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I Hardly Know Them 1/1

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  • Kelsey Adelson
    Author: Kelsey Rating: PG I suppose Feedback: Yeah, that d be nice Notes: No notes really. Except, there are a couple random references to random things. See
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 9, 2002
      Author: Kelsey
      Rating: PG I suppose
      Feedback: Yeah, that'd be nice
      Notes: No notes really. Except, there are a couple random references to
      random things. See if you can spot them!

      I look around at my former students and realize I hardly know them. It�s
      a humbling thought for any headmaster, but for a psychic, for ME it is
      deeply troubling.
      In some ways I know them so well, so intimately. Even at a masked ball I
      can identify them by their way of walking, their posture. Kitty, whose
      determination looks like competence. Bobby, who hides his steel filled spine
      in a childlike slouch. Jubilee, whose appearance of pure energy demands her
      sheer determination. Marie, who walks like a southern belle but talks like
      James Dean. St. John who is on constant surveillance but walks as if
      sauntering into a bar.
      And yet I hardly know them. I, the famed Professor Charles Xavier. I never
      stopped to put the pieces together. I did not see that Kitty is afraid of
      the dark, and afraid of love. I missed that Bobby is paralyzed by fear of
      failure, that he purposely keeps expectations low. I never realized that
      Jubilee is afraid of the dark place within her own soul, and desperately
      fears her past. Or that Marie, for all of our concern is the most
      well-adjusted member of her graduating class. It never occurred to me that
      St. John could be afraid of security and trust, that he is afraid of
      weakness at the expense of his friends.
      I hardly know them because it never occurred to me to look, you see. I�m a
      psychic and they could talk to me. I�m a psychic and they didn�t know they
      had to. I did not want to violate their trust, at the expense of
      camaraderie. I never knew I hardly know them, and now it�s too late. I have
      to let these strangers I love go.

      Feedback. Please.

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    • (no author)
      Hi all, Sorry for the long wait on this. Quick recap: Boromir had been tempted by the Ring, Frodo had fled and Scott, Logan and Rogue had gone out to find
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 10, 2002
        Hi all,

        Sorry for the long wait on this.
        Quick recap: Boromir had been tempted by the Ring, Frodo had fled and Scott, Logan and Rogue had gone out to find Boromir while Aragorn had gone out to find Frodo.
        Earlier parts can be read at: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=526128
        Note: this is a X-men/Lord Of The Ring crossover...in case you had forgotten *LOL*
        By Nadja Lee (neh@...)


        Part 10:


        Aragorn’s voice brought Frodo to a halt. He held the Ring in his hand as he turned around and looked fearfully at the human who he for the first time noticed was much larger and stronger than him. What if the Ring had taken him as it had taken Boromir? The Elven Queen had been right; this task he had to do alone.

        "Don’t come any closer," he warned, fear in his voice.

        "I would never hurt you. I’ve sworn to protect you, " Aragorn protested and went to him and knelt before him so they were eye to eye.

        "Would you do it? Would you see the Ring destroyed?" Frodo asked softly and opened his hand and showed the Ring to Aragorn; something in him wanting Aragorn to take it so he himself was freed from the burden of carrying it. Carrying the Ring was weighting him down as Boromir had said; it was tearing his soul apart and darkening his mind. He had to carry it but he didn’t wish to.

        Aragorn looked briefly at the Ring in Frodo’s hand and was reminded of his ancestor’s failure; it was because of the weak blood in his veins that this threat was even real. He dared not believe he had the strength to do what his ancestor had failed at. Softly he closed Frodo’s fingers around the Ring with his much larger hands.

        "I would have followed you into the darkest reaches of Mordor," Aragorn said softly, tears in his voice. Frodo nodded, fighting tears.
        "I know, " just as he said it his sword glowed blue; Orcs were near. Aragorn quickly got to his feet and stood protectively before the Hobbit as he drew his sword.

        "Run. Leave," Aragorn ordered as he began to fight the hob of Orcs racing towards him.

        Frodo cast frightened looks after Aragorn as he ran away.

        * * *

        "Something is not right," Legolas said softly as he starred out into the woods. He felt a growing darkness, a shadow coming closer. Darkness was near and evil was gaining more power.

        "I know. I feel it too," Ororo agreed as she came to stand before him. Suddenly Legolas seemed to tense.

        "Estel!" he whispered pained, closing his eyes briefly and a hand went to find an arrow for his bow.

        "What’s wrong?" Ororo asked worried.

        "Aragorn is in peril. We must go to him," Legolas explained. Ororo nodded, putting a hand on Legolas’ arm.

        "We will."

        "I will go with you," Gimli said and Legolas nodded acceptance.

        Ororo turned towards the Hobbits.

        "Stay here," she ordered as she went with Legolas and Gimli deep into the woods in search for Aragorn.

        "Frodo is still out there. I’m going after him," Sam decided, unable to bear the thought of his beloved friend in danger any longer.

        "Wait," Merry called after him but too late; he was already gone.

        "I have dinner," Pippin said as he came back into the clearing, holding some berries in his hands. "Hey, where did everybody go?"

        "To look for everyone else," Merry explained.

        "We should go look for someone too," Merry suggested and Pippin considered this.
        "Let’s go after Boromir. He may need our help."

        "Let’s go," Merry agreed.

        "We’re gone."

        * * *

        "I hear something," Logan warned as Rogue, Scott and him walked through the forest. Scott looked around, his hands on his glasses.

        "From where?" Just as the words were out his mouth hundreds of Orcs came running towards them from every side.

        "Pick a side. They’re fuckin’ everywhere," Logan growled as he eased Rogue behind him and Scott stood beside him so Rogue was in the middle as they tried to protect her. Rogue removed her gloves; ready to absorb an Orc should it prove necessary though she hoped it didn’t. She gained the person she absorbed’s personality and memories for a time and she had no wish to share mind with one of the bloodthirsty, crazy Orcs. As the first wave of Orcs ran towards them Scott lifted his glasses and fired a wide beam; the entire row of attackers fell but were soon replaced by new ones. Scott fired again and again but the wideness of his beams was limited and after the first five waves Orcs began to be able to come close enough for Logan to slice in them with his claws.

        "Take this," Scott threw Rogue his sword. She had lost the one she had been carrying in the snow slide not long after they had left Rivendell. Rogue caught the sword and tried to hold her attackers at bay but she had never gotten any sword practice and found the sword heavy and hard to handle. Luckily both Scott and Logan came to her rescue several times but would it be enough?

        * * *

        "I see him," Ororo called to Legolas and Gimli when she found Aragorn. They all ran to him as they saw he was fighting a hob of Orcs all alone.

        "Are you unhurt?" Legolas asked worried as he was within hearing range of Aragorn. Aragorn nodded while he kept blocking blows from Orcs with his sword and swung around and cut an Orc down.

        "For the moment," he sounded out of breath and Ororo could tell from the many dead Orcs lying shattered around the battlefield that he had fought hard. Legolas began to fire arrows at the Orcs and attacked them with his knives or an arrow if they came too close. Gimli’s axe did great work as he cut several Orcs down. Ororo called on her control over the weather and her eyes turned white.

        "Ororo, are you hurt?" Legolas asked worried and cast a quick concerned look at her before the battle demanded his full attention. He was concerned over the sudden color change of her eyes; no human he knew could do that for so long and be well. On the other hand she didn’t look like any human he had ever met; she acted and thought like an Elf, her skin was a beautiful forest autumn color and her hair was like snow. She was one of a kind.

        "I’m alright," Ororo answered as she let a light bolt appear in her hand before she threw it after the nearest Orcs. It exploded and took several Orcs down. She flew up and out of danger while continuing to shoot lightning after the Orcs.

        "*Aragorn!*" the name seemed to be spoken on the wind, fear and worry in it. Ororo turned and saw that Legolas had spoken the name but she could have sworn there were other voices on the wind as well. She turned to look at Aragorn who held his left hand over a wound in his right shoulder, blood running down his sleeve.

        "I’m alright. Nothing serious. You can stop worrying...all of you," Aragorn let them know as he swiftly changed the sword from his left to his right hand and continued fighting. Ororo’s eyes stayed on Aragorn some time still to be sure his wound really wasn’t serious.

        "All of you?!" Ororo mumbled confused.

        "Elves can create empathic contacts with humans they’ve healed or bonded with. Aragorn has been healed by his foster father and I while the Lady Arwen have bonded with him. Therefore we’ll all feel it when he’s hurt," Legolas explained while his arrows flew and hit an Orc every time. She figured the Lord Elrond and his daughter must have been the other voices she had heard say his name with Legolas.

        Her full attention went back to the battle as she still stayed airborn, trying to throw her lighting blots so to protect Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas. A group of Orcs had sneaked too close for comfort up on Gimli and Ororo threw her lighting blots at those Orcs, turning to face them. Therefore she didn’t see the group of Orcs who came running behind her, didn’t see them aim their bows at her and didn’t see the arrows fly through the air towards her unprotected back.

        "Ororo! Behind you!" Legolas yelled, worry clear in his voice as he aimed at the attacking Orcs, cutting them down one by one. Ororo turned around when she heard his warning. In alarm she saw the arrows draw closer. She tried to fly out of the way while shooting lighting blots to destroy the arrows. She almost succeeded. Of the more than forty arrows that had been aimed at her only two hit her but they hit her in the chest. With a scream of pain and surprise Ororo lost concentration and started to fall towards the ground.

        "Legolas, catch her," Aragorn ordered as he covered Legolas as best as he could when the Elf ran towards Ororo. As she came down he caught her in his arms and held her close.

        "We will protect you," Gimli promised as he with Aragorn positioned himself in front of the fallen woman and the Elf. Legolas nodded his thanks as he gently laid Ororo down on the forest ground. Her eyes had turned back to brown, sweat covered her brow and pain was written in every line of her face. While Aragorn and Gimli fought the attacking Orcs, making a small protected circled around the couple, Legolas tried to see how serious Ororo’s injure was. Legolas’s face was filled with worry and his heart beat faster in fear for her safety.

        Ororo had put her hands around the arrow wound closest to her heart and Legolas carefully lifted them up to see. Blood began to pour out around the edges of the arrow and Legolas lifted her hands back to press at the wound.

        "How.... bad is it?" Ororo rasped weakly, pain in her voice. Legolas looked at the second wound as well and his eyes were clouded with worry and sorrow as he turned to meet her pain filled gaze.

        "You are dying," his voice was so broken it sounded like it was him who was dying. First now did Legolas realize how deeply he had come to care for Ororo; the thought of losing her was at the edge of making him psychically ill.

        "Then..... you must leave me," it pained her to say it; she didn’t want to die and certainly not alone in a strange land but she knew it was the right thing to do. She saw the instantaneous denial in Legolas’s eyes. "All of you. It isn’t safe here," her voice was almost gone now and blood ran out of her mouth. The arrows had hit vital organs and blood had entered her lungs. She was literally drowning in her own blood.

        "I won’t leave you. I can’t," Legolas denied, his voice intense and true. Suddenly his eyes lit up. "There is a way to save you. Let me heal you," he asked, his voice almost pleading.

        "Legolas, no," Aragorn had overheard though his full attention was still at the attacking Orcs. "It is too dangerous.”

        "Do....do....not put yourself at risk for me," Ororo asked weakly and lifted a weak and blood covered hand to stroke his cheek. He caught it and let her hand wipe away his tears.

        "Without you my life will be empty and unfulfilled. There is only danger to me if you fight me or carry great hate with you....I know you do neither," he calmed her.

        "I...don’t...hate.....I....love.....you," she whispered and smiled pained before her eyes closed.

        "Ororo!" Legolas yelled panicked. Quickly he withdrew the arrows from her chest and laid his hands above her wounds.

        "May the light within me go into her, may whatever powers I possess be hers. May the love I feel be known to her......let my life be hers. My breath to yours, my heart to yours," Legolas mumbled and closed his eyes, going into the trancelike state required for healing. Aragorn had caught some of his friend’s words and pulled Gimli away from the Elf and the fallen human.

        "Run," Aragorn demanded of a baffled Gimli.

        "We’ll leave them unprotected!" Gimli protested hotly but ran on though he turned to look at his fallen friends. Legolas seemed to glow with an out of this world white light coming from his heart. The light quickly spread to include Ororo, forming a bubble around them. Any Orc who tried to enter the bubble was reduced to ashes in seconds. Gimli almost stopped in awe but Aragorn pulled him forward. As Gimli turned back again he saw that the bubble of white light had grown bigger and any Orc around Legolas was destroyed. The bubble kept growing until it suddenly exploded; the pieces of light entered the remaining Orcs’s hearts and killed them. Aragorn finally let Gimli draw to a stop.

        "She’s healed now?" Gimli asked, awe in his voice. He had never seen anything like that before. He knew that Elves rarely shared their knowledge and powers with anyone but he hadn’t known an Elven healing would do this.

        "Almost. Legolas will complete the healing now. The dangerous part is over," Aragorn breathed in relief. Legolas was safe...and so was the woman.

        "We should stay and guard them till the healing is complete," Gimli said.

        "No need. While an Elf heals he and the one he heals can’t be harmed," Aragorn explained. "We should return to....."

        He stopped in mid-sentence and his blood ran cold. A sound was heard through the forest; loud and clear. A sound of danger...a plea for help.

        "The horn of Gondor," Aragorn said unnecessary, fear in his voice. But that could only mean one thing....the son of Gondor was in danger. A man who had started out almost being an enemy but had ended as a friend was in danger.

        "Boromir!" Aragorn yelled fearfully, running towards the sound, Gimli close behind him. Please let him be all right. Don’t let me be too late, he prayed silently as he ran all he could to come to his friend’s aid.


        Author’s notes: LOTR fans; hold your horses. So I gave Legolas some extra powers…it fitted here so calm down.

        Thanks as always to Estelle for great beta, Jonas for in deep LOTR knowledge and suggestions.

        Thanks everyone who reviews….it keeps me writing.


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