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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMERS AND SUCH ARE LISTED IN CH1 Chapter 8 *Cue music…Bring up the lights slowly…Camera 1, scan the stage… 3…2… 1* Good morning fellow
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2002

      Chapter 8
      *Cue music…Bring up the lights slowly…Camera 1, scan the stage… 3…2…
      "Good morning fellow Americans, I'm Bob Shieffer, and welcome
      to `Face The Nation'." Bob's voice is clear and precise. Two men are
      sitting down in front of the cameras. One is the interviewer, the
      other the interviewee.
      "This morning's guest is the very outspoken, controversial, and until
      yesterday probably the strongest supporter for the mutant
      registration act, Republican Senator from Kansas, Edward Kelly."
      *camera 2 scan over for a close up on Senator Kelly*
      Schieffer: "Good morning Senator Kelly." Tone of voice is polite and
      Kelly: "Good morning, Bob." Tone of voice is equally polite and
      Schieffer: "Senator, first I wish to extend mine and the crews
      condolences on the sudden death of your personal aid Mr. Guyriesch."
      *Schieffer looks into camera 1 for close up *
      "As most of you have heard by now, one of the Senator's aids, Mr.
      Guyriesch was killed while-- on a camping trip was it? We here are
      all very sorry to here that."
      Kelly, off camera, nods his head in agreement.
      Schieffer: "OK Senator Kelly. Now let's get to the real reason why
      you're here. For months you have done nothing but preach and proclaim
      that all mutants were our enemy and that if we are to survive as a
      species, we must keep them under our total control."
      *Camera 2 pull back to view both men sitting on stage*
      "Now literally, over night, you completely change your stand on this
      issue. Why? What happened to change your mind so completely?" His
      tone of voice is urgent and compelling.
      Kelly: "Well, Mr. Shieffer," Kelly sighs heavily, "my daughter
      recently took her own life when she learned she too had become a
      mutant." He pauses for a moment as if he is having trouble going on
      with his explanation.
      Kelly: "I was too stubborn and foolish to put aside my prejudice
      thinking even at the cost of my daughter's life."
      Schieffer: "So it was your daughter's suicide what made you re-think
      your position on mutant registration?" His voice is compassionate.
      Kelly: "Yes, Bob." Kelly looks away from camera and focuses his
      attention straight at Bob. "I'm sorry to admit that it took my
      child's fear of me not accepting her to bring me to the understanding
      that mutants are in fact our own children, and not our enemies. At
      first, I was too proud to admit it, but her face keeps haunting me
      and I've had time to think things over." Kelly looks again into
      camera to speak to the television audience. "If I could change the
      past I would. I made accusations about a race of people I knew
      nothing about. My fears were unfounded and unjustified and I was a
      plain old fashion bigot jack-ass. I now wish to make my apologies
      once again to all mutants around this nation and the world."
      *Camera 1, close up on Schieffer for his reaction; switch to camera 2
      pick up on Kelly as he continues*
      Kelly: "Unfortunately I may be too late in bringing this apology to
      the mutant community. There are a growing number of mutants who are
      becoming as fearful of humans much the same way we have become
      fearful of them. I am afraid that there are mutants operating
      terrorist camps within our own borders. One of which has recently
      been brought to my attention is a "school for the gifted" located in
      Winchester NY. The head of this organization is a millionaire with
      telepathic abilities."
      *half-screen; picture of Charles Xavier pops up along side of Kelly*
      Kelly: "His name is Charles Xavier. Also known as `Professor, or
      Professor Xavier or Professor X' and he heads a band of mutant
      terrorists known as the "x-men" as some of you may have already
      heard. They recruit mostly teenage mutant runaways who are
      impressionable and eager to find somewhere to belong. Xavier uses his
      telepathic abilities to brainwash these helpless children to do his
      bidding. He and his followers are a danger to society and I am
      demanding that an investigation into the school and its activities
      begin at once."
      Schieffer: "When we return, Senator Kelly claims he has proof that
      the x-men were responsible for last night's attack on the Statue of
      Liberty. Stay tuned."
      *Camera 2 break away for commercial.*
      *Click* the TV screen turns black.
      For a moment, everyone in the x-mansion who heard Kelly's accusations
      just remained quiet, fuming with anger or stunned with disbelief.
      That is everyone except for Sabretooth who folded his arms over his
      chest and began to chuckle. "Ha ha. Who ever said `life ain't fair'.
      Ha ha."
      "Quiet." Scott snapped.
      The fact that he got to see Scott fuming in anger satisfied the
      felinoid enough not to push the issue. Sabretooth just leaned back to
      enjoy the view of everyone's displeasure.
      "So this is her game." Charles didn't seem too surprised.
      "Her game?" Sabretooth looked confused. "Who's her?"
      "Mystique, as if you didn't know." Ororo angrily snapped at him as
      well. Sabretooth looked over his shoulder to see her standing well
      behind him. "That's Mystique huh? Geeze, there's something about her
      turning herself into a man that just makes my skin crawl."
      "Well, looks like we have our work cut out for us." If Charles was
      upset he wasn't showing it. "I will attempt to clarify our name by
      sending out a statement to the press as soon as possible."
      He turned his chair around to get a clear look at Sabretooth who was
      beside himself with glee. "Did you know about any of this?"
      He shook his head. "Naw. It's not like they ever bothered showing me
      the `big picture'. I was strictly on a need to know basis. You know-
      all muscle and no brains." He said as he softly knocked himself on
      the side his head a few times.
      "Besides, this don't sound like something Mags would
      approve of. He likes you teaching these kids their three "Rs". After
      you make `em smart, he just comes
      behind and picks `em up for his war. It's a win/win situation for
      Charles nodded his head. Sabretooth had such a plain way of speaking
      the truth and Charles knew what he said been true. So many of the
      children were being led astray by Magneto's promises of fame and
      glory in exchange for their total loyalty to his cause.
      Magneto may want the x-men put out of business, but why go after the
      school? No, he figured Sabretooth was right; this had to be Mystique
      acting on her own.
      "So, this has to be Mystique's idea; but what has she against
      educating children?" Jean wandered.
      Sabretooth shrugged his shoulders. "Blue's a real control freak who's
      in love with herself; that's all I have to say about her."
      Charles wasted no time taking control of the situation. As he began
      to head his chair out the door, he gave his orders. "Scott, we need
      to have a staff meeting right away. Have all the teachers meet in the
      conference room in one hour."
      "Well," Scott stood up and looked at the felinoid. "You've had enough
      free time for a while. You'll have to stay in your room now until
      "Why?" Sabretooth asked somewhat hostilely. Charles then interrupted
      and maneuvered his chair around to see the two men. "No, that won't
      be necessary Scott." Charles thought carefully for a moment. He had
      noticed how quickly Sabretooth was adapting to his new home and had
      even begun opening up more to those he came in contact with. At this
      rate Sabretooth may even be allowed to roam the grounds without
      supervision in a couple of weeks. "I think it would be good for
      Victor to join us instead." To which, both men stared at each other
      in disbelief.
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