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mini fan fic: Most Strange contract (complete)

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  • Linda J
    MOST STRANGE CONTRACT Or Why You Should Never Ask Sabretooth about His Work by Linda J. DISCLAIMERS: Sabretooth ain t mine; my husband wouldn t let me have him
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2002
      Why You Should Never Ask Sabretooth about His Work
      by Linda J.
      DISCLAIMERS: Sabretooth ain't mine; my husband wouldn't let me have
      him anyway. Hehehe
      Me on the other hand, well I guess I have to claim ownership there.
      RATING: PG13+ violence and language
      FEEDBACK: YES, YES, Y-E-S adnilnosnhoj@...
      ARCHIEVE: Not a problem; just let me know so I can tell my friends
      where to find it.
      SUMMERY: just a little snipette really, about Sabretooth telling me
      about his job.

      Recently one morning Sabretooth and I were enjoying a beautiful
      Canadian sun-raise together. We sat at a picnic bench on the park
      grounds and had our usual morning coffee and rolls for breakfast.
      We had slept the night before using only fur pelts as our bedding and
      covers as we slept peacefully under the starry sky.
      It was at times like that I cannot even fathom the fact that same man
      who tells me jokes, who sings me love songs, and sometimes gets into
      an innocent snowball fight with me; is a cold blooded killer. And not
      just a cold blooded killer, but set him off just right, and he
      becomes something that cannot be described as anything less than
      That morning over our coffee, I asked him about killing; what did he
      think of it, why did people hire him to kill and what was the
      strangest contract he ever had.
      He seemed almost glad to talk about it, as if he was honored to have
      someone take an interest in his workmanship.
      He considered my first question carefully before answering.
      "Well, killing is a lot like fucking in a way. Hell, I know I get a
      hard on every time." He smiled a little and continued. "I've killed
      people in all kinds of ways, but I think its best when I'm using my
      bare hands. I feel like I'm GOD." He chuckles. "I guess in a way I'm
      playing God; but so do doctors and cops and politicians…" His mind
      drifts off for a moment as he considers his words. He then jumps onto
      my second question.
      "Most people call on me mostly out of fear. Well they say its
      jealousy…" Sabretooth then gazes off in a cat-like stare, "but in
      reality, it's all about fear.
      A man says he is jealous over his wife; but what that really means is
      he is afraid of her. Afraid she will find someone better, afraid she
      will take his money, afraid he's raisin' somebody's bastard child."
      Sabretooth then pauses and takes a sip of his coffee.
      "Or say a businessman hires me to eliminate his competitor; again;
      fear." He then shakes his head at the whole mess going on in his mind.
      "They can fool themselves and say it's a crime of passion. They can
      say it's for love, or for their country, or…or for their loved ones…
      but truth be known, people kill or in this case pay me to do the
      dirty work for `em because we're all just a bunch of scared little
      rabbits, Fluff; me included." The brisk morning Canadian air fogs up
      with every word of his; as if to demonstrate how heavy his words
      truly are.
      Quite a few minutes pass before he answers my last question.
      "Hmmm…the strangest contract I ever had…well now that's a toughy." He
      half way thinks to himself out loud. Finally, he has it." Mmmm…he
      begins as he takes another sip. "A while back I get this call, right?
      The frail on the phone offers me ten grand if I could do a job and
      make it look like an accident. It had to look like an accident; that
      was the interesting thing about this story got that?" He informed me
      before continuing on. "So, I said sure. I mean ten grand's pretty
      sweet; and I've noticed that most who hire me always have some
      special little touch added in, like `make `em suffer…or make it quick
      and painless…or make sure you tell them who's payin' for this job.' "
      Sabretooth then starts to change the subject.
      "Which makes me feel pretty damn good about myself; I mean, if my
      client feels they can have their target KNOW who's paying for the
      job, then the client most feel real confident about my work. But now
      I'm getting off track aren't I." He grins as he tries to recall at
      what point in his story he left off.
      "Oh, yeah, like I was sayin'…people like to have a special touch or
      two added, so I didn't think much about the specifications; in fact I
      thought the frail was just being overly careful." Sabretooth adjusts
      his body weight on the bench to make him self more comfortable and
      "Then I go and meet this guy away from town; out in the woods as a
      matter of fact. And he's got all the money with him; most of the time
      people only wanna pay part of it to insure the job is carried
      through." Sabretooth leaned in towards me and helf his hands up as if
      he was swearing on a Bible.
      "Well, Fluff, I ain't lying to ya, the next thing this frail is
      tellin' me is he wants me to kill him!"
      At that point Sabretooth stops his story and takes another sip of
      coffee then another.
      I know that at least three or four minutes went by without the
      felinoid saying another word.
      He just sat on the bench looking out towards the Rockie mountain
      range that stood in front of us.
      "Well?" I finally get the never to ask.
      "Well what?" He asked as if he had completely forgotten what we had
      been discussing.
      "Well…did you?" I tactfully asked.
      Sabretooth just gave me this annoyed look. "Well of course I did
      woman! Ten grand is a hell of a lot of money!" He acts surprised that
      I even bothered asking the question in the first place.
      You can call me pushy but I just had to know. "Well, did the man ever
      tell you why he wanted you to kill him?"
      "Yeah." Sabretooth's face brightened as he volunteered the rest of
      the story realizing what I was interested in.
      "The frail was in BIG trouble over something; he had embezzled money
      or something…any way, he wanted to commit suicide rather than do jail
      time. But if he did that, well the wife and kids could just kiss that
      insurance policy good bye. So, he had me rip him up like a wild
      animal so it looked like a hunting accident. As far as I know, it
      went off without a hitch. He died on the spot, the wife collected a
      cool quarter million and I went to Atlantic City that weekend." He
      explained all this to me as if he were telling me about what he had
      eaten the night before.
      "Yeah…I would say that's a pretty strange contract too." I added to
      the conversation, as a way of reminding myself that it was my idea to
      get him to talk about this stuff in the first place.
      I'll never learn…
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