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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 4/?

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    ... wrote: * Disclaimer in Part One * ******** Deep in Hageltonia..... Our minions are growing Civ. We shall soon be
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      * Disclaimer in Part One *

      Deep in Hageltonia.....

      "Our minions are growing Civ. We shall soon be powerful enough
      to take them."

      "Charles Xavier will not know what hit him my lord" Civ said,
      bending to kiss Bindie's hand.

      "Yes," Bindie continued, "soon enough the pesky mutants will be
      as defenseless as slugs."

      "Slugs? Why slugs?" Tehbly spoke up.

      "Do you dare question me?" Bindie seethed angrily.

      "I, I I mean, no. Just why slugs instead of kittens or puppies,
      great one?"

      "Kittens can bite and puppies grow up to be vicious little
      monsters, you imbecile. Hardly defenseless now are they?"

      "Some people are allergic to slugs." Nejne voiced.

      "Another who dares to question you my lady." Larice said

      "Yes, Larice. It is easy to see why some people have risen in
      prestige, while others are stagnant." Bindie said cooly.

      "Perhaps a reminder of the first rule of our people?"

      "Bindie's word is law." Civ, Larice and Bindie chimed together.

      "Y-yes my lady. Of course. However can I make it up to you?"
      Tehbly asked desperately.

      "That department of course is up to Sominuso. Get out of my site you

      "And what of Nejne, oh clever one?" Civ questioned softly.

      "You, dear Najne have no business here. Speak of this to anyone and
      I assure you, no seal or dolphin has ever been clobbered as
      thoroughly as you will be."

      Civ and Larice smirked and Najne was cast from their group forever.

      "Shall we prepare the cereal?" Larice askissed.
      "Proceed. Remember, the bigger the box, the more venom to be
      spread. Make sure they go on sale in chains all across the country."
      Binde said before sweeping out of the room.


      Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
      1st day of the Fall Semester
      8:00 AM, breakfast

      "Welcome back for another year" Professor Xavier greeted his
      students brightly. "I'm sure you've noticed a few new faces amongst
      us this year. Mia Sensible, Lee Scarsdale and Jeffery Redding will
      be joining the senior class. Miss Sensible is a pyrokenetic, Mr.
      Redding an expert at transfiguring objects, and Master Scarsdale can
      levitate nearly anything you could throw at him."

      "We've also gained a new history teacher. Ororo Munroe will
      no longer be teaching that subject-

      "Oh, what a shame." Murmured St. John. Ororo gave the
      hardest tests of the entire faculty.

      "Ms. Munroe will be teaching botany from here on out, as well as
      astrology for electives. We have Jonathan Slytherin with us this
      year for our history position. I trust you will find the class
      interesting, to say the least. That said, have a pleasant breakfast
      and enjoy morning classes."

      Ron, Hermione and Harry had all taken seats in the middle of
      the busy dinning hall, which had allowed them a chance to observe
      their new surroundings and classmates. A girl dressed in yellow
      immediately caught the attention of Ron, and he and Harry immediately
      delved into speculation about the girl. Hermione rolled her eyes and
      moved herself to a table with a dark haired girl who wore gloves on
      her hands though it was the beginning of September.

      "May I sit here?" Hermione asked the girl.

      The brunette with skunk striper in here hair looked up,
      obviously shocked by the question. What exactly was this girl
      playing at? Nobody her age voluntarily sat by her. Come to think of
      it, few of the adults did either. "Feel free" she murmured, not
      looking up.

      "I'm Mia" Hermione said, sticking out her hand.

      "I can kill you with a touch" the girl blurted out.

      "That's your name is it? Besides, you've got gloves on
      haven't you?" Hermione's logical mind saw no problem.

      Slowly, Rogue, as she introduced herself struck out her arm
      and shook the English girl's hand. The two quickly began discussing
      the school and it's various teachers. Hermione filed away everything
      she learned for later. It proved to be a very informative meal.
      Rogue had dodged every question about her family while Hermione made
      up a great deal about Mia's parents.

      As it turned out, History with Professor Snape, er Jonnathan
      Slytherin was their first class of the day. The 15 seniors walked
      into the room, certain that the class would be much easier to deal
      with than Ororo's. Ron. Hermione and Harry were curious as well, but
      knew better than to expect merry sunshine from the potions master.

      "First of all, there will be absolutely NO use of powers in
      this class. A breech of this regulation will lead to serious
      consequences. Secondly, pay attention in class, do your classwork
      and stay on your toes" Hermione, Ron and Harry glanced at each other,
      recognizing the similarity to the way he addressed this class as he
      did to a certain Gryfffindor/Slytherin class seven years ago.

      "I expect nothing but the best from each of you as this is a school
      for gifted youngsters" Snape sneered.

      All hopes of an easy year vanished immediately. Rogue
      carefully nudged Hermione and informed her that this guy was 1,000
      times worse than Ororo had ever been. Hermione was just whispering
      back a response when she felt a presence loom above her. Turning,
      she came face to face with Snape's pale face.

      "Apparently, your name deceives you Miss Sensible. Were it
      otherwise, I'm sure you would not have behaved in such a fashion
      after hearing my `speech. You will serve detention with me
      immediately following dinner."

      The class stared. Not even Jubilee had managed to get a
      detention the first day of class for talking. Needless to say, the
      rest of the morning was far less dramatic. Lunch swung around and
      the Hogwarts trio found themselves dragged off into different
      directions. Hermione went with Rogue while Ron and St. John paired
      off. Harry ended up with Bobby and Kitty. Hermione caught Ron
      levitating a lunch tray directly over Snape's head. The brooding
      professor caught the object, and Ron found himself in detention with
      Hermione later that night.

      Harry had somehow earned detention from Snape as well and the
      three met in the history classroom at 7:00 that night. "It was
      easier to get the three of you together than I anticipated. Though I
      must admit, I assumed Potter would earn the first detention." Severus
      greeted the three.

      "I see things haven't changed." Ron muttered.

      "Mr. Weasley, if you seriously thought I would let you get
      away with anything, after seven years of potions you're much stupider
      than I thought."

      "Well honestly! Do you have to be the hardest teacher in
      EVERY school?" Harry burst out angrily.

      "I assure you Mr. Potter, it is the sole goal of my
      existence. I derive great pleasure out of punishing young people" he
      stated dryly.

      "If that's the last of the griping can we please get down to
      work?" Hermione said in a clipped tone.

      Snape glared at her but refrained from commenting. "Miss
      Granger, you seem to be getting close to the Rogue girl, a good
      stroke of luck. Get her to trust you, confide in you, paint each
      other's toenails and whatever it is muggle teenagers do."

      "Potter, Weasly, you two are to simply blend into the student
      body. A trying task for out famous Potter, perhaps too much to ask."
      He said sarcastically.

      Harry simply rolled his eyes. "Any word on the haglets?"

      "Yes actually," Charles Xavier said as he wheeled out from
      the desk where he'd been sitting unnoticed by the students.

      "We suspect they are getting closer to contaminating all of
      the cereal. We've been monitoring several of the local grocery and
      supermarkets. Our very own Kitty Pryd was able to hack into the
      purchasing orders of many stores. It appears that in three weeks,
      every store within the major chains will be selling Cheerios on sale,
      and ordering three times as many boxes as usual. We suspect this is
      when the first rush will be. It is of the utmost importance that we
      stop it."

      "Professor, why on earth is Rogue somewhat shunned from the
      other students?" Hermione questioned. "The only person who seems to
      be around her on a consistent basis is that Logan fellow."

      Xavier shifted uncomfortably. "Many of the students are
      afraid of her after an event that took place here last year. "

      "Well, if she's wearing clothes, it's obviously an unfounded
      fear" she said stiffly.

      Charles' eyes twinkled in a way reminiscent of Albus
      Dumbledore; "Not everybody is as logical as you are Hermione."

      She still looked slightly miffed, and Ron and Harry suggested
      they leave.

      "Make sure you receive detention as least once every week."
      Snape said softly as they strode out the door.
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