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slightly OTish Help Stop Fanficton.net from censoring nc-17 stories

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  • catchfire@webtv.net
    I apologize if this was double posted. But I had a very hard time getting it out to everyone. Did you hear about the new rule fanfiction.net has posted? All
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2002
      I apologize if this was double posted. But I had a very hard time
      getting it out to everyone.

      Did you hear about the new rule fanfiction.net has posted? All nc-17
      stories are being taken down. No stories above an R rating are allowed
      any more . How long do you think it will be before they don't allow R
      rated stories or perhaps slash. This is not right. We give good money to
      this site, so that it will stay up and running. We do this because this
      is the best site on the web for ALL types of fanfiction. From little
      kiddie scribbles to nc-17 stories. Fanfiction.net changed the rules to
      block nc-17 fics because they received a lot of complaints from parents.
      The parents say their kids are reading stuff they shouldn't. But whose
      fault is that. Because it certainly isn't fanfiction.net's fault or the
      poor authors who very clearly label their stories. No it's the parents
      fault. It's not like fanfiction.net is listed as a safe site for kids.
      The parents of these children need to download netnanny or something.
      Not censor everybody on the net. Do we allow these people to censor our
      public libraries. No we don't because we have the right to read anything
      we want, even trash. Which most of these stories are not. I am asking
      everyone that enjoys nc-17 fics and those who just wish for the web to
      remain free of censorship. To join me in a campaign to restore our right
      to read any story we wish. If fanfiction.net won't restore the stories
      to their former place Then perhaps they will compromise with us and set
      up a mirror site for all R and nc-17 fics. I do agree somewhat with
      these parents. These stories can be bad for children. But it is the
      parents job to make sure their kids aren't reading things they
      shouldn't. Please help me start a petition and a letter writing campaign
      to restore these stories. Pass this letter on to lists, clubs, web
      sites, message boards, and anywhere else you can think of. I know there
      is enough of us out there that we can bury them in emails. Please help
      by writing letters to the heads of fanfiction.net at
      services@... Also I have started a yahoo group so that we may
      gather copies of all the letters sent. So please send two copies of the
      letter you write to fanfiction.net, one to them and one to us on the
      list. This way we have a record of how many letters were sent. Also join
      and share your ideas for getting the stories back up. Every little bit
      will help. Group homepage is
      groups.yahoo.com/group/stopffnetfrombanningnc17stories Group email is
      stopffnetfrombanningnc17stories@yahoogroups.com You may contact me
      through the list. I will try to reply as quickly as possible. Or you may
      email me at catchfire@... . But it would be better to use the list
      so everyone can share your ideas.
      ps I found this petition. So please go and sign it.
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