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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMERS AND SUCH ARE LISTED IN CH1 Chapter 9 Within minutes, the rumor that Sabretooth was going to become a teacher at x-mansion spread throughout the
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      Chapter 9
      Within minutes, the rumor that Sabretooth was going to become a
      teacher at x-mansion spread throughout the student body quicker than
      a bad flu bug.
      In fact, the kids were so worried about whether or not this was true,
      they over looked the real problem the school was facing; and that was
      the possibility of normal people coming in and invading their privacy
      or worse even interfering with their right to learn.
      By the time the meeting began, Sabretooth himself was wondering if
      this rumor was true. He pondered the thought quietly to himself;
      trying to think of something worse to end up as. Even as he and Scott
      entered the conference room, Victor was still trying to think of an
      Everyone was in the usual places. The Professor was at the head of
      the table, Scott and Jean sat next to each other on one side of the
      room while Ororo sat next to her beau Forge on the other side. Jamie
      Madrox and Xi'an Coy Manh sat across from one another, Mercy and Hank
      also sat opposite of one another, farthest away from Charles.
      Though he would have preferred to stand, Sabretooth was asked to sit
      at the table as well. But rather than sit in the chair normally, he
      turned it around as the back-rest was facing the table. He then
      straddled the seat so that his front was leaning up against the
      chair's back. He either rested his arms on the head of the chair, or
      folded them over his chest. Occasionally he even put his hands on his
      hips as he quietly listened to the conversation going on around him.
      He sat there quietly in his chair, eyes half closed, thinking of all
      the events that had led him up to this point in his life.
      Sabretooth's number one and by far his most important priority was
      and still is –Sabretooth.
      Deep down he had no real loyalty to Magneto not unless it was to his
      best interest of course. Nor had he any real hated for any of the x-
      men. To be honest he wasn't even terribly pissed at Storm for zapping
      him in the railroad station or for that matter even Scott, for
      blasting him clean out of the Statue of Liberty.
      Now Logan on the other hand, well that was another story…
      The Professor began the meeting. "As most of you know by now,
      Mystique who is masquerading as Senator Kelly has come out and
      accused us of terrorism. She knows the human community is very up set
      right now and is looking to take out its anger on anyone it possibly
      I believe she is hoping that we will be so overwhelmed with defending
      our reputation as a legitimate school that we won't be able to do
      much to oppose her or Magneto."
      Charles glanced over to Victor who now seemed very interested in what
      he had said. Charles continued. "The worst scenario is we would be
      forced to close our doors and take even our teaching aspect of our
      operations underground. But I won't let this happen with out a fight.
      I am prepared to do battle in the courtroom or on my doorstep if need
      be. I promise all of you this; not one child will be taken out of my
      home because of this outrageous lie." Professor Xavier's voice was
      proud and stern. He paused and looked at every one's face for just a
      second or two before repeating, "Not one."
      "So, here's what we have to look forward to for the next few days.
      First, if you haven't noticed, the media has already begun to camp
      outside the gate, our official business phone hasn't stopped ringing
      and our web-site has never seen so many hits on a Sunday. Next, the
      kids are going to start imagining their worst fears and we will to
      have to calm a lot of nervous stomachs very soon."
      Charles smiled just briefly and added. "However, for the moment, the
      students are more interested in finding an explanation to
      Sabretooth's presence than worrying if they will have a school to
      next week."
      Most everyone in the room just chuckled except Victor who gave no
      Ororo then asked. "Will there be an actual investigation at this
      school?" The Professor gave her question some thought. "The
      possibility does exist. If one or two FBI agents, or possibly some
      social workers were to come to the school, there should be no
      Every one in the room was unusually quiet as they carefully listened
      to the Professor. "My main concern for now is how the general public
      will react to these accusations."
      Then Scott spoke what was on his mind. "Mutants have enough trouble
      as it is without being accused of being terrorists. We need to show
      the local community that we are not what we've been accused us of.
      Does anyone have any suggestions?"
      "It seems to me," Mercy spoke up. "That if we look like were hiding
      from everyone then people are going to suspect we have something to
      hide. Why don't we do something to get ourselves really noticed?"
      Everyone turned to look at her as she continued. "Look," She tried
      to defend her theory. "Mutants are being paid BIG bucks to get on
      stage every night or on some sports field and show off their
      Just look at all the mutants staring in their own shows in Vegas.
      Telepaths, voice manipulators, shape shifters, body contortionists,
      hell, even guys with the tiger act use their mutant-ability to
      communicate with animals. Those mutants are treated like gods!"
      "You think we should put on a type of Vegas show?" Jean wondered
      "Well, no not exactly, but we could put on a show of some kind, and
      no one has to even use their powers." Mercy's eye's light up as her
      idea took shape in her mind. "A variety show. We could sing some
      songs, do a skit or two. I'm sure the kids would love to do it and
      that would give the normal people a chance to see that this a regular
      school with regular kids, and not some military camp."
      Scott shook his head in disapproval. "It's not a good idea to have
      the general public on the grounds."
      "Yes, but Mercy has an idea worth considering." The Professor
      added. "Where else could we hold this `variety show'?" he asked his
      followers. Ororo spoke up. "There's a very nice park on the other
      side of town. It even has an amphi-theater in the center."
      "We would need to do this then before it gets too cold." Scott
      thought to add. "How much time do you think we need to have a variety
      show ready, Mercy?"
      She thought for a second. "I think we could have something ready just
      after the Halloween Dance. Does the first week in November sound
      Those around the table started to agree with Mercy's plan.

      Both Senator Kelly and his new personal aide fought their way though
      a media feeding frenzy as they were leaving the studio.
      Mystique was very good at knowing when and how to use the media to
      her advantage. Just before she entered the limo, she turned around
      and gave one quick response to the reports questions.
      "I know that you are as out raged by the terrorist attacks the
      occurred last night. I assure you that I will see those who are
      responsible for them will be punished to the fullest extent of the
      law. That is all I have to say at this time. Good day ladies and
      Senator Kelly then got into the limo where Sherry was already seated.
      As they pulled out onto the highway, Kelly reached over to the wet
      bar he kept secretly in his limo, and poured himself a drink. He then
      turned to his assistant, and offered to pour her one as well though
      she politely declined. Kelly then went on to say.
      "Ms. Brown, I want you to know that I am very pleased with your
      performance as my new aide. I know what a complete jack-ass I was to
      my last aide, and I hope that I do not mistreat you as I did him."
      "Senator…" Sherry began, but was quickly interrupted. "Let's start
      with you calling Ed, alright?"
      Sherry blushed a bit. "Sen…Ed, I'm very flattered that you've taken
      an interest in me and all, but…" She paused.
      "Let's face it, in this world today, its very popular to hate mutants
      and its suicide to speak up for them." She then remembered his
      daughter. "Sorry to bring that word up. However, with your wife in
      Kansas, and us having to work as closely as we do, aren't you afraid
      the media would just love to create a scandal between the two us?"
      "Well that's the bright side to all of this, Sherry." The Senator had
      a cheerful smile on his face. "My name is already shit here in
      Washington. From this point on, nothing I do will be right. As long
      as I can keep the other Senators from expelling me, I only need to
      stay around long enough to accomplish my goals. Then the media can do
      or say whatever they want about me. It won't matter then. Besides
      Sherry, it's not like I'm asking you to have an affair with me, I
      just want us to be good friends, that's all."
      Sherry smiled and relaxed a bit, but deep down knew the Senator was
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