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    DISCLAIMERS AND SUCH ARE IN CH1 CHAPTER 11 4:35 am; the sun was not yet up and normally only the few nocturnal mutants who stayed in the mansion were awake at
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      CHAPTER 11
      4:35 am; the sun was not yet up and normally only the few nocturnal
      mutants who stayed in the mansion were awake at this time. But these
      days were getting less and less `normal' for mutants every where.
      "Monday's going to be beautiful autumn day with warm temperatures,
      light westerly winds and plenty of sunshine." The weather man
      predicted to his radio audience in a voice that was entirely too
      chirpy for this time of the morning. "So get out side and enjoy today
      because it is going to be a perfect day for the New England coast
      Maybe the weather man was thinking this was going to be a perfect
      day, but Scott's mood didn't agree. "Typical for the media to give us
      the earliest air-time possible when it comes to clearly our names."
      Scott held the passenger door to the Rolls open for Charles, while
      Ororo took the driver's seat. Charles maneuvered his legs inside the
      vehicle while Scott folded his chair and put it in the car as well.
      "Yes, isn't it kind of Good Morning America to have me on as their
      first guest; This should give everyone who is waking up this
      morning, plenty of time to just miss my interview." God had blessed
      Charles with many talents; his dry sense of humor was one that may
      have been Charles' personal favorite.
      Before Scott closed the passenger door for Charles, the Professor had
      a few last minute instructions for him.
      "Scott, go ahead and assign Sabretooth some chores this morning. He
      needs to feel useful."
      "Unfortunately Professor, what Sabretooth's mostly useful for- is
      destroying things." Scott interjected sarcastically.
      "All the more reason to keep his hands busy then."
      The Professor could see that Scott was still unsure of letting the
      300lbs psycho-killer become a part of their pseudo family.
      In his heart Scott knew that Charles always respected his opinion,
      and would never talk down to him, but still he felt uncomfortable,
      almost guilty every time he disagreed with him.
      "Sabretooth nearly attacked Mercy at yesterday's meeting." Scott
      pointed out. "Doesn't that' prove he isn't ready to be trusted?"
      Charles smiled remembering the incident. "Well Scott, other than
      mangling a purple ball of fuzz Mercy had glued to her pen, I believe
      he behaved quite well. But yes I see your point; Sabretooth must
      learn to be respectful of other people and their property. If he is
      willing to apologize to Mercy for taking her pen, then he may start
      performing chores."
      Scott closed the door and watched the Rolls drive quietly away. `What
      kind of chores do you give to a homicidal-maniac anyway?'

      6:00 am; and more people in the mansion were starting to awake. Along
      with the nocturnal mutants, there were also mutants in the mansion
      who instinctively arose with the sun.
      Scott wasn't sure exactly where his internal time clock was set. To
      him, it just seemed that no matter what time of the day it was, he
      was usually awake. Something Scott noticed that he and Sabretooth had
      in common.
      However the felinoid "cat-napped" all day, it was one of the
      advantages of his mutation Scott supposed and somewhat envied.
      Scott was beginning to realize that if he wanted to figure Sabretooth
      out, then first he should learn more about big cats.
      Rather than looking in on the felinoid however, Scott went to check
      on the mansion's other `guest' who was still comatose in the

      Dr. Grey wasn't sure just what to make of Toad's condition.
      One hour the tape from the monitor would read one thing, the next it
      would read something completely different and even later, it would
      read the same as it did the first hour.
      "It seems as if Toad's body isn't sure if it's human or amphibian."
      Jean tried to explain. "By my diagnosis, Mortimer should be on his
      feet by now and yet, he has shown no sign of coming out of his comma.
      It's very strange."
      "Well, don't turn your back on him. I trust him even less then I
      trust Sabretooth." Scott re-checked the restraints holding Toad in
      place, paying special attention to the gag over his mouth.
      His fiancé gave him a dirty look. "Trust me, Scott, I know how
      important that gag around his mouth is."
      For a second, Scott felt as if he had just been caught with his pants
      hanging down around his ankles. Once more his overly-protective
      nature had got him into trouble with Jean.
      "Alright, so I act like a chauvinist now and then. I don't mean to, I
      just love you that's all." Scott tried to sound apologetic though he
      didn't think to add a quick `I'm sorry' to go along with his defense,
      and quiet possibly because he wasn't sorry for caring about her; just
      sorry for pissing her off; again.
      Jean smiled and forgave her beau knowing that there were some
      qualities about him that would always be there. She loved his kind
      nature, his sense of humor, his sense of honor. The fact that she
      thought he was drop dead gorgeous sense the 10th grade was just a
      bonus. Though his looks may someday fade, his heart would always be
      the same.
      But it is also likely that Scott would never change his intrusive or
      some what meddling nature either.
      The trauma of losing his parents in a plane crash and thinking his
      bother had died, undoubtedly left permanent scars that would show
      from time to time.
      Jean realized the best way to love him was not to argue over his
      faults and weaknesses every time they popped up unannounced.
      "Well, comma or not, Wart's gotta go." Scott mentioned eager to
      change the subject.
      Jean's mouth dropped open a bit from shock. "Scott, you're starting
      to spend too much time with Sabretooth. You're even starting to talk
      like him."
      Scott sighed. "You're right. I've been spending so much time with the
      son-of-a-bitch that I'm actually starting to like him."
      Jean gave him an unhappy look and bit her tongue.
      She too had reservations about the professor's plans for Sabretooth,
      but her reasons were more personal than Scott's.
      "Scott." She tried to explain her feelings. "I've looked inside both
      of their heads. I understand Sabretooth mostly reacts out of anger,
      or fear, or, or some other negative emotion."
      Chills ran down her spine as she unconsciously recalled horrible
      things she had seen inside of Sabretooth's head. But then she turned
      and gave the amphibinoid a dirty look. "Where ToadÂ…well, he's just a
      mean little shit, plain and simple."
      "I know you would like to see Sabretooth hauled away along with his
      companion, but at least here we can keep an eye on him. We can keep
      him from hurting others," Scott paused and put his arm around Jean's
      shoulder. "Like Betsy."
      Jean nodded her head. She understood the logic to Scott's thinking
      and even she saw what the Professor had seen in Sabretooth as well.
      But it wasn't for what he might do in the future that disturbed her,
      it was the crimes and villainy of his past.
      Jean knew that staying bitter would only do harm, but she could not
      let it go.
      In the back of her mind Jean feared that if she forgave Sabretooth
      for what he had done to a very close friend of hers, she would be
      betraying that friend.
      "Come on Jean, would you like some breakfast." Scott nudged her and
      smiled to cheer her up.
      They turned away from Toad and walked toward the elevator doors.
      "I could use some food." She added hoping to get her mind off of the
      evil mutants.
      Moments after they left the dispensary, Toad opened his eyes and
      looked around. He felt his bondages and he especially noticed the gag
      in his mouth.
      `How the fuck did I end up here?' He wondered.
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