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  • Kelsey Adelson
    Author: Kelsey Rating: PG-13/R-ish? I m still pretty bad at ratings. Feedback: Is good, and all too rare around here. Notes: No I m not getting alarmingly
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2002
      Author: Kelsey
      Rating: PG-13/R-ish? I'm still pretty bad at ratings.
      Feedback: Is good, and all too rare around here.
      Notes: No I'm not getting alarmingly prolific. I just haven't posted
      anything in a while and I have time to kill. No particualr story notes to
      add here.

      When the Professor had decided to have the lake dredged, he had assumed
      that the most interesting things in the lake would be the carcasses of small
      animals. Considering what he HAD found, it was somewhat surprising that no
      one had objected to the cleaning. It was fall, and no one would be using the
      lake until it froze over and could be skated on, so no one had objected.
      As the Professor re-read the list of items found by the cleaning crew, and
      glanced through the large box of items to be returned, he couldn�t help
      smiling maliciously. He could hardly wait to find out the rationale behind
      some of these belongings.

      �Both the cleaning crew and I were quite surprised by what was found in
      Lake Xavier. Before I start returning items, in the future, please throw
      term papers, tests, etc in the trash, NOT the lake. Now, if I hold up an
      item that belongs to you please claim it,� the Professor smiled benignly. He
      was normally a very ethical person, but since he had paid, well, quite a
      large sum of money, to clean the lake, he felt he deserved to have his
      curiosity satiated. Just this once.
      He held up a black girls� one-piece swimsuit. Kitty blushed as she went to
      retrieve it. //Bobby. Moonlight night. Skinny-dipping. Finally.// The
      Professor was surprised, he thought Bobby�s attention had been on young
      Rogue. Ah, well. It explained the next object in his box.
      A navy blue pair of swim trunks was quickly salvaged by Bobby. His
      thoughts corroborated with Kitty�s about that night.
      Xavier next displayed a pair of black opera gloves. The owner was obvious,
      but Xavier was curious as to why Rogue had thrown such lovely, expensive
      gloves into the lake. As Rogue re-claimed them Xavier understood. //Logan.
      Birthday present. Kiddo.//
      Which also may explain the dog-tags, Xavier noted pulling out Logan�s
      dog-tags. �Wondered where those went,� Logan muttered. He claimed them and
      dropped them into Rogue�s lap as he returned to his seat. Xavier had a
      feeling they would be thrown back into the lake soon.
      Xavier said nothing, and held out a collection of assorted lighters. St.
      John glared at Bobby as he collected them. //�It�s over.� A sweater out the
      window. A box of lighters emptied. Angry smirks. �Happy now?�// The
      professor was beginning to wonder how much he had missed..
      Hesitantly Xavier pulled a sweater out of his box of retrieved remenants.
      Kitty glared at Bobby. Bobby glared at St. John, and quietly claimed the
      sweater. //�Happy birthday Bobby!� �I love it Kitten.� �Over? Kitty buys a
      clue and its over?� �Johnny don�t!� �Too late.�// This was not the triangle
      Xavier had expected of Bobby.
      The Professor pulled out a gauzy scarf. He felt that was innocent enough,
      until he noticed the lipstick stains. Rogue accepted it gracefully. //Bobby.
      Lake house. Touch. Kitty. Screaming. Tears. St. John. Isolation//. Rogue
      smiled at Bobby, Kitty and St. John remained impassive. Xavier made a mental
      note to speak with Bobby one of these days.
      Xavier pulled out a ratty, now slightly green, teddy bear. Kitty leapt to
      claim it. //Rogue! I�m gonna get you for this!// Kitty�s glare at her
      roommate was nothing less than venomous. Rogue smiled sweetly in return.
      The Professor searched for something that wouldn�t cause the assembly to
      erupt in violence. He pulled out a ring that couldn�t possibly belong to a
      student. Scott claimed it fuming. Funny, it had been a women�s ring. Oh
      dear. // �Age difference.� Logan. �Nothing in common.� �Can I have my ring
      back?� �No.�// Logan was smirking.
      The Professor sorted through the box, surprised by a bright yellow jacket.
      Hadn�t Jubilee been wearing it lately? She accepted the jacket angrily.
      //�Johnny?� �Sorry, there�s someone else.� Rage. Fireworks. Ripping.
      Rejection. Pride// Hmm. Curiouser, and curiouser.
      Ah, a deck of soggy cards. Good. Remy has no romantic entanglements. //
      �He�s a friend!� �I don�t believe you!� �Fine.� Cards. Favorite deck. �Damn
      it Rogue!�// Oh brother.
      A pair of sunglasses. The professor was concerned. Innocent objects were
      turning out not so innocent. Jubilee snatched them. // �Remy! Why?!� �Sorry
      chere.� Throwing glasses. Agility. �You missed.� �Those were my favorite
      sunglasses! Bastard.�//
      Satin pillow. One of the girls. Cat fight? The professor wondered. Rogue
      claimed it. �Happy birthday Roguey.� Missing. �What did you with it?� �Same
      thing you did with Remy.� Confusion. �Stole. Rogue. Stole.�//
      Singed white t-shirt. Remy accepted the shirt. // �Damn Remy! Damn!� �Is
      it getting hot in her cher?�// St. John and Remy too? Xavier was beginning
      to think he needed a map.
      Xavier was surprised to find the box was now empty. �Well, that
      concludes a very interesting assembly. I think I�ll be having a chat with
      each of you very soon.�

      Remember, feedback is good!

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