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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 6/12

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    * Disclaimer in Part One * Logan s suspicions about the four new additions to the mansion only increased over time. He grew more and more snarly towards
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2002
      * Disclaimer in Part One *

      Logan's suspicions about the four new additions to the mansion only
      increased over time. He grew more and more snarly towards Jonathan
      Slytherin and he tried to keep a watchful eye on the three kids as
      well. The two boys he didn't give much thought too, he didn't feel
      the need. The girl stumped him. There was something different about
      her, but if she were a friend of Rogue's, he'd get to like her.
      Marie didn't have as many friends as she should, so anybody that got
      close to her had to be a decent person. Or that's what Logan told
      himself anyway. The new teacher was just a dick though, plain and
      simple. Speaking of the devilÂ…

      Logan stalked into the room without a glance at the Englishman and
      loudly began making coffee. "Do you really have to be so loud at
      such a mundane task?"

      "Don't like it get out."

      "You Americans and you're coffee."

      "I happen to be from Canada."

      "So what. You were colonized, you have no real national defense and
      you're money's worth a third less. Not exactly something to be proud
      of now is it." Snape said and continued drinking his tea.

      "We never lost 13 fuckin' colonies."

      "That's because-"

      "Boys, are we done playing my country is better than yours?" Jean

      Logan left the room leaving Snape and Jean together.

      "So Jonathan, I've heard quite a bit about you."

      "Nothing good I expect."

      "Charles speaks very highly of you, but the kids are terrified of
      you. Maybe you could ease up a bit?"

      "My teaching style is nobody's business but my own. Though I've
      heard you're not exactly at the top of the list either." Without
      another word he picked up his tea and glided out of the room.

      Jean shook her head, "You try and be nice to someone and they shit
      all over you."

      1:00 PM

      Self Defense Class

      Harry, Ron and Hermione had quickly learned that physical education
      was taken as seriously as chemistry, mathematics and English at this
      particular institute of higher learning. Every day from 1 to 2:30,
      the Wolverine owned them. His classes were tough and he allowed no
      slack. Even Harry and Ron took it seriously. Luckily for them,
      nobody expected any of them to be up to par with defense techniques
      and battle strategies, particularly when it was Logan's brand of
      They were split up into different pairs all over the
      gymnasium. Rogue was paired with Logan and generally called upon to
      demonstrate, she was clearly the best fighter in the class. The
      three new kids hung back at first, just watching their classmates
      pummel go at each other. It reminded them of a wizard's duel, there
      were so many ways to counter the blows as there were to block
      unfriendly hexes. As few kids actually landed a punch, it appeared
      that Logan had taught them well.
      "Scarsdale, you're with Drake, Jubilee, take Redding." Logan
      directed the kids.

      "Mia, you're with Rogue." he said as he lightly squeezed the
      latter's shoulder. "Go easy on her kid." he then paced off around
      the room, stopping a pair and redirecting them every so often.

      Hermione looked apprehensive as she approached her
      partner. "It's okay, I won't touch you." Rogue assured her.
      "It's not that, it's I've never fought in my life!" she said
      with a note of panic. Slapping Draco Malfoy across the face in her
      third year didn't really count as fighting in her book.
      Rogue grinned, "It's alright Mia, it really isn't very hard.
      Looks worse than it is. Defense is mostly anticipation of what the
      offense is going to do. Offense is simply tricking the defense into
      thinking what you want them too."
      "Yeah, that sounds really simple." Hermione said
      "You'll do fine Mia, I promise"
      Hermione was less than sure of that, but nonetheless gave in
      and allowed Rogue to teach her the basics.

      It soon became evident that none of the three had ever really
      involved in anything more than a schoolyard brawl. By the end of the
      lesson Ron and Harry had numerous bruises and a few minor cuts
      between all of them. Hermione came out sore but nonetheless
      "Sensible, Scarsdale, and Redding meet me back here tonight
      at 7:00" Logan told the three after the others left.


      "Wonderful, we either have detention with Snape or, extra self
      defense class with Logan"
      Ron said as they waltzed out of the gym that night.

      "Who's Snape?" a silky voice said from behind startling them all.

      "Don't you knock or something?" Harry asked irritably.

      "Oh I would Mr. Scarsdale, but alas, there is no door." Snape

      "I would advise you too keep our cover. Don't let your tongues slip

      "Can we go now? We promise we've seen the error of our ways and vow
      to never error in that way again!" Ron said.

      "I need the three of you to meet me in the library at midnight, we
      have a lot of work to do and not much time to do it."

      "We'll be there," Hermione said quietly.

      "Good." Severus met her eyes and stared an instant too long before
      looking away and retreating.

      "I thought that Quidditch practice on top of homework was bad. But
      homework and research?" Harry whined.

      "It's Hermione's favorite thing." Ron pointed out

      "Well Ron, you did say she was barking mad, and well she is."

      "Shut up both of you" Hermione said acidly. "One of you find out
      whose going to be patrolling the halls tonight, if it's Logan we'll
      never make it too the library."

      "And miss all that quality time with Snape. Wouldn't that be a bloody

      "Oh piss off." Hermione said and strode quickly down the hallway to
      no doubt work on homework.


      At 10:00 which was lights out and bed check, Ron knocked on
      Hermione's room and informed her that Logan would be patrolling the
      halls once again. After being marked present and accounted for, the
      boys snuck into her room and the three began planning a strategy to
      somehow sneak around Logan.

      "All this to get into a library? Remind you of the old days eh?"
      Harry said in a cheerful mood.

      "Hang on a minute, I've got an idea" the words were barely out of her
      mouth before she burst from the room. She returned soon enough with
      a grin on her face. "Logan's out of our hair, so no worries. Now I
      suggest we get some rest before we have to go out again."


      "The cloak is no use Harry, I've told you this before" Hermione
      argued with the boy.

      "Well, Logan will see us and we won't get to the library at all

      "Logan can smell if we're there anyway, we'll lead him straight to
      the library, which we don't need to do."

      "She's right Harry."

      "How are we going to get past Logan then? He can see everything!"

      "Just trust me!"

      "Alright, let's go." said Harry.

      Without further setback the three set out for the library. As
      predicted they ran into Logan two corridors away. "Any reason you
      three are out of bed, sneaking around?" the cold voice of the
      Wolverine rang out.
      "Um, we-"
      "This is the result of school bed check is it? Perhaps they better
      let someone who actually knows how to count conduct such things."
      Severus Snape swept around the corner.
      The tension in the air positively crackled. "Butt out
      Slytherin. When your opinion means anything I'll let you know."
      Right on cue a high-pitched shriek could be heard down the
      hall. "Marie" Logan uttered softly before bolting down the hallway,
      wayward students forgotten. Hermione had a smug look on her
      face. "What did you tell her?"
      "Just a little something between girls" she said mischievously and
      flounced off towards the library.
      The three males gave her retreating back a puzzled look and
      followed her for a long night of research. If they didn't find
      something soon, no magic in the world would be enough to stop the
      haglets. A world full of brainwashed muggles was worse than facing
      Voldermont in the young wizards collective opinion. In any case,
      seeing Voldermont as the lesser of two evils was a grave situation
      indeed. And it was one that nobody wanted to see justified. They had
      to find a solution, they just had to.
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