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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 7a/12

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  • Autumn
    *** Disclaimer in part one **** Previous parts uploaded on fanfiction.net under the penname `PearlyJammer L/R fans, sorry this doesn t have as much L/R
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2002
      *** Disclaimer in part one ****

      Previous parts uploaded on fanfiction.net under the
      penname `PearlyJammer'

      L/R fans, sorry this doesn't have as much L/R action as you may
      want. More next time, I promise! Had to give the SH fans some fun

      BTW, this particular chapter, will be divided into three or four
      installments cause it is long and partially unwritten.


      Deep in the heart of Hageltonia…..

      Our evil haglets plot the demise of civilization, as we know it while
      setting the stage for a dementor-infected society. A trans-Atlantic
      alliance between Charles Xavier's school for the gifted and Hogwarts
      school of witchcraft and wizardry had been formed to stop these evil
      wenches. The question remains to be seen if it would work…….

      "She'll go where we want her to. I'm sure of it." the haglet
      queen spoke up.

      "And if she doesn't?"

      "You know what to do, Tehbe."

      A wicked smile crossed the haglet's face at that. Destruction of
      their own was as of lately sadly unemployed. The group had no real
      loyalties, and the destruction of one of their own sent a tremor of
      excitement through all those who had a taste for blood. Tehbe was
      well renowned for her bloodlust, matched only by the notorious Civ.
      Those two would turn on a fellow haglet if they so much as smelt
      bloodshed. It was not kosher, but then again, they were haglets.
      They had no values and were cruel.

      "Civ knows about this?"

      "Of course she does. What doesn't she know about?" Binde answered

      "I was just-forgive me please." Tehbe begged.

      "Bring me the girl." Bindie stated firmly, leaving no room for

      "I will not fail you my lord."

      "Good, good. Bow down and serve me now wench. Show respect. Show-
      heartfelt respect." Binde said as she extended her left hand for
      Tehbe to kiss.

      Tehbe bowed down to the chief haglet and French kissed her hand.

      "Ewww, if I wanted you to slobber on me, I would have said so!"

      "I'm I'm sorry!" Tehbe stated before rising to her feet and bolting
      from the room.

      "Those lower tiers, they're so predictable aren't they?" Civ said,
      coming to the aid or her master to wipe the saliva from her fingers.

      "Indeed they are. Stuck in a rut of mediocrity. How sad."

      "You will retrieve her, won't you Civ?"

      "Of course."

      "Excellent. We have one in the door, and one on the way. We will
      conquer them Civ, at last. They will be ours!"


      Xavier's School for the Gifted……..

      Professor Severus Snape was pouring over volumes of magical
      myths and mugle volumes concerning electricity and telepathy. Not
      surprisingly, there was only one book on the former. Most everything
      he read was written by Jean Grey and Charles Xavier himself. His
      pride wouldn't allow him to go to Xavier to ask directly about how
      exactly Cerebro worked and why. His distaste of Jean ruled out his
      other option.
      Frustrated with his lack of understanding about the muggle
      world, he was left with one option, Hermione. It was strange really.
      He, head of Slytherin house was seeking out a young Gryffindor for
      help. Old Salazar would be rocking in his grave if he only knew.
      But here he was, walking down the `English' corridor, as it had been
      dubbed by St. John at 2:30 in the morning looking for said

      Hermione was woken by a semi-loud rapping at her door.
      Muttering to herself about another stupid scheme by Ron or Harry she
      threw back the covers of her warm bed and crawled out of bed in her

      "Honestly, I don't care what the hell you want, the answer is
      bloody no!" she said as she threw open the door to find a tall, dark
      Severus Snape.

      "Despite that answer, Miss Granger, I'm afraid you'll have to
      come-" he began dryly before taking in a look at the young woman
      standing before him. A disheveled Hermione was a rare sight indeed.
      But a disheveled Hermione in nothing but a tee shirt and the hint of
      a pair of panties peeking up from her thighs was something he got the
      feeling not many people saw. Yet here she was, standing with her
      hands on her hips and a cross expression on her face.
      Most people would have apologized immediately in front of the
      great head of Slytherin house. Most sane people that is, but stress
      and disturbed sleep do funny things to people.


      "No! I am not getting up at this ungodly hour to help you
      look up things in those damn books. I am tired and I want to sleep.
      I've been up late three nights in a row and I am going to sleep until
      a decent hour thank you very much!"

      "Miss Granger, you are being most unreasonable. I-"

      IN MY HEAD! THEY KNOW HOW TO READ BOOKS." Hermione screamed out.

      Snape was far too shocked to say a word. He simply stood
      stock-still staring at the temperamental, and half naked his brain
      reminded him, woman in front of him. Her eyes were burning and her
      cheeks had taken on a rather charming pink. But he was the
      consummate professional, and an ex-death eater to boot. If there was
      one thing he was known for, it was keeping his emotions carefully in

      "Miss Granger, get your clothing on and follow me. Your
      assistance in this matter is most important. Stop behaving like a
      child and do as I say." he commanded in a steely voice.

      "You cannot order me around. You're not frightening and as I
      said I am going to bed. Now good bloody night." she said as she
      slammed the door shut.

      Snape had had enough of her behavior. He took out his wand
      and cast `Alohamora' He marched into Hermione's room and decency be
      damned, levitated her off the bed and over his shoulder. He marched
      out of the room with her in tow and towards the library. Somewhere
      along the line she disarmed him and turned his own wand against him,
      causing him to sprout a tail out of his trousers.
      He finally released her and turned his head to survey the
      damage she'd inflicted upon his behind when he caught the shadows of
      two people. Logan and Rogue were sitting very close together on the
      couch, a thin piece of fabric between their lips that they appeared
      to be kissing through.
      All four caught site of the other pair and broke out
      simultaneously "What are you doing here?"

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