. And we aren't exactly sharing a room.
      He's sleeping in the sitting room, and I get the bedroom. This is
      gonna be complicated."
      "Hey, maybe, Wolverine being back is a good sign. You always loved
      him. I think you still do."
      "Yeah, maybe. Well, I'll leave you to get settled in," Marie answered
      uncomfortably. She was ready for some time by herself, away from the
      craziness of the day.
      "Okay… And Rogue, thanks for being my friend."

      Curtain: End Act One: Please rejoin us after the intermission.
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