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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMER: This story does have some original characters, but the x- men and the brotherhood belong to marvel and FOX entertainment. This is for entertainment
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2002
      DISCLAIMER: This story does have some original characters, but the x-
      men and the brotherhood belong to marvel and FOX entertainment.
      This is for entertainment only. No profit will be made from this
      SUMMERY: Well this is my attempt at the movie's sequel.
      Rating: NC17 There's gonna be sex in this one but not right away. M/F
      F/F (M/M maybe I haven't decided just yet.)
      FEEDBACK: Please, please, please!!! adnilnosnhoj@...
      ARCHIEVE: Just tell me where, so I can tell my

      Chapter 3
      Washington DC was somewhere a mutant did not feel comfortable. Even
      if she could change her shape and completely fool the world into
      believing that she was someone else; that she was normal that she was
      not a freak of nature as most here were call her.
      Mystique, still in a lot of pain from the battle she had lost the
      night before, quietly closed the door to Senator's Kelly's private
      bathroom and secretly changed into her natural state of being.
      Her wounds had almost healed, but not entirely. She changed her
      bandages, cleaned the wounds, and washed her face.
      What she wanted to do was throw something; scream at the top of her
      lungs; or at least break down and have a good cry.
      They had come so close to victory, only to see everything blow up and
      go straight to hell.
      Fortunately, she and Eric had thought of this plan a long time ago
      and had gone through its details with a fine tooth comb.
      In fact, taking Senator Kelly's place just long enough to kill the
      mutant registration bill had been Eric's original plan; that is until
      he created that stupid mutation device. `Eric, you pompous ass, you
      should have left well enough along.' She thought to herself as she
      dried her face. `Things are going along just fine. I told you this
      plan would work. Well, now it's all up to me whether you like it or
      Mystique resumed Kelly's form. She pushed her way through another
      dozen or so reporters before getting into the limo waiting to take
      Senator Kelly home.
      Luckily, for Mystique, Senator Kelly's personal life was in the
      toilet. His daughter recently committed suicide shortly after she
      lost control of her own mutational powers in front of score's of TV
      reporters and cameramen just as her father was denouncing the rights
      of mutants.
      His wife could not forgive him for their daughter's choice. She was
      back in Kansas, filing for a divorce.
      His new personal assistant was an attractive strawberry-blonde woman
      with lovely blue/gray eyes and slender figure named Sherry Brown.
      She rode in the back of the limo across from the Senator. "This time
      last week, I would have never dreamed that I would even get into the
      same car with you! But here I am Senator, working for you!" She spoke
      Mystique just kept looking out the window, barely hearing what she
      had said. "mmm…" was the best response she could come up with.
      Mystique had personally hand picked Sherry to replace the `recently'
      departed Mr. Guyriesch, because even though she was not a mutant
      herself, she supported their cause.
      The moment Mystique laid eyes upon Sherry, she was drawn to her. She
      felt a loving, tender and warm heart beating underneath Sherry's
      modestly buttoned silk blouse. Mystique had so missed the tenderness
      of another woman for long enough. Now that Eric was not looking over
      her shoulder, she felt it was safe to look for the comfort she craved
      in another woman.
      Even though Eric didn't seem to mind others in the brotherhood having
      alternate life styles; she just didn't feel comfortable with him
      knowing about hers. Perhaps in the back of her mind, she feared that
      he would push her away just has her own father had, so many years
      It seemed to her that in some form or another she was always hiding
      her true self to those she wished to be closest to. Except for one.
      Mystique quietly sighed She could almost see the image Destiny's face
      from so long ago, looking back at her from the tinted limo window as
      she stared at the trees they passed on their way to Senator's Kelly's
      condo. `I need you Destiny. I wish you here with me.'
      Destiny was the only one who ever loved her for her self, as
      herself. But even though she could predict the immediate future,
      Destiny was not a telepath. For now, Mystique would have to find love
      from someone else.
      "Well, here are this morning's messages." Sherry hesitated for a
      second. She noticed that Kelly did not seem to be focusing this
      morning. "Umm, are you sure you want to hear them?" Mystique as Kelly
      finally turned around and gave her attention to Sherry. "Sure,"
      trying to put on smile. "Why not."
      Sherry adjusted her glasses and ruffled a paper full of written
      messages. "O.K. Yes, well, *The Friends of Humanity* say that they
      are officially withdrawing their support to your presidential
      campaign, and are demanding that you resign immediately, as are *The
      Coalition for a Normal World* *The KKK* and *The American Nazi
      Party*." Sherry paused and looked hard at the Senator. "Good ridons
      to bad trash, huh?" Mystique nodded.
      "You do now have the support of and praises from the, *Mother's of
      Mutants*, *The American Society for the Advancement of Mutant
      Rights*, and *We Are One*. Umm…CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS are all
      begging for an exclusive. Also…the Pope called and said he is
      encouraged by your change of heart, will continue to pray for you.
      Now the strangest call came from someone named Charles Xavier. All he
      said was, `There's no mystery to who you really are.', and he
      stressed the word *mystery*."
      `Charles knows.' Mystique thought to herself. `Oh well, he can't do
      anything to stop me.' Then a devilishly delightful thought streaked
      across her brain. `But maybe I can do something to stop him.' The
      wheels in Mystique's mind immediately began to turn.
      "He's a cracked pot. The message is meaningless." She assured her
      `Charles, your days as a teacher will soon be over.'

      Sabretooth wasted no time jumping into a hot shower. He didn't even
      care in the least that Scott was guarding him. He poured out nearly
      half of the shampoo out of the bottle onto his head, and began to
      wash himself from top to bottom, all the while singing loudly, and
      way off key.
      Several minutes later he emerged from the shower stall, fresh and
      revived, wearing only a white towel around his loins.
      Scott was sitting in a chair on the other side of the room, thumbing
      through a magazine that was left on the night stand next to
      Sabretooth's new bed.
      "I'll take you to the kitchen as soon as you get something on." Scott
      coldly said as he continued flipping the pages.
      Sabretooth gave a tiger-like grunt which probably meant `Cool', and
      reached over for the pair of dark gray sweat pants that were lying on
      his bed.
      Just as Scott instinctively glanced up from the magazine, Sabretooth
      dropped the towel and bent over, unintentionally mooning Scott with
      his hairy ass. Scott winced. `That's a sight I could have lived
      Then Sabre grabbed the shirt to put it on, but when he saw the "X" he
      threw it back onto the bed, and grunted again, but the meaning to
      this one was definitely not `cool'. "What the fuck is this!" He
      scorned. "It's a shirt that happens to have an `x' on it. Relax."
      Scott teased. "Putting it on doesn't automatically make you a member
      of the team."
      Sabretooth shot him an evil look and growled for a moment or two. "I
      ain't putting it on." He declared. "You can't go outside of your
      bedroom without a shirt." Scott said flatly and with that, the
      pissing contest was on. Sabretooth put his hands on his hips, and
      looked dead into Scott's ruby glasses. "You think `cause you got the
      best of me last night, you can just take me anytime?"
      Scott had tolerated Logan's attitude the entire time he was in the
      mansion, but there was no way he was going to put up with Sabre's for
      even one day. "I don't think I can, I know I can." He was more than
      happy to put another hole in Sabretooth's hide, even if he would only
      heal up in a matter of minutes. Hell, eventually this alley cat is
      going to run out of lives right?
      Scott then realized however, that Sabretooth was not in the habit of
      thinking and the only way the professor's idea would even have a
      possible chance, then he would have to think of some other means to
      motivate this big ugly jerk into obeying the rules.
      "But that's not what I want to do, Sabretooth." Scott continued. "I
      didn't mean to put you on the defensive, only it's important that the
      kids see that everyone here lives by the rules. If we let you walk
      around half naked, then we have to let every one else do the same."
      "Don't sound so bad to me." Sabretooth remarked half seriously.
      "Well, trust me; it wouldn't be a pretty sight. How about you turn
      the shirt inside out for now. I'll ask if someone wouldn't mind going
      into town and pick up some new clothes for you. Sound alright to you?"
      Again the felinoid grunted. This time he was back to saying, `cool'.
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