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Fic: "Fellowship Of Heroes" PG-13 (9/?) [Scott, Logan/Rogue, Legolas/Ororo]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, This continues my LOTR/X-men crossover. You can read the earlier 8 chapters here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=526128 Enjoy: Part 9: “I
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      Hi all,

      This continues my LOTR/X-men crossover. You can read the earlier 8 chapters here:



      Part 9:

      “I can’t tell you how much fun this trip has been; demons, fire monsters and the longest fuckin’ rowing trip in the history of man……” Logan began as they had finally come to shove after many hours hard canoeing from the Golden Wood.

      “Yes, doesn’t it make you feel lucky to know you got this opportunity?” Scott teased as he dragged his canoe to shore.

      At first daylight they had moved out from Lothlorien where the Queen had seen them off. She had given them things to aid them on their way, among other capes which she claimed would make them invisible to Sauron’s crystal ball….or something along those lines. As a man of logic Scott found there was too much magic in this world for him to feel at ease. Lothlorien had seemed very changed in daylight or maybe something had happened during the night that he had missed. In any rate the magical and peaceful feeling he had gotten from the place the evening they had arrived had gone like the morning rain. The place had still looked beautiful beyond words but he had felt there was a power, a hidden danger there he couldn’t explain that made him uneasy. Frodo and Boromir especially seemed changed as they had moved out. Frodo had seemed burdened, saddened and when Boromir had helped him into the canoe with Aragorn Frodo had all but ran from him.

      The Elven Queen had known more than she had let on; Scott was sure of it. What annoyed him was that he feared someone would pay for her and everyone else they had met in this strange land for that matter, love for riddles. Boromir on the other hand had seemed to give up any hostility towards the King and they had talked and laughed together as friends when they had gotten the canoes ready. On their way down the river Legolas had taken Ororo, Aragorn had Frodo and Sam, Boromir had Merry and Pippin, Logan and Rogue had taken a canoe together while Scott had been with Gimli. On their way up the river they had passed two gigantic statues of men holding out hands as in warning. The sight of what were apparently statues of old Kings of Gondor had moved both Aragorn and Boromir. Scott would have loved to find out how they had built those statues……

      “We’ll rest here for a while,” Aragorn said as they had all gotten to land and settled down around the riverbank.

      “Oh, and now when we were having such fun,” Logan said sarcastically as he sat down with Rogue who giggled at his words, which made him smile. Scott sat down beside them and rested, looking out over the river and the woods.

      “I sense a darkness, a shadow. Danger grows near,” Legolas warned Aragorn.

      “No, really? We’re in danger?” Logan mumbled mockingly. Both man and Elf ignored him.

      “I know we have little time. Let me know when you know more about this sensation you feel,” Aragorn requested of his friend and bond brother.

      “I will, Estel,” Legolas promised and smiled despite the drawing dangers at his human brother. Aragorn was the most remarkable human he had ever met and his respect for the Elven culture was great. He had known Aragorn since childhood and though he was many 1000th years older than the young human Legolas found wisdom and bravado beyond his years in Aragorn that had earned him his love and respect.

      “Thanks,” Aragorn said and smiled back, feeling better and more at ease with himself now. He felt happy for Legolas’ use of his childhood nickname ‘Estel’ or Hope as the Elven word translated into as it brought back a feeling of togetherness and warmth that he needed in this time of darkness.

      “Have you seen Boromir? I can’t find him,” Scott suddenly asked, a frown covering his brow. He had walked around the camp but hadn’t been able to find him anywhere. Logan looked around, trying to find their friend.

      “I haven’t seen him since he helped Pippin and Merry to shore. Maybe they know where he is,” Rogue answered his question.

      “I just asked them, they say they don’t. However Pippin told me Boromir had talked with them before he…disappeared. He said that Boromir had told him and Merry that they were as his own younger brothers or sons to him and that he cared deeply for them and asked them to remember that no matter what happened,” Scott explained, concern heavy in his voice.
      ”That sounds an awful lot like goodbye to me,” Logan admitted and stood up, helping Rogue to her feet with him.

      “Where is Frodo?” Sam asked worried. He had only dozed off for a little while. He prayed his beloved friend was all right. He should have taken better care of him.

      “He isn’t here,” Aragorn suddenly realized.

      “And neither is Boromir,” Scott told them. Aragorn frowned.

      “I’ll go look for Frodo. Legolas, stay here and stay alert,” Aragorn ordered.

      “Now, this is why I wonder who in their right mind would let a child be a chosen warrior,” Logan mumbled darkly on Frodo’s disappearing act.

      “We should try and find Boromir,” Rogue suggested and Logan nodded.

      “Ororo, we’ll go look for Boromir,” Scott said and came to her where she sat on a fallen tree, keeping an open eye out for any hint of danger.

      “Okay. Be careful,” she said and he nodded before he bent down and softly kissed her check.

      “You too, Wind Rider,” he asked before he disappeared into the woods with Rogue and Logan.

      * * *

      “Frodo, you shouldn’t wander so far away from camp,” Boromir told him as he gathered wood for a fire. He tried to fight the urge to look towards the Ring that hung around Frodo’s neck in a chain. As time passed his desire to take it had become greater. Why couldn’t anyone see that the Ring could save his Kingdom and set his people free?

      “Stay back,” Frodo warned fearfully, not liking the look in Boromir’s eyes as he came closer.

      “I see you suffer more and more for each day. This burden is weighting you down. Why go to the mountain? We can easily go to Gondor from here. With the power of the One Ring we could defend my country and get rid of Sauron’s evil forever.”

      “Don’t come nearer,” Frodo warned and took a step backwards.

      “Why do you recoil? I am no thief,” Boromir said, hurt in his voice. He was the son of the Steward of Gondor and no thief nor villain……..he just wanted to protect his people. How could that be bad? He only wished what was right; he just wanted to stop the bloodshed of his people. It wasn’t just his right to protect them; it was his duty.

      “You’re not yourself,” Frodo warned, seeing the light in Boromir’s eyes fade as if a battle for his soul were racing within him; tearing him to pieces.

      “I only ask for the strength to help my people!” Boromir yelled and threw the gathered firewood on the ground as something in him broke; honour, strength, help, need, want, power……it all blended into one as Boromir made a grab for Frodo.

      “Don’t!” Fordo yelled frightened as he ran from Boromir but he quickly ran after him.

      “You just want to use the Ring for yourself………or give it to Sauron!” Boromir accused, his thoughts getting even darker at this thought of betrayal.

      “No, I will not,” Frodo denied as Boromir got hold of him and tried to tear the Ring from Frodo.

      “Give me the Ring. It’s mine. It should have been mine!” Boromir demanded just as Frodo succeeded in putting the Ring on and therefore become invisible to Boromir by its power.

      “Hmm?” Boromir looked in wonderment as he grabbed only empty air. Suddenly he heard some leaves rush as Frodo ran away. As the Ring moved further away from him its power began to fade and light returned to Boromir’s opal green eyes.

      “Frodo...?” he asked confused. What had happened? Where was he? Where was Frodo? Suddenly memory painfully returned to him in full force and Boromir drew a sharp breath as he fought tears yet they fell from his eyes anyway.

      “What've I done...?” he mumbled, breaking down and crying into the leaves on the wood floor. He had betrayed everyone; driven Frodo away. He had betrayed his country, his father, his oath, his word and his honour. By all what was holy………what had he done and how could he ever make such a terrible fault right? Was that even possible?


      Author’s notes: Yes, this was a bit short but next chapter will be longer. And LOTR fans if you think you know where this is heading…think again. I have great plans in store for these poor people *G*.

      Thanks to Estelle for beta and Jonas for suggestions.

      I hope you liked it.
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