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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMERS AND SUCH ARE IN CH1 Chapter 6 Looks like it s going be a full house. Earl noted as everyone began taking their seats. Yeah, well, I think most
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      Chapter 6

      "Looks like it's going be a full house." Earl noted as everyone began
      taking their seats. "Yeah, well, I think most of us are waiting to
      hear what the Reverend Stryker as to say." Floyd whispered as the
      room became quite. Everyone could see that Rev. William Stryker was
      ready to take the pulpit.
      He was a nicely built, average height, rather attractive, and very
      charismatic white male who looked to be about 55 years old.
      He had proudly taken on the crusade of purifying the world of the non-
      human species known as homo-superiors, beginning with his one and
      only son.
      On a fateful day so long ago, he and his pregnant wife were traveling
      through the Arizona desert when their car went off the road and
      rolled over several times before stopping. He delivered their baby
      alone with his wife unconscious, only to see that what had come from
      her body was not human, but rather a hideous monster. William Stryker
      followed his instincts and instantly crushed the new-born baby's
      skull with his bare hands. He then broke his wife's neck for the
      crime of bringing such an abomination into this world. Seeing that a
      great deal of gas had leaked form the car, he lit a match intending
      to kill himself for his part in his wife's crime. But miraculously
      his body was thrown from the explosion and his life was spared while
      his wife's and child's bodies were burned beyond recognition.
      After many years of struggling with the guilt and shame of what had
      happened on that day in the desert, he came to the twisted and
      perverted understanding that it had been God's will to spare his
      life, for the sole purpose of cleansing the world of these "creations
      from Satan".
      He began going from church to church twisting the scriptures to fit
      his means as wolves in sheep's clothing do.
      His message of fear and hate for the mutant-kind spread like a wild
      fire through out the land, consuming even the tiniest fragments of
      rational thinking within the minds of ordinary men and women.
      His `ministry' grew within a very short time. The world was changing
      so rapidly and drastically, no one seemed safe from the enviable. He
      had become the voice of a frightened class of people needing
      direction and guidance under such peculiar circumstances.
      William Stryker looked out to his loyal flock. They were confused,
      frightened and alarmed. They needed him to reassure them that
      everything would be fine; everything was going to turn out as they
      were hoping for. It was under these types of circumstances that
      allowed men like Stryker to peddle their messages of fear and hate.
      Giving the mob someone to blame, someone to make the scape goat for
      all the worries. All the while never realizing that they were like
      sheep being led to the slaughter house.
      "Today, my brother's and sister's we were dealt a heavy blow. But our
      cause has not ended. We still have our mission to accomplish."
      Stryker's voice was solemn and sorrowful. "One of our very own has
      left the flock, and walked away from his calling. Senator Kelly
      turned his back on his own kind. He is now a damned creature, and God
      shall judge his soul." He paused for a moment and bowed his head in
      silence. It was as if he had closed a door and locked it behind him
      for good. He then continued.
      "I have spent this afternoon in prayer and I have asked God to show
      me what He would have us do." He glanced up and saw the faces in the
      hall were hanging on his every word.
      "For many years now, we have tolerated and tried to accept these non-
      humans, as members of our society. We have tried to use peaceful
      means to find some way to exist together in harmony. All we have
      asked for is some simple and fair means to protect ourselves and our
      loved ones.
      But the enemy does want to live with us in peace and in harmony, but
      rather it is their intention to conquer and annihilate us. Why else
      would the mutant fear registration? Why do they need to hide
      themselves like the roaches in our homes?" He allowed his voice to
      raise and fall to achieve the desired affect.
      "If we cannot take control of our enemy now, through peaceful and
      legal means, then for the very sake of our survival, we must not be
      afraid to take the next steps in this holy war."
      Once again he looked out to see the faces of his audience and he was
      quite pleased. He saw in their ordinary faces filled with the anger
      and animosity a good soldier must have for his enemy. But to ensure
      he had the mob's unwavering attention, he needed a visual aid;
      someone from the audience to hold up as an example of a righteous and
      true soldier for such a time as this.
      He scanned the faces but found no one worthy. That is until he
      noticed that one chair in the hall had a person sitting in it who was
      not even yet old enough to shave. `Perfect.' Stryker thought to
      "God has just spoken to me." The false profit declared. Stryker
      walked away from the pulpit and motioned that the boy be brought to
      him. Floyd and Earl just stared at each other in confusion. "You
      don't suppose he knows about the kids parents do you?" Earl leaned
      over and whispered to Floyd who shrugged his shoulders and
      replied. "Well if that's so, then I'll just say I didn't know."
      "What do you think they'll do to him?" Once again, Floyd shrugged his
      shoulders. "All I know is if anything bad happens to the kid, Connie
      won't speak to me for a week."
      When Graydon was brought up on stage, the Rev. led him to the front
      to face the audience. He stood behind the boy and put his hands on
      his shoulders.
      "David was a little boy, no older than this, when he was called to
      slay the giant Goliath. He knew his calling -he wasn't afraid because
      he knew God was on his side."
      Stryker paused and turned Graydon around to talk to him. He held the
      microphone, so that everyone in the hall could hear Graydon
      speak. "So, young man, what's your name?" The Rev. spoke in a kindly,
      grandfather like voice. "Graydon." The boy spoke plainly though his
      disposition hadn't changed any.
      "Graydon, are you tired of seeing mutants in your school?" The boy
      nodded his head. "Are you tired of hearing them whine about their
      rights?" Again he nodded. "Are you willing to do whatever it takes to
      stop these unholy creatures from taking over the world?" He didn't
      answer, but he did look to be very interested in the man's words.
      The Reverend then took the mic and began to once again address the
      "I have learned from reliable sources that it was mutant terrorists
      who are responsible for the attack on the Statue of Liberty last
      night. They now go so far as to defile one of our great nation's most
      precious and sacred monuments. This just proves how evil and Godless
      these children of Satan truly are. This act cannot be allowed to go
      unpunished. Who here will stand up for OUR freedom? Who will stand up
      for OUR rights? Who will fight for OUR right to exist?" Stryker
      paused for effect. "Who among you is a giant killer?"
      More than half the audience was on there feet, applauding and
      cheering; ready to run out and get their guns that very moment if
      their leader only asked.
      "We have so little time and so much to accomplish, brothers and
      sisters. I'm afraid that Senator Kelly will not be the only one who
      betrays his own people. Many of you will be led astray and fall
      Then to play on the people's emotions Stryker re-focused his
      attention back on Graydon. "You look like a smart lad, Graydon. Tell
      me, would you believe a mutant if he tells you he's your friend?" The
      boy shook his head. "If you find our one of your teachers is a
      mutant, would you go along with everything they tell you?" This time
      Graydon spoke up in the mic. "No."
      A fiendish smile streaked across the Reverend's face. "Oh thank God
      we have such smart and wise young men to count on. Promise me
      Graydon, that you will stay true. Promise me that you won't give up
      this just and righteous fight; no matter what."
      Reverend's Stryker's words lit the pathway to which Graydon was
      suddenly made aware of. It was his destiny and fate to ensure the
      safety of human kind. Graydon proudly accepted his calling, and at
      that moment vowed his loyalty to the Friends of Humanity.
      Earl and Floyd just sat back in amazement. Once again, Earl leaned
      over and even more quietly than before, whispered to Floyd. "Are you
      going to tell anyone about his folks?" "Hell no!" Floyd
      confirmed. "And you better not either if you know what's good for

      "So, is somebody gonna get me some new clothes or what?" Sabretooth
      grunted to Scott as they entered his bedroom. "I gave the list of
      things you wrote down to Mercy. She seemed happy to do it."
      Sabretooth growled and gave Scott an uncomfortable look. "That art
      teacher better not bring back any fagot clothes." He warned before he
      then flopped down on his mattress and folded his arms behind his
      head. His long legs hung over the edge of the bed, but that didn't
      seem to bother him.
      He let himself roar a long, tired yawn and carefully scratched
      himself under the chin with his sharp claws. "Call me for dinner,
      OK." He ordered as he once again folded his arms behind his head, and
      closed his eyes for a nap. Scott was beginning to feel like
      Sabretooth's personal butler. Hopefully in a day or two, a routine of
      some kind could be established so that he was not solely responsible
      for keeping the felinoid out of trouble and this nonsense would stop.
      "You'll be eating in here tonight. We haven't had a chance to tell
      everyone about your extended `visit' here. We don't want a bunch of
      freaked out kids hitting the panic button the first time they see
      you. By tomorrow morning Mercy should be back with your clothes and
      most likely everyone here will be alerted to your presence."
      The villain picked up his head with a confused look on his face. The
      fact that people had to be `alerted' to his presence made perfect
      sense, however what else Scott said sounded a little off. "Should be
      back by tomorrow? Where's she going? New York City's Fifth Avenue?"
      "You wish. Well, knowing her, she's more likely to end up buying your
      clothes at a second hand store in Greenwich Village. But hey, I made
      sure she knew you don't want any `X's on your clothes." Scott somehow
      felt a little better saying that. Especially when he saw the look on
      Sabretooth's face once he learned he could very well end up with a
      bunch of used clothes.
      Scott then informed the `guest'. "Actually we're never sure where
      Mercy will run off to. She has a real bad habit of just going where
      the wind takes her. Even if we did know there's no telling how badly
      she would get lost from here to there and back again."
      "What? She don't have a good sense of direction?" Sabretooth was
      beginning to wonder what if any usefulness she had.
      Scott smiled and joked. "If someone gave her a map, she'd still find
      some way to get lost."
      Sabretooth just shook his head and closed his eyes for a nap. "Oh
      well, she ain't my problem. Just make sure my food's hot -n- plenty
      when you bring it to me."
      Scott rolled his eyes and bit his tongue. Why was he always the lucky
      one to end up babysitting the jerks who came to x-mansion. Scott
      managed to keep his composure however and he closed the door and set
      the alarm to Sabretooth's room.
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