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CRY FOR MERCY ch1 NC17 -this is MY movie's sequel

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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMER: This story does have some original characters, but the x- men and the brotherhood belong to marvel and FOX entertainment. This is for entertainment
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      DISCLAIMER: This story does have some original characters, but the x-
      men and the brotherhood belong to marvel and FOX entertainment.
      This is for entertainment only. No profit will be made from this
      SUMMERY: Well this is my attempt at the movie's sequel.
      Rating: NC17 There's gonna be sex in this one but not right away. M/F
      F/F (M/M maybe I haven't decided just yet.)
      FEEDBACK: Please, please, please!!! adnilnosnhoj@...
      ARCHIEVE: Just tell me where, so I can tell my
      Cry For Mercy

      Prologue--All of the adults within the x-mansion were thrilled that
      for once, they had recruited an adult mutant who had already a
      teacher's certificate, and had been teaching for many years. It made
      them doubly thrilled that she accepted the entire department of arts
      with open arms. No longer would Scott have to pretend to like
      poetry, Jean would not have to listen to another song sung entirely
      off key, and Storm would not bite her tongue because a student just
      couldn't remember his lines.
      They were all thrilled that is until they met Mercy Jones.
      Of all the dangerous perils the x-men had faced together, nothing
      could have prepared them for life with this woman.
      Mercy Jones was not evil, though some might argue that she was. She
      was not a trouble maker though she always managed found herself in
      the middle of it. She never intended to get on everyone's last
      nerve, but never-the-less she always did.
      What Mercy was, is a free spirit. Having fun was always on the top of
      her priories, and so was seeing everyone else have fun. If it wasn't
      fun, it wasn't worth her time. Laughing, joking, pulling pranks,
      making up the oddest excuses to have a party, nothing was too
      childish for her. "As long as no one gets hurt…" could have been her
      Maybe all this wouldn't be so hard for the serious x-men to swallow,
      but she was incredibly absent minded too!
      Lastly, she refused to learn self-defense for fear that she may
      actually hurt someone. "That's the point! You hurt them before
      someone hurts you!" Storm argued, but Mercy would not listen to
      In spite of all the rule-bending and sheer lack for self-discipline,
      Professor Charles stood behind his decision to bring Mercy to the
      mansion in the first place.
      "I'm not sure why," he repeatedly told his colleagues, "but I feel
      there is a greater purpose for Mercy being here."
      Chapter 1
      It was the morning after the Statue of Liberty incident. Logan went
      away to look for answers, Rogue and Bobby were happily playing foos-
      ball, Mystique was playing her new role as if she was shooting for an
      Oscar, Magneto was in solitary confinement, and Sabretooth was in the
      front seat of a stolen van, parked just on the other side of the main
      gate to the x-mansion. He stopped the engine, and got out. He went
      to the back of the van, where he pulled out a nearly dead Toad.
      Sabretooth then flung Toad over his shoulder and carried him to the
      gate. With amazing agility and grace, he cleared the 20'gate in one
      leap, and began walking up the driveway to the mansion.
      He was wearing only his leather pants, and customized boots. His own
      body might be able to repair it's self from the damage of Scott's
      blast, but his clothes did not fare so well.
      He had no sooner made it up the driveway when he was confronted by
      Scott and Storm. They had not taken the time to dress in uniform.
      For a moment or so they stared at each other waiting to see what the
      other would do first.
      Scott and Storm both noticed how dejected their foe was looking.
      Sabretooth was not the great big, mean bad ass bully that strutted
      around like a lion on the Savannah. He looked beaten and lost.
      Then finally, Sabretooth swallowed hard and spoke up. "He needs a
      Scott and Storm looked at each other with shock. What on earth
      could he be up to now?
      With an angry growl, he continued. "`Your Weather Girl there'…" he
      nodded his head toward Storm, "…did a half-assed job on Wart. He
      ain't dead yet. So, either take him in, or finish it."
      "Why should we?" Storm asked angrily. She intentionally left out
      which one of the given choices she preferred.
      "If you promise to take care of Toad, I'll…I'll turn myself self in."
      His voice sounded tired and worn. He was giving up.
      Scott chuckled. "Yeah, and what jail out there is capable of keeping
      you behind bars?"
      "Well, maybe for now, jail ain't such a bad place for me." Sabretooth
      tried to explain.
      About that time, Scott heard the professor's voice within his own
      mind. *Scott, I've heard everything Sabretooth said. Tell him if he
      wishes for us to tend to Toad, then he must agree to stay here until
      arrangements can be made with the proper authorities. If he accepts
      this condition, then bring him to the east door. Hank and Jean will
      be waiting for you there.*
      Scott's stomach churned. This was not one of the professor's better
      ideas he thought.
      "You'll have to stay here, where we can keep an eye on you. We'll let
      the feds, or for that matter, anyone else who may want to put you
      away for good know that you are here. Understood?"
      A humble Sabretooth solemnly nodded his head.
      "All right, you have a deal." Scott told the felinoid. "You first.
      I'll tell you where you're going." Scott wasn't about to turn his
      back on one of his biggest adversaries. Sabretooth followed his
      instructions and began walking toward the mansion with Toad still
      balanced on his shoulder, while Scott and Storm followed close

      Once inside, Sabretooth laid Toad down on the gurney Jean had waiting
      for him. Toad moaned in pain, and suddenly began to gasp for air.
      He was a lot worse than he appeared.
      Both Jean and Hank, who had been standing close by, began to hurry
      Toad into the elevator doors. When Sabretooth went to follow them,
      Scott blocked his path.
      Without hesitation, Sabretooth bared his teeth, and began to
      ferociously growl. Scott however would not back down.
      Suddenly, Charles arrived just in time to see which of the two men
      would win the `king of testosterone' match.
      From the corner of her eye, Storm could see what the Professor was
      thinking. Hadn't they already been through enough of this macho B.S.
      with Logan and Scott?
      "Sabretooth," Charles calmly called out his name. "You asked us to
      save your associate. Now you need to let Doctors Grey and McCoy do
      what they are trained to do."
      Sabretooth turned quickly to see the man speaking from the wheel-
      chair. He was no longer baring his teeth, but still he growled.
      Charles remained calm and listened to the felinoid's growl as if he
      were deciphering a foreign language.
      A moment later, Charles spoke softly. "I know each of you have taken
      an oath when you joined the brotherhood to look out for each other
      regardless of what personal sacrifices you would be called upon to
      You took that vow seriously enough to bring Mortimer here, and even
      offered up your freedom in exchange for your colleague's care.
      Even so, you must realize that you are not a welcomed guest here. You
      are a dangerous man and you are not free to roam around as you
      Sabretooth's growl slowed down to a few spontaneous grunts as he
      listened to Charles.
      "I'm sure once the authorities are notified that you are here, it
      won't take them long to come for you. Until then however, you will
      have to remain in our holding tank.
      "Can I at least stay with Toad? What if I promise not to kill
      "You'll have to do better than that." Charles spoke plainly.
      "All right, I promise I won't bother her no more." He rudely pointed
      his index finger at Storm with little more than a glance in her
      "If you agree to let me examine your mind, then we will see whether
      or not you can be trusted enough to be allowed to stay with your
      associate. Mind you, you will still be in a cell, but at least you
      won't be alone."
      Sabretooth nodded his head. With that, they all headed towards the
      elevator and proceeded down to one of the lower levels of the x
      Sabretooth glanced over to see Toad was now hooked up to several
      monitors, and an I.V. was giving his body much needed fluids. Both
      Jean and Hank were checking the monitors and talking about their best
      options to save the amphibanoid's life.
      `Humph…Now we'll see if Wart's still the cocky little shit when he
      wakes up.' Sabretooth thought to himself, as he laid down on a gurney
      across the room.
      In one night, Sabretooth's entire world had changed around him and
      not for the better as far as he was concerned.
      He didn't like these surroundings, and he felt himself beginning to
      panic. Then as if on cue, Professor Xavier touched his head and like
      a light bulb, Sabretooth was out. Or so it felt that way to him.
      As Charles began to probe the psychopath's mind, his first impression
      was he was glad that he had not eaten anything recently.
      In his ears Charles could hear the screams of Sabretooth's victims,
      their pleas for mercy. He could smell the excrement many of them lost
      from sheer fright. He could feel their warm oozing blood seeping from
      his own fingertips and taste it in his mouth as his `host' put it to
      his lips.
      Deeper and deeper Xavier dared to trek into Sabretooth's mind, until
      he felt he found the answers he was looking for.
      When it was all over, Charles wondered how many baths it would take
      him to feel clean again.

      Scott Summers paced the floor in front of Professor Xavier's desk
      shaking his head in disbelief. "Please don't take this the wrong way
      Professor, but have you lost your mind?"
      Charles chuckled. He sympathized with what Scott was feeling. Logan
      had rode on Scott's nerves the entire time he was there, and now just
      when Scott thought he was going to get a break, this comes up.
      "Scott, I know how absurd this idea I'm proposing sounds, but I feel
      that in the long run, this is the best way we can deal with this
      problem. Sabretooth is nearly indestructible; you've seen for your
      self what kind of punishment his body can take. Turning him over to
      someone who is unprepared or unknowledgeable of Sabretooth's –
      uniqueness' could prove to be a tragic mistake. The only reason why
      he gave himself up is because he is confident that he can escape from
      anywhere, and I'm afraid that he has good reason to believe so. The
      only reason why he isn't acting like a caged animal right now is
      because he believes that he can break out from here if he feels the
      need to."
      "So why is he hanging around?" Scott wondered.
      "Sabretooth thinks that Magneto will hold him responsible for their
      failure last night. He is afraid of what will happen to him if
      Magneto were to escape from his prison."
      "So, he isn't even all that concerned for Toad's life either huh?"
      "Not as much as he would want us to believe. He's more interested in
      keeping himself out of Magneto's reach for now."
      "If he stays here," Storm interjected, "where would we keep him?"
      Both men knew what she was driving at. Her biggest concern for the
      moment was to keep that felinoid as far away from her as possible.
      "He would have to have an escort everywhere he went, and at night he
      would have to stay in his room, but other than that he would be
      treated like anyone else here. To single him out as a criminal, would
      make rehabilitation impossible."
      "Rehabilitation!??" Scott couldn't imagine it.
      "I know that we are as likely to see me walk out of this chair as we
      are to see Victor Creed return to a normal state of mind. However,"
      Charles paused, as he tried to describe what he saw in Sabretooth's
      head. "In spite of all the anger and hate Sabretooth lives with;
      underneath all of that…twisted wreckage that was once a sane mind,
      there is still a man of valor and great courage."
      "Do you think there really is hope for him?" Storm gently asked.
      "There is always hope." Charles reassured her.
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