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Fic: "Trapped In Darkness" PG-13 (20/?) [Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, So sorry for the long wait; real life happened and....yeah, well...you know how it goes. Earlier 19 chapters can be read here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2002
      Hi all,

      So sorry for the long wait; real life happened and....yeah, well...you know how it goes.

      Earlier 19 chapters can be read here:
      or on fanfiction.net but that page is currently down:
      Recap: The X-men had been taken as slaves. Jean and Scott had just been attacked and now Jean is back with Logan and Rogue....


      Trapped In Darkness
      By Nadja Lee (neh@...)
      Part 20:

      “Tovarisch, what has happened?” Peter asked shocked as he and Kitty came into the cell a little before ten. Jean lay with her head in Rogue’s lap, her body only covered with two jackets, one of them obviously belonged to Logan as he was now bare-chested. Logan sat on the floor beside Jean.

      “ That bastard raped her,” Logan growled, his eyes filled with hatred.

      “ What? Who?” Bobby asked as he came forth from behind Kitty to see what was happening and drew a sharp and shocked breath as he saw Jean.

      “ Oh dear Lord. Jean,” Kitty mumbled and went from Peter’s embrace to sit beside Rogue with her. What scared her the most was not the red welt on Jean’s cheek but the emptiness in her stare. Even the small smile on her lips seemed creepy.

      “ That guy who was with the captain. Michael or Black Thunder or whatever,” Logan grunted. “ When I see him again he’ll pay for this. He’ll fucking pay. Big time.”

      “ Why isn’t she responding? Why is she just staring straight ahead like that?” Kitty asked in a tinny voice. It was really disturbing.

      “ Ah don’t know. She was like this when Thunder brought her in here,” Rogue said, feeling as frustrated as Kitty.

      “ Where is Scott? Maybe if she saw him…..,” Bobby suggested hesitantly, not knowing what to do but needing to do something.

      “ We don’t know where he is. One-Eye never came back,” Logan admitted as he took Rogue’s hand in his to try and give her some comfort. Peter took off his jacket and bent down and placed it over Jean’s body to try and warm her more.

      “ She needs clothes,” Peter said, always the voice of logic.

      “ How do you suppose we give her that?” Bobby asked sarcastically, his frustration making his voice sharp. “ You brought the new Versage spring collection with you?”

      “ Kitty, you work with Jean and Rogue in the Palace. Isn’t one of your jobs to repair clothes?” Peter asked his wife and totally ignored Bobby.

      “ Well, yes,” Kitty said. “ Oh, of course. We can make clothes for her.”

      “ What do you mean ‘we’? Ah can’t sew,” Rogue protested as Kitty brought forth the sewing set she had taken into their cell. In the month or so they had worked here they had been allowed to try and make their cell a little more comfortable. The walls were still bare and there still was only one bed which Scott and Logan fought over because Logan wanted the bed for Rogue alone while Scott wanted the bed to go on rounds around the women and all the women generally just wanted the men to stop fighting and let the bed go on round between them all.

      The team had each taken something with them to the cell, that being a bowl, a blanket or in Kitty’s case, her sewing gear. She brought it and took the blanket Peter gave her and began making it into a pair of pants, Indian style. It wasn’t the most important thing to do, making clothes, but it took her mind off Jean and her unseeing eyes. She couldn’t do anything else for her but this so that she did. It helped ease the feeling of helplessness.

      “ What happened here? Jean?” the professor asked worried as the older soldier who always carried him back and forth gently placed him on the floor.

      “ You alright?” the older man asked the professor and sounded as if he felt guilty over the professor’s distress at seeing Jean like that.

      “ Oh, yes, Joe. Thank you,” Xavier said distracted as his eyes were focussed on Jean. With a last look at the woman laying with her red haired head in Rogue’s lap the old man left and the team was reunited for the night.

      “ Jubii!” Bobby said happily as he saw her and she humped over to stand beside him.

      “ What happened?” she asked as she saw Jean.

      “ We don’t know,” Bobby admitted sadly. His hand found hers and held it lightly. She pretended not to notice and let it stay there.

      “ First Mr. Summers and now this,” John said sadly. He wished Cecilia were here. She’ll know what to do.

      “ What? What did you say? What has happened to Scott?” Kitty asked from the corner where she sat quietly with Peter and tried desperately to pretend everything was alright.

      “ He was brought to sick bay, badly beaten. Cecilia and I bandaged him. Black Thunder will take him back here in two days,” Xavier said and suddenly sounded very tired. Everything seemed to be going wrong. If it wasn’t because he felt he made some progress with Gabrielle he would never have come so far without breaking down. He had failed in the worst possible way. His students…his children were now suffering. But Gabrielle…she was like a ray of sunshine. Just today he had gotten her to point to the colours on some pictures when he asked her to. She didn’t talk, she never did but she did respond. The joy, the pride he had felt in her achievement had made his day.

      “ Black Thunder! He was the bastard who did this to Jeannie!” Logan roared angrily, his right hand forming a fist.

      “ Are you sure? He doesn't…” Xavier began but Jubilee interrupted him.

      “ What does it matter who did what? Shouldn’t we try and find a way to bring her back?”

      “ I still say that bringing Scott to her would be the best thing,” Bobby said.

      “ If only Stormy was here. She’ll know what to do,” Remy whispered lowly, pain in his voice and Kitty gave him a sympathetic smile. Remy’s love for both Storm and Rogue wasn’t a big secret for anyone but Rogue. Remy always told of his feelings very clearly but somehow he always seemed to be standing with the shortest strew and Kitty felt sorry for him for that. Remy was a good guy. He deserved some love. Kitty looked at Rogue and sighed. Well, one can’t force love and Rogue did love Logan as much as he loved her. It really was one big emotional mess on top of everything else. Her eyes found Peter’s and she smiled up at him and drew deeper into his embrace. Well, at least she had some certainties in this crazy world. She had Peter and his love and for that she’ll always be thankful.

      “ I agree with you, Bobby. Let’s see in two days when Scott returns if not she’ll feel better.”


      Author’s notes: For Wolvie who asked for this with thanks to Estelle for Beta and Sorcieré for great help.
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