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The first time I met Sabretooth. NC17+ (a short short)

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  • sabretooth_purrs_in_his_sleep
    This very short- short was taken form a round robin group I recently created. But it s oh so sleezy and sinful, I couldn t resist passing it around to a few
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2002
      This very short- short was taken form a 'round robin' group I
      recently created.
      But it's oh so sleezy and sinful, I couldn't resist passing it around
      to a few other spots on the web. There's some mention to the actual
      story line in the round robin. but trust me, it's mostly prono prose.

      DISCLAIMER: Same-o-same-o. Sabretooth belong's to Marvel and FOX
      entertainment. I just get to play with him form time to time.
      RATING: It's every bit----- NC17. If you may have seen my other
      explicit material, you know I leave little to nothing to the
      So, if you like a little left unsaid, you may want to skip this.
      FEEDBACK: What can I say, its like heroine to my ego. Good, bad, just
      knowing someone read it is enough for a good costing high.
      ARCHEIVE: Just let me know so I can tell my friends.

      Yeah, pretty stupid of me to overlook the fact that Sabretooth is now
      running amuck.
      And I know just how dangerous this mistake could be.
      The first time I met him was on warm evening even by Las Vegas
      I decided to go out onto my balcony and enjoy the city lights.
      My husband and I were separated at that time and the kids were
      staying with him.
      I was sitting there quietly enjoying my privacy, when I heard a noise
      in the alley.
      Ironic now that I think of it, but I remember saying to myself `Must
      be a stray cat.'
      I went back to my kitchen and poured a saucer of milk; I went down
      stairs to the alley planning to leave it there for the poor thing.
      I went to look for the stray, when I saw a figure moving in the
      It was a man; a very tall man, with broad shoulders and narrow hips;
      with long blonde hair who staggered out into the light.
      He was holding his side as if he was trying to keep his intestines
      from falling out with a blood drenched hand, and dragging one foot
      along the ground as if his hip or maybe knee wasn't working. As he
      came closer, I could see he was covered from head to toe in blood.
      When I saw how beaten his face was I couldn't believe how he was able
      to see. Much less stay conscious!
      He looked at me, but said nothing. He held out his free hand to me as
      if to beg me for help.
      What could I do?
      At the time I thought it would be cowardly to run away; even if I
      just wanted to call 911.
      Sometimes, like now for instance, I wish I had, but deep inside my
      heart, I believe I did the right thing.

      I dropped the saucer and reached my hand for his. Immediately, I
      noticed his claws, but it didn't stop me from helping him.
      Mutants stick together right?
      I let him use me as a crutch, which wasn't hard considering how
      nicely I fit under his armpit.
      I think I said something to him like "Come inside, I'll call an
      I don't remember if he replied, but I do recall he was real eager to
      get inside.
      Looking back, I think most of his pain and suffering was only an act
      to get inside and away from who ever it was he had just scrapped
      We climbed the stairs slowly together, and entered my apartment
      without arousing any of my neighbors.
      I helped him into my bedroom to lie on the bed so I could call 911.
      But instead of letting me go, he brought me down with him as he
      fell onto the bed and kept his arm around me as he rolled onto his
      bad side.
      I recall I was on my side facing him. The room was dark and I still
      had not yet seen his eyes nor did I know who he was at the time.
      I tried getting up. "You need a doctor!"
      I spoke firmly, but he would not turn me loose.
      "Stay." Was all he whispered.
      I thought maybe he was certain he would die and that he was afraid of
      dying alone; at the time I couldn't think of any other reason why he
      would just lie in a stranger's bed and allow himself to bleed to
      I didn't know anything about his incredible healing factor back then.

      He may have lost consciousness then, I'm not sure, but I quietly lay
      there next to the stranger in my bed and stroked his head gently. I
      must have lain there like that for hours; I found myself dozing off a
      few times. But each time I awoke, I checked to see if he was
      Then the last time I fell asleep, I must have been out pretty good
      because I didn't hear or feel him get up. Not right away at least.
      When I did wake, I was alone and the sun was up.
      I would have thought it was all a dream except I had a huge blood
      stain next to me.
      I got up to look for him.
      I figure he must have been hiding behind the couch though I've never
      asked him.
      I'm not sure why he even hid from me in the first place, but one
      thing is for sure, I now know just how Winnie the Pooh feels when
      Tigger pounces him.
      He came at me from behind. I turned around by instinct and, *WHAM*
      He knocked me to the ground. He grabbed my throat and started
      squeezing, slow. I still don't know if he intended to kill me, or was
      he just playing `cat `n' mouse' with me.
      His face was right over mine just an inch away or less. No, he didn't
      give me that "Scream for me." line.
      He just waited to see what I would do. Then he just eased up on his
      grip a little and started whispering to me.
      "Ya, know babe, yer a real sweet lady." I think I even heard him
      purring. "Mmm…Yeah, REAL sweet." He started to nip at my
      earlobe. "You even smell sweet." He added in a sultry voice.
      He let loose of my neck and started caressing my face with his sharp
      index claw. He followed the curve of my jaw and ended up pointing the
      very tip of his claw under the center of my chin right on my jaw
      He looked up into my eyes to wait for my reaction.
      "I bet you even taste sweet don't ya sugar bitch?"
      With that, he poked the tip into my skin, letting a heavy drop of
      blood cover the tip of his claw. He brought it to his mouth and
      licked it off slowly with his tongue, apparently savoring the flavor
      of my blood. "Mmm…Sweet as honey." He whispered and winked at me
      The only self defense that I had was my mind. So the cards were
      certainly stacked in his favor.
      I remember saying to myself, think fast Linda; think fast. I smiled
      back at him and said, "Oh, I bet you say that to all of your victims."
      He looked at me in complete shock. "You tryin' ta be funny?"
      I saw a chance to break a little ice before he broke my neck.
      "I try all the time. I want to make it in the comedy circuit someday.
      Wadda ya think?"
      "Don't quit yer day job." He sneered.
      "Umm…for being nearly dead only a few hours ago, you look remarkably
      well." It seemed like a good thing to say.
      "Shit…" he smiled and even seemed to blush a little as he bragged
      about him self. "Those were just a couple of scratches honey. Takes a
      lot more to put down this ol' cat."
      "My name is Linda; What's yours?"
      He looked at me for a moment as he considered my fate.
      "Get up an' cook me some eggs and bacon." I don't know why he chose
      to let me live.

      I cooked him breakfast with him leering over me the entire time. I
      guess he wanted to keep his eye on me.
      He didn't want me eating with him either; a way of showing me that he
      was in charge, I guess. He made me stand by him as he ate.
      The moment he was done he pushed his chair back from the table and
      grabbed me around the waist, and forced me to sit on his lap. He
      didn't hesitate to reach up under my blouse and find my titt.
      I didn't mind the idea of fucking him; I just hoped he wasn't into
      He started to growl, then took off my shirt and took my nipple into
      his mouth. I was sure he was going to bite it off, but he didn't.
      After a minute, he stopped and started to push me off his lap and
      onto the floor. "On yer knees bitch." He ordered me; though his voice
      was seemingly gentle.
      He stood and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. The sight of
      it, quite frankly scared me.
      He sat back in the chair while I on the floor kneeling in front of
      He pulled my head to his crotch. I knew what he wanted.
      I took as much of him as I could into my mouth and stroked the rest
      of it with my hand.
      Every few moments he pressed my head father down his shaft forcing me
      to take even more of him in. I started to gag and was certain I would
      throw up on him. Even then I knew what a bad thing that would be.
      I never did take him in entirely. I've never been able to.
      When he came in my mouth, almost all his cum went straight down my
      throat. He likes it when I swallow.
      He stayed with me for the rest of the day, in bed of course. After
      awhile we called out for Thi and he even let me eat with him then.
      We rendezvous from time to time, but I know that I life is in his
      hands every time we're together.
      I asked him once, "Why haven't you killed me, Vic?" and his answer
      was, "'Cause ya haven't pissed me off yet babe." FIN –Linda J.
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