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  • Linda J
    disclaimers and such are in ch2 Chapter 4 Now that he was fully dressed Scott escorted Sabretooth down to the kitchen. There were two ways to get there from
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      disclaimers and such are in ch2

      Chapter 4
      Now that he was fully dressed Scott escorted Sabretooth down to the
      kitchen. There were two ways to get there from the bedroom. The short
      way was through the main hallway of the mansion. That would take them
      right past the dayroom, and the library, the two most occupied areas
      of the x mansion at this time on a Saturday afternoon, or the long
      way around, through the classroom area of the building, which was
      normally empty on Saturdays. As far as Scott was concerned, this was
      a no brainer.
      "So why the hell did Chuck turn his house into a school?" Sabretooth
      curiously asked as they passed the open classrooms. He was walking
      along side Scott who was struggling to keep pace with the 7' giant's
      long strides.
      "It's a long story that the Professor is much better at telling than
      I am." Scott was trying not to sound too annoyed with Sabre for
      repeatedly referring to Charles Xavier as `Chuck'.
      Sabretooth didn't seem interested in carrying on a conversation with
      Scott at this point in time. He was too busy sniffing the air,
      picking up all kinds of delicate odors. When he was this hungry, and
      by this time he was starving, he instinctively began to sniff out
      He detected another human in the area; a female. She was in the room
      just up ahead, where he was also picking up the odors of glue, clay,
      paint, and…*sniff*…cookies! In eight giant steps Sabretooth was at
      the door to the art room, and walking inside leaving Scott far
      Instantly he spotted the bag of `chips a-hoy' cookies which were on a
      counter on the far side of the room. Standing on top of the counter
      next to the bag was a woman he did not recognize, her back was to him
      and she was loudly playing some CD with some girl singing, `You
      better get this party started'. She appeared to be painting something
      on the wall just below the ceiling's crown-molding.
      Cautiously, he approached Mercy from behind, not knowing what powers
      if any she possessed. He was almost in reaching distance of the
      cookies, when Scott came from behind. "C'mon." Scott spoke
      firmly. "You're not supposed to be in here." Sabretooth whirled
      around to face Scott and angrily roared. The ferocious sound sent
      chills down Mercy's spine and she quickly turned to see Scott in a
      stand off with probably the most fearsome mutant she had even seen.
      "I just want some damn cookies!" Sabretooth angrily shouted. Mercy
      had a side view of the two men who were completely ignoring her. She
      was looking especially hard at the tall brawny blonde haired
      stranger. `He's beautiful!' She thought to herself. `Scary as hell,
      but beautiful.'
      "Oh, you can help yourself, I don't mind." She interrupted the men
      with a flirtatious smile. "It's not like I can't go to the store and
      by some more."
      Sabretooth didn't waste any time grabbing the bag and stuffing his
      large hand inside, only to find the cookies were sealed inside a
      plastic sleeve. He dropped the bag, and with both of his enormous
      hands tore the sleeve open with great force.
      Chocolate-chip cookies flew in every direction. Only about half were
      still left in the sleeve. He quickly began stuffing cookies in his
      Mercy looked over to Scott. "Is this one of our `guests' you
      mentioned earlier?" Scott nodded his head. "Mercy, this is
      Sabretooth." Scott reluctantly introduced them to one
      another. "Sabretooth…Mercy."
      Mercy was looking down at Sabretooth who did little more than nod his
      head as a sign of acknowledgement to her.
      Like a queen commanding her knight she held her hand out in his
      direction. "Sabretooth, help me down."
      Maybe it was because he knew just how nervous this would make Scott,
      Sabretooth obeyed her order.
      With the bag of cookies still in his hand he grabbed Mercy around her
      hips and lifted her off the counter. He held her there above him,
      holding her body close. Mercy braced her hands on his shoulders. She
      had managed to place her fingers through some of his long hair.
      Neither said a word to each other as they just stared into each
      other's eyes.
      As far as Scott could tell it looked like Sabretooth had no intention
      of putting her down any time soon. What really surprised Scott was
      Mercy didn't seem to mind her predicament one bit. `Oh, shit.' He
      thought to himself. `How am I going to pull these two apart.'
      "Sabretooth…" Scott kept his voice low and calm. "Put…the art teacher…
      Like a couple of children being ordered out of the pool, both Mercy
      and Sabretooth give Scott a disappointed look. He put her down by
      letting her body slide slowly down his. She gave the felinoid a
      sultry smile as she slowly stepped away from him though Scott was
      sure she would have been happy to stay in villain's arms.
      Sabretooth took another cookie and chomped on it slowly. He began to
      examine Mercy more closely. She was about 5' 8" and about
      180lbs; `Not bad to look at. Kinda meaty, but that's OK; just
      makes `em bounce better.' He remarked to himself.
      She had long shapely legs and large breasts. `Hmmm…Wonder how good
      she fucks.' He then began to examine her other details. She had
      golden brown eyes, and wire framed glasses. She had long, deep
      burgundy colored hair that hung past her shoulders. The ends of hair
      curled into carefree locks. Her bangs were almost touching her
      eyelashes, and she had her fore-locks pulled back into a pony-tail
      with a bright purple bow made from a scarf. The bright purple
      material of her top and pants could be seen through the white
      artist's smock she wore over them.
      He didn't notice any perfume, just some ordinary deodorant, and soap.
      But this did make detecting her own natural scent easier and he found
      it to be what he liked most about her.
      Her scent reminded him of apples, and honeysuckle, but most of all,
      her scent reminded him of fresh sweet milk.
      Realizing she had caught Sabretooth's fascination, Mercy smiled once
      more at the giant mutant.
      "I bet you would love to have some milk to go with those cookies,
      "Wow!" Sabretooth quipped sarcastically. "You must be a telepath if
      you figured that out without any help."
      Mercy gasped in disbelief, and then mischievously added. "If I were a
      telepath I wouldn't waste time reading your mind; I gave up
      children's literature years ago." Sabretooth growled softly knowing
      he had been insulted but not quite sure just how.
      Scott just stood back and chuckled to himself. He was glad that
      Sabretooth was getting to see Mercy being herself.
      Now was as good of a time as any to get Sabretooth out the door. "If
      you want something else besides those cookies we'll have to go."
      Sabretooth nodded his head and the two men started to leave.
      "It was a pleasure to meet you Sabretooth." Mercy added as the men
      were walking away.
      The felinoid turned around and for a long hard moment just stared at
      her. "Ditto." Was all he offered in a cold emotionless manner.
      Just as they left the room, Mercy sighed and whispered under her
      breath, "Now that's one sexy son-of-a-bitch."
      What she didn't know was Sabretooth was able to hear her every word.
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