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fic: THE RIGHT THING, Response 'X2 Jean/Logan kiss challenge'; J/L, PG

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  • B'Teena DOL
    Title: THE RIGHT THING author: B Teena DOL; myself ;); language: English, but that s not my native language, so please forgive me my mistakes. Disclaimer: All
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2002
      Title: THE RIGHT THING

      author: B'Teena DOL; myself ;);

      language: English, but that's not my native language, so please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: All X-Men and other Marvel characters Marvel, 20 Century Fox and else. Not mine ;).

      Universe: Only based on the storyline of the movie 'X-Men' that was released in the year 2000.

      Timeline: In the second movie

      Romance: Jean/Logan

      Rating : PG for violence

      Summary: Answer to the x-fiction-list's Logan/Jean Challenge of the kiss in the second movie

      Feedback: Will not only be appreciated but also hugged, loved, kissed, petted and called George ;)

      "Logan! Thank goodness." Jean was more than relieved. Everyone who had survived the attack, was here in Lake Alkali now. Wolverine had brought in the last pupils. "I'm so glad!"

      He just nodded shortly, his eyes showing how much he had to control himself.

      "Is someone." she began, frightened.

      "Illyana is hurt badly, but I think she'll make it. Hank is taking care of her right now." He paused shortly when he thought back of that horrible moment when Peter had brought his sister outside, both of them blood covered. Her blood. When Pete had wanted to bring his sister to safety, one of the soldiers had shot them. Peter was alright. Yana wasn't. "The others all made it." His voice sounded kinda neutral, as lively as an answering machine.

      "Logan, what happened?", she asked softly, placing a hand on his arm. She knew Scott was watching them, but she couldn't care right now. She felt a deep sadness and rage in Wolverine, felt how close he was to freak out.

      "Why don't you just read my mind?", he hissed, turning around to walk away but stopped when she stated, still as calm:

      "I never read your mind when you didn't want it. I always respected your wish not to do it. I can just feel your emotions if they're as strong as now. And right now I'm worried about you."

      "I had to kill one of them." Now his voice became unsteady. He turned around slowly to face her, to see, how she was reacting. "I had to help Bobby. Bastard would have shot him. But still. There's a dead man lying on the ground in the mansion, and he's dead because I killed him. My god, what have I done?"

      "What you had to do. What you always do. The right thing", she answered. She had turned pale, but she was telling him the truth. He had protected the pupils- and paid a high price. There had been many conversations before he had left the mansion to drive to Canada. Once he had told her that he had never ever killed someone. He had hurt people - many people - but he couldn't remember killing anyone. The Wolverine killed. Logan didn't. He didn't want to be the Wolverine. "Logan, you just did your job. You did more than your job."

      "I doubt the Professor will see it like that. Or more simple, Shades. Doesn't fit your perfect picture of the X-Men, does it?"

      "Scott and I. had a fight just minutes ago." Now it was her turn to sound as weak as she felt right now. "Funny. It was just about what you mentioned. No matter what the others might think, Logan, you did the right thing. If you can't believe yourself or believe it when you look at Bobby, who made it to come here alive, then believe me." She softly placed a hand on his arm, offered him comfort in reaching out her arms for him.

      "I didn't mean to kill him, Jean." Finally all his masquerade broke, for the first time since she knew him. He hugged her tightly, not caring about the others who watched them. "That was not what I wanted."

      "I know." She was more than shocked to find that suddenly she felt closer to him than she had ever felt to Scott. "And they will know, too."

      "Do you really think that?" His smile was lightly ironic.

      "I'll make them know", she said firmly, fast avoiding his sight then, this sight, that always made her questioning all her life.

      "Then why don't you look at me? Why do you never look into my eyes?" He didn't let go of her. Her embrace felt much too good.

      She forced herself to look at him directly. "Because." She broke off, forgetting the excuse she had wanted to bring. "It makes me feel uncomfortable."

      "Why? Because you want me to be nothing more than a friend? Then you should step away from me very fast now. Shades is looking here all the time, and I don't want to catch a laser ray. But if you're feeling uncomfortable because you're in love with me, then you should forget about Scooter just as fast and finally kiss me." Just a few months ago he couldn't have told her that. He had felt he owned Scott something, and that surely was not taking his girl away. But right now he felt weak, he felt afraid and very sad, and Jean's kind words had helped all this. The crush on her had turned into love, and he hadn't even realized until now.

      For a moment she moved away from him. She smiled shortly, a fake, over-friendly smile that should say 'Not me, Mister'.

      Then she turned her head to Scott and something changed. Perhaps it was the way he stood there, leaned to the wall, arms crossed, his sight never leaving Wolverine, making sure, Logan didn't take anything that BELONGED to him. Or perhaps it was that he didn't look at HER to make sure, she wasn't having any second thoughts. Something that belonged to HIM surely would never question him.

      Jean stopped still, placed her arms around Wolverine's shoulders again. "Thanks for coming back, Logan. Thanks for saving our children. And thanks." She paused shortly. ".for showing me who I want to be. and who I don't want to be any longer." She moved closer to him and gently placed her lips on this, closing the link between Scott and her forever.

      B'Teena DOL
      He-Man/She-Ra & X-Men lair

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