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Fic: Don't Turn Around: 1/1: NC-17: S/L

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  • victoria p.
    Title: Don t Turn Around Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@att.net] Summary: Scott. Logan. PWP. See the picture? See Scott being nailed? Rating: NC-17
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2002
      Title: Don't Turn Around
      Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@...]
      Summary: Scott. Logan. PWP. See the picture? See Scott being nailed?
      Rating: NC-17
      Disclaimer: As if.
      Archive: Lists, Muse's Fool, Diebin's Trailer fic site.
      Feedback: It's shagadelic.
      Notes: Thanks to Jen, Dot, Meg and Pete'n'Melissa. Especially Meg, with
      the quick turnaround.

      Written in response to Die's Trailer fic challenge. Picture number 27.


      Don't Turn Around

      "Don't turn around," Logan growled, pushing Scott toward the counter.
      Scott did as he was told, his breathing already ragged at the feel of
      the larger man behind him.

      Logan nudged Scott's legs apart with his knee, one claw at the ready to
      slit the back of Scott's leather uniform open.

      Scott felt his muscles clench involuntarily as cool air blew over his
      now-bare ass. He inhaled sharply as Logan's fingers caressed him,
      feathering down the cleft between his cheeks. He swallowed hard and
      braced himself for what was next.

      Since Jean had left him to go do charity work amongst the poor in
      Calcutta, Scott had unexpectedly found solace in the arms of the
      Wolverine. These quick fucks in the locker room after missions had
      become almost routine, but there was nothing routine about the feelings
      Logan aroused in him.

      It wasn't about love, or power or even dominance, though that's what it
      might have looked like to anyone who happened to see them. No, it was
      about comfort and lust, and losing himself in pleasure. In the feel of
      Logan's solid bulk pressed against him--

      All the air rushed out of Scott's lungs as he felt the warm tip of
      Logan's tongue brush over his cleft.

      "God," he gasped. Logan hadn't done that before, and it was warm and
      wet, and so good.

      Logan spread Scott's cheeks a little wider, flicking his tongue in and
      out before sliding a finger in up to the second knuckle.

      Two fingers, then, and a tongue, and it was all Scott could do to remain
      upright. One hand clenched the edge of the counter while the other
      unzipped the front of his leather suit so he could get to his cock.

      Logan reached around and covered Scott's hand with his own. "Wait," he
      said, rising.

      Scott heard the zipper of Logan's suit and looked back over his

      Logan's cock was hard and already glistening with a drop of precome.

      Logan removed his hand from Scott's cock and tapped him lightly on the
      back of his head, not hard enough to sting, just to get his attention.
      "I said, don't turn around."

      Scott turned back to face the counter, and Logan spat into his hand and
      began stroking himself, and Scott in the same rhythm.

      Then he pushed into Scott, slowly in and in, and--


      "Come on, Cyke," Logan grunted, both his hands on Scott's hips now,
      drilling into him with long, hard strokes that made Scott quiver with
      pleasure. Scott resumed jacking himself in time with Logan's thrusts.
      Logan changed his angle slightly, seeming to know exactly how to fuck
      him, exactly how to hit his prostate, and Scott didn't last long.

      The orgasm exploded out of him from the base of his spine through his
      belly and cock. He came all over the counter, shouting Logan's name. He
      was still shuddering in pleasure when he felt Logan come inside him, a
      rush of warm wetness that made him swallow hard.

      Logan leaned against him, breathing heavily.

      "Fuck, Summers," he growled. "You've got the sweetest, tightest ass this
      side of the Rockies."

      Scott allowed himself to enjoy the heat of Logan's body and the
      compliment, crude as it was, for a few moments.

      Then Logan pulled out and away, murmured, "Don't turn around."

      And they were team leader and rough-edged warrior again.

      Scott closed his eyes and waited for the sound of the shower before he
      cleaned up the counter.

      They never spoke, never faced each other, afterward.

      It was better that way.

      By the time he finished, Logan was out of the shower, and he had it to
      himself. He took his time, languid from satisfaction, and marveled, once
      again, at how strange his life was.





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