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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 5/?

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    ... wrote: * Disclaimer and all that in part one * A/N Sorry for such a delay on this story. RL has gotten in the way
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      * Disclaimer and all that in part one *

      A/N Sorry for such a delay on this story. RL has gotten in the way
      of more important things
      : )

      Muggle: Non magical person
      Mudblood: Nasty name for a person of muggle parentage


      Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

      Albus Dumbledore's Office:
      6:00 AM
      (12:00 AM EST)

      The mischievous headmaster of Britain's esteemed school made
      his way over to his ornate fireplace still attired in his
      bedclothes. Taking a pinch of flo powder, he tossed it into the
      blazing fireplace and happily called out `Severus Snape.'
      Seconds later his head appeared in the American chambers of
      Hogwart's esteemed potions master. "Morning has bro-ken!" he began
      singing joyfully, yet hopelessly off key, it wasn't long before
      Severus responded.
      "Did you really have to do that? Honestly, even Voldermont
      never took so much glee from awakening us in the middle of the
      night." Severus spat moodily.
      Albus simply chuckled, and magiced a few lamps into shining
      dim light.
      "Nice boxers Severus, did you pick them out all by
      yourself?" he asked with feigned seriousness.
      Snape simply crossed his arms across his chest and glared
      hard at his headmaster. "I assume you came here for more than
      commenting on the state of my underwear. I beg of you to just come
      out and say it!" he said loosing some of his composure.
      "All joking aside Severus, we've been most fortunate to
      stumble across an informant from Hagletonia."
      "Someone was foolish enough to turn spy against that group?"
      Snape asked unable to hide his surprise.
      "Yes, it's rather similar to a young man a few years ago who
      turned from the ranks or Voldermont. Now, what was his name again?"
      Snape turned suspiciously red in the face, but it must have
      just been a trick of the dim light. "We have reason to believe she
      will try to contact Rogue for either two purposes. To warn against
      the coming danger, or too perhaps take the girl and attempt to be
      brought back into the fold."
      "I thought you said she turned spy, Albus."
      "True enough, but the haglets have no real loyalties, except
      to themselves. They will go to any lengths to greater their own
      personal power."
      "In any case, we must up our guard. Have Hermione watch over Rogue
      more closely than ever. It will be a strainful few weeks I am
      "Very well, I shall inform her at once. And Potter,
      "Oh, I suspect they have enough of a job to perform what with
      earning detentions from you so often." he chuckled lightheartedly.
      "Yes, true enough I suppose. If you'll excuse me Albus I
      have work to do, seeing as I have eight hours before classes begin
      and now that I'm awake" he stated a bit hotly, "I may as well make
      use of the time."
      "Carry on then, there seems to be a young Creevy at the door
      whose antics demand my attention" Dumbledore finished warmly.
      He ducked his head out of the fire and left Snape to face the
      new day.
      Severus intended to get up and begin researching a potion he was
      intending to make in case the haglets succeeded breaking into the
      school. He wanted to ensure that Cerebro would fail to work as they
      planned it. However, an alliance between the muggle world and the
      magical one was always difficult, especially in technological
      aspects. The likelihood of a success was 50/50 in his opinion. But
      working on a solution was easier than dwelling on the memories he
      didn't want.
      Still, Albus' comment about the similarity between himself
      and the haglet spy rang in his head. Why had he ever joined
      Voldermont's minions? For the power, for the glory and most of all
      to rid the world of `dirty, filthy mudbloods.' Looking back, nearly
      20 years later he was still disgusted at himself with the choice he'd
      made at 17. Youth was a poor excuse, as was claiming it was a family
      tradition. He'd been angry and resentful of those around him, and
      he'd liked having power over people. The power to choose whether
      someone died quickly or slowly. It was an intoxicating idea; the
      reality of it had been terrifying and sickening.
      He'd quickly come to the conclusion that nobody had the right
      to decide who lived or died. Even if they were of lower stature, as
      he'd thought Muggle-borns were, they deserved to live. He owed
      Dumbledore his life, a debt he couldn't repay. Spying for him was
      the least he could do. Severus shook his head and snapped back to
      reality. There was so much to do today. He quickly dressed and made
      his way into the laboratory.
      20 minutes into his calculations or runes and trigonometry he
      realized that he the measurement for watts and volts had completely
      slipped his mind. He figured that this being a school, with many of
      the student's powers involved in electricity he would be able to find
      at least one reference book on the muggle subject in the library.
      Cursing softly at the mental block, he rose and strode towards the
      sizeable library of the mansion. He arrived to find it already
      "Why am I not surprised to see you in here Ms. Granger?"

      Hermione startled and dropped the book. Snape waltzed over
      and picked it up. "Little Women?" he asked, clearly amused.
      She colored a bit. "I used to read it whenever something was
      bothering me. It always made me feel better."
      "Well, what's bothering you now?" Snape said in an
      uncharacteristic show of interest in another person.
      Perhaps it was the shock of him addressing her in a manner
      that wasn't scathing that made her pour out her problems. "The way
      the people treat Rogue for one. Except for that Logan fellow, they
      mostly steer clear of her. It's perfectly stupid! So what she can
      kill with a touch. If she's covered there's no bloody harm!" she
      burst out angrily. "And this food, and just everything is so bloody
      It was impossible to tell who was more surprised. Snape at
      Hermione's impassioned outburst, or Hermione at telling Snape
      everything that was on her mind. The two of them sat in silence for a
      long time. Eventually Severus broke the silence with somewhat
      comforting words. " You can't change how people think Hermione, but
      actions certainly have influence."
      She looked at him, as if to say something and they closed her
      mouth again and they sat looking at each other. "Right. Thanks
      professor she said quietly," I think I'll go to bed now."
      "Hermione wait. There's something I was supposed to tell
      you, orders from Dumbledore," he said as she sat back down.
      "Something doesn't make sense though," she stated, brow
      "Why on earth would one of them choose to become a spy three
      weeks before the big attack?"
      "That was my concern as well. But as it's after one o'clock
      already, I suggest we resume the puzzle tomorrow. "
      Hermione simply nodded and headed back to bed. Snape
      eventually found the book he came for and returned too his work.

      Breakfast at Tiffany's…..

      "Good morning Rogue." Hermione said brightly, despite the fact she'd
      only slept for about six hours.

      "Morning" Rogue muttered into her toast. She looked as if she
      hadn't slept well at all. Her shoulders were slumped and she had the
      beginnings of bags under her eyes.

      "All right there?" Hermione asked her concerned.

      Before Rogue answered, Logan crossed the room and sat in a chair
      between the two girls. He eyed Hermione carefully before turning to
      Rogue. "The usual?"

      "Yeah" she admitted quietly.

      Logan clamped a comforting arm around her shoulder. Hermione
      suddenly felt like an intruder. She knew two things about Rogue, one
      was that she was a rather private person, and the other was that only
      Logan and herself now seemed comfortable around her. She figured
      Rogue must really enjoy her time with Logan, and she gracefully left
      the table calling `see you in class' over her shoulder. Logan and
      Rogue were deep in talk by now, and Hermione smiled in satisfaction.
      She just had a good feeling about it, and it was nice to see someone
      get close enough to touch the girl.

      History Moans……..

      Ron and Harry had established themselves well within the
      fabric of the senior class already and got along with everybody.
      They took a cue from Hermione and sat by her and Rogue today at one
      of the clusters of desks. Professor Snape was lecturing on the
      latter part of the 19th century and giving instructions for the
      group's decades. Ron and Harry however were busy trying to get into
      "Care to explain why you feel you needn't bother paying
      attention in class Redding and Scarsdale?"
      "Well sir. It's history, it happened like a million years
      ago, why do we need to know about the Industrial Rampage and the
      Constipation Proclamation?" Harry asked.
      "Detention Scarsdale, for failure to pay attention in class
      yet again. And I expect you and Mr. Redding here to do an extra
      report on why in fact the Emancipation Proclamation is so
      important." Snape bit out.
      "That's not fair!" Ron blurted out.
      "Life's not fair. You'll figure that out when you're an
      "But I don't want to be a dolt" Ron said cheekily.
      "Get out of my classroom. And you've"-
      "Got detention, yeah. Catch ya then!" Ron scrambled out of
      the room.
      Snape was actually amused by Ron Weasley's wit, but instead
      acted ill tempered and ended up snapping at Rogue and Hermioe for
      talking about frivolous things like `nail polish and Cosmopolitan'
      which they hadn't been discussing. But that really wasn't the
      point. Hermione took this as her cue and childishly stuck her tongue
      out at his back.
      "I see I'll be babysitting you as well Miss Sensible. Don't
      forget to bring your pacifier." Snape said as he whirled around and
      caught her in the act.
      Mercifully the bell rang, and the students made a beeline for
      Chemistry with Jean.


      Next up:

      I Spy, Girl talk, and more fun with the X-folk.
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