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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMER: This story does have some original characters, but the x- men and the brotherhood belong to marvel and FOX entertainment. This is for entertainment
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2002
      DISCLAIMER: This story does have some original characters, but the x-
      men and the brotherhood belong to marvel and FOX entertainment.
      This is for entertainment only. No profit will be made from this
      SUMMERY: Well this is my attempt at the movie's sequel.
      Rating: NC17 There's gonna be sex in this one but not right away. M/F
      F/F (M/M maybe I haven't decided just yet.)
      FEEDBACK: Please, please, please!!! adnilnosnhoj@...
      ARCHIEVE: Just tell me where, so I can tell my friends

      CHAPTER 7
      Saturday night came and went with surprising ease.
      Though he kept fazing in and out of consciousness, Toad had survived
      another night and his health was improving by the hour. Although
      Dr.'s Grey and McCoy congratulated each other for his recovery, they
      debated whether or not saving Mortimer was such a great idea.
      All the kids had made it back to the mansion before curfew. No
      detention slips would be passed out that night. Even Mercy made it
      back that evening from the closest mall with bags full of new clothes
      for Sabretooth, who did little more than eat and sleep that night,
      but not without complaining that he could not get the playboy channel
      in his room. And much to his amazement, Scott had successfully kept
      himself from getting another headache and even in spite all odds
      against it, had a relatively peaceful night's sleep.
      Alas, even though Sunday morning started out as well as the night
      before, it would not last.
      As Sunday mornings normally were at the mansion, it started out quiet
      and serine. Most everyone took a little more time getting out of bed
      and usually enjoyed relaxing at brunch. The atmosphere in the dining
      hall was typically light and breezy. If Sabretooth was going to learn
      to co-exist with his fellow man, this was the best place to start.
      He walked along side Scott into the dining hall as if he had been
      there at least a dozen times before; though secretly he was feeling
      quite nervous. In spite of his cat-like nature which made him cool
      and aloof to those around him, deep inside, Victor still craved
      companionship and yearned to connect with the world around him. But
      whether it was his intimidating appearance, or his strange, quirky
      mannerisms, he was just too alien for people to bond with. Even among
      outcasts he was an outcast. He never quite fit in, never really
      belonged. Even in the brotherhood, he felt as if the others tolerated
      him but did not accept him. In the middle of a crowded room, is when
      Victor Creed would especially feel the loneliest.
      He walked over to the adult side of the room, where Scott had already
      taken his place next to Jean, along with Hank, Ororo, and the
      Professor who were already seated.
      From the other side of the room came a deafening and eerie hush as
      the student's eyes followed Sabretooth with a fearful awe. First
      someone whispered faintly, then another. Soon it seemed every student
      was telling another student about the terrible, horrible, loathsome
      and/or really cool things they had heard about this amazing super-
      villain. Sabretooth may not have any friends, but he was famous.
      The felinoid said nothing to anyone, only grunted and snorted as he
      took a seat at the other end of the table where no one was sitting.
      He put his large left fore-arm in front of his plate and pulled it
      toward him; then he practically buried his head in his plate as he
      devoured his food, using his fingers to feed himself rather than a
      knife or fork. It was a gross sight and most looked away.
      From within her mind Dr. Grey called out to Charles. *How can we even
      begin to tame this…this animal, Charles? Look at him! He's too wild
      and too far gone for any of us here to reach.*
      Charles continued to eat his toast using the best of etiquette, as he
      carried on his mental conversation with Jean. *If I had a dime for
      every time I heard those every same words about so many others here,
      I would be…well, I would be a VERY rich man.*
      Scott noticed Jean smiling and he asked her what for. "Inside joke."
      Was all she had to say.
      Just then, Mercy walked up to the table. She was wearing a dark blue
      over-sized T-shirt with Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore on the front and a
      pair of casual slacks made from a flower print. Her flip-flop denim
      shoes made a "clomp-clomp" noise as she walked.
      She had with her a young petite girl with lavender colored hair and
      skin. The little tyke wore a white T-shirt with a jumping Tigger on
      its front and a pair of torn jeans. From the corner of his eye,
      Sabretooth caught the sight of them both, just as he picked up his
      plate and began licking it.
      The tiny girl with Mercy saw what he was doing and smiled at the
      sight. When Sabretooth saw the child looking at him, for a moment the
      feline side of his mind wondered if snapping at her with his
      ferocious teeth and giving her one of his terrifying roars would
      impress her. But even he knew this was not the way to act around
      small children.
      For reason's unknown, Mercy chose to sit on Sabretooth's side of the
      table, with nothing but a seat between him and her, and the child sat
      across the table from Mercy. All at the other end of the table saw
      this, and began to worry. All except for the Professor, who just
      slightly waved his hand to signal that they need not interfere.
      Both the child and Mercy were a little too close for Sabretooth's
      comfort, though he himself knew they were no real threat. He finished
      licking off his plate and set it down slowly; watching both of them
      very carefully.
      "Morning, Tiger." Mercy chirped as she started pouring cream into her
      An angry scowl covered his face. "Name's Sabretooth." Was all he
      growled. Mercy turned to look at him. She stopped stirring her coffee
      for a second and defiantly responded, "Well, I was close. It's not
      like you ever hear of a sabretooth puma now do you?" He growled again
      only more loudly, but this time the little girl across the table
      giggled at the sound.
      Mercy eye's popped wide open; she dropped her spoon and pointed a
      shaking finger at Sabretooth. "You are a…genius!" She boldly
      exclaimed. Mercy could hardly contain herself. She practically jumped
      up and looked to everyone at the other end of the table. "Everybody,
      did you hear that? She said something! Well maybe not said something,
      but Clarice DID make a sound. I heard it. Did any of you?" They all
      shook their heads.
      Mercy looked at Clarice. She gently spoke to the girl. "Go on honey;
      do it again so they can here you too." But all the bashful child
      could do was pull her knees up to her head and burry her face in her
      lap while covering her head with her hands. She sat on the chair
      looking very much like a tortoise hiding in her shell.
      Mercy sat back down disappointed. "You heard her, didn't you?" She
      asked the felinoid.
      "The squirt giggled. Big deal." Obviously, Sabretooth didn't
      appreciate the circumstances. "Yes it is a big deal!" Mercy informed
      him. "Clarice and her brother have been here for about a month now,
      and this is the first time she's made so much as a peep." Then she
      added a grateful, "Thanks to you." Suddenly, she had an idea. "Hey, I
      know. Make that noise again, maybe she'll giggle some more."
      Sabretooth started growling the moment Mercy referred to his prideful
      growl as "noise". But this time Clarice did not make a sound. She
      kept herself hidden away in her own make-believe shell.
      A few moments went by. "OK Tiger, you can stop now, it doesn't look
      like she's going for it this time." Mercy looked surprised when he
      did not stop his fearsome growl. "Oh my gosh, you're really mad
      aren't you?" she sincerely sounded sympathetic. "Was it something I
      This brought Sabretooth's growling to a screeching halt. A puzzled
      look came over his face. He paused for a moment as if he was
      collecting his thoughts on the matter, but then changed his mind at
      the last moment. "Aww, skip it." He sighed and picked up his cup of
      coffee to take a sip. He then looked back at Mercy and gave her a
      hard long look. "You know something Fluffy, you're the strangest
      person I've ever met." To which she happily replied. "Me too!"

      Sherry Brown quietly waited off stage behind the cameras as Senator
      Kelly sat down with Bob Scheifer to "Face The Nation". One of the
      shows writers stood close to her and whispered. "You do realize
      Kelly's chances of being re-elected are so small, that a piss ant
      would have to squint its eyes just to see it."
      "That's your opinion. I think people will see he's an insightful man
      who is willing to admit to his mistakes."
      "Riiiight, and monkeys are flying where?" The writer quipped. Sherry
      rolled her eyes at him. "Look," he went on. "It's not like I'm for or
      against mutant registration. Frankly, I don't care one way or the
      other. But…if I was a mutant, I wouldn't trust him, and now that he's
      turned his back on humans, well they're not going to either. If
      memory serves me right, Paul from Tarsus was someone else who
      suddenly went from persecuting Christians to becoming one of their
      most respected leaders. But…" and the writer stressed his
      words. "That was after he became one himself. So naturally he in turn
      was persecuted for the rest of HIS life."
      Sherry just gave the man an angry look, but realized he had made a

      "So, this is what x-men do." Sabretooth's voice was loud and
      sarcastic. The kids in the corner of the rec-room immediately stopped
      playing foos-ball to watch and see what he would do next. Rogue
      especially kept a suspicious eye on the super-villain.
      The felinoid put his hands on his hips as he nodded his head. "Just
      sit around on your lazy asses and watch TV. Humph."
      "Not to burst your bubble or anything Sabretooth, but you are
      felinoid, and it's a known fact that felines sleep most of their
      lives away." Jean's voice was unusually cool as she spoke to him from
      the couch where she and Scott sat next to each another.
      "Yeah, well we just like saving up our energy, for the important
      stuff that's all." He spoke under his breath as he began looking for
      a place to sit.
      Charles, who was also in the room, pointed to the TV screen. "It's
      starting, shhh." Sabretooth growled for a second but he did so
      quietly. He was starting to accept the Professor as his new Alpha."
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