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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMER: This story does have some original characters, but the x- men and the brotherhood belong to marvel and FOX entertainment. This is for entertainment
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2002
      DISCLAIMER: This story does have some original characters, but the x-
      men and the brotherhood belong to marvel and FOX entertainment.
      This is for entertainment only. No profit will be made from this
      SUMMERY: Well this is my attempt at the movie's sequel.
      Rating: NC17 There's gonna be sex in this one but not right away. M/F
      F/F (M/M maybe I haven't decided just yet.)
      FEEDBACK: Please, please, please!!! adnilnosnhoj@...
      ARCHIEVE: Just tell me where, so I can tell my

      Chapter 13
      It was 8:00am when Storm called the mansion to let Scott know that
      she and the professor were on they're way back home.
      "You missed the interview?" Storm sounded in bit shocked to hear
      Scott say yes.
      "Well, something…came up." Scott was especially glad Storm could not
      see him blushing. "Did I miss anything?"
      "Well, no, not really." Storm informed Scott on her cell phone while
      she and the professor patiently sat motionless in a traffic jam.
      "They gave the professor just enough time to make a quick statement
      or two and then cut him off so they could go to the weather. But I
      think they are planning to re-air the interview later this morning."
      "I'll try to catch it then." Scott explained to her.
      "Scott, there's something I need you to do for me." Storm politely
      "What is it Storm?"
      "It looks like I won't be getting back in time for first hour. Would
      you mind letting Mercy know I need her to sub for me until I get
      "No problem Storm. See you later."
      Scott was trying hard to fight this eerie feeling he was starting to
      get. Almost as if he could see in his mind a dark cloud glooming over
      the horizon.
      Jean had mentioned something at breakfast about going back to the
      dispensary for a moment, but he still had this uneasy feeling to need
      to know EXACTLY where she was at all times.
      He blamed this sudden over-protectiveness for his fiancé on Toad's
      and Sabretooth's presence in the mansion, though if he were honest
      with himself, he still wasn't over the little drama caused by Logan
      and Jean's mutual attraction.
      `She's fine.' He kept reassuring himself. `If she were in trouble she
      would *call* me.'

      Charles too was having an eerie uneasy feeling.
      Even if the Rolls had stood still in traffic many times in the past
      there was something very unsettling about this time.
      Charles thought hard about this feeling for several minutes.
      "Storm; stay on guard." The professor's voice was calm. "We're being

      `OK, history is covered, that leaves physics.' Scott thought to
      himself as he walked toward the rec-room.
      Forge and Maddrox were already quietly sitting in the room watching
      the TV, drinking their morning coffee only making small talk to each
      other as they all waited for Charles' interview to be re-played.
      Scott found himself a seat on the couch.
      "Forge would there be a problem with you taking physics this
      morning?" He politely asked the mechanical genius.
      Forge gave him a curious look. "Take it where?"
      Scott laughed at the joke. Laughter was something he felt he really
      needed right now.
      He was so tempted to check on Jean but knew what a big mistake that
      would be. `Just ignore it.' Scott told himself.
      The net-work was still in commercial break when Mercy along with
      Clarice and a medium sized boy named Marshall came to the rec-room.
      "Mercy!" Scott seemed surprised to see her.
      She was dressed and ready for the day even if she was still half
      "You're up bright and early."
      "Mmmm…Thanks to this living alarm-clock here." Mercy said sleepily as
      she gently patted Clarice on the head and leaned against the doorway.
      "Good job. Clarice." Forge smiled and winked at the shy little girl
      who held onto Mercy's pant leg, while nibbling on her thumb-nail.
      Suddenly the boy with Mercy and Clarice transformed his body into a
      giant rooster and began flapping his wings wildly and crowing.
      "Morph, sit down!" All the men yelled at once.
      He then transformed himself into a short fat Rodney Dangerfield with
      extra-bulgy eyes, and frantically pulled at his neck-tie saying, "I
      tell ya, I never get any respect around here!"
      But before his audience got TOO upset with him he returned to his
      natural form, which was a bizarre looking creature, with ghost white
      skin, colorless eyes, and a bald-head.
      Marshall went ahead and took a seat next to Scott while Clarice and
      Mercy watched the TV from the doorway.
      Scott spoke quietly to Mercy. "Charles and Storm won't be back for a
      while yet. You have history this morning."
      She nodded her head in response.
      The show had returned form its station break, when suddenly there
      came an incredibly loud, thunderous roar from Sabretooth's bedroom.
      Instantly the adults in the room recognized it was Sabretooth's roar.
      "Oh, he doesn't sound happy." Mercy remarked.
      Scott put his hand up to his fore-head. "Damn-it! I forgot to get
      that son-of-a-bitch up for breakfast this morning."
      "If you'd like Scott, I can go get him." Mercy innocently offered.
      But Scott frantically shook his head to say no.
      "Mercy, stay away from him." Scott flatly asserted.
      As much as he would like to scare her away from that monster, he
      wouldn't tell Mercy about Sabretooth's fondness for rape as long as
      Clarice or for that matter any child was in the room.
      Soon another roar was heard; then another and another.
      This time Forge offered to go and get him just so they wouldn't have
      to hear that obnoxious sound any more, but Scott informed him that
      Sabretooth could go without eating for a little bit longer.
      "He is our prisoner Forge; NOT our guest." Scott answered somewhat
      irritably; and neither Mercy nor Clarice understood why.
      "Well he sounds awfully hungry, Scott. How would you like being
      locked up and just left to go hungry?" Mercy tried her best to make
      Scott feel guilty, but it was useless.
      Suddenly Mercy noticed someone was missing.
      She began looking around the room, then up and down the
      hallway. "Clarice where are you?" Mercy whispered, hoping not to
      disturb the men.
      Finally, she had no choice be to interrupt.
      "Did any of you see where she went?" The men just shook their heads.
      "She did it again!" Mercy huffed in frustration and tossed her hands
      in the air.
      "I've NEVER seen a kid who could skid-daddle that fast before!" Mercy
      declared as she left the rec-room to search for the little girl.
      Mercy's voice echoed through the hallway as she continued her search
      for the bashful child.
      "Clarice? Where are you?" But there was no answer.
      It wasn't the first time the child had disappeared and most likely it
      wouldn't be the last. The men just turned their attention back to the
      TV just in time to see Charles' interview being replayed.

      REPORTER: "Professor Xavier from the West-Chester school for the
      gifted; could you give us a brief description of what kind of
      students your school accepts and what do they study?"
      PROFESSOR: "We focus on children with high IQs or exceptional
      physical attributes. They come from all over the world to be taught
      and educated so that they may some day be a valuable and productive
      member of society if they so choose."
      REPORTER: "Well thank you for coming down and clearing all that up,
      Professor. Next it's Ryan with the weather."
      Everyone in the room just looked at each other in disbelief.
      Finally, Jamie broke the silence. "That has to break some kind of
      speed record." Suddenly Morph was back on his feet now in the form of
      the woman reporter who had just interviewed the Professor.
      "*Well thank you for coming down and clearing that up, Professor.*"
      He mocked the woman in her own voice.
      "*But my face lift is slipping now and I have to run to the hospital
      before my eye brows turn into side burns!*"
      The shape-shifter went as far as to let his own face start to droop
      off his skull toward the floor.
      "That's enough Morph." Jamie chastised while trying very hard not to
      break out laughing.
      "Yeah, well so much for equal access." Scott shook his head and got
      up out of his seat.
      "Hmmm…Sabretooth's been quiet for a while now. I wonder if he died
      from starvation." Scott was sorry that Mercy wasn't around to hear
      his sarcasm.
      As he walked towards the villain's bedroom he tried to remember
      everything he still had to do this morning.
      `There just aren't enough hours in a day.' Scott realized.

      Meanwhile, in Sabretooth's bedroom:
      Victor took turns beating on the door, yelling, roaring and cussing
      in no particular order, then flopping back onto his bed. Only to
      repeat his actions a few minutes later.
      He was unhappy yes; but he was no where near the `out of control'
      state of mind just yet.
      His feelings were more hurt than anything. As far as he knew, he had
      been a good kitty so far, and he really felt that he deserved to be
      treated better than this.
      He sighed to himself and once more went to the metal door that was
      electronically locked on the other side.
      `If I really wanted to I bet I could knock this fuckin' thing down
      with one good shove. But what good would that do me.' His leaned up
      against the door for a moment and sighed in despair.
      "Hey, asshole! Let me outta here!" He pounded on the door wondering
      if anyone at all was coming for him.
      Then strangely from behind, he heard something he had never heard
      before. It was a quiet noise- not easily noticed.
      `What the hell was that?' He turned around and quickly caught a whiff
      of a person's scent coming from the bathroom. He recognized the scent
      immediately and his eyes widened like saucers with confusion.
      `What the fu…' He thought to himself as he slowly walked in his
      bathroom and looked inside the shower stall.
      There standing in the stall looking up at him was Clarice. She had
      only a blank expression on her face as she kindly offered the
      felinoid a blueberry muffin she had taken from the kitchen.
      Sabretooth's appropriate language and manners in general around small
      children was poor to say the least. But he was not in the habit of
      entertaining company; especially little tykes who "popped" in
      "How the fuck did YOU get in here?" He was more curious about her
      mysterious appearance than actually being angry at the girl.
      Clarice opened her mouth and quietly whispered. "I just think of a
      place and I'm there."
      Sabretooth nodded his head as he accepted the muffin from the child's
      "Cool mutation. Wish I could do something like that." His voice was
      remarkably gentle though he did not smile.
      He then peeled the paper off the muffin and in three bites the muffin
      was gone. Clarice smiled at him. "Mercy said you were hungry."
      "OH she did huh?" His voice sounded a little tense. "Then why the
      hell didn't she come and get me outta here so I could get something
      to eat?" He asked Clare as he turned away from her and walked out of
      the bathroom. He was not really expecting her to answer him.
      "Sh…she wanted to, but Scott told her to stay away from you."
      Sabretooth's ears twitched under his long hair in her direction. This
      information was very interesting indeed.
      He sat down on the edge of his bed with his legs spread apart. He
      leaned in toward Clarice as she followed him out of the bathroom and
      came closer to him.
      He set his elbows on his knees letting his fore-arms hang between his
      legs. His eyes and Clare's were nearly level to one another.
      "Hmmm…really?" Sabretooth was interested in knowing more. "Did he say
      Clarice seemed a little embarrassed to answer his question. "He said
      you were our prisoner not our guest." She shyly whispered.
      He nodded his head. "You know something squirt? He's right. I ain't
      no guest `round here, and I ain't somebody you want to get to know.
      But…thanks for the snack squirt. Thanks."
      He was careful to smile in a way where his fangs would not show and
      gently patted her on the head.
      That moment Sabretooth turned his head towards the bedroom door as he
      caught scent of Scott approaching.
      "Runt…I think its time for us to end this lil' chat." But by the time
      he turned his head to see her again, she was already gone.
      A couple of moments later Scott had the door open as Sabretooth
      casually got up from sitting on the side of the bed.
      Scott was pleasantly surprised to see Sabretooth remaining so in
      control of his emotions.
      "I was beginning to think there was a DO NOT OPEN `TILL CHRISTMAS
      sign posted on my door." Sabretooth joked. Then he added, "Hell I'd
      make you wait all day if I was getting laid."
      Scott was shocked at Sabretooth's rude and blunt words, wondering if
      this is what the felinoid considered guy talk.
      "Well Sabretooth, no one ever told me you were psychic." Scott put
      his hands on his hips as if expecting an answer from the felinoid.
      Sabretooth just shook his head. "Not a psychic, just got a really
      good sniffer, that's all." He tapped his index claw on the side of
      his nose as he went on to explain.
      "Your testosterone level dropped recently; and I can smell that Jean
      bit…er…um gal all over you."
      "And that leads you to believe that I got laid this morning?" Scott
      tried to sound as if Sabretooth's deduction was off.
      "Sure does." He proudly announced.
      "Hmmm." Was the only response Scott would give. Even so, Sabretooth
      knew he was right.
      The two men walked out of the door and casually headed down the hall.
      "First, we'll get you something to eat, and then you need to go
      apologize to Mercy for destroying her pen yesterday."
      Sabretooth didn't answer right away. Scott was beginning to wonder if
      he had heard him or not. Finally, the felinoid asked him something
      with a twisted grin on his face. It was as if Sabretooth was thinking
      of something he wasn't willing to share with Scott. "Tell me
      something, Red-eye. Did I piss Fluffy off?"
      "Possibly, but that's not the point. You're not allowed to destroy
      other people's property." Scott began to explain.
      "Because it's against the rules." Sabretooth mocked.
      "Frankly Sabretooth, it is." Scott said flatly. "One more thing,
      Sabretooth. You can thank her for going out the other day and buying
      you new clothes."
      Sabretooth gave Scott one of his grunts as an answer and as far as
      Scott could tell, he was saying 'sure'. TO BE CONTINUED
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